20 September 2021
The White House: America will leave a limited peacekeeping force of 200 troops in Syria.
DOD announces that Acting SecDef Shanahan will host Turkey's Minister of Defense Hulusi Akar at the Pentagon tomorrow.
An ID card for a UK national - named "Imran Malik" - was allegedly thrown from a bus of ISIS prisoners in eastern Syria today.
A civilian was wounded by artillery shelling on the Badama area west of Idlib
2 year ago
Erdogan and Trump agreed on the joint implementation of the US decision to withdraw from Syria.
2 year ago
Erdogan and Trump discussed the latest developments in Syria and the importance of supporting the political process
2 year ago
Turkish President Erdogan spoke by phone with US President Trump.
CCTV in the Afrin city captured the moment of the car bomb explosion at noon today.
Another @coalition transport arrives in Northern Syria tonight
Pro-Assad forces in al-Mughir village shelled the village of al-Sakhr in the north-western Hama countryside.
City of Al-Lataminah hit by indiscriminate government artillery shelling today.
ISIS officially claims killing at least 15 SDF with a booby-trapped truck exploded near a bus in al-Shuhayl town near Deirezzor. Local sources say this attack was carried out by undercover IS cells from refugee camps in Deir Ezzor area
N. Syria: FSA Security forces announced the capture of an element belonging to Al-Quds Brigade at a checkpoint near the town of Akhtarin (N. Aleppo).
2 year ago
3 members of FSA "National guard" were killed in Ghandurah in Eastern Aleppo while attempting to dismantle a car bomb
Pro-Assad forces targeting Saraqib in the eastern Idlib countryside with missiles
2 year ago
A car bomb was detonated after it was uncovered by the security services in Ghandoura, Jarabulus countryside
Video: The Civil Defense Team vehicle targeted north of Aleppo as they were heading to site of previous shelling
A civilian was killed and others wounded by artillery shelling by pro-Assad forces on the town of Shariah in the countryside of Hama
French jihadist Fabien Clain, linked to November 13 attacks in Paris, killed in Syria (France Info news)
Statement from the Syrian Civil Defense on the military escalation in Northern Syria
2 killed in car bomb explosion in Afrin, including a girl, many others wounded
Huge portrait of Ocelan in the mountains of Afrin, bombed by Turkish drones last year, has been replaced by portrait of Erdogan
Fabien Clain was killed yesterday afternoon during an air strike in Baghouz, the last bastion of the Daesh in Syria
Al-Raqqa: A roadside bomb targeted SDF patrol south of the city center
Pro-Assad forces have shelled Ash Shariah village and Qaalat Al-Madiq town in Western Hama countryside
Long queues of oil tankers and other cargo trucks at Umm Al Julud, a 'border' town between Turkey-backed armed groups and SDF controlled areas, north-west of Manbij Syria. Satellite imagery from February 2, 2019
SOHR monitor: more than 260 IS (foreign) members in the farms between Baghuz and east bank, and in tunnels, refuse to surrender to SDF, and prefer to fight to the end.
One dead and 10 injured in a car bomb explosion in the city of Afrin in North Aleppo
15 people were killed and dozens wounded in a car bomb explosion in the town of Al-Shuhail in the eastern suburb of Deir Ez-Zor
An explosion targeted a van of workers of Omar's Oil-Well near of Shheel town East DeirEzZor.
Car bomb explosion in Afrin. Reports of dead and injured.
Afrin: A violent explosion in the city of Afrin near Dirsem Hospital, believed to be the result of a car bomb
More than ten people, including children, were injured when a car bomb exploded near Dersem Hospital in the center of Afrin
An explosion near Dersem Hospital in the center of Afrin city in northern Aleppo
Many killed and wounded when a car bomb exploded in the village of Al Shahil in Deir Ez-Zur
The last group of ISIS militants are mainly holed up at Hawi al-Dandal, they are ~120 elements, using ~100 civilian as a human shields, and they are led by an Iraqi terrorist. the SDF have evacuated by trucks on yesterday a group of civilians and ISIS surrendering elements/families.2 year ago
The last group of ISIS militants are mainly holed up at Hawi al-Dandal, they are ~120 elements, using ~100 civilian as a human shields, and they are led by an Iraqi terrorist. the SDF have evacuated by trucks on yesterday a group of civilians and ISIS surrendering elements/families.
Two Coalition (U.S) attack helicopters soaring the skies over the town of al-Baghouz, looking for ISIS targets.
Damage in Al Zahra town after artillery shelling
2 year ago
Speaking at a meeting in London, Ilham Ahmed, a top executive of the SDF/SDC said they have informed the UK government that they can take back the UK nationals under the SDF custody in Syria including Shamima Begum.
Video: SDF blowing up ISIS car bomb at Baghuz
Pro-Assad forces targeting Biyanun village in Northern Aleppo with Elephant rockets
SDF spokesman Bali: "SDF is not authorized to release any person. Those who have been on the front lines are being is handed over to the security institutions in Northern Syria. These institutions themselves take all actions against the detained persons"
2 year ago
The Commission for Public and Political Relations in Al-Rikban Camp says that the goal of the Assad government and Russia to open "safe" corridors is to bring the people into the "reconciliation trap." The Commission: Reconciliations and Settlements with the Regime of residents of the camp were subjected to "death, arbitrary detention or forced conscription"
SAA Combing operation in Homs-Deir ez-Zur continues  the area between T3 and T2 was reportedly successfully combed.2 year ago
SAA Combing operation in Homs-Deir ez-Zur continues the area between T3 and T2 was reportedly successfully combed.
Syria's democratic forces: civilians still did not leave the last Daash pocket at Baguz in eastern Syria
Residents flee southern Idlib countryside due to continued shelling of pro-Assad forces
March of "Free Syrian Police" in Afrin after completing its training
The Artillery Battalion of Jihadi group Ansar al-Tawheed targets Nubl and al-Zahraa with Volcano rockets and a Gvozdika to avenge the pro-Assad forces shelling of the captured areas Aleppo
2 year ago
Pro-Assad forces shelling Al Huwayz and Al Sharia villages in Western Hama with mortars
2 killed in Sharia town in Ghab Plains, West Hama cause of missile strike
Building caught fire in Khan Shaykhun as result of shelling
Artillery shelling and highly explosive rocket attacks are targeting civilian houses in Anadan and Hayan towns north of Aleppo. WhiteHelmets' teams are responding to the affected areas
Opposition forces shelled Al Zahra town with rockets, West Aleppo
Pro-Assad forces shelling Kafr Zayta in Northern Idlib countryside
2 year ago
The head of the Syrian Air Force Intelligence, Major General Jamil Hassan, is seeking medical assistance inside of Lebanon.
Number of artillery shells targeted the town of Khan Shaykhun, only material damage
Inherent Resolve:[email protected] commander, Gen. Votel and senior enlisted advisor, CSM Thetford, visited military members who are deployed with CJTFOIR, supporting the SDF and ISF as they clear the last remaining pockets of ISIS from the MERV and prevent them from fleeing into Iraq.
Idlib: An intense flight of Russian warplanes over southern countryside
Idlib: pro-Assad forces shelling Khuwayn with artillery shells
Pro-Assad forces shelling Anadan in North Aleppo
Iraqi intelligence carries out a security operation inside Syria and arrest leaders of Daash
2 year ago
UK rehomes some 100 Syria White Helmets and family members
Ten trucks transport ISIS fighters, families to Iraq: local mayor
U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces hand over more than 150 Iraqi and foreign Islamic State fighters to Iraq - military sources
Casualties in infiltration attempt on Ltamenah frontline
Three civilians, including a woman, were wounded in a rocket attack on the town of Khan al-Sabeel in Idlib countryside
A number of fighters of ISIS, who surrendered to SDF today in the town of Baghouz east of Deir Ez-Zour
Civilians wounded in artillery shelling on Khan Sabil east Idlib
Russian Air Force planes at Hmeymim Air Base in Latakia on 4 Feb 2019: 8 Su-24, 4 Su-34, 1 Su-35, Tu-154 [RA-85586], 1 IL-76, A-50, An-26, IL-20 + Ministry of Internal Affairs IL-76 [RF-86925]
A woman was killed as result of artillery shelling of pro-Assad forces on Zakah village in North Hama
A large influx of civilians released from Baghouz through a corridor opened by SDF. February 20, 2019. REUTERS/Rodi Said
Pro-Assad forces send reinforcements to some of the checkpoints in the city of Suweida, including the "Shahba" checkpoint in north Suwayda and the checkpoint "Um Dbib"
Pro-Assad forces shelling Khan Al Subul with rockets
Pro-Assad forces target the outskirts of Maasran village near Maara al-Numan
Three Bosnia nationals stuck in a camp in Syria asking authorities to help them out
Pictures showing the fighters of ISIS and their families being evacuated from the village of Al-Baguz in the last pocket of the organization east of the Euphrates
Power outages on the entire city of Deir al-Zour.
Hezbollah mourned few days ago its first fighter killed this year in Syria: Hussein Saif Al-Din Mojtaba. Death location undisclosed.2 year ago
Hezbollah mourned few days ago its first fighter killed this year in Syria: Hussein Saif Al-Din Mojtaba. Death location undisclosed.
2 year ago
Turkish Defense Minister Akar on Manbij and Eastern of Euphrates: This YPG threat against our country, our borders and our people will come to an end when the time come.
2 year ago
Clashes between the Free Syrian Army and the "Syrian Democratic Forces" in the village of Qarat Wairan, west of the town of Manbij.
The National Army launches the second phase of the campaign against drug traffickers in northern and eastern Aleppo
Il-76 76743 with 2 Su-24 from Privolzhskiy Russia to Hmeymim Syria2 year ago
Il-76 76743 with 2 Su-24 from Privolzhskiy Russia to Hmeymim Syria
Warplanes in the air over Bint Jbeil, Lebanon
Sec Pompeo says American ISIS wife Hoda Muthana is not a U.S. citizen and has no right to come to the U.S.
Syrian Civil Defense: The images show Russian-made M77 cluster bombs, which are very sensitive and high-risk. Recently, Egyptian-made "Saker" rockets were used to carry these bombs and target residential areas.
Syrian Civil Defense: Two men were wounded after a rocket attack by the government forces on Bdama town western Idlib with 3 rockets and a cluster-carrying missile this afternoon.
Rep. Tulsi Gabbard says "there's no disputing the fact" that Bashar Al-Assad is a "brutal dictator" who "has used chemical weapons" against his people, but adds that amid the US's "government-change war," the "lives of the Syrian people have not been improved"
Artillery shelling from the Russian camp in the village of Al-Tamah targets the outskirts of the town of Hayesh in the southern countryside of Idlib.
4 civilians wounded in Sughankah village in artillery shelling. Afrin district
SDF trucks from al-Baghuz farms evacuating remaining ISIS families and civillians who managed to escape yesterday and today.
2 year ago
Aleppo: pro-Assad forces target heavy artillery in the towns of Zammar and Jazraya in the southern countryside
The moment when rocket has fallen in Khan Shaykhun in Idlib countryside
Two civilians were injured in a rocket attack on Ma`arat al-Nu`man, Idlib
Pro-Assad forces shelling Kafr Zita town with rockets
Two civilians injured by rocket in Bdama, western Idlib
Inherent Resolve:We are aware of open source reports of ISIS fighters reportedly surrendering in the MERV. We cannot independently verify these reports. However, the SDF continue to receive civilians attempting to escape to safety and the most hardened ISIS fighters still remain in Baghuz.
Missile bombing of pro-Assad forces on Ma'rat al-Nu'man in southern Idlib
Hama: pro-Assad forces target the town of Jasr Ras al-Ras in the western countryside with rockets
4 civilians killed and others injured in shelling on Khan Shaykhun by pro-Assad forces
Syria @syriahr tells BBC last Islamic State fighters have left Baghouz and last civilians evacuated, so the final IS territory has fallen. Still waiting for official announcement from SDF.
Pro-Assad forces shelling Bdama area, Karniji vilalge, west of Jisr ash-Shughur with rocket launchers
Artillery shelling targeting the town Al Ziyarah town and the area of thermal station at Zaytun in Al Ghab plains
Opposition fighters captured pro-Assad fighter at Masasinah axis in North Hama
Pro-Assad forces shelled Az Ziarah town in West Hama
International Coalition aircraft monitors the entry of trucks to evacuate elements of the "Islamic State" and their families from Baghouz Fawqani village.
Artillery shelling of pro-Assad forces on the outskirts of Latamna and Shariah and Zizun station in the countryside of Hama
SOHR: More then 50 trucks begin to leave the Baghouz Fawqani village, laden with elements and families of the "Islamic State" and other civilians, after ISIS fully capitulated.
Iranian Cargo EX-SAHA Airlines Boeing 747 EP-SHH heading Syria from Tehran2 year ago
Iranian Cargo EX-SAHA Airlines Boeing 747 EP-SHH heading Syria from Tehran
It's propaganda Al Arabiya referencing to Sputnik report, Russian state media, used to spread propaganda - and no other reliable sources
Al-Arabiya source: HTS leader Joulani was wounded and transferred to Turkey for treatment
Pro-Assad forces stationed in al-Karim village mortar shells al-Haweez village in West Hama
Lebanon's President: We reject delaying the return of the Syrians refugees till reaching a political solution in their country
Jordanian Prime Minister: Many Syrian refugees in Jordan do not want to return because of the unclear conditions in their country
Local forces part of SDF checking the vans in Diban area. SDF looking for any suspected ISIS sleeper cells
Convoy of dozens of trucks leaves last ISIS pocket in east Syria, evacuating civilians - SDF official
Reports that because of political developments in Israel, @netanyahu has cancelled his trip to Moscow. It would have been the first time he would have met with Putin since the downing of the Russian plane over Syria in September
Israel PM Netanyahu and Russia's Putin delay their meeting that was scheduled for tomorrow
ISIS member Shamima Begum has said being stripped of her British citizenshipis "kind of heart-breaking to read" and "hard to swallow" after she was informed of the Home Office decision by ITV News. "I'm a bit shocked. It's a bit unjust on me and my son," she said.
Hama: A rocket attack by the pro-Assad forces on the towns of Latamna, north of Hama and al-Hawiz in Al Ghab plains
Hajin, Deir Ez-Zor Governorate: life is gradually returning to Hajin market
2 year ago
A civilian was injured when an explosive device exploded in his car in Baza'a east of Aleppo
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