Map. History of Syria conflict

24 September 2018
Shervan Derwish: It was a great visit, we welcomed and greeted our friends whom together we achieved great victories and we have made the world a safer place by defeating terrorism
SE. Syria: footage purportedly showing today clashes between government and FSA Maghaweer Thawra near Olayniah, in Al-Tanf zone.
S. Syria: clashes tonight on Busra Harir front. Several airstrikes also hit the town.
Magaweer Al-Thowra and US forces were fired on with heavy fire. In an act of self-defense, Magaweer Al-Thowra and US forces returned fire using deadly force.
US Department of State: U.S. remains troubled by reports of increasing Syrian government operations in southwest Syria within boundaries of de-escalation zone negotiated between U.S., Jordan, and Russia. U.S. continues to warn both Russia and the Assad government of the serious repercussions of these violations.
3 month ago
Airborne from Latakia AB, Syria Russia Russian Air Force IL62 RA86561 RFF7336
S. Syria: with cover of night, SyAF L-39s resumed attacks on town of Busra Harir.
The Syrian Army's artillery and Air Strikes targets the rebels in the town of Busr al-Hariri in the Daraa eastern countryside.
Syria Daraa: Heavy bombing by missile launchers targeting the positions of the rebels in the surroundings of Al-Mleiha town in eastern Daraa countryside.
8 killed including a volunteer of civil defense in addition to 35 wounded civilians, after a double bombing with an IED followed of a car bomb explosion during the work of rescue teams in the province of Idlib.
Due to heavy government shelling on northwestern Daraa, more displaced civilians are reaching over-crowded IDP camps along the fence with the occupied Golan.3 month ago
Due to heavy government shelling on northwestern Daraa, more displaced civilians are reaching over-crowded IDP camps along the fence with the occupied Golan.
Moving on to ISIS and ongoing terror threat, "They really do want to take down an airliner" says @SecNielsen "They have not given up on that as an aspiration" "They're quickly making explosives smaller. They're hiding them better in every day objects"
3 month ago
Erdogan: The number of Syrians who have returned to their country so far has reached 200 thousands
8 civilians were killed in coalition strike on Ash Shafah in Eastern Deir-ez-Zur
One child was killed and another wounded by a bomb in Idlib
Pro-Assad forces shelled the town of Al-Yadouda in rural Daraa with mortars
"We are looking for security and stability in Manbaj, we do not want the chaos that is happening on the other side here," said Adel Abu Mohammed, commander of the Menbeg military council MMC in an interview with US Central Command chief in the Middle East, General Joseph Votel.
Two explosions reported in Idlib city. Responsibility and casualties unknown.
Pro-Assad government forces targeted civilian areas in Al-Harak. Daraa
Fiulash Fiulash (FSA Commander) assassinated in Afrin
SAA target Daraa with GRAD rockets.
US helicopters over Manbij.
More images of U.S Army General Votel touring around Manbij city and meeting with locals.
SDF mine clearance in newly captured Dashisha town.
It's old informationVideo from Eastern Ghouta
SAA target rebels positions in Hirak town
Footage of U.S Army General Votel and SDF/MMC's Abu Adel touring around Manbij city.
FSA Southern Front Furqat Usud al-Sunna fighter states that the "7th generation" TOW ATGM has entered service with them (provided by the US Trump administration) #Daraa
S. Syria: MLRS shelling today on Mleihat Sharqiyah, near town of Herak.
S. Syria: T-90A after his recent arrival (and 1st deployment) in Daraa.
Al-Bubna, al-Baqqarah and al-Tayy (Arab groups in Manbij) claim to support Turkish army in Manbij.
Kurdish YPG to begin leaving Syria's Manbij on July 4
3 month ago
SAA control Khirbat Hawi Husayn in Suwayda from ISIS
3 month ago
Turkish Foreign Minister: Kurdish militants will begin to leave the city of Manbij in Syria on the 4th of next month
Syrian Observatory: The displacement of about 12 thousand people due to military operations in southwestern Syria within last 48 hours
Satellite imagery confirms important arrival of equipment/troops in Khalkhalah Airbase since few days, amidst reports AB is the HQ for S. Syria Offensive.
S. Syria: so far involvement of SyAF was rather discret (remote areas of Lajat and by night). This video shows L-39 using machine gun on Busra Harir last night.3 month ago
S. Syria: so far involvement of SyAF was rather discret (remote areas of Lajat and by night). This video shows L-39 using machine gun on Busra Harir last night.
S. Syria: E. Daraa locations witnessing uninterrupted bombardment for 3rd day. Video from Busra Harir last night.
Pro-Assad forces targeting Baghuz village in Deir-ez-Zur with mortars and artillery
Video: SAA artillery on Daraa front
3 month ago
UN Syria envoy hails 'constructive' progress in talks between Iran, Russia and Turkey on how a new Syrian constitution will be drafted. Process a far cry from earliest attempts to bring peace settlement.
Syria: all rebellion operation rooms in Daraa and Quneitra have united under the single comand of the FSA Southern Front im order to repel any upcoming government offensive
SAA control Tall Khneifes - Tall al-Aqass - Tall al-Ajar -Tall Layla in Eastern Damascus
SAA control Khirbet Hibariyyeh and Khirbet al-Umbashi also army capture Tall Ali - Tall Umm-al-Janbris - Tall Dars - Tall al-Khayl and several other hills north of Al-Safa area
Syrian Army secured area between T2 station - Mueziliyah - Faydat Bin Muwaynah (around 1200 km2)
5 killed and others injured in the bombing by the Syrian government in Daraa
NE. Latakia: short video showing Jebal Islam/HTS Inghimasis attacking a government position in Jebal Turkman.
Syria: city of Hirak in eastern Daraa also being target by government bombardments
S. Syria: town of Busra Harir and but also Nahetah (E. Daraa) violently bombarded by government as S. de-escalation zone gradually plunges into chaos.
HTS released photos from yesterday's raid on government positon in Jebal Turkman, NE. Latakia.
SDF Operations in DeirEzzor halted for a few days but will resume later today.
Syria: a motorcycle rigged with explosives was dismantled near a Hospital in Jarablus. One arrested.
Syrian Army control Musaykah and al-Dallafa and cut all supply road, Al-lajat
Daraa FSA's Jaysh al Thawra and Youth of Sunna Forces claim to have targeted a SAA convoy on the Damascus-Dara road.
E. Syria: more photos showing aftermath of Israel|i airstrike on villa near AbuKemal which killed at least 36, mostly Iraq|is (PMU). Only the outer door left.
Ongoing Deir ez Zor operation of Syrian Democratic Forces, SDF from the objective of MFS media team.
Lattakia: List of 9 Syrian Army Soldiers killed Yesterday at Rubeia axis
FSA Southern_Front Russ as-Suffoof Operations Room [غرفة عمليات رض الصفوف] announce that "the entire world is witnessing the government's breach of the [de-escalation] agreement," and target a convoy of government militia achieving direct hits on the Damascus Citadel Road
Hezbollah leader Wassem Kaddour executed 23 members of the Assad government's "9th Division" militia in the city of al-Sanamayn for refusing to travel over the "Bridge of Death" West of Khirbet Ghazaleh Daraa
Manaf Ayoub, Commander of the storming groups in the Panther governmentnt of the "Tiger Forces" militia, was killed by the FSA after being targeted on the “Highway of Death”
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