17 June 2021
1 year ago
The SDF and SAA are continually repulsing attacks on Manajir by the TFSA. They've attacked the village several times throughout the "ceasefire"
IS militants in Hawayij, Dayr al-Zur, claimed today they assassinated a member of an SDF militia-backed local council
1 year ago
Pentagon recently began drawing up plans for abrupt withdrawal of all US troops from Afghanistan in case President Trump surprises military leaders by ordering an immediate drawdown as he did in Syria, current and former defense officials say
RAF assets out of Akrotiri, en-route to Operation Shader mission tonight. 2003z: ZZ337 Voyager / ZK323 Typhoon
Trump is 'fully prepared' to take military action against Turkey if needed, Mike Pompeo says
Trump: There is no need to keep our troops in Syria except to protect oil
1 year ago
German Defence Minister @AKK calls for international protection zone in Northern Syria in coordination with Turkey and Russia. Nothing less than paradigm shift in German security policy, Merkel "informed'.
US President Donald Trump: Syria's ceasefire complied with minor clashes
Trump says he does not want to leave US troops in Syria
While the Kurds are reporting casualties, "plenty of Turks have been killed because of conflict on their borders," according to @POTUS. "You have to look at both ways."
[email protected] on Syria: "We had no obligation if you will to defend the Kurds from a long-standing NATO ally (Turkey)"
Dozens of Russian soldiers arrive at Qamishlo Airport in Northern Syria
SANA has published pictures of Syrian army installing new heavy artillery batteries and MLRS in Manbij region to to counter the Turkish aggression on Syrian territory, SANA added.1 year ago
"SANA" has published pictures of Syrian army installing new heavy artillery batteries and MLRS in Manbij region to "to counter the Turkish aggression on Syrian territory", SANA added.
Multiple towns in southern Idlib hit by airstrikes today
Multiple towns in southern Idlib hit by airstrikes today
Demonstrations of displaced people from Manbij in Jarablus demanding the operation in Manbij
Pro-Assad forces target a civilian car with a Kornet ATGM in al-Qahera village of Hama western countryside.
1 year ago
A large number of SAA soldiers have deployed along the international highway near ⁦Ain Issa⁩ town
A massive displacement movement of hundreds of families from Derbasiyah & its countryside towards southern areas and Hasakah, its surroundings, amid civilian fears of Turkish forces offensive
Syrian Observatory: 4 SDF killed when Turkish UAV has targeted a car in the vicinity of Ain Issa
Russia's Defence Minister says Turkish operation in Northern Syria has left twelve prisons holding foreign militants and eight refugee camps unguarded
1 year ago
Severe clashes between Turkish-backed forces and SDF are taking place in villages north of Ain Issa town/ south of Kobani
1 year ago
Turkish Ministry of Defense claims that there was no civilian casualty in the Syrian territory during Operation "Peace Spring"
US Defense Secretary: We are cooperating with the SDF to prevent ISIS from reaching oil fields
1 year ago
Khirbet Al Beger and Kur Husen villages south of Tel Abiad/Girê Spî are being bombed.
US Defense Secretary: We will keep some US troops near oil fields in northeastern Syria
1 year ago
Lavrov: Russia does not plan to hold a security meeting between Turkey and Syria
1 year ago
Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says Moscow is ready to mediate between the Syria government and the Syrian Kurds.
American withdrawing forces at Duhok province right now, forces are heading to bases in Iraq
1 year ago
Erdogan on the Turkish offensive in Syria: "We expected the international community to take a strong stance. We are deeply disappointed. The whole West stood by the militants. They all attacked us together, including NATO and the EU countries."
1 year ago
President Erdogan: 'We are coming towards the end of 120 hours. We will meet with Putin and We will do what we need.'
1 year ago
Turkish-backed forces control the villages of Khirbet Al-Faras, Al-Alawat Al-Janoubi and Al-Sulaibi and a number of farms surrounding west of Tel-Abyad within the framework of Operation Spring.
1 year ago
Putin discussed with Netanyahu bilateral issues and the situation in Syria - Kremlin
1 year ago
Erdogan: Turkey does not want to take any land that does not belong to it
Pro-Assad forces shelling Maarat Hurmah with artillery
Kurds in Qamishlo city in Syria are throwing "stones and tomatoes" on the US troops as they are withdrawing from the Kurdish areas in Northern Syria to pave the way for Turkish troops to enter into the areas
Qamishli: withdrawing US force is pelted with stones and rotten fruit
1 year ago
Events in Syria after the start of the Turkish military operation took an undesirable turn - Shoigu
1 year ago
Turkish MFA: While we were seeking to establish a safe zone in Syria with America, Washington continued to support the Kurdish militia with weapons.
Al-Hasakah: Withdrawal of a US military convoy of about 100 trucks and armored vehicles from the SDF control areas in northern Syria, passing through the city of Qamishli towards the Simalka crossing with the Kurdistan region of Iraq
Gen Mazloum tells so far more than 500 civilian casualties and more than 400,000 Kurds displaced, says "Turks are still violating the ceasefire and they still shooting."
Photograph of weapons, ammunition, and other equipment IS militants claimed yesterday it captured in an attack on SDF militia in Jadid Bakara, Basira, Dayr al-Zur, Syria
Turkish soldiers are standing near the M4 highway while American soldiers leaving towards Hasakah area.1 year ago
Turkish soldiers are standing near the M4 highway while American soldiers leaving towards Hasakah area.
Turkish soldiers are standing near the M4 highway while American soldiers leaving towards Hasakah area.
Hundreds of trucks carrying US personnel were observed by CNN gathering near Hasakah, Syria, en route east to the border with Iraq. A US official confirmed the ground move
As part of the agreement to pause militaty operations with Turkey with American mediaition. Today, we have evacuated the city of Ras Al-Ain from all SDF fighters. We don't have any more fighters in the city - Kino Gabriel SDF Spokesperson
1 year ago
Erdogan says he has informed US and European countries that Turkish offensive in Syria will resume if Kurdish militants do not withdraw from 'safe zone' within 120 hours
A spokesman for the Syrian Democratic Forces confirms the completion of the evacuations of the Syrian border town of Ras al-Ain
Pro-Assad forces target with heavy artillery Hamira village of Aleppo southern countryside
Renewed clashes in the town of Ras al-Ain between Turkish forces and factions on the one hand and the Syrian Democratic Forces despite the ceasefire agreement
All US troops withdrawing from Syria expected to go to western Iraq
Syrian Army (SAA) forces with Russian flags in Kobane
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