Map. History of Syria conflict

19 September 2018
Government forces attacking SDF positions near Busayrah with heavy weapons
9 month ago
Putin's Syria envoy - U.S. forces should leave Syria
9 month ago
SOHR: Hayyaat Tahrir Al-Sham restores an area it lost to the "Islamic State" organization in the countryside of Hama
Pictures of dust storm in today in Sheheel town
N. Hama: massive artillery bombardment on town of Lataminah and surroundings renewed this evening.
Pentagon accuses Russia of intentionally violating Syria conflict agreement
UNGA adopts resolution on the status of Jerusalem, rejecting the decision of Trump. Votes: 128 in favour (including the Syrian Arab Republic); 9 against; 35 abstentions.
SDF has arrested Aboud Al Hamam, a Syrian journalist for Reuters, from his house in Raqqa city.
Deir ez-Zur Eastern countryside: The forces of the government and its militias backed by Iraqi popular militias control the river strip in the countryside of Bu Kamal and the clashes stopped in part and calm the area
Deir ez-Zur: Yesterday, violent clashes erupted between two groups of the National Defense and the tribal army in the neighborhood of Joura in a densely populated neighborhood, because of their dispute over thefts from civilian homes in Deir Ezzor
9 month ago
"There will continue to be adjustments to the type of support jusy given the way the campaign is proceeding" says McGurk "That was always part of the plan"
9 month ago
"We will continue to remain in Syria and continue to work with local hold forces, the Raqqa internal security forceand continue to work with the Syria|n Democratic Forces" per @brett_mcgurk
9 month ago
"I think they'll retain a fairly significant presence" @StateDept's @brett_mcgurk says of Russia military in Syria
9 month ago
Territory retaken from ISIS with US and coalition help has not fallen back into ISIS' hands, per @brett_mcgurk "The Russia|ns can't say that"
9 month ago
"We're staying in SyriaISIS is not totally defeated in Syria" per @brett_mcgurk "That's very clear"
9 month ago
Global plan vs #ISIS still requires denying terror group sanctuary so it can attracr #foreignfighters per McGurk
New ISIS map released by @StateDept.
ISIS "It used to be a very well-connected organization, run out of Raqqa" per @brett_mcgurk with direct communication to Libya Sinai Nigeria Afghanistan "We've pretty much severed a lot of that"
9 month ago
"We think there, in some of these areas where they still are, about 3,000 or so" ISIS fighters in Iraq Syria, per @StateDept's @brett_mcgurk "There's not been a significant exodus of foreignfighters"
9 month ago
"The deconfliction line, overall, has held" with Russia in Syria, per @StateDept's McGurk, though defers to @DeptofDefense "This is really, really serious business"
9 month ago
"It takes focus and attention and prioritization from the top and that what we got from day 1," @StateDept's @brett_mcgurk says of @POTUS efforts on anti ISIS "Those decisions were made"
9 month ago
"We had to do a lot to get the foundation for a campaign [vs ISIS] set" per @brett_mcgurk when asked why progress in past year and not in previous administration
9 month ago
ISIS "still finds ways to move money around" warns @brett_mcgurk
9 month ago
"We've completely decimated ISIS's financing" per @brett_mcgurk "They really have no ability to raise significant revenue from what used to be their state-like holdings"
9 month ago
ISIS' self-delcared caliphate "was the calling card, what held the organization together" per @StateDept's @brett_mcgurk, but says counter messaging still needed
9 month ago
"Months of operations left" vs ISIS in Syria, says @StateDept's McGurk, also faced with many ISIS fighters trying to flee
9 month ago
"There's still some very significant fighting going on" vs ISIS in Iraq Syria, per @brett_mcgurk "Nobody who works on these problems will tell you we're popping champagne corks or anything. This is not over"
9 month ago
"We are not engaged in nation-building exercises or long-term reconstruction" @StateDept's @brett_mcgurk says of US role in Syria
9 month ago
"We do believe the outlying neighborhoods of Raqqa, which are fairly well intact, we will see significant returns" per @brett_mcgurk
9 month ago
"Every single standing structure in Raqqa has an IED in it" from ISIS per @StateDept's @brett_mcgurk
9 month ago
"Syria situation still totally unacceptable" per @StateDept's @brett_mcgurk "attributable to Bashar al Assad and his government"
9 month ago
2.7 million Iraq|is returned to their homes, 1.4 million in past year, per @brett_mcgurk
9 month ago
ISIS has lost 98% of the territory it once held, with 50% of those losses coming since January 2017, per @brett_mcgurk (areas is green as ISIS losses)
9 month ago
"They [ISIS] were aspiring to major 9-11 type of attacks" per @brett_mcgurk
9 month ago
When @POTUS elected, "We faced real critical challenges as far as major plotting attacks against us and against our partner homelands" per Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS @brett_mcgurk on D-ISIS camapign
Local residents in Idlib confirm 2 low flying F-16 like aircraft causing loud bangs (sonic boom) flying over their houses , came in from the west (Turkey ), no US jets flew out at that time , most people think low flying TuAF
SE. Idlib: government failed again to advance today on Musharifah front (2 attempts). Rebels carried out a new ambush and killed another leading officer.
The SAA is shelling the positions of the SDF on the eastern bank of the Euphrates river
9 month ago
Mistura: 494 people were on the priority list for medical evacuations. That number is going down, not because we are evacuating people but because they are dying
Pentagon now saying the Russian military is intentionally violating the de-confliction agreement intended to prevent accidents in the skies over Syria, saying "Russia is failing to genuinely de-conflict airspace in Syria" and "Some of these incidents are not mistakes"
Baltic Fleet Ropucha class LSTM Minsk 127 returned from Tartus Syria and transited Dardanelles towards Marmara9 month ago
Baltic Fleet Ropucha class LSTM Minsk 127 returned from Tartus Syria and transited Dardanelles towards Marmara
Syria: ISIS fighters with a HMG on a motorbike in Abu Hamam.
The death of Esra al Ali due to lack of medical care in al Mabrouka Camp in Hasaka suburbs, Dec 20 Syria
9 month ago
Lavrov: Moscow respects UN resolution 2254 on Syria
9 month ago
Lavrov: we are promoting efforts for a political solution in Syria
9 month ago
Lavrov: We stress the importance of success in the Geneva process
3 YPG/SDF militants killed by Turkish army in Afrin countryside on 19.12.2017
Important: Egyptian Electricity Minister revealed that preliminary negotiations and coordination with Syrian government have started to create an electricity link between Egypt and Syria for energy exchange with investments worth $1.8 billion.
9 month ago
De Mistura: It is time to launch a Syrian political way
Syrian government and ISIS simultaneously attack SDF in Deir ez-Zor
9 month ago
Russia: Committee of defence of the Russian federation: With the expansion of the Russian fleet's base in Tartous, nuclear cruisers will be able to enter it.
DeirEzzor Military Council backed by YPG launched attacked on SAA-held Khasham town yesterday, a dozen SDF members were killed/arrested
Douma - Many civilians injured after an artillery shell targeted the city in Eastern Ghouta.
YPG: Recent developments in Deir Al-Zor show a new temporary deal between IS and Syrian government. Not surprising, it is normal when it comes to blocking Kurds
Franck Ribery, the Bayern Munich star took part in the Twitter movement SolidarityforKarim on Thursday.9 month ago
Franck Ribery, the Bayern Munich star took part in the Twitter movement #SolidarityforKarim on Thursday.
Civilians were wounded by artillery shelling on the city of Duma in East Ghouta
North Latakia: important military activity spotted amidst arrival of government reinforcements and loads of equipment. Jisr Shoghur
9 month ago
A new round of Syria peace talks starts in Astana; Delegations from Russia, Iran and Turkey along with Syrian govt representatives and a 20-strong opposition delegation have arrived
SE. Idlib: intense battle ongoing on Musharifah front following new government assault backed by heavy airstrikes/bombardment on whole AbuDali area.
SE. Aleppo: video showing failed government assault on Ramla and Rasm Siala yesterday which ended with capture of 8 fighters.
John Woodcock, Member of Parlement in the UK, visited Turkey and met with government and opposition leaders. He said: YPG is the Syrian branch of the PKK. We are with Turkey against YPG terror. We met with many Kurdish people who are against YPG terror.9 month ago
John Woodcock, Member of Parlement in the UK, visited Turkey and met with government and opposition leaders. He said: "YPG is the Syrian branch of the PKK. We are with Turkey against YPG terror. We met with many Kurdish people who are against YPG terror."
Hama: ISIS recaptured Rasm Ḩammām village (Many positions were recaptured by HTS last week)
[email protected] has warned that the defeat of ISIS does not guarantee the safety of journalists in Iraq and Syria as militias see a rise in power and influence
9 month ago
Russian parliament ratifies naval base agreement with Syria
Syrian Army captured Al-Hawarin South West Aleppo toward Abu al-Duhur airbase
Members of Congress ask Department of Justice to open case in Assads role in killing US soldiers in Iraq 2003-2009
Manbij Council accuses Assad of handing over Syrian territory to Iranian and Turkish militias
Air raids with high-explosive missiles targeting the city of Altamna in the northern countryside of Hama.
Brigadier General Hossam Al-Awak announced his resignation from the Syrian Democratic Forces SDF
An elderly Pakistani couple stranded in East Ghouta is calling on the Pakistan government to save them
The brigadier general Suheil al-Hassan and Tarmah Ghassan Nasaan in Hama countryside today9 month ago
The brigadier general Suheil al-Hassan and Tarmah Ghassan Nasaan in Hama countryside today
SOHR: Clashes in Manshiya neighborhood in Daraa al-Balad and shelling targets areas in Daraa al-Balad and Lataminah
Mount Hermon Forces announce they took out a tank with a RPG (probably PG-7T anti-armour version) while trying to advance on Maghar Mir.
9 month ago
"Astana-8" will be held tomorrow
Clashes Between ES Forces and SAA in Tadef.
Clashes between pro-Government forces and rebels at Bayanon North Aleppo and other clashes southern rural areas.
At least one person killed due clashes between two families in Al-Bab city.
At least one fighter of YPG killed due artillery shelling by Turkish army on location of YPG in Afrin
Agreement between SDF/YPG and Assad forces to give all areas under control of SDF in Aleppo city to Assad government.
VBIED explosion at Attal area in Sheheel town and updates about many civilians wounded and killed.
At least one child and two civilians wounded due cluster bomb explosion in Janina village West Deir Ezzor. Area was hard bombed by SyAF/RuAF raids.
Unknown location
A commander of SDF (Abu Hadid Ocelan) was kidnapped in Jia'a village western rural areas of DeirEzzor. SDF closed the area after that and arrested persons who are known of supporting Assad.
The SDF/YPG in Syria is indiscriminately rounding up people suspected of ties to IS and their families. Information about where detainees are held and the charges is difficult to come by
Pro-Government forces and militias are burning houses of activists and FSA fighters in Mayadin city.
"The Sons of War" organization announced the possibility to help civilians in Tabqa to reconstruction their partly damaged homes.
MSF: Humanitarian assistance for people living in south Syria needs to increase significantly
SDF transferred prisoners, probably fighters of ISIS, from Tal Abyad to Ayn Arab for unknown reasons.
Demonstration of civilians in al-Mashlab neighborhood for "delay of SDF to remove IEDs and explosive traps".
US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces Might Be New ISIS – Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister
2 Syrian children killed due to the explosion of cluster bomb remnants from previous shelling by Russian Forces in Khan al Asal town in Aleppo suburbs
N. Hama: important spoils made by Jaish Izza after overrunning Zilaqiat and Zilin checkpoints 3 days ago, including T-62M, MT-LB and Konkurs + Fagot ATGMs with launchers.9 month ago
N. Hama: important spoils made by Jaish Izza after overrunning Zilaqiat and Zilin checkpoints 3 days ago, including T-62M, MT-LB and Konkurs + Fagot ATGMs with launchers.
Launching of the Water Trucking project in the vicinity of Al-Raqqa city at Al-Jazra
SE. Aleppo: HTS, Jaish Al-Ahrar and Jaish Badiyah repelled government assault on Ramla and Rasm Siala. 8 government fighters captured, including an officer
Footage taken by the White Helmets in Maar Shorin this night.
Unknown location
Syria: PHOTOS: Turan PMC with BMP-97 "Б-59" unknown location in Syria.
4 children killed in car bomb explosion in Al Shahal in Eastern Deir-ez-Zur
Russian aviation is targeting Rahjan village East of Hama
9 month ago
The Russian Defense Ministry denies that its aircraft had bombed a village in the countryside of Idlib in northern Syria
Rebels say they captured 8 Syrian Army Soldiers and between them an officer of the rank first lieutenant. At the Jabbal Al-Hess front
Coalition: A service member with Combined Joint Task Force - Operation Inherent Resolve died Dec. 20 in what appears to be a non-combat-related incident.
OIR Spokesman: Raqqah Internal Security Force troops help one other adjust protective vests and fit helmets during the 2nd week of Quick Reaction Force training. The 3K-strong RISF are responsible for securing Raqqah, Tabqah and surrounding areas from any ISIS resurgence
Government renewed assault on Maghar Mir front after pre-emptive shelling which lasted 3+ hours. Heavy clashes ongoing. A drone downed by Rebels near Mazrat BeitJin.
9 month ago
Syria Deputy Foreign Minister calls for cancelling 'Riyadh II Document' to start the negotiations with the opposition
Video: The White Helmets while working to rescue the civilians in Maar_Shorin , east of Maarat al-Numan, causing a massacre that killed 19 and more than 30 wounded, mostly women and children
Tahrir Al Sham announces the killing of several members of the government forces, including an officer on the front of the village of Al-Moushirfa in the Northern Hama
SW. Damascus: pro-Hezbollah footage showing battle to control hills on Maghar Mir front.
9 month ago
The Kremlin said that Assad was and remains the legitimate President of Syria
Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: 19 people were killed, including 7 children in a raid on Idlib
SAA is using MLRS against Ltamenah
Hayat Tahrir a-Sham (Nusra) armed 300 civilians to help repel government advances on the outskirts of Idlib governorate
[email protected]: "Assad has not demonstrated long-term ability to prevent ISIS from resurgence or threatening us or our partners There is legitimacy for the @Coalition being in Iraq and in Syria, and for remaining there until some kind of process - political process takes ground."
@rabrowne75: Will the @Coalition @CJTFOIR defend its partners if it's attacked? - @OIRSpox: I think that we have proven that in the past, both in Al-Tanf, and in the north just outside of Raqqa. We will continue to support our partners and their efforts to defeat ISIS.
HTS militants stormed offices of the Syrian Opposition Interim Government and arrested Mohamed Firas al-Jundi (Health Minister in the National Coalition's government), also seizing the Education Ministry office and other officials Ma'rret al-Nu'man North Idlib
"There have been reports of up to 8,000 IEDs and booby traps that have been left behind in Raqqa The former Raqqa Internal Security Force commander was killed when he was going through one of his relatives' houses." - @OIRSpox
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