Map. History of Syria conflict

19 September 2018
Again tonight agricultural areas around Lataminah (N. Hama) burning following incendiary bombardment followed by artillery strikes.
N. Hama: new incendiary bombardment over area of Lataminah tonight.
4 month ago
PM @HaiderAlAbadi: We successfully secured our border with Syria and intensified our intelligence-gathering. I instructed our security forces to remain on alert and to relentlessly pursue Daesh remnants
Syrian Army's 4th Division is leaving southern Damascus. Large convoy armed with Golan-1000 launchers headed to Izra'a.
Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran Shamkhani: Our presence in Iraq and Syria continues because it is coordinated with Baghdad and Damascus to combat terrorism
Syria Palmyra: This morning Isis attacked SAA soldiers near T3 Pumping Station. A SVBIED killed at least 8 SAA soldiers.
Syrian government forces killed several civilians in Kafr Qadah village in Hama
E. Syria: ISIS launched today at dawn an attack SE. of T-3 which started with a SVBIED, killing several pro-Assad fighters. Assault reportedly repelled now.
Syria: after S. Damascus battle, pro-Assad forces moving towards Daraa amidst impending Offensive. Intense activity of Russia|n drones in E. countryside.
An unknown missile fell between the villages of Sheqa and Geneina in northern Suweida4 month ago
An unknown missile fell between the villages of Sheqa and Geneina in northern Suweida
4 month ago
IDF:"The Adir planes are already operational and flying in operational missions. We are the first in the world to use the F-35 in operational activity"
Israeli army says Iran fired 32 rockets at Israel during the flare-up across the Syrian border earlier this month
Israeli army presents images of F-35 stealth fighter jets flying over Beirut, says Israel first country to use it in an "operational attack"
Rossiya Special Flight Detachment Ilyushin Il -62 flew from Moscow Chkalovsky to Hmeimim Air Base Latakia, stayed for 2hours45minutes and flew back to Moscow through Turkish airspace.
The Guards started establishing several posts along the Syrian border in west Anbar
Tiger Forces is being redeployed to Syrian South from Homs
Hama now: artillery shelling targeting the vicinity of the town of Latamna north of Hama.
Syria: 4 explosions above town of Jablah following new attack targeting Russian Airbase in Khmeimim and activation of air defenses.
Turns out convoy which left S. Damascus pocket has been divided. 500-600 civilians (women and children) reached Greater Idlib while other vehicles with ISIS fighters remain untracked.
Video: PYD militiamen (YPG) open fire at the بينه checkpoint near Shiroa شيراوا Aleppo, blocking thousands of Kurds from returning to their homes in Afrin
Pentagon says U.S. military will take all necessary steps to confront Iranian behavior in the region, but is still assessing whether that means new military action or doubling down on current strategy.
Assad's forces looting homes in the Palestinian Yarmouk camp.
S. Damascus: geolocation of photo in heart of Yarmouk Camp confirms pro-Assad forces took full control of last ISIS pocket following evacuation deal towards E. Syria's desert.
Pompeo demands Iran withdraw forces from Syria, end support for Hezbollah and Hamas
Pompeo: Any new agreement will ensure Iran does not acquire a nuclear weapon. Iran must permanently abandon enrichment of uranium and end its proliferation of ballistic missiles. Tehran must end support for terror-designated groups and withdraw all forces from Syria.
Pompeo says he will work closely with the Pentagon and regional allies 'to deter any Iranian aggression,' outlines 12 US demands for Iran including withdrawing all of its forces from Syria
Syrian military declares capital, surrounding areas free from militants for first time in nearly 7 years
South Damascus: Some of the Equipment found during the army combing operations in Yalda and Babbila and Beit Sahem
Syrian Arab Army in full control of Hajar Aswad south of Damascus
As soon as ISIS withdrew from Yarmouk Camp towards E. Syria's desert, tanks and trucks entered the devastated S. Damascus districts.
4 month ago
Israeli aircrafts flying over Quneitra
SAA artillery is shelling village of Al-Aknawi in West Hama
Iran defies Russian statements that all foreign forces must be removed from Syria and that their militias remain on Syrian territory
Two members of Tahrir Al Sham were killed by unknown gunmen in the south of Aleppo
S. Damascus: busses with batch of ISIS fighters and families leaving Yarmouk Camp and heading to E. Syria's desert.
SDF France Task Force Wagram and U.S. are bombarding Daesh in the MERV (Deir ar Zour area)
Damascus confirmed to Tehran the "necessity to keep all forces in Syria until all occupation forces, i.e. USA and Turkey leave and when the central government decides".
A large convoy of buses left Yarmouk Camp last night. The convoy consisted of 30+ buses and a large number of Daesh militants. They are being transported to the Badiya Al-Sham region.
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