16 September 2021
Syria's democratic forces deny their responsibility for the shell that was launched from the Syrian side and caused casualties in the village of Ceylanpinar inside Turkey hours ago. SDF: The action is provocative by unknown persons who want to create strife and damage the stability in the region.
Pro-Assad forces bombarded Kafr Hamra, Khan al-Asal, al-Hutah and Kafr Dil, west of Aleppo with heavy artillery and rocket launchers
Dead and wounded as result of artillery and rocket shelling on Anjarah in western Aleppo
Pro-Assad forces target Badama town in western Idlib with rocket launchers
Serê Kaniyê/Ras Al Ayn: Internal security force has arrested first suspect which have fired a mortar shell from Syrian border to the city of Ceylanpınar in Turkey and has wounded five civilians as result
2 year ago
Turkish army: in response to rocket fire at Ceylanpınar on Syria border, 7 targets were destroyed inside Syria
Official statement made by the Governorship of Şanlıurfa says that the event was a result of 2 rockets thrown by Syria at 21:00
Killed and wounded civilians in artillery shelling on the town of Kafr Dail, west of Aleppo
Local source of Ceylanpınar say there were no shelling over the city, local source claim that the reason of the explosion were an mine explosion
A car bomb exploded a while ago in the popular market in Basuta village of Shirawa district in Afrin and news of many injuries
At least three Turkish civilians were injured in the border town of Ceylanpinar after a rocket fired
At least three Turkish civilians were injured in the border town of Ceylanpinar after a rocket fired
The two sisters, Amani and Jumana Badr al-Na'asan, were killed by the warplanes targeting missiles on a village of Latmin in northern Hama countryside this evening.
The city Ceylanpınar in Turkey were shelled by unknown group tonight, three injured according to local sources.
Video of the explosion of a car bomb, that police engineers were attempting to dismantle in Al Bab, Aleppo
2 year ago
Turkish army targeted YPG position at Aluk village, east to Sere Kaniye/Ras al-Ayn
ISIS is confirming its reestablishment in Damascus as they claim wounding an NDF commander and killing his companion in Qadam district, in southern part of the city
Several casualties in the neighborhoods of Jamiliya and Hamdaniyah in Aleppo as result of rocket shelling
Helicopter has drop the barrel bomb on Kafr Rumah, killing a man and a woman
Many still buried under the rubble.. White Helmets statement regarding the abhorrent attack on civilians of Maarat al Numan southern Idlib
Manbij: H.A.T anti-terror force has captured at least two ISIS terror cell militants named "Mohammed Shaker al-Hawash" and "Ahmad al-Hawash" in the city of Manbij
2 year ago
Hunt: detaimrf Iranian ship was loaded with oil and was en route to the Assad regime
Rocket shelling on Al Hamdamiyah district in Aleppo city
Akhtarin: At least one killed, four seriously injured and 2 others injured in a car-bomb explosion in the city of Akhtarin.
Helicopter has dropped barrels bombs on Maarat al Numan
Three helicopters now bombing Kafr Rumah town in Southern Idlib
2 year ago
Airstrikes targeting area of Kabanah village in northern Latakia countryside
Deir Ez Zor: Two ISIS suspects were captured by Syrian democratic forces in the village of Burmah, eastern countryside of Deir ez-zor.
Pro-Assad forces bombard the town of Badama in the countryside of the Jisr Al Shughur with shells with incendiary ammunition
Children injured by air raids on the village of Latmin in the northern Hama countryside
Jarablus: Motorcycle explosion in the city of Jarablus, casualties and injuries reported
7 civilians killed as a result of targeting the city of Saraqib east Idlib by warplanes
The warplanes bombard the village of Latmenah in the northern Hama
The number of civilians killed in Saraqeb east of Idlib rises to 4 as a result of the aerial bombardment on the city
Air strikes on Saraqep city east of Idlib
A woman was killed, others wounded as a result of air raids on the city of Saraqeb in the eastern Idlib countryside
A Russian air strike targets the city of Khan Shaykhun in the southern Idlib countryside
2 year ago
Turkey's foreign minister expressed disappointment at Washington's failure to implement its agreement with Ankara to withdraw the YPG militia from the city of Manbij
Semi-official sources have confirmed rumours of the Lebanon authorities' intent to hand over 1600 Syria prisoners to Damascus. 'The handover isn't imminent but the political will is extremely serious'
US Special Representative for Syria James Jeffrey arrives in Ankara.2 year ago
US Special Representative for Syria James Jeffrey arrives in Ankara.
Opposition forces have targeted Hama military airport with rockets
Several unidentified rockets landed near the Al-Da'tour neighborhood in Lattakia
The number of civilians killed in the attack by Russian fighter planes rises to 25
YPG "Afrin Liberation Forces" HRE claimed attack in Afrin, statement claimed 4 Turkish soldiers killed, 5 others wounded in Afrin
Three civilians were killed and injured in an explosion in al-Kastin village in Jisr al-Shughour countryside
USNavy P8A Poseidon serial 169004, carrying out intelligence-gathering mission over eastern Mediterranean- eyes on Syrian coastal area
Aleppo: Injured by an explosive device in a car in the northern city of Achterin
2 year ago
Nasr Hariri: Russia and the SyAF carried out the raid on Ma'arat al-Nu'man
2 year ago
The Russian Defense Ministry denied the information about the strike of Russian aircraft on the market in Syria
Helicopter targets the Morek town of the northern Hama countryside
Vatican: Envoy of the Pope of the Catholic Church meets Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus and expresses concerns about the humanitarian situation
2 year ago
Turkish Foreign Minister stresses that the responsibility for stopping Assad's attacks on Idlib rests with Russia
The opposition factions are targeting the pro-Assad forces in Al-Siklibiya and Salhab with missiles
Aftermath of the IED explosion in Al-bab today morning
Rebels have launched intensive bombardment of pro-Assad forces camps with GRAD missiles as response to air force attacks on civilians
2 year ago
Turkish Foreign Minister threatens a military operation east of the Euphrates in northern Syria if the safe area is not established
Warplanes targeting town of Hayish in the southern Idlib countryside
Gen. Kenneth McKenzie and Amb. William Roebuck are holding talks with SDF commander-in-chief Gen. Mazlum Abdi to discuss developments, steps to improve relations and joint campaign against ISIS in NE Syria. @CENTCOM
One person was killed and three others injured by artillery shelling by the pro-Assad forces on the perimeter of the town of Badama in the western countryside of Idlib
Raids of Russian warplanes on Al Tarei village in Southern Idlib
Azaz: IED explosion targeting a "police car" in Azaz today morning near the near scientific research
At least 20 civilians were killed and dozens wounded by Russian air strikes on the town of Ma'arat al-Nu'man in the southern Idlib countryside
SyAF-Russian airstrikes on Bawabiya town, Aleppo countryside
Air strikes on Maarat Numan city south of Idlib
Russian warplanes targeting both Rakaya and Ma'arah al-Nu'man, killing one civilian and injuring others, some of them seriously, as a result of targeting several rockets targeting the town market and residential areas.
Afrin: YPG forces has bombed the village named "Anab" heavily in Afrin region with morters
1:03: Kafr Zita - a helicopter with barrel bombs circling over the town
An explosion was heard in the Masayaf area of the western Hama countryside
2 year ago
Pro-Assad forces launched flares over the city of Mohsin east of Deir ez-Zur
Opposition factions have targeted pro-Assad forces bases in Salhab and Masyaf with GRAD rockets
Pro-Assad forces bombard the city of Kafr Zita in the northern Hama
Al Hamza Brigade repelled YPG attempt to infiltrate at Miyassa frontline in Afrin countryside
Ongoing clashes near Miyassah after an HRE(YPG Afrin Liberation Forces group) infiltration was detected
The warplanes bombard the outskirts of Morak in the northern Hama
Raqqa; Special forces of the International Coalition, accompanied by anti-terrorist units of the Internal Security Forces, carried out a new raid in the city of Raqqa yesterday, which resulted in the arrest of ISIS terrorist leader named "Ali Hussein".
The local council in the city of Kafr Nabl in the southern Idlib countryside confirms that the city is under constant air raids and adds that "everything is destroyed and burned in the city"
A helicopter has just dropped barrel bombs on the town of Has, south of Idlib
Pro-Assad forces stationed in the battalion of Handarat targeted city of Anadan north of Aleppo the heavy artillery
A civilian was killed after a military aircraft targeted the village of Jabala, south of Idlib
Helicopters dropping the barrel bombs on the city of Kafr Nabl and the town of Has in the southern Idlib countryside
Civil Defense: 12 people were killed, including two women, five children and 22 injured by aerial bombardment by a warplane at on civilian houses, a mosque and shops in the center of the town of Orm al-Joz in Idlib
Russian Navy Project 1171 BSF Tapir/Alligator class LST Orsk 148 returned from Mediterranean deployment to Syria and transited Dardanelles towards Marmara.2 year ago
Russian Navy Project 1171 BSF Tapir/Alligator class LST Orsk 148 returned from Mediterranean deployment to Syria and transited Dardanelles towards Marmara.
Opposition factions have destroyed ATGM position of pro-Assad forces with an ATGM at Hamamiyah frontline
3 people were killed, including two children in barrel bomb attack on the town of Kafruma in the southern Idlib countryside
Idlib: A missile attack of pro-Assad forces on the city of Kafr Nabl in the southern countryside
Idlib: Civil Defense media member was killed in Russian airstrike on Khan Shaykhun
Opposition factions have destroyed pro-Assad forces vehicles at Sirmaniyah frontline in western Hama with ATGM2 year ago
Opposition factions have destroyed pro-Assad forces vehicles at Sirmaniyah frontline in western Hama with ATGM
Opposition factions have destroyed pro-Assad forces vehicles at Sirmaniyah frontline in western Hama with ATGM
Helicopter targets the perimeter of the city of Murk in the northern countryside of Hama with barrel bombs
Al-Azza Army announces the destruction of the T72 tank at the entrance of Shizar and also the destruction of the Shilka vehicle
2 year ago
Opposition factions carried out a qualitative operation in the Al-Qasabiya front in Southern Idlib on pro-Assad forces and killed a number of soldiers and seized their weapons
Russian warplanes target the town of Arenabah, and helicopters have dropped barrel bombs on Maarat Al Sin
Artillery bombardment of the pro-Assad forces targeting the village of Rakaya south of Idlib
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