17 June 2021
Cashes on the Tadef front
SAA ATGM unit destroys a technical vehicle of ES militants on the axis of Tadef - Al-Bab Aleppo
Syrian Coalition: On a visit to Al-Ra'ii town. The meetings focus on strengthening the integrity of the Judiciary, the role of local councils and supporting the institutional work by all possible means
2 year ago
South Syria: ISIS gave a list of ~90 detainees to free from Damascus jails in exchange for liberation of abductees from E. Suweida. 2nd part (3 in total) of deal about to be implemented
Deir ez-Zur: Coalition targeted al-Sousah town in al-Bokamal countryside with many airstrikes
SDF Specialist teams start cleared up and dismantle mines planted by Daesh on the streets of Bahrah
The SDF entered Sousa from the Muzan axis this morning. There are lots of clashes and the SDF has made and secured gains
SDF reinforcement arrived at Koniko oil field in Eastern Deir- ez-Zur countryside
In the ongoing fighting inside the town of Sousse, SDF managed to sniper a suicide car bomb in the vicinity of Muzan village
SDF entered the town of Sousse, and in the meantime the town is witnessing strong clashes between SDF and Isis amidst the advance of troops
OIR Spokesman: On Oct. 18, a Coalition strike destroyed a ISIS command and control center operating in a mosque in as Susah, Syria. Strike resulted in 12 IS killed and caused it to lose its protected status. IS repeatedly planned and coordinated attacks on SDF and Coalition Forces from this location
2 year ago
Lavrov: Russia is ready to cooperate with the United States on Syria
SDF: 8 militants killed in Deir ez-Zor The final stage of the "Cizire Storm" offensive in Northeast Syria continues.During the battles over the last Daesh-occupied areas in the Deir ez-Zor region,at least six Daesh have been killed in the past 24 hours.
2 year ago
Trump and Erdogan emphasize the importance of the implementation of the agreements on Idlib and Manbij
Noticeable traffic of SyAAF MiGs at the maintenance plot in Hama AB which looks to operate approx.: 4 MiG-23 4 MiG-21 4 L-39
First visit to northeast Syria by Secretary's Special Representative for Syria Engagement, Ambassador James Jeffrey h/t @ManbijFm @TheRegionOrg (he is in the back with his hands on the belt). Picture from Manbij.
Video of SDF forces (YPG/J and al Sanadid) clashing with ISIS and calling in airstrikes north of Hajin
The General Council for Self-Governing discusses its working mechanism and takes decisions at its first session in Girê sipî (Tell Abiad).
Large convoy of Syrian Army reinforcements arrive in west Aleppo
Mohammed Haydar Zammar, one of the masterminds of the 11 September attacks in the United States of America . He was arrested by SDF
SDF killed commander in ISIS ranks: Abu Adham al-Shami (Tareq Jaber Mukhlaf al-Ahmad al-Jabara) yesterday.
3 killed, including a child and 11 wounded in car bomb explosion in Idlib city
A high-level delegation from the International Coalition to the Civil Democratic Administration in Manbij to discuss the latest developments in the city.
The death toll rises to more than 70 civilians killed and their bodies remain trapped under the rubble after the Coalition occupation warplanes carried out airstrikes targeting the Masjid al-Othman during the salah al-Joma'a, in the village of al-Sousse, Eastern countryside Deir al-Zor
Syria: car bomb blast killed 4 people and wounded a dozen in Idlib-city.2 year ago
Syria: car bomb blast killed 4 people and wounded a dozen in Idlib-city.
Three civilians killed and more than 10 wounded in explosion in Al Qusur district of Idlib city
Unknown explosion in the center of the city of Idlib
As Susah bombing: The death toll reported by @syriahr is 34 casualties. 23 of them were allegedly civilians while 11 others were militants of the so-called Islamic State, which still holds several villages in eastern Syria.
The US-led Coalition @CJTFOIR has been accused of bombing the Uthman ibn Affan (عثمان بن عفان) mosque in IS-held Susah (السوسة), Deir ez-Zor governorate, Syria, on 19 OCT 2018. Video footage published by A'maq News Agency shows a number of casualties.
Iraqi troops are deployed along more than 120 miles from al-Qaiem to Tel Safok area. The border line is under total control by the Iraqi Security Forces with no gaps in their security.
The war on ISIS in Hajin (Northern Deir Ez-Zor) enters its second month
The war on ISIS in Hajin (Northern Deir Ez-Zor) enters its second month
US military patrols in Manbej-Northern Syria
US military patrols in Manbej-Northern Syria
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