26 October 2021
1 year ago
Jakarah strike: Death toll in the bombing is reportedly as high as 15. Killing over half the attendees
1 year ago
HTS meeting was reportedly bombed at Jakara in Idlib. According to local telegram channels at least two are dead from the airstrike.
1 year ago
There was an explosion in the village of Yakarah, west of Salqin. Local sources stated that there may be an aircraft hit.
Sheikh Muhammad Adnan Afyouni, Mufti of Damascus and its countryside, was killed after he was wounded by the detonation of the explosive device in the town of Qudsaya
Video recording showing the bombardment of civilian homes in Saida village in the Ain Issa countryside, north of Syria's Raqqa, by Turkish forces and armed opposition groups
IED explosion in Qudsaya district in Damascus killed Sheikh Adel Mesto a member of the reconciliation committee of the area. Unconfirmed reports that Damascus Mufti Mohamad Adnan al-Afioni was also injured
Turkey's President Erdogan and his Iranian counterpart Rouhani discuss fight against terrorism, Syria and Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict in a phone call
A military convoy of the SDF supported by the international coalition warplanes raided the river crossings in Al-Shuhail, "the Hassan crossing and the Euphrates crossing," and detonated the ferries that transport smuggled materials to the areas of the Assad government and Iranian militias at the other end of the river
1 year ago
Continued Clashes between ISIS and government Forces at Eastern Hama Countryside
1 year ago
The topic of Karabakh is not related to Russian-Turkish cooperation on Syria, said Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Vershinin.
1 year ago
Turkish Ministry of Defense claims 3 YPG members who attempted to infiltrate the Peace Spring area were killed
Hama: Pro-Assad forces target the town of Ziyara in the Al-Ghab Plain in the western countryside with artillery
Killer of teacher in France had contact with jihadist in Syria: investigation source
Deir Ezzor, SDF, intensively deploying checkpoints on the main streets of the towns of Abu Hammam and Kashkiya
Pro-Assad forces stationed in Camp Gorin, bombard with heavy artillery the town of Ziyarah in the Al-Ghab Plain, northwest of Hama
Pompeo: Damascus has not revealed all the information it has about missing Americans, despite a visit by an American official
1 year ago
Turkish artillery shelled area of Shehba dam, Samuqah and Bendava villages
The military factions managed a military sniper attack on the axis of the village of Al-Malaga in the southern countryside of Idlib
1 year ago
The Tal Abyad military council reports that the Turkish army withdrew from the position two days ago
1 year ago
The SDF is reportedly in control of the Sharaqraq silos east of Ayn Issa a year after losing the area to the Turks and TFSA. The TFSA have shelled the silos with heavy weapons just an hour ago
Raqqa: Violent explosion reported in the city Raqqa
Pompeo: We will not alter our policy in Syria to release journalist Austin
1 year ago
German police have arrested a 20-year-old Syrian suspected of attacking two tourists in Dresden this month, killing one of them. Spiegel reported that the suspect had been known as an Islamist radical for years
SANA release images of the school that was allegedly struck by the Israeli army last night in Qunetria, according to Israeli media 2 Hezbollah/Iranian posts and a vehicle were struck
The Syrian Observatory: 3 Hezbollah members were killed in the Israeli targeting of the Quneitra countryside
Israeli army Cos Kochavi: "We have many challenges besides the coronavirus, in the last 24 hours the Israeli army operated in all fronts"
Civilians were wounded as a result of intense artillery shelling by pro-Assad's forces targeting the town of Al-Bara in Jabal Al-Zawiya
Pro-Assad militia targets with heavy artillery around the town of Al-Bara in the southern countryside of Idlib
Pro-Assad forces shelled with mortar shells the outskirts of the town of Al-Bara in the southern countryside of Idlib
4 civilians were wounded by Russian air strikes on Rami town south of Idlib
Russian Air Force targeted the vicinity of Al-Rami town in Jabal Al-Zawiya region, southern Idlib
Russian warplanes target the vicinity of the town of Al-Rami in the Jabal Al-Zawiya region in the southern Idlib countryside, Telegram
A Turkish military convoy entered from the Kafrlossin crossing in the northern Idlib countryside
Video shows civilian homes in Ain Issa under intense artillery shelling by Turkish-backed forces - North Press
The campaign of raids and arrests launched by the International Coalition Forces, in coordination with the SDF, yesterday night, in the town of Al-Shuhail, resulted in the arrest of 4 people from the region on charges of belonging to ISIS cells
Hezbollah and Iranian militia killed in Israeli shelling north of Syria's Quneitra: Syrian monitor
The Israeli army destroys an ammunition depot of "Hezbollah" north of Quneitra with a missile last night
Israeli army drones dropped leaflets near the Golan Heights "1st Corps or the State of Syria and the residents of the Golan Heights Anyone who works or collaborates with Hezbollah is a target The Lebanese is sitting in Lebanon, and you are at the front. You have been warned"
Turkish forces attempted to seized Seida village near Ain Issa this morning. Clashes with SDF
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