Map. History of Syria conflict

19 September 2018
Eastern Damascus: artillery bombardment with incendiary munitions on town of Irbeen.
A Turkish helicopter firing on YPG targets in Afrin
The vote on a draft Security Council resolution on the truce in Syria postponed to Saturday
Eastern Ghouta tonight
Clashes in Jinderes area tonight
Armed groups in Jarablus city found a motorcycle with bomb on it today
Artillery shelling by YPG on KelJebrin town near Azaz North Aleppo
Eastern Damascus: heavy bombardment and new incendiary attacks ongoing tonight on several towns of E. Ghouta.
N. Daraa: Shabab Sunnah shelling 12th Armoured Brigade near Izra.
US strike in Syria's Deir Ezzor killed 218 pro-government Russian fighters on Feb. 7, paramilitary chief tells FRANCE 24
President Trump says that what Russia, Iran and Syria have done to people in Syria is "a humanitarian disgrace."
"We're there for one reason. We're there to get ISIS, get rid of ISIS and go home" says @POTUS "We're not there for any other reason and we've largely accomplished our goal" re Syria Iraq
Asked about protecting civilians in Syria, Australia PM @TurnbullMalcolm notes core Aussie effort is in Iraq fighting ISIS, training Iraq's elite forces and armed police
Trump says Russia, Iran behavior in Syria a 'disgrace'
Eastern Damascus: Duma's Cultural Center on fire today after being bombed.
Eastern Damascus: Duma, most populated town of East Ghouta bombed 24hrs/day with unbelievable firepower (including waves of Grad rockets and incendiary bombs). Syria
SDF controlled today Bahra town after heavy clashes against Daesh
Assad forces retreated from the neighborhoods North Aleppo under the control of YPG. They entered yesterday and arrested many civilians for unknown reasons. Many neighborhoods still under the control of YPG but most of their fighters/staff left to Afrin
A photo(above) from the Muskah village that was captured from the YPG today.
43 killed today in attacks on Eastern Ghouta
The EU Declaration on Syria: The massacre in Eastern Ghouta must stop
Security Council vote on Syria delayed for "several hours". New target time is 3pm Eastern
State Dept: Dealing with the Russians on Syria has become more difficult
Demonstration in front of the UN, Geneva, in support of the besieged people of Ghouta, Damascus6 month ago
Demonstration in front of the UN, Geneva, in support of the besieged people of Ghouta, Damascus
Hama: FSA forces target government militia positions in Suqailbiyah and Salhab with Grad missiles, in response to government attacks on civilians
HTS believes that Turkey-backed FSA will be coming to fight HTS in Idlib after Afrin operation is over when north Aleppo is re-linked with Idlib through Afrin route.
Merkel, Macron ask Putin for ceasefire in Syria's Eastern Ghouta: French presidency
EU says 'massacre' in Syria's Eastern Ghouta enclave 'must stop now'
6 month ago
Lavrov: We are ready to vote in favor of a draft UN Security Council resolution on Syria
Warplanes targeted residential neighborhoods in the city of Harasta
EU calls for an immediate ceasefire in Syria's Eastern Ghouta, urgent humanitarian access - EU statement
PH Ambassador to Kuwait Renato Villa: Suspect's wife believed to be in Syria
Nine civilians reported dead including two children today in Eastern Ghouta
Armed opposition factions in Ghouta: The governments of Iraq and Lebanon bear responsibility for the actions of militias from both countries
Between Feb. 16 and Feb. 22, Coalition military forces conducted 41 strikes consisting of 76 engagements against ISIS/Daesh militants in Syria and Iraq
Olive Branch forces have a close view on town of Rajo (NW. Afrin).
6 month ago
Putin thanked everyone who participated in the operation in Syria
ANF has acquired footage from convoy which was bombed by the Turkish army
Greater Idlib: "Repel the Invaders" Operation Room joined Southern Rebels announcing start of bombardment campaign of government positions in support of E. Ghouta.
6 month ago
Turkish foreign minister says Russia and Iran should stop violations carried out by Syrian government in Eastern Ghouta
The village of Meske, located near Racu, was captured from YPG - statement
Syria FSA/TSK seized Muskan village at main road between Rajo and Afrin
Eastern Damascus: last night and for first time since massive SyAF/RuAF bombardment started on E. Ghouta, incendiary ordnance was also dropped over Hamouriyah,
Eastern Damascus: remains of a Tochka missile fired by government on town of Duma.
6 month ago
De Mistura: The truce should be followed by immediate entry into humanitarian aid and facilitation of the evacuation of sick and injured people outside the Ghouta
Afrin: Turkish Army and FSA Captured Maskanli village from YPG, Rajo.
YPG commander reject deployment of Syrian militias instead of YPG in Tal Rafat. But he rejected the same scenario in Afrin also days ago
Civil Defense teams rescued a man alive, from under the rubble after warplanes bombarded the civilian neighborhoods of Douma city in besieged Eastern Ghouta
Airstrike on Ltamenah today in North Hama
Airstrike on Ltamenah today in North Hama
UN Security Council to vote Friday at 1600 GMT on Syria ceasefire
Heavy clashes ongoing near Mosekan/Meskenli, north of Rajo.
JTS recaptured Kafr Naha village west Aleppo, captured 70+ HTS fighters and weapons
The Operation Olive Branch Room announced the control over Baflore near Jinderes.
Turkish military says the number of "militants neutralised" since the start of Operation Olive Branch in Syria's Afrin region has risen to 1873
FSA carried out a night operation to Baflor village before capturing.
6 month ago
Turkish army claims 1873 militants were killed during Olive Branch operation
UN Security Council is set on Friday afternoon to vote on a draft resolution calling for a 30-day truce in Syria to allow aid deliveries and medical evacuations
Turkish Army and FSA captured Baflur village in Jinderes area
After a crazy massive shelling with missiles all the last night, the first 2 airstrikes on Douma city
HRW: Civilian Deaths in Turkish Attacks May Be Unlawful. Turkey should thoroughly investigate these strikes, make the findings public, and provide adequate redress to civilian victims or their families
[email protected] got an intelligence report that suggests deadly Feb 7 incident between US forces and Russian mercenaries in Syria was planned and coordinated by Prigozhin and high-ranking Syrian and Russian officials.
YPG/PKK protest in London in support of Afrin6 month ago
YPG/PKK protest in London in support of Afrin
SAA using incendiary ammunition to shell Hammurayah this night
Turkish Armed Forces statement says the convoy with 30-40 vehicles that was carrying equipments and weapons to militants was detected in Afrin's south east and was destroyed.6 month ago
Turkish Armed Forces statement says the convoy with 30-40 vehicles that was carrying equipments and weapons to militants was detected in Afrin's south east and was destroyed.
Turkish army published video from UAV attack on YPG convoy at Afrin entrance
Renewed shelling with rocket launchers on Hammuriyah in Eastern Ghouta
The rest of the convoy that was hit by Turkish strikes in attempt to enter Afrin
Airstrikes on Maar Shurin area in Idlib
Russian aviation raids on Southern Idlib
[email protected]: "Without Russia backing Syria, the devastation and the deaths would certainly not be occurring" in Eastern Ghouta outside Damascus, Syria where hundreds of civilians killed in airstrikes.
[email protected]: "It shows what a farce this de-escalation zone has become," Nauert says about Eastern Ghouta where hundreds of civilians have been killed by government airstrikes; Syria ceasefire zone established by Russia, Iran and Turkey
The Arrival of Assad militias to YPG-held Afrin
YPG or SAA shelling Marea town in northern Aleppo with heavy artillery
"I would say that Bashar al-Assad has already committed war crimes," @RajShah45 replies to question about Syria.
Turkish warplanes carried out airstrikes in the villages of Maryamin, east of Afrin.
Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham retakes control of Kafrnaha and Taqad in Aleppo's western countryside, and expels Al-Zinki from it, and attacking the village of Ouweijel too.
6 month ago
Gen. Mike Holmes, @USAF_ACC, says at AWS18 reported arrival of Russian stealth SU-57 fighter jets to Syria "raises the level of complexity for the (USAF) crew's to deal with."
RuAF Tu-154M RA-85042 from Riyadh via Damascus
UK UN envoy: Shelling by the government on Eastern Ghouta is a violation of international law and a war crime
Reports say that Turkish army targeted an ammo depot in the village of Sheikh Issa east of Tal Rifat
UK envoy at UN: The population of the eastern Ghouta are not terrorists
Fires after Turkish aviation/artillery hit the area of Ziyarah checkpoint
AfrinOp: aftermath of Turkish airstrikes on YPG-SDF positions located on top of Sheikh Khozuz hill (East of Bulbul).
SDF captured 2 SVBIEDs from ISIS in Deir-Ez-Zor.
Turkish army targeted Ashrafiyah neighbourhood of Afrin with artillery.
German ISIS Jihadi Dominic R. from Frankfurt has surrendered to YPG forces.
The French delegate: We do not find words that reflect what is currently happening in the eastern Ghouta
Explosions as Turkish airplanes hit the area of Ziyarah checkpoint
Turkish army is still shelling at the Ziyarah cp
The United States representative to the United Nations describes the situation in the eastern Ghouta as hell
Residents of eastern Ghouta endured 61 air strikes today and at least 70 dead so far
Russia says 'no agreement' at UN on Syria ceasefire
UNSC meeting on Syria ceasefire for Eastern Ghouta underway. Sweden Amb.: We are tested not just as diplomats but as human beings today.
SyAAF dropped leaflets on East Ghouta announcing that the SAA established a humanitarian crossing points for the civilians, giving them the chance of getting out from the clashes zone. Here's the map with translated instructions along with the original leaflet
The Swedish Rep. at UN: We submitted with Kuwait a draft resolution to stop hostilities all over Syria
Any evidence Syria/Assad government using chemical weapons in Eastern Ghouta? "We are looking for it" says @ChiefPentSpox Dana White
In these minutes Turkish war planes are bombarding the villages Sheikh Khoruz, Eka, Chexara and Besatin of district Bilbil, the surrounding of district Meydanke and the village Qerteqlaq of district Shera
Turkish army is shelling Ziyarah checkpoint(northern Nubl) to prevent a YPG convoy which is coming from east Syria.
YPG official statement on Aleppo: YPG and YPJ left for Afrin, all district in Aleppo handed over to Syrian government
6 month ago
United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator: Thousands of children are malnourished and 700 people need immediate evacuation in East Ghouta
Turkish warplanes bombarded YPG targets in several locations in the areas of Bulbul, Meydanki dam.
6 month ago
United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator: The use of chemical weapons is a shock to the Syrian people
6 month ago
United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator: Counterterrorism efforts do not justify the killing of civilians and the destruction of entire cities
"Currently there are o plans to move anyone to Guantanamo" @ChiefPentSpox Dana White says of ISIS fighters being held by Syrian Democratic Forces
Five-day death toll in Syria rebel-held enclave of Eastern Ghouta tops 400: monitor
Syrian forces and al-Mukhabarat are doing several arrests in the district in Aleppo which was left to Assad government by the YPG.
Assad forces are controlling Sheikh Maqsoud, Ashrafiya, Haidariya, Baaeydin and Holluk neighborhoods in North Aleppo after retreating the YPG out of the city
Widespread destruction in Duma following heavy bombardment, East Ghouta.
#AfrinOp: Colonel Hassan Ahmed head of Sultan Murad's Military College has been killed in Deir Saman. Claimed as a joint YPG-Assad operation with IED.
Turkish warplanes carried out airstrikes in Baflioun mountain, west of Azaz.
Turkish warplanes bombarded YPG targets in the area of Sheran(area of Meydanki dam)
Destruction in Douma today
The Operation Olive Branch Room announced the control over Upper and Lower Al- Dhaira/Kurke in the Sheikh Hadid axis.
The YPG denies Syrian govt forces moved into Sheik Maqsoud
OliveBranch forces captured Kurke Fawqani and Tahtani.
Kurdish YPG agrees to hand over control of Tel Rifaat to Syrian Army - source
Civil defense teams are working incessantly to evacuate the injured civilians amidst massive destruction, caused by aerial attacks of residential areas by Russian and government warplanes in Douma city today
The Operation Olive Branch Room announced the liberating Rahmainli and Sari Ushagi villages
Mediterranean-bound Bosphorus: Spetsnaz, officers, sailors aboard ВМФ Project 775 ЧФ BSF Ropucha class LSTM Azov 151 during its Syria-bound Bosphorus transit 12:45Z6 month ago
Mediterranean-bound Bosphorus: Spetsnaz, officers, sailors aboard ВМФ Project 775 ЧФ BSF Ropucha class LSTM Azov 151 during its Syria-bound Bosphorus transit 12:45Z
6 month ago
Syrian Negotiating Body: We call for an immediate truce in line with serious negotiations to stabilize the cease-fire
Eastern Damascus: Jaish Islam bombed Dumeir Airbase, key installation used for ongoing campain against East Ghouta.
Russian (Chechen) Military Police spotted on road used by Assad forces heading to Afrin-city. Apparently deal with Russia to avoid any Turkish bombardment.
Civil defense teams working to evacuate the injured civilians after renewed artillery shelling targeted Douma city in Eastern Ghouta today
[email protected] gained control over Rahmanlı village in Rajo district
Turkish army is shelling the center of district Jindires: One civilian has been killed and two others were wounded
N. Aleppo: convoy of Assad forces (not anymore IRGC-linked Baqir Brigade) with their equipment heading to Afrin-city.
Afrin: OliveBranch Forces captured Sari Ushaghi and Rahmanli villages from YPG. Today number of captured Villages: 4
6 month ago
Russia says it will consider supporting UN-proposed cease-fire in Syria if it doesn't cover IS and al-Qaida-linked group.
Video showing multiple attacks with thermobaric bombs (8 in total) on East Ghouta's towns, causing massive blasts (Eastern Damascus - Syria).
6 month ago
Russian Mindef source confirmed redeployment of Su-57 to Syria to verify aircraft in "real conditions"
Eastern Ghouta under heavy Russian and Assad government air strike attacks
Eastern Damascus: Jaish Islam continues its retaliatory strikes in support of Ghouta. This heavy rocket (Zelzal type) was fired this morning aiming at a government position.
Ali Racu village completely cleared from the YPG
Afrin locals welcoming NDF forces in Freedom Square. YPG spokesperson reiterated today SAA deployment, saying NDF not enough to stop Turkey
Russian airstrikes result in a number of casualties in Kafr Batna city in Eastern Ghouta in rural Damascus.
Syria: „fight over this (post IS) order has begun. we (West) don't seem to have answer to this kind of challenge. Social Democrat MP @NielsAnnen tells Germany's parliament. Annen one of names in hat for German Foreign Minister if Merkel - led GroKo coalition happens6 month ago
Syria: „fight over this (post IS) order has begun. we (West) don't seem to have answer to this kind of challenge." Social Democrat MP @NielsAnnen tells Germany's parliament. Annen one of names in hat for German Foreign Minister if Merkel - led GroKo coalition happens
Main Square of Afrin this morning
Turkish jets are conducting airstrikes on the villages Sheytana and Kurka of district Mabata since the morning hours
Reports say FSA took control of the strategic Qestel/Mikdad and Ali Jaru villages from the YPG after clashes.
Ali Jeru has been captured by Olive Branch forces in the area of Bulbul
6 month ago
Kremlin spokesman says situation in Syria "leaves much to be desired"
6 month ago
Kremlin spokesman says responsibility for situation in Syria's Eastern Ghouta lies with the countries who are supporting militants there
6 month ago
Moscow: Syria, Iran and Russia are not countries that support terrorism
Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF): The shelling of Gouta destroyed 13 hospitals and a WHO clinic in three days.
6 month ago
German Chancellor Angela Merkel says Syrian government is "fighting not against militants, but against its own people"
Syrian Observatory: Syrian forces enter Kurdish-controlled neighborhoods in Aleppo
Eastern Ghouta: 13 dead as result of strikes today in Duma
U.N. envoy sees difficult talks on Syria ceasefire deal
6 month ago
Merkel: We must do all we can to end the massacre in Syria and we will communicate with Russia
Turkish military says 1,829 militants "neutralised" since start of Operation Olive Branch on January 20 in Afrin, northwestern Syria
6 month ago
Turkish army says 1829 militants were killed in Olive Branch
Civilians wounded as artillery shelling on Duma, Irbin and Saqba in the eastern Ghouta
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