7 May 2021
Several shells were fired at the northern outskirts of Aleppo and the pro-Assad forces artillery is now responding
The number of victims of the bombing of the pro-Assad forces on Khan Sheykhun rises to 7 dead
Pro-Assad forces shelled the city of Khan Sheikhun in the southern countryside of Idlib
Activists are reporting that IRGC militias are reinforcing Al-Bukamal
Three civilian casualties as result of artillery/rocket strike in Hanbushiya in western Idlib
Netanyahu is aiming to hold a cabinet vote on naming a settlement in the Golan Heights after President Donald Trump.
Pro-Assad forces are targeting the perimeter of the town of Badama in the western Idlib countryside
2 year ago
Hama: Jaish Al-Azza targets the military camp in the village of Cabaree in response to the shelling of the civilian areas by pro-Assad forces
A rocket attack from the positions of the pro-Assad forces targeting the city of Morek and its outskirts in the northern Hama countryside
Damage caused by the bombing by Russian warplanes last night on the farms surrounding the city of Idlib. Photo: Mohammad Qazmoz
Syria Deir ez-Zur FSA's al-Jura Martyrs claims to have assaulted a group of SAA soldiers near Deir Ezzor. The groups claims to have killed around 30 Assad soldiers (probably the toll is a bit inflated). 3 militants have been killed.
2 year ago
Artillery shelling by the Pro-Assad forces targeting the villages of Zakat and Arbain in North Hama
It's propaganda
Al-Mayadeen reporter on sources in Idlib countryside: "Nusra" and "White Helmets" evacuated Jarjanaz in preparation for the staged "chemical weapon" attack
10:49 Russian warplanes are flying over Idlib city
Daraa: the assassination of the former member of the FSA Ibrahim Mohammad Ghazlan "Abuhamza" by unknown gunmen near the al-Omari mosque in Daraa al-Balad
Idlib: artillery bombardment of pro-Assad forces targeting the outskirts of the town of Al Tamanah in the southern countryside
2 Russian warplanes are still circling over the Idlib city
Russian warplanes targeted outskirts of Idlib city with 9 airstrikes
Two explosions rock the perimeter of Deir ez-Zur military airport
Raids of Russian warplanes on the outskirts of the village of Faylun south of the city of Idlib
Warplanes launch two air raids on Idlib city
Idlib: explosion around the city of Idlib. Russian air force made a strike. No information on the location of the strike so far.
SOHR: The entry of a new batch of 150 Trucks, carrying military and logistical reinforcement, entered northern-Syria through Semelka border crossing of Kurdistan region.
SOHR: The entry of dozens of trucks, carrying fuel from areas controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces to areas controlled by the SAA in Deir ez-zor.
At this moment, Russian planes fly over the city of Idlib and its countryside
Explosion shaked Afrin city, Zaidia district, report of casualties in ranks of FSA "National army"
Russian warplanes airborne from Hmeimim
Eastern Deir-ez-Zur countryside: clashes and sounds of violent explosions in the town of Sayyal under the control of the Assad government in conjunction with the launch of light bombs over the perimeter of the town.
Turkish security forces arrest 40 irregular migrants in Hatay border with Syria and opposite Idlib and Latakia governorates
Artillery bombardment from the Russian camp in the village of Kabari in the area of "Tal Fez" targeting north of the city of Latamna in the northern Hama countryside.
Clashes between pro-Assad forces and ISIS in the village of Sayal near the town of Qulah in the countryside of the city of Al Buqamal, accompanied by the sounds of violent explosions.
Intensive flights of Russian aircraft in the Northern Hama skies earlier today
Three civilians killed and two injured by mine explosion in Raqqa city.
New counter-Daesh campaign started in Syrian desert from the two axes in the desert of Suweida and Deir ez-Zur.
A woman, two children and five members of the "Syrian Democratic Forces" were wounded when a car bomb exploded in the town of Dhiban, east of Deir al-Zour.
The Foreign Relations Authority in the self-administration of northern and eastern Syria, handed over five Sudanese children to the Sudanese authorities at a press conference in Qamishli
Aleppo northern countryside: A bomb exploded near the headquarters of the Azaz intelligence division, resulting in injuries
One woman was killed and others injured when pro-Assad forces targeted the town of Saraqeb, east of Idlib, with rocket launchers
2 year ago
Sayyed Nasrallah: Al-Arabiya news network circulated false rumors about clashes between Iranian and Russian troops in Syria's Aleppo and Deir Ezzor
2 year ago
Russian Foreign Minister discusses with his Iranian counterpart the political solution to the crisis in Syria
An unknown explosion reported on the street in the town of Thiban, the eastern Deir Ez-Zor
2 year ago
Hasakah Southern countryside: high water levels of the southern Hasaka dam due to heavy rainfall during the past two days.
Aleppo: The National Army is conducting a prisoner exchange with the Assad government at the "Abu Zindeen" crossing in the presence of a Turkish delegation and the adviser of the Russian Embassy
Explosion in Manbij on the road to the silos with only material damage.
Russian warplanes targeted Kafr Hamrah in Northern Aleppo
Russian Ministry of Defense: In Moscow, a joint extended meeting of the interdepartmental coordinating headquarters of Russia and Syria was held on the return of refugees to the territory of the republic. The meeting was attended by a representative of @MID_RF Igor Tsarikov2 year ago
Russian Ministry of Defense: In Moscow, a joint extended meeting of the interdepartmental coordinating headquarters of Russia and Syria was held on the return of refugees to the territory of the republic. The meeting was attended by a representative of @MID_RF Igor Tsarikov
Syria: an airstrike carried out by RuAF on W. Aleppo countryside (outskirts of Kafr Hamra-Maaret Artik). Rashidin also bombed. Drones replaced warplanes.
Russian warplanes bombing Maarat Artik, Rashidin and Kafr Hamra areas in Western Aleppo.
At least two civilians were killed and many injuried this morning after Assad's government bombed a popular market in Saraqib city.
Pro-Assad forces attacked the city of Saraqib this morning with heavy artillery, killing 4 civilians and injuring 7 more.
3 Russian airstrikes on Jabal Al Maera in Western Aleppo
Russian aircraft bombard the perimeter of the town of Ma'arat al-Arteq in northern Aleppo countryside
2 year ago
An artillery and missile shelling targeting al-Mallah area in Northern Aleppo
Turkish Armed Forces carried out patrol in Ghab Plains in western Hama
In Iraq, source says US has established a helicopter landing facility in Rutba district in west Anbar Province that will enable US forces to observe all desert areas extending to Syrian border.
SDF launched raids and searches of IDP camps on the outskirts of Hawaij Diab village in the western countryside of Deir al-Ghazur.
Pro-Assad forces stationed in Handarat camp targeted artillery shells on residential neighborhoods of the city of Haritan in the northern countryside of Aleppo.
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