22 September 2021
Hurras al Din has released footage of their attack on the Russian base in Tel Al Saman which took place on New Year's. The attack was a total failure, but demonstrates that HaD has cells in the area
Daraa After a whole day of clashes, SAA halted their attempts to enter Tafas
Daraa Footage taken today by ex rebels showing clashes in Tafas countryside
Tahrin north of Al Bab has again been targeted by unknown drones. Oil facilities are burning fiercely
The buses that were ambushed on Deir Ezzor-al-Shoula road while returning to Deir Ezzor, many buses, according to the source, there were 2 Daesh ambushes at the same time
Photos show the buses that were just ambushed by Daesh. The buses were carrying members of Assad's forces. Preliminary information indicates that the ambush killed 7 and injured more than 15
A picture of one of the unexploded guided missiles launched by the Assad militia today at civilian cars towards the old village of Zizoun and the road between the town of Freekeh and the village of Gargour in Al-Ghab Plain, west of Hama
A video documenting the confrontations that took place between former fighters of the Free Syrian Army against the Assad militia and Iran, who tried to storm the city of Tafas in the western countryside of Daraa
Photos of ID cards for a number of the dead Assad militia, which tried to advance on the outskirts of Tafas and Al-Yadudah, west of Daraa
The Free Syrian Army factions in Daraa celebrate repelling the attack of the Assad militia and the Iranian militia on the city of Tafas
All of Former Southern Front Rebels need to mobilize and retaliate and prevent any government Entry into Tafas, whether they are in the 3 pockets totally out of government control, or under joint government Control
Pro-Assad Forces are attempting to storm the entire West Daraa Countryside pockets under Former Southern Front Control,then Daraa Al-Balad pocket and Naimah,then the areas under 5th Corp Control the Busra Al-Sham Pocket
Amûdê: Joint Russian-Asayiş military patrol on the Amûdê-Qamishli road
Demonstration in the yard of Al-Omari Mosque in Daraa Al-Balad in solidarity with the people of the city of Tafas, which is being attacked by the pro-Assad forces
The pro-Assad forces, led by the 4th Division, affiliated with Iran, are bombing and trying to storm the city of Tafas in the countryside of Daraa
The military factions managed to thwart an infiltration attempt by the Pro-Assad forces last night on the axis of Fleifel village in the southern countryside of Idlib.
4x Turkish Bayraktar TB2 UAVs
The Syrian government forces target with mortar shells residential neighborhoods in the town of Tafas in the western countryside of Daraa, in conjunction with violent clashes in an attempt by the government forces to advance towards the town
Pro-Assad forces target with heavy artillery the village of Al-Fateira in the southern countryside of Idlib
The Syrian Observatory: Turkey is pushing more forces to Idlib
Qamishli: Sporadic clashes continue between Asayiş ISF and NDF in Qamishli city
Russian mediation stops the clashes between the Kurds and the pro-Assad forces in Qamishli
Pro-Assad government militia, NDF, attacked an SDF-backed security (Asayish) checkpoint in Hilko neighborhood in northeastern Syrian city of Qamishlo. One militiaman reportedly killed, with clashes between NDF and Kurdish-led forces still ongoing
Pro-Assad forces bombed areas in Jabal Al-Zawiya, south of Idlib
A member of Syria army's National Defense killed and 3 others were arrested in clashes with the Kurdish security forces in Qamishli
After an initial shot and no return fire from the Asayîş, short clashes have taken place between the NDF and SDF in Qamishli. The SDF have reinforced their points and snipers are in place
The HRE has carried out the most shelling attacks this months as a result of the civilian casualties in Tel Rifaat
The Afrin Liberation Forces have shelled Hawzan west of Al Bab with mortars
Another US Military Convoy has entered Al-Conico and Al-Omar Bases in Deir Ez Zor
A protest stand in front of the Education Directorate building in the city of Al-Bab to demand the rights of teachers to increase their salaries and improve the livelihood of all teachers.
Infighting in Tel Abyad for the last 45 minutes between two groups of Jabhat al Shamiyah for unknown reasons. The shooting started in a marketplace
Now: clashes between the Afrin Liberation Forces and TFSA around Maranaz
The Afrin Liberation Forces are currently clashing with the TFSA around Kafr Kashir and Kafr Kalbin with machine guns. Meanwhile the Afrin Liberation Forces have fired upon the Turkish base near Mayramayn
Intermittent clashes between the SNA and the SDF on the axis of the town of Kaljabrin and Kafr Khashir in the northern countryside of Aleppo
The outskirts of Azaz, Kafr Kashir and Kafr Kalbin have been hit by shelling in response to the bombardment of Tel Rifaat which killed civilians
The Afrin Liberation Forces are shelling TFSA positions around Azaz in response to shelling on Tel Rifaat
Damage in Tel Rifaat after shelling killed three civilians and wounded six
Kurdish media: 3 civilians were killed and 6 wounded as a result of Turkish bombing of Tal Rifaat in Aleppo
Intense artillery bombardment by the pro-Assad forces targeting the town of Al-Fateera in the southern countryside of Idlib
Pro-Assad forces target with artillery shells the towns of Kansafra and Al-Bara, and the village of Majdalaya, south of Idlib.
2 women members from the Desheisha council Sa'da al-Harmoush and Hind al-Khedr were kidnapped and beheaded their bodies found on the side of the road 2 hrs after being kidnapped
Pro-Assad forces target with artillery shells the village of Kansafra in the southern countryside of Idlib
Turkish bayraktar Tb2 UAV orbiting over Syria8 month ago
Turkish bayraktar Tb2 UAV orbiting over Syria
US Navy P8 Poseidon AE67A6 patrolling off the coast of #Syria
Libya- photos via @Suwayda24 purportedly showing 50 Syria n fighters who were transported by Russian forces from As-Suwayda to Khmeimim Airbase on January 22 in preparation to being lifted to Libya to support LNA. (another group reportedly arrived on Jan 21)
8 month ago
ISIS has claimed responsibility for an IED attack targeting a Syrian army vehicle in a remote desert area near the central Syrian city of Al-Sukhnah
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