20 September 2021
The entry of 150 trucks loaded with military reinforcement and heavy weapons, entered Qamishli
A commander of the Sham Corps was wounded near the town of Kafr Nabodeh in the northern Hama countryside by an improvised explosive device in his car on an agricultural road near the town.
Artillery from positions in the villages of Abu al-Huda, shelling the city of Kafr Zeita, in the northern Hama
While celebrations of ISIS defeat continue in northern Syria cities and towns, Syriac Military Council, MFS continue its operations against ISIS sleeper cells in Deir ez Zor area. An ISIS Amir captured by MFS/YPG/@coalition joint operation.
Renewed demonstrations in al-Bab City after the agreed deadline for the release of Azaz intelligence personnel detained by the military police
2 year ago
Turkey's President Erdoğan says that they will take the issue of the Golan Heights to the United Nations
Reports of attacks by Armed groups on the Murahidi village of Raseef and Alawi village of Aziziya and Jeyid in the Ghab area2 year ago
Reports of attacks by Armed groups on the Murahidi village of Raseef and Alawi village of Aziziya and Jeyid in the Ghab area
Syria: aftermath of government bombardment with heavy artillery on town of KhanSheikhoun (SE. Idlib) this afternoon.
A civilian killed and others wounded in the city of Khan-Shaikhun in the southern countryside of Idlib by artillery shelling by the pro-Assad forces
Golan Heights: Fresh Israeli troops deployed at the Quneitra Crossing
Pro Assad anti-ISIS cell group claims it killed 3 Uyghur in the Hajin area as well as finding IEDs
Syria: Lt Colonel Mohamed Hamadin, head of Afrin Military Police, survived this morning an assassination attempt in the town (likely by YPG).
Intensive artillery shelling targeting the village of Tahtaya in the southern countryside of Idlib.
Three suicide bombers blow themselves up in Sinjar in northern Iraq after fleeing Syria
Pro-Assad forces targeted the vicinity of Latamna, north of Hama with mortars
2 year ago
Pro-Assad forces tank shelling Huwayjah village in west Hama
Daraa: A civilian was injured when a shell from pro-Assad forces hit the Daraa al-Balad area
Aleppo: pro-Assad forces officer killed by a stray gunshot wound during a clash between members of the popular committees militia in al-Hamdania district
Gen. Votel: ".we recognize the fight is not over. We remain committed to continuing our efforts to pursue and destroy remnants of Daesh, which are attempting to live on as an insurgency. We will continue our collective fight to bring about the enduring defeat of ISIS."
SOHR: an IED exploded in Ras al-Ayn (Sri Kaneh) city targeting a car carrying members of a leftist Turkish party which fights alongside Syria Democratic Forces, killing at least one fighter and injuring others members of the party
Today these two airplanes of the Russian Air Force arrived at the Maiquetia International Airport. 1 Ilyushin Il-62M 1 Antonov 124
Statement from @NBCNews President Noah Oppenheim
Pro-Assad militia targeted the neighborhood of Al Arbain in Daraa with mortar shells for the first time in several months since the settlement agreement in the province
Clashes between the Hayʼat Tahrir al-Sham and a group of Daesh in the city of Binnish
Video from Suqaylabiyah hospital where civilians from Al Rasif village in West Hama were brought
Pro-Assad forces bombards the town of Jarjanaz, south of Idlib
2 year ago
Clashes between the FSA and SDF near the village of Kur Huyuk west of the city of Manbij
Two young sisters, Maryam and Zaileh Al-Ahmad were killed, and another woman was injured, after artillery shelling by the government forces targeted Alkerkat town in western Hama this evening. The bodies of the children were retrieved and the woman transported to a medical point.
Two mortar shells fell on the al-Arbaeen neighborhood of Daraa, state of alert in the area
Director of the National Hospital of Sukaylabiya: 21 cases of suffocation due to the inhalation of toxic gases after the fall of a number of missiles from the armed forces on the village of the Raseef in the northern countryside of Hama.
South Syria: assassination of Assad forces continues in Daraa. Mohamed Fares (ex-Rebel) who joined SAA was executed (headshot) in daylight in Muzayrib.
IS claimed to attacks which happened yesterday according to Amaq-near Kashmah and in Suwaydan Jazirah SE Deir ez-Zur
Continuous artillery shelling targets the city of Khan Shikhun and the town of Al Tah in the southern Idlib countryside. In conjunction with the flight of the reconnaissance aircraft over area
A girl died in the village of Al-Karakat, west of Hama, after being wounded by artillery shelling on the village
Vehicle carrying @NBCNews team hit an IED near Baghouz Sources say thr driver is killed, others in the vehicle injured
Syria: today again town of KafrZita in N. Hama countryside was bombed with heavy artillery.
2 year ago
Airborne from Latakia Air Base, Syria Russia Russian Air Force Tu154 RA85155
[email protected] confirms the "elimination of Daesh's self-proclaimed territorial caliphate in the Middle Euphrates River Valley".
All ISIS-controlled territory in Syria and Iraq captured, according to @PressSec.
Il-76 RA78847 from Chkalovskiy to Latakia, Syrua
Pro-Assad forces arrest the head of the local Houla Council, "Osama Jokhdar" and the leader of the Unification Army in Talbisa "Manhal Sulouh" known as the personalities of reconciliation in Homs and Hama
2 year ago
Akar: "The presence of militants in the east of Euphrates must end. They threaten our country, our nation, our borders, endangering it. "
2 year ago
Turkish National Defense Minister Akar: "It is not possible to accept the presence of militants in the south of our country."
SDF thanks US special forces for their help and support in fight vs ISIS
Russian Air Force Il-62 86496 from Dakar(from Damascus, Syria) to Caracas, Venezuela2 year ago
Russian Air Force Il-62 86496 from Dakar(from Damascus, Syria) to Caracas, Venezuela
The General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced during its statement the start of a new phase in fighting Daesh terrorism, and said that its fight against Daesh terrorism is ongoing, noting that the dormant cells of Daesh still pose a great danger to the area.
William Robak: We will continue to support SDF forces.
Former US Ambassador William Robak said: "We are committed to support our partners and proud of winning. They have lost thousands to capture their homeland. We will always support them. They are brave and express our condolences to the martyrs, we honor them for their courage.
Video from Baghouz, Deir-ez-Zor
Mazlum Kobane: 'This victory was extremely expensive.' He reveals more than 11,000 SDF killed and more than 21,000 fighters wounded.
2 year ago
Israeli army preparing for unrest in Golan Heights
SDF calls on Syrian government to recognize the administration set up in areas controlled by the SDF
Mazlum Kobane: 'We are proud of what we have accomplished.' the rescue of nearly 5 million people in northeastern Syria, the liberation of 52,000 sq km of Syrian territory
Mazlum Kobane, SDF commander in chief: Now, after 5 yrs of fighting, we stand here to declare the physical defeat of ISIS
Artillery shelling targeting Al Atamaniah town in southern Idlib
Syrian Democratic Forces, SDF officially declare the territorial defeat of ISIS in a ceremony in Deir ez Zor by Spokesperson Kino Gabriel with the presence of northern Syria officials, international personalities and high ranking military figures. (MFS statement)
2 year ago
The Syrian Observatory confirms that Daesh is still active in the West Euphrates
General commander of SDF Mezlûm Ebdê will announce the victory
Russian Air Force Il-76 RF78778 from Mozdok to Latakia
Pro-Assad forces bombard the village of Al-Mashayk, west of Hama, Syria
Russian Air Force Il-62 RA86496 from Damascus to Dakar, Senegal2 year ago
Russian Air Force Il-62 RA86496 from Damascus to Dakar, Senegal
Operation room "Whard Al Miaminin" announces the killing of 7 fighters of the pro-Assad forces, in a bombardment targeted their positions in the Al Masharie area in the western Hama
After the Turkish-backed militants have repeatedly provoked small clashes with MMC lines in Sajur line, the US Army has decided to take action with ground troops patrol in Manbij.
Video: orchestra at celebration of victory over ISIS
Turkish Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar, Chief of General Staff Yasar Guler and the Commander of the Land Forces inspect the Turkish forces in the zero point of the Syrian-Turkish border.
Russian Air Force An-124 82035 from Latakia to Dakar2 year ago
Russian Air Force An-124 82035 from Latakia to Dakar
SDF victory over ISIS: The first ceremony began
Preparation by SDF for official victory announcement on ISIS.
In Al-Omar, SDF fighters start celebrating the death of the ISIS caliphate
US call for Israeli sovereignty on GolanHeights contravenes international law - Iraq foreign ministry tweet
2 year ago
Of the last group of about 5,000 civilians - almost all families of ISIS fighters of ISIS supporters - who surrendered earlier in the week, about 3,000 are still expected to arrive at the alHol camp for displaced persons, per @theIRC
ISIS "caliphate," which once occupied roughly one third of Syria and Iraq, has been defeated after 5 years of conflict - official
2 year ago
".thank the SDF for prosecuting this campaign so effectively, extending condolences for those lost and injured in battle, and marking this historic achievement in defense of the civilized world" per @brett_mcgurk
2 year ago
"This diverse force of Arabs, Kurds, and Christians did the hard fighting and suffered thousands of casualties over four difficult years" per @brett_mcgurk "They also know better than anyone that defeat of the physical "caliphate" does not mean the end of ISIS."
2 year ago
Congratulations from former special US envoy to the coalition to defeat ISIS, @brett_mcgurk "Congratulations to the SDF for this remarkable and historic achievement" McGurk writes on Twitter
The flag of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) is waving over the last IS pocket in Baghouz
Mustefa Bali: Syrian Democratic Forces declare total elimination of so-called caliphate and %100 territorial defeat of ISIS. On this unique day, we commemorate thousands of dead whose efforts made the victory possible.
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