Map. History of Syria conflict

25 September 2018
Syrian Army set to capture North Homs pocket after Damascus – Minister
Mahan Air flight W5143 from Damascus returns to Tehran. IRGC airlift to Assad and Hezbollah continues
Syrian army artillery targeted Qaalat Al Madiq
Russian media confirms attack on Hmeimim "several incoming drones were destroyed by air-defense at base"
6 Palestinian refugees killed in shelling on Yarmouk camp
Warplanes carried out airstrikes targeting Abdin town this moment, unknown casualties among civilians so far.
N. Hama: crops near Lataminah burning tonight after area was hit by artillery.
S. Damascus: HTS destroyed a BREM-1 in Yarmouk Camp (Street 30).
Islamic State claims to have destroyed 2 bulldozers and killed 6 Syrian #SAA soldiers during fighting in #HajarAlAswad #Damascus #Syria
While pro-Assad forces claim advances SE. of Hajr Aswad, important reinforcements reached S. Damascus today. ISIS claims destruction of a BMP, 2 bulldozers and 30 KIA.
HTS and JTS sign agreement to stop the fight indefinitely and have reached a ceasefire to stop all agression. Ceasefire is signed by Abu Mohammad al Julani and Hassan Soufan
Syria: video showing Russian air defense intercepting what could be a drone near Khmeimim Airbase tonight.
Israel's Defense Minister @AvigdorLiberman is heading to US to meet with James Mattis, John Bolton and other officials to discuss close security coordination between the 2 allies against negative developments resulting from Iran's expansion in the Middle East with emphasis on Syria
Again possible UAV attack on Hmeimim airbase - airdefense responding
Syrian Army enter Joura district in Al-Qadam and control several ruling buildings
Trump: The nuclear deal with Iran should include the situation in Syria, Iraq and Yemen
Trump says American troops will leave Syria "relatively soon". Doesn't want to give an opening to the Mediterranean from Iran. Syria should be part of a new Iran deal, says Trump.
Concerns about ISIS resurgence remain on West side of Euphrates River, "areas we are not supporting the SDF," per @OIRSpox "Primarily areas that have been captured by the pro-government forces backed by their Russia|n counterparts"
"I would love to get out" of Syria, says @POTUS in reference to US troops in the country.
France's @EmmanuelMacron says US, France and @CJTFOIR must remain in Syria vs ISIS "until victory" "In the long run we need to win peace," per Macron
Macron: We must guarantee peace in Syria
Also, some SDF returning to Middle Euphrates River Valley, resuming fight vs ISIS, per Col Dillon
Trump: After ISIS expelled from Syria, we must increase our efforts to stop Iran from supporting terrorism
Iran cannot be allowed to profit from the anti-ISIS effort, says @POTUS.
In areas supported by @CJTFOIR, ISIS only holding some ground in Dashisha, along Iraq-Syria border and town north of AbuKamal, per Colonel Dillon
Trump to Macron about strikes in Syria: "thank you for your leadership in this effort"
Trump: The Western strike in Syria targeted chemical facilities in order to prevent Assad from using chemical weapons again
Coalition airstrike videos in Syria are back. Geolocated this 17 April 2018 U.S.-led Coalition airstrike on an alleged IS "headquarters" to Hajin: 34.688416, 40.8332795
HTS arrested many civilians and rebels in Sarmada. One of the arrested persons is a high commander of Liwa Shuhada Daraya a armed group from Daraya by Damascus evacuated in an agreement with Assad
HTS downed a modified armed drone carry mini explosives belonging to Noor el-Din-Zenkey at Tadil village. West Aleppo
Syria's flag raised over Jayrud town in Eastern Qalamoun.
2 children injured in shelling on Al Barsah village in Idlib
Evacuation of East Qalamoun continues and is in its last stage; Syrian internal security forces began deployment in Jayroud moments ago
Lebanon Zgharta - IS commander detained in Lebanon after crossing from Syria
President Trump: "I want to personally thank President Macron, the French military and the French people for their steadfast partnership" on coordinated strikes on Syria
Trump: We took the decision to strike the Syrian regime in coordination with the French government in response to the use of chemical weapons
Video of one of airstrikes on Al Yarmouk camp
Artillery shelling by pro-Assad forces on Baghoz and Sousa in the eastern rural areas of DeirEzzor.
UN monitors visited Chadder village in Quneitra5 month ago
UN monitors visited Chadder village in Quneitra
Report: Four Syrian civilians killed after pro-Assad government airstrikes targeted the village of Ma'ra Horma in southern Idlib countryside of Syria.
SDF will resume military operations in eastern Deir-Ez-Zor against ISIS militants.
5 month ago
Rebels shelling SAA positions in Madinat al-Ba'ath, Quneitra with mortars
Continuing shelling on areas in Southern Damascus under ISIS control
UN, EU call for return to Syria peace talks
Mogherini: Those who took part in Astana should assume their responsibilities
De Mistura: Not all who are in Idlib are terrorists
De Mistura: We have great concerns about the humanitarian situation in Idlib
De Mistura: Military action on the ground has not and will not help the process of reaching a solution in Syria
Syrian army helicopters dropping leaflets on Southern Damascus, urging ISIS fighters to surrender
Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov announces willingness to send more Chechen soldiers to Syria. "Our very best fighters are there, of course I am prepared to send more." Has deployed at least two military police battalions on Moscow's behest.
Another Iranian senior official, the chief of the national security council, vows harsh revenge for the Israeli attack on T4 base in Syia
Russian Investigative Committee refused to open criminal case after the death of journalist Maxim Borodin
Two civilians dead and six wounded in an artillery shelling on Kafr Hamra in North Aleppo
5 month ago
Civilians was killed as result of shelling on Lajat village in Eastern Daraa
Video of the moment when helicopter dropped a bomb on Maarat Hurmah in Idlib killing 4
Airplanes bombard Kafr Zita in Northern Hama, and artillery shelling Al Lataminah
Airplanes bombard Kafr Zita in Northern Hama, and artillery shelling Al Lataminah
5 month ago
Russian TV Uses Behind-the-Scenes Photos from a 2016 Movie as "Proof" Syria Chemical Attack Was Staged:
5 month ago
President Erdoğan: Olive Branch and Euphrates Shield operations - it's a legend.
Lieberman: If Syria uses Russian air defense missiles against us, we'll retaliate
After four hours of continuous work, Syria Civil Defense volunteers were able to retrieve the body of "Ahmed Jamous" who was kılledafter the aerial bombardment that targeted the farms of Abdin in Idlib southern countryside with 4 air strikes yesterday.
Airstrike on Dayr Ful village in North Homs5 month ago
Airstrike on Dayr Ful village in North Homs
Two civilians killed, others wounded in bombardment of Maarat Harma
10 casualties among civilians including children, 3 dead so far and 7 wounded, aftermath helicopter dropped off barrel bombs over Maarat Harma town. Southern Idlib countryside
Government helicopters drop sea mines on Maaret Herma village in Idlib countryside
Indonesia is investigating reports from Islamic State supporters that the most senior Southeast Asian commander of the militant group was killed by U.S. air strikes in eastern Syria last week, counter-terrorism officials said
5 month ago
Lavrov: The United States is deploying more widely on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River and is not going to leave
5 month ago
Russian Foreign Minister: Several countries have taken the destructive approach in Syria
Bashar al-Assad says the US and its allies cannot be part of the international process to end the Syria crisis
N. Hama: incendiary bomb dropped over KafrZita tonight.
Bombardment with surface-to-surface missiles on districts South to Damascus
5 month ago
Damage as result of shelling at Mahdra thermal station in north-west of Hama.
Mattis asked to comment on French President Macron's comments on @FoxNewsSunday about potentially turning Syria over to Iranians if U.S. pulls out too quickly, defense chief sidesteps: "We continue the campaign against ISIS" with 70-nation 'defeat ISIS' coalition, Mattis says
North Hama: helicopter bombed Markabah village with explosive cylinders5 month ago
North Hama: helicopter bombed Markabah village with explosive cylinders
North Hama: helicopter bombed Markabah village with explosive cylinders
S. Damascus: scene of a (failed) attempt to remove armours taken out on N. front of Yarmouk Camp (1st defense line of HTS) was partly filmed. It ended up in destruction of T-72, BREM taken out while fate of T-72 Shafrah (in field) unclear.
USAF RQ-4 Global Hawk Heading south off the coast of Lebanon
Israeli army: @CENTCOM Commander Gen. Joseph L. Votel is in Israel for an official visit, meeting with Chief of Staff Eisenkot "in order to strengthen connection between the armies and discuss regional security issues." This is the 1st time that CENTCOM commander has visited Israel
US Acting Secretary of State: Russia should be a good partner in Syria or else be held accountable
Plane of Interest: Syrian Arab Airlines four-engine turbofan strategic airlifter Ilyushin Il-76T YK-ATD flew from Damascus to Tehran Mehrabad through Iraqi airspace.5 month ago
Plane of Interest: Syrian Arab Airlines four-engine turbofan strategic airlifter Ilyushin Il-76T YK-ATD flew from Damascus to Tehran Mehrabad through Iraqi airspace.
S. Damascus: short video showing T-72 Shafrah destroyed by ISIS.
SyAAF L-39, MiG-23UB, MiG-23MLD and MiG-29 pass over weapons/vehicles handed over to SAA in Qalamoun
5 month ago
Mortar from Syria lands in Israeli territory, believed to be spill-over
5 month ago
Mortar from Syria falls near border of Israeli-held Golan Heights; Israeli army responds with fire
Heavy bombardment continues on S. Damascus pocket. government detonated tunnel between Yarmouk Camp and Hajr Aswad while ISIS executed 2 fighters captured in Qadam (one of them was part of "215" Secret Mil. Security).
Damascus: Syrian government Forces Bombard Southern Damascus Area
Artillery shelling by Assad forces on Sha'afa Town (controlled by Daesh). No updates about damages or victims
@obretix: New helicopter landing areas have been set up at the base between Al Hasakah and Tell Tamr
Pro-Assad Palestinian factions mourning fighters recently killed on S. Damascus front. Pal. National Liberation (Fatah) and Free Pal. Movement among them
@obretix: the base in Tell Baydar ~6km to the east has been equipped with a short paved runway, well suited for helicopters and V-22 Ospreys
5 month ago
Putin to @EmmanuelMacron: US, allies' strikes in Syria serious violation of international law
Video urban warfare in Tadamon district (NDF vs ISIS).
Several civilians killed and wounded as result of artillery shelling on Yadudah in Daraa
5 month ago
The Kremlin refuses to comment on the possibility of supplying the Syrian government with S-300 air defense systems
5 month ago
SAA and allies attempt to advance at Qantara front in South Hama failed so far
S. Damascus: on 5th day of Offensive vs ISIS and HTS pro-Assad forces renewed assaults backed by intense bombardment. Yesterday they did slow advances at high cost (several armours wrecked and 10s of killed).
NGOs: close to 700,000 people have been internally displaced by violence in Syria in 2018 alone
SAA targets Al-Zafarana town in North Homs with mortars
Deir al-Azur: Coalition drone targets an ISIS vehicle in the town of Abu al-Hasan near al-Bukamal
JTS seized Blinta
US Navy carrier and escorts saunter into the Med today.
JTS try to capture highway area between Maarrat al-Numan and Saraqib Idlib from HTS
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