Map. History of Syria conflict

19 September 2018
US officials confirm to @DionNissenbaum that US plans to stop directly arming YPG. Yet same sources said they can continue to indirectly arm YPG through the umbrella group SDF
Alaa Arafat, who represents the “Moscow Platform” political grouping, made it clear that he was against any clause in the communiqué calling on Assad to step down and any criticism of Iran role in Syria
SOHR: More casualties raise the death toll to 11 in Hasrat massacre west of Euphrates east of DeirEzzor
9 month ago
SOHR: Renewed clashes northeast of Hama after an advancement attempt by the ISIS organization
Syria's main opposition High Negotiations Committee @SyrianHNC_en's leader @Nasr_Hariri will head the delegation in the 8th round of UN talks between Assad's government and the opposition that will be held in Geneva on Dec 8
@obretix: TSK convoy crossing the border into Syria north of Bab al-Hawa (2017-11-09)9 month ago
@obretix: TSK convoy crossing the border into Syria north of Bab al-Hawa (2017-11-09)
Readout issued by @WhiteHouse of today’s @POTUS @RT_Erdogan phone call.
Senior Syrian opposition negotiator: Go to Geneva for direct talks and ready to discuss everything
US pilots alerted to unsafe Russian flying in Syria
Pentagon likely to announce in coming days there are about 2,000 U.S. troops in Syria, higher than previously acknowledged - officials
50 more fighters have joined the ranks of Self Defence Forces HPX in Afrin, Northern Syria
SE. Aleppo: footage of government offensive shows overwhelming Russia|n equipment (RuAF Su-25, T-62 and T-62Ms). Despite this support battle stalls since weeks.
Russia,Turkey and Iran send a joint letter to UN Secretary General and demanded to release the recent Sochi joint statement on Syria as a UNSC document
9 month ago
U.N. special envoy on Syria says had 'useful' meeting with Russia's Lavrov: Ifax
9 month ago
Turkey has said it would not accept the presence of YPG representatives at Syrian peace talks, Turkish FM says
9 month ago
US President Donald Trump told Turkey’s President Erdogan he issued instructions that weapons should not be provided to the YPG in Syria, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu says
9 month ago
Turkey’s President Erdogan and US counterpart Trump discuss recent developments in Syria in phone call on Friday
Turkey foreign minister says @RT_Erdogan told @POTUS in today's phone call that Kurdish militants should not attend Syria talks. No readout yet issued by @WhiteHouse.
Army captured Dablan and strategic Tell al-Tafran after control Subaykhan, Deir Ez-Zor
ISIS retook Al-Quriyah and Al-'Asharah towns from SAA "Tiger Forces" in eastern Deir Ez Zor
9 month ago
UN Special Envoy on Syria says new Syria constitution will be a main item for Geneva talks next week
Video: more airstrikes on Kafr Nabl
Warplanes carried out the 4th airstrike targeting alSham Hospital in West side of Kafranbel town
Warplanes carried out the 4th airstrike targeting al-Sham Hospital in West side of Kafranbel town now, Southern Idlib countryside
Airstrikes on Kafrnabel right now
Pro-opposition sources report Russian airstrike in Kafr Nabl, in the Idlib Province
Turkish Army establish 3rd observation point in Kafr Bassin Village
9 month ago
Turkish President Erdogan [On cooperating with Assad]: It is not appropriate to have an understanding of saying ‘no way at all.’ The doors of politics are always open until the last minute
SyAAF Su-22, Su-24 and Mohajer 4 drone over East Ghouta.
Syrian Opposition Conference confirmed Bashar al-Assad should depart from power
9 month ago
Syrian Opposition Conference: Formation of a 50-member body to participate in the Geneva talks
Clashes between pro-Assad forces and rebels at Al Zahra district front in Aleppo
US led anti-ISIS coalition spokesman @OIRSpox Colonel Ryan Dillon said Tuesday the coalition would not offer support to any forces that are not fighting ISIS or working toward US mission, referring to YPG/PKK elements in Syria's Afrin9 month ago
US led anti-ISIS coalition spokesman @OIRSpox Colonel Ryan Dillon said Tuesday the coalition would not offer support to any forces that are not fighting ISIS or working toward US mission, referring to YPG/PKK elements in Syria's Afrin
Second tank taken out today by TIP on Mustarihah front (NE. Hama) and failed attempt by government to remove it from battlefield.
Jesreen - A woman was killed, many civilians injured after 8 surface-to-surface missiles targeted the town in Eastern Ghouta.
Another convoy of TAF with heavy transport vehicles in northern Aleppo countryside, Syria.
Video: Aircraft attacked Khan Shaykhun today
Video: Aircraft attacked Khan Shaykhun today
Harasta - One civilian was killed, 2 injured after 17+ airstrikes targeted the city in Eastern Ghouta
A T-62 destroyed today by TIP on Mustarihah front (NE. Hama countryside).
9 month ago
The Chief of Staff of Russia: We will keep bases and the reconciliation center and groups necessary to support them in Syria
9 month ago
Merkel ally calls Russia's new Syrian peace push "height of cynicism"
Post by Shaitat Activist in the Shaitat Area. A lot of ISIS Daesh Withdrew from the area but still there are a lot of them in the area
President al-Assad accepts credentials of new ambassador of Lebanon
SW. Damascus: Tell Bardiyah still heavily bombed on daily basis as Mount Hermon's Rebels fended off so far all government attempts to seize it.
Air forces activity over Eastern activity
Air forces activity over Eastern activity
After an air strike on Arbin in the besieged,in Eastern Ghouta area near Damascus - Nine killed today - @AFP Syria @amer_almohibany
The airstrike number 40 for today Nov.23 on Eastern Ghouta and it's the 16th on Harasta city. 9 dead in Ghouta until now
Video: Tu-22M3 bombers hit ISIS in Deir-ez-Zur province
Russian Tu-22M3 bombers hit ISIS targets in Deir-ez-Zur province
Warplanes carried out airstrikes targeting Khan Sheykhoun town now. South Idlib countryside
9 month ago
"It's almost an occupation" - Russia condemns the continued presence of US troops In Syria
9 month ago
Russian chief of staff: Russia will probably reduce the size of its troops presence in Syria
N. Aleppo: five more Syria|n Hezbollah fighters recently killed on AbuKemal front buried in Nubul and Zahraa.
Turkish Military Vehicles in Darat Izza Heading To Seyh Akil Mountain West Of Aleppo
Eastern Ghouta today. String of SyAF airstrikes from Ein Terma to Zamalka and Irbeen.
Assad adviser says rebels must lay down arms: Syrian state media
TiP - Second government tank destroyed with ATGM in Mestariha - Hama
Arbin - 3 civilians were killed, including two children and 16 injured by 8 air raids targeted the residential neighborhoods in the city in Eastern Ghouta
Statement of the Syrian Opposition Conference: Direct negotiations without preconditions from any party
Document of the Syrian opposition in Riyadh: to start of the transitional phase, Assad need to leave
Video: Syrian Civil Defense is working in Eastern Ghouta
Initial moments of destruction from government aerial bombardment of Douma city in East Ghouta, rural Damascus
Killed and wounded in al-Hazza aftermath warplanes carried out airstrikes targeting the town
Nonstop bombardment by government on Kafr Batna. Eastern Damascus
More airstrikes targeting Irbeen town. Eastern Damascus countryside
9 month ago
Russian Federation council says messages about U.S plans to stay in Syria "not random"
Strikes on Ein Terma suburb of Eastern Damascus
Press TV report inside the Syrian town of Bukamal that was recently released from the hands of Daesh
Smoke rises aftermath warplanes carried out airstrikes targeting Zamalka town moments ago, more than 6 airstrikes so far
Syrian Arab Army regain full control of al-Quriyah town south-east of DeirEzzor countryside
Draft Statement of Syrian Opposition Meetings in Riyadh: Institutions elected by the Syrian people will have exclusive possession of arms
Draft statement of the Syrian opposition meetings in Riyadh: The restructuring and rehabilitation of the security and military institutions in Syria
Syria Civil Defense rescue operation aftermath warplanes carried out airstrikes targeting Douma city
Syria Civil Defense rush to inspect the residential areas targeted by warplanes airstrikes moments ago in Zamalka town Eastern Damascus
Iran's Jafari says guards will play an active role in Syria to form lasting ceasefire - TV
Iran Emphasizes maintaining the Revolutionary Guards in Syria
Washington Post: US officials say they plan to maintain US troop presence in northern Syria and establish new local governance, apart from Assad government, in those areas.
SAA Drone flying over besieged Eastern Ghouta this morning
9 month ago
Report says Israeli military held war games in Golan Heights on Thursday
Russian Defense Ministry: The Syrian army, backed by Russian advisers, regained control of the town of Qouriya in Deir al-Zour
9 month ago
Russian Defense Ministry: Syrian army supported by Russian aviation destroys militants sites in the Euphrates Valley
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