Map. History of Syria conflict

24 September 2018
Aleppo Northern countryside: Video shows the return of life gradually to the city of Afrin and the distribution of humanitarian aid to the people of the city
Aleppo Northern countryside: Video shows the return of life gradually to the city of Afrin and the distribution of humanitarian aid to the people of the city
The first group of buses carrying 981 people, rebels and thier familes from Irbin Zamalka and Jobar has left Harasta for Idleb.
Spokesman for the Faylaq Al Rahman: The United Nations has not provided any guarantees as to who would like to stay in Eastern Ghouta and we do not trust Russian guarantees.
Buses and Syrian Arab Red Crescent vehicles enter Arbin outskirts in preparation to begin evacuation of rebels and their families to Idlib.
Dust storm in Eastern Deir ez-Zor
JTS (which is fighting HTS in north-west Syria) is upset that the Uzbek "Imam Bukhari Battalion" is listed as terrorist group by the US DoS.
Turkish army announces it has full control of the Syrian province of Afrin
More than 2 civilians were killed and 6 wounded by a car bomb in Idlib city Syria
6 month ago
Two civilians killed by a landmine east of Al-Raqqa
Eastern Damascus: residents from Harasta arriving in N. Hama after their forced displacement from E. Ghouta. One injured died during transport in ambulance.
US-led coalition bombed convoy of pro-Assad forces in vicinity of Hisham and Marat in Syria's Deir ez-Zor province with many casualties and a lot of destroyed military equipment reported. Possibly another instance of Russian PMCs killed.
Syria: it is believed the mass grave of FSA fighters whose bodies were paraded by YPG-SDF following failed attack has been found near Afrin Dam (Maydanki).
Syrian army controls the entire town of Ein Tarma in the southern sector of the Eastern Ghouta and raises the Syrian flag in the middle of the town.
Most of Faylaq al-Rhaman fighters withdrew from Jobar district, few left behind they are burning their positions and ammo depots there
FSA forces captured Fefitin, Berceke and Kushin villages in the south of Afrin
Large demonstrations in Tal Rifaat city near Al-Bab.
Large demonstrations in Tal Rifaat city near Al-Bab.
Syrian army captured Ain Terma town in Damascus
Large-scale demonstrations in northern Syria continue, demanding Turkey and "OliveBranch" forces to capture Tal Rifaat
6 month ago
Erdogan: Afrin will be joined with Euphrates Shield region.
Syrian TV: A new settlement agreement has been reached to evacuate 7,000 people from Zamalka, Irbin and Ein Tarma in the eastern Ghouta
@obretix: PT Turkish military digging in at their most recent (observation) base on a hill west of Anadan
Eastern Damascus: what's left of town of Irbeen after 45 days of government-Russia bombarmdent.
E. Ghouta: imposing anti-tank ditch seized by government near AinTerma. 3 m deep and 5 m wide.
Syrian News: Agreement with the opposition includes the delivery of heavy and medium weapons
Eastern Damascus: surreal scenes from incendiary bombardment last night on town of Duma.
Syria state media announces evacuation deal for second Eastern Ghouta pocket - southern area controlled by Faylaq al-Rahman group @AFP
6 month ago
According to Hurriyet, Erdogan said "Turkey won't stop in Afrin and will head to Manbij and Idlib"
Spokesperson of National Army (FSA): Operation Olive Branch will not be limited to only Afrin. It will include every villages that occupied by PKK
JTS destroy HTS BMP carrying a group of fighters on the axis of Blanta [بلنتا] village rural West Aleppo
The @SyriaCivilDefe teams in Hama doing their humanitarian duties and received the first batch of civilians forcibly displaced from Harasta city in Eastern Ghouta. Teams are helping with critical cases, providing services, and transporting civilians to temporary shelters.
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