Map. History of Syria conflict

23 September 2018
SDF, together with USA/Coalition Forces have killed an ISIS leader named "Abu Ritaj Al-Am'mani". Deir Ezzor
SDF chasing down and arrested 2 ISIS sleeper cells just outside Raqqa city as part of the ongoing search-operations Raqqa to wipe out the infiltrating militants and their hideouts.
Russia's experimentation in Ukraine, Syria, "It's a great test bed for them" per @DefenseIntel's LtGen Ashley at D1TechSummit but adds, "It informs their war fighting for us"
S. Syria: smoke rising from SE. Daraa following massive pre-emptive bombardment on Tareq Saad and area of Silos (only 7 km from Nasib border crossing with Jordan).
Between June 18-June 24, the US-led Coalition military forces conducted 35 strikes targeting ISIS (seven in Iraq and 28 in Syria), one 21 June strike took place "near Palmyra"
2 month ago
Erdogan and Trump confirm joint commitment on development of bilateral cooperation on defence and military
S. Syria: warehouse seized from Rebels in Busra Harir.
S. Syria: aftermath of airstrikes on Nawa. At least 6 residents were killed and 10 wounded, including children.
Soldier close to The Tigers Fire Major Duraid Awad: Nahta is still under rebel control
Clashes reported between shia militants and YPG in the village of Ziyarah, north of Nubl
Syrian army launched air strikes on the southeast part of Deraa city oto cut the road linking rebel territory there with the Jordanian border
FM Safadi affirms Jordan will keep border with Syria closed to protect its security and interests. It will help its brothers within its capabilities. UN can help population in their country.
Syrian army start military operation inside Daraa city on silos, prison and Palestinian camp direction
Four civilians were killed and more than 20 others wounded by Russian air strikes on the town of Nawa in Western Daraa
Jordanian foreign minister: border to stay closed to fleeing Syrians
Civilians all the way from eastern Daraa are reaching the fence bordering on the Golan. This area is the safest in the south due to government fear of accidentally hitting Israeli-occupied territory.
S. Syria: heavy airstrikes also hit areas close to border with Jordan in W. Daraa countryside.
Britain's proposal to give the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons greater powers to assign blame for chemical attacks has been opposed by Russia, Syria and Iran
The British delegation at the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons has called for a vote within 24 hours on a proposal to give the watchdog greater powers to assign blame for chemical attacks
Heavy airstrikes on Nawa, most populated town of entire Rebel-held Daraa province, as RuAF and SyAF strike new areas of South Syria.
Russia's Hmeimeem: Israel-i airstrikes on syrian governmental positions Is inconvincible
An airstrike targeted Nawa in Western countryside of Daraa Southern Syria
2 month ago
UN Commission of Inquiry: Assad's government continues to commit a "war crime"; by blocking humanitarian access to the Gouta
"Abdul Hadi Hariry", White Helmets volunteer was killed following a double tab airstrike during his humanitarian duty of search and rescue operations for the initial aerial bombardment of the town Busra Al Hariri in the eastern countryside of Daraa.
S. Syria: 1st airstrikes hit NW. Daraa countryside, bombing the towns of Nawa and Sheikh Saad (located on frontline with ISIS in Yarmouk Valley).
Photos Earlier from the 5th Division Mechanized after helping Liberate Busra al-Harir and Mleihat Al Atesh
Cham Wings returns to Damascus from Tehran.
Video: SyAF aircraft burst into flames after it was hit in eastern rural Daraa airspace2 month ago
Video: SyAF aircraft burst into flames after it was hit in eastern rural Daraa airspace
Video: SyAF aircraft burst into flames after it was hit in eastern rural Daraa airspace
Scenes of aerial bombardment of Eastern Daraa
S. Syria: heavy airstrikes pounding town of Herak. Clashes on Herak-Nahetah front.
Video of Busra al Harir, Daraa
Current situation in Deir ar Zour according to OCHA report (15 May-15 June). "ISIL reportedly retains control over only three areas: Hajin, Al Susah and Al Sha'afa"
The Russian Hmeimim Air Base announced the end of the de-escalation ceasefire agreement in southern Syria
Rocket attack in Al-Mjemar in Sweida
S. Syria: some recent fatalities on NE. Daraa fronts. 1st one was high-ranking officer (Colonel or Brig. General), others from SAA and Tiger Forces.2 month ago
S. Syria: some recent fatalities on NE. Daraa fronts. 1st one was high-ranking officer (Colonel or Brig. General), others from SAA and Tiger Forces.
Government helicopters drop leaflets over al-Latamina and Kafr-Zita cities in northern rural Hama.
Government forces stationed in Halfaya city target al-Latamina city in northern rural Hama with artillery shells.
Government forces target Abtaa town in rural Daraa with mortar shells killing one civilian and injuring others.
Intense shelling on al-Hrak by SAA and Russia
Another round of SAA and Russia airstrikes on Daraa Al-Balad just now.
Some SAA soldiers captured today by FSA near Bosra.
Inherent Resolve:[email protected] Forces, along with Turkey will conduct independent, coordinated patrols today on opposite sides of the Manbij demarcation line. These patrols will ensure peace and stability.
SAA begins assault on Harak town in Eastern Daraa
Syrian forces advance in E. Daraa, on the outskirts of al Hrak after entering al-Mleha
SAA artillery striking Abtah in Daraa countryside
Syrian Army has captured Nahitah. There are no towns between their forces and Al-Hirak.
Footage of FSA forces hit Mig-23 aircraft in North-East Daraa. Rebels claims that pilot ejected, search for him is ongoing
Syrian Army captured Madajin area east of Nahetah, Daraa
At least 45,000 people have fled intensified fighting in Syrian governorate of Daraa towards Jordan – UN
Syria: video purportedly showing aftermath of Israeli strike last night on area of Damascus Intl Airport. Warehouse reportedly hit.
2 month ago
After Raqqa YPG/SDF launched an operation against other groups in Ain Issa, North of Raqqa
Government captured couple of tanks inside town of Busra Harir, one extracted from rubble.
HTS urging FSA to resolve internal dispute and set up joint Operations Room in Daraa in order to counter SAA offensive
2 month ago
SAA and allies has controlled Al Lajat area in Daraa - Hezbollah media
[email protected] reports a third attack on medical workers or facilities around Daraa in the space of a week. Ambulance driver Abdulhadi Al Hariri killed at 1pm yesterday after follow up airstrike targeting rescue workers in Busr Al Harir.
[email protected] says explosion heard around 1am near Damascus airport was caused by missiles from Israeli planes around the Golan Heights. "It targeted weapons depots and warehouses belonging to non-Syrian militias loyal to the Syrian government."
2 month ago
Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov, asked about trilateral (U.S.-Russian-Jordanian) talks on the southwest: At this point, southern Syria will be discussed at the bilateral level; Jordanian Foreign Minister to visit Moscow for talks.
Israeli strike near Damascus airport: Assad media claims that its air defence systems intercepted the missiles
Soldier who helped capture Busra al-Harir messaged saying that Mleihat Al Atesh which is West of Busra al-Harir was captured a Hour Ago and its one Town not Two.
The Syrian Arab Army controls the town of Malhiyah Aleatsh and the center of the town of Basra Hariri in rural East Daraa
Syrian state TV: two Israeli missiles targeted the area around Damascuss airport, no causality were reported, material damage only
Photos from TigerForces Sniper Unit celebrating the victory Inside Busra al-Harir
Tiger Forces Machine Gunner Crews Inside Busra al-Harir
Busra al-Harir is under the control of the SAATiger forces, thus the area of Lajat is either besieged or more likely also under the control of the SAA
Israeli missiles hit targets near Damascus airport, according to Syrian state media
Syrian TV: Israeli missiles struck Damascus airport, Syria; @SputnikInt reports: target was an Iranian cargo plane unloading at Damascus International Airport
A drone airstrike by @CJTFOIR in the Badia of AlSwar sub-district, North Deir-ez-Zur, has killed 9 elements from ISIS, and a civilian shepherd, including Abu Ritaj Al-Amani, Mohammed AlMoussa, who was the head of Daesh Security Department of the Northern Sector.
Syrian AD systems are engaging targets south east of Damascus
Russian aircrafts raids on Busra Al Hariri
Russian airplanes hit Al Harak city in Eastern Daraa
FSA Southern Front Central Operations Room report the arrival of military reinforcements from al-Nasr al-Mubin al-Quneitra Operations Room to the lines of engagement in E Daraa to repel attempts to advance by Assad government and Iranian militias towards the areas under rebel control
SyAF helicopters are dropping barrel bombs on Daraa districts
FSA Southern Front Tawheed al-Sofuf Operations Room TOW ATGM strike on an Assad government and Iranian militia T-72 near Busra Al-Harur2 month ago
FSA Southern Front Tawheed al-Sofuf Operations Room TOW ATGM strike on an Assad government and Iranian militia T-72 near Busra Al-Harur
S. Syria: town of Herak in E. Daraa CS, the most intensively bombed after Busra Harir.
S. Syria: civilians displaced due to Assad and Russia|n bombardment amassing near border with Golan.2 month ago
S. Syria: civilians displaced due to Assad and Russia|n bombardment amassing near border with Golan.
Rebels are saying they have recaptured the armaments brigade east of Busra Al-Harir
Amnesty calls on Jordan and it's allies not to abandon Syrians fleeing Russian and Assad government attacks in the South of Syria
Sana published images of villages in captured by SAA Al Lajaat area
Iran FM @JZarif and Syria Deputy FM Faisal Mekdad today met in Tehran
A Convoy of SAA quick intervention - Special Operations Units heading to Suwayda / Daraa Region
FSA claims to have destroyed a SAA tank on the Eib frontline in al-Lajat.
SDF claims Hasakah province is completely cleared of ISIS, and Jazira Storm campaign achieved its objectives and now the forces focused on mine clearance, open roads, and help the people
Syrian helicopters threw paper saws over Jasim town in Daraa northern countryside, calling the residents there to expel the armed groups from their town
Protesters in Iran today, chant "Palestine, Syria, are the causes of our miseries"
Smoke rises from al-Harak town, as seen from Daraa countryside, Syria June 25, 2018. REUTERS/ @AlaaAlfaqir
2 month ago
Airborne from Moscow - heading to Latakia Air Base, Syria Russia Russian Air Force IL62 RA86561 RFF7335
SAA shelling Ltamenah city in Northern Hama with mortars
According to reports, Syrian Arab Army has gained control to all of Lajat region in NE Daraa countryside, intense clashes continue with rebels in Busr al-Harir
Tour around Jaddil village in Lajat area
Tour around Jaddil village in Lajat area
HJN footage showing the Southern Front Fighters destroying a BMB for SAA during the fierce clashes in Lajat northern of Daraa.2 month ago
HJN footage showing the Southern Front Fighters destroying a BMB for SAA during the fierce clashes in Lajat northern of Daraa.
Tiger Forces commander Ali-Taha directly overseeing operations in Daraa
The SDF/YPG conducted an attack against Liwaa Thiwar AlRaqqa (Raqqa Rebels Brigade) after 3 days of besieging its [RRB] HQs in Raqqa city, sources said that the American/French mediation efforts have been failed due the SDF rejections.
Heavy bombardment on residential neighborhoods in Daraa al-Balad city. The civil defense teams are working to verify the location of the targets and to provide assistance to the wounded.
FSA destroyed a SAA BMP in Busra Harir.
Government helicopters dropped barrel bombs on the city of Deraa on for the first time in nearly a year: Syrian Observatory
SAA and Russia airstrikes on al-Hrak in East Daraa a short while ago
SAA Tiger Forces Bombardment Targeting rebels Held Area
SAA captured Sakreh and Hamman and Khirbet Hamman in Al-Lajat
Raqqa: Video of a sit-in for women and children near Al-Batani square to demand SDF militias to stop siege and stop the attack on headquarters of Thwaar alRaqqa since yesterday
S. Syria: intense battle raging on Busra Harir front. Each failed attempt by government to advance followed by bombardment with all kinds of weapons and then new attack. Multiple TOW strikes, one of them vs a BMP.
Jordan says it won't take in Syrians fleeing new offensive along its border
Coalition forces suddenly spread to Iraqi side of Al-Tanf along with other parts of the border strip and Qa'im
Tehran, Iran Iran government fires teargas as thousands of protesters march toward Parliament with chants of "Leave Syria alone. Think of us instead" and "Death to the dictator".
Raqqa: SDF attacked Thwar al-Raqqa headquarters by Heavy and medium weapons
A child was injured as a result of an explosive device explosion near the train station on the outskirts of the city of Jisr al-Shughour, rural Idlib.
A Russian MiG-23 warplane was shot in the skies of Basr Harir city in the eastern countryside of Daraa The plane did not fall
Daraa joint operation room announced that a MIG 23 was shot by air defense units
Video of the government war plane shot in Daraa
2 month ago
Report: Russia hopes to discuss Syria with Bolton in Moscow
S. Syria: town of Busra Harir intensively bombed by RuAF and SyAF (100+ airstrikes so far).
Druze movement The Men of Dignity described leaked Russian statements which considered some local factions in al-Suwayda as "terrorist groups" as "a very serious escalation," and call Russia "an occupying state and a sponsor of terrorism"
Video of targeting the rebels back positions in Daraa city by the SAA forces.
Video of intense bombardment targeting rebels Held Areas in Daraa
USAF B-1B's MYTEE15 and MYTEE16 departed Ellsworth - to Al Udeid AB, Qatar3 month ago
USAF B-1B's MYTEE15 and MYTEE16 departed Ellsworth - to Al Udeid AB, Qatar
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