Map. History of Syria conflict

19 September 2018
After three and a half years of prohibition, the SyrianCivil Defense returned to work in the Syrian city of Afrin to serve all Syrians. The PYD and YPJ closed the centers and arrested the volunteers who were working there, to come back today and be with the residents.
Turkey and US officials to hold talks on Manbij on March 30th in Washington
Fourth batch of displaced people from Eastern Ghouta arrived in Idlib
23 government forces killed in battle with ISIS in outskirts of AbuKamal Among them a Brigade General and a Colonel
NW. Hama: sat imagery shows government detonated all isolated buildings near frontline in S. part of Ghab Plain, cementing demarcation line.
Mayadeen reporting that Syrian army preparing for escalated assault on Douma, the last rebel-held pocket of Eastern Ghouta
Tell Rifaat (this morning) under government control. N. Aleppo.
East Ghouta: negotiations for overcrowded Duma continue without decisive breakthrough so far, further complicated by Jaish Islam "exception" (core-territoy and heavy weaponry).
4183 including 1001 armed opposition fighters 6th group from East Ghouta arrived to Idlib,Hama today5 month ago
4183 including 1001 armed opposition fighters 6th group from East Ghouta arrived to Idlib,Hama today
5 month ago
Eastern Damascus: FSA Jaish Tahrir Sham started 2nd part of its battle in E. Qalamoun, attacking government positions in Muhassa area. Several postions and one BMP destroyed so far.
5 month ago
Syria Observatory for Human Rights; so far 25,000 people transported to Idlib from Easternghouta ; new convoy expected to depart from Erbeen today; 101,000 people crossed into govt controlled territory; 37,000 stayed in their towns under govt control
5 month ago
Turkish FM undersecretary will travel to US for an official visit to discuss regional issues
5 month ago
Russia's Lavrov to hold Syria talks with U.N. envoy in Moscow on Thursday: RIA
Daraa: Video of a SAA Convoy that entered 15th Brigade which is east of Inkhil / Ankhil town
"Perhaps it is not to the liking of some, but in fact we are the sole member to undertake concrete measures to implement Resolution 2401," says Russia's envoy to UN Vassily Nebenzia, responding to US criticism at the UN Security Council meeting
A new Russian air raid in the vicinity of the village of Naqir in South Idlib
"Syria determined to capture all Syrian territories including the Occupied Golan, Afrin, Raqqa and Idleb" - Syria's Permanent Representative to UN Bashar al-Jaafari
Fire in a camp for displaced people in the southern countryside of Idlib, followed by the bombing of warplanes with incendiary bombs
Video: Russian raids with incendiary bombs targeting the vicinity of the village of Nqayr in the southern countryside of Idlib
Russian aviation raids with incendiary ammunition on Naqr, southern Idlib
W. Aleppo: FSA Free Idlib Army killed several government fighters and seized those rocket launchers after carrying out an infiltration operation near Rashidin.
5 month ago
Russian army says 27 killed, 58 wounded as result of shelling from the areas under control of the opposition factions on Damascus
Rebels drop a reconnaissance aircraft in the city of Basra Al-Hariri in the countryside # Daraa, and the Assad forces shell the city with artillery. #Syria
Another batch of buses are departing Eastern Ghouta heading to North Syria
Terrorists preparing chemical attack in Idlib - Syrian UN envoy
5 month ago
Turkey arrest German citizen called Patrick Kraicker in Sirnak who was heading to join YPGSDF in Syria
5 month ago
Erdoğan, Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani hold phone call, exchange views on bilateral ties, regional issues
Afrin Self-Administration has opened Berxwedan camp for Afrin people who displaced from their home as result of Turkish aggression on their land Kurdish Red crescent installed 200 tents till in Shehba area depending on their self capabilities and North Syria people suport
SecDef Mattis reveals Russia was able to get pro-government Russian mercenaries that had been amassing east of the Euphrates River, near US troops in Syria, to pull back following talks between the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Gen. Dunford and his Russian counterpart, Gen. Gerasimov
Acc to White House readout of the phone call with French Pres Macron, U.S. Pres Trump "stressed the need to intensify cooperation with Turkey with respect to shared strategic challenges in Syria."
ISIS remnants in Syria from DeirEzzor down the river valley to alQaim by Iraq border, per Mattis
"Turkey is a @NATO ally. We've stood together" says Mattis "There have been strong disagreements on some issues that have to do with Syria...never impeded the candor or the frequency of our meetings"
With PKK, US "intending to see them pull out of the Sinjar area, would be our intention there" says US Defence Secretary Mattis
Turkey's forces are consolidating in/around Afrin area, says US Defence Secretary Mattis "There have been reports of looting in the town by some of the elements that came into Afrin a lot of people made refugees there"
FSA shot down (Russia'n Granat-4E?) reconnaissance drone above Bosra southern Syria
"There has been no move against Manbij" by Turkey's forces in Syria, says @DeptofDefense Secretary Jim Mattis "We continue our dialogue with the Turkish authorities"
"There were other Russian elements like this moving across the deconfliction line These were forces moving into more advanced positions, too close" says US Defence Secretary Mattis "Those elements fell back. We have also drawn off slightlywithin the last week" says Mattis, after talks
"We believe the Russian officers who tried to deconflict it and told us they weren't their forces, we think they were frankly being honest with us" says Mattis "To this day I have no evidence they were being dishonest and that they knew in fact these forces were there"
@DeptofDefense Secretary Jim Mattis says he still cannot answer why Russian mercenaries moved against US/coalition forces at Deir Ezzor, Syria
Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister on 7 years of conflict in Syria, in English and Arabic.5 month ago
Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister on 7 years of conflict in Syria, in English and Arabic.
5 month ago
Erdoğan had a phone call with Putin
S. Idlib: airstrike hit area of Kafranbel.
The missile bombardment by the rebels on the headquarters of air intelligence in the city of Daraa
The warplanes targeted the outskirts of the town of Has in rural Idlib with two air raids.
Anadolu Agency aerial footage of Tel Rifat
Turkish military sources tell media that Tall Rifaat hasn't been captured by the FSA yet
Tall Rifaat Former leader of the Syrian rebel faction Ahrar al-Sham says that pro-Assad government forces still control the city.
FSA Military Council in Tal Rifaat statement urges people not to be swayed by inaccurate rumors and exaggerated speculation, assuring that things are good and moving in the right direction
SAA Amassing inside 15th Brigade east of Ankhil / Inkhil rebels activists say they installed artillery platforms and vehicles with elephant rocket launchers on the eastern side of Inkhil City
SOHR: Reports that Turkish army is in control over Tel Rifat are false, negotiations are underway to secure their entry
Syria: US-led coalition military base set up at a school in Ain Issa - as indicated as well on Strava heatmap
More and more forcibly displaced families from Eastern Ghouta are arriving to the north of Syria. @SyriaCivilDefe operations continue uninterrupted to equip temporary shelters, and are transferring the wounded to field hospitals.
Heavy artillery shelling targets residential neighborhoods in the city of # Douma in the eastern Ghouta
It's old informationOld video
FSA enters Tal Rifaat
FSA enters Tal Rifaat
Video near Sheikh Isa village
YPG are retreating from Deir Jamal, Kafranya, Sheikh Hilal and Sheikh Issa villages.
E. Ghouta: remains of Harasta under government control.
Raqqa witnesses launch of "Future Syria Party" with its motto "Democratic, Pluralistic, Decentralised Syria". In mid-Feb, Coalition had advised SDF to rebrand for wider appeal, reconciliate with government, replace "Federalism" with "Decentralisation" and drop visible links to PKK
JTS seize an HTS tank and KIA at least 6 of their fighters after they attempt to storm the village of Maklbees rural Western Aleppo [dozens were also reported killed and wounded yesterday]
5 month ago
Using the sheer amount of visual evidence available online, Jakub Janovský (@Rebel44CZ) tracked seven years of Syrian Arab Army armoured vehicle losses. The count: At least 2,037 losses between 2011 and 2018.
Deir ez-Zur: Video One of the raids that targeted Iranian Revolutionary Guard positions yesterday near the city of Al As Shuyra
Syria reiterates demand for immediate and unconditional withdrawal of Turkish occupation forces from Syrian territory
Minagh Air Base is under Turkish Forces' control now.
Conference for foundation of Syria Future party starts in Raqqa.
Turkish troops enter the city of Tel Refat in North Aleppo
The warplanes targeted the town of Altmanah in the southern countryside of Idlib, with several air raids.
Artillery shelling by SAA on the village of Tall Bajer South Aleppo
The Kurdish Red Crescent delivers aid to the Afrin displaced people in the areas of Al Shahba
Russian warplanes fire a number of missiles into Muhambal town in western rural Idlib, in addition to an airstrike on Nqeir village in southern rural Idlib.
Russian police officers handed over Tal Rifat to Turkish army and FSA.
Eastern Damascus: government "stormtroops" and 10s of tanks used in Harasta and other SW. towns in E. Ghouta are moving towards Duma.
Jaysh Al Islam met Russia reps near Al-Wafideen Camp. It 'won't leave' to HTS powerbase, with out its arsenal, citing longstanding bloodfeud. Suggesting Rhaybeh/Dmeir instead. Russia likes idea of it acting as Eastern Ghouta police force. government doesn't. Negotiations ongoing.
North Aleppo: reports Russian MP leaving Tell Rifaat
S. Idlib: airstrikes continue today. Video from Naqayar.
Hezbollah leader claims Saudi offered to cut off support for Syria rebels if Bashar Assad cuts ties with Iran
Tal Rifaat operation has begun.
SDF forms its first brigade in Raqqa
A woman was killed by a rocket shelling on Al Naqeer, South Idlib
Missile bombardment by the government forces on the Al- Ghantu north Homs
5 month ago
Artillery bombardment of the government on the Umm Sharshuh in north Homs
Syria: Evacuees from Faylaq al-Rahman-held pocket growing larger every day; Saturday: 981 people; Sunday: 5,435 people; Monday: 6,749 people
DeirEzzor: possible coalition military aircraft targeted checkpoints and headquarters of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in al-Bokamal , al-Isharah and Mohassan
Saudi envoy to US @kbsalsaud: Iran supports terror in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Bahrain, Yemen
Raqqa: SDF Intelligence member Saleh al-Muhimd has been assassinated by unknown gunmen near the town of Mansoura in western Raqqa. Body dumped on the side of the road.
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