24 October 2021
7 month ago
[email protected]_sdf has launched a massive security campaign in which 6,000 security personnel will spend two weeks combing Syria's Hawl Camp, which has witnessed 47 murders this year alone
7 month ago
A convoy of the government forces was caught in a mine ambush in the "Faydat Ibn Muwaina" area in the desert of Al-Mayadeen
Syria: a rare seizure today of 2 TOW ATGM s in a vehicle near Azaz (N. Aleppo) heading to SDF-held areas
Pro-Assad forces target with heavy artillery the village of Sufuhn and the town of Kafr Aweid in the southern countryside of Idlib
7 month ago
The eastern countryside of Homs, Al-Sukhnah, fierce battles due to a military convoy of the government forces being ambushed by ISIS at the outskirts of Al-Sukhna, and violent explosions are heard in the area in conjunction with. Air strikes targeting the area
The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) allowed Turkish-backed groups to recover the bodies of their fighters who were killed in the vicinity of the town of Ain Issa after Russian mediation
Today, HTS carried out a raid against an Isis cell in Atmeh. Clashes lasted for hours: 1 militant has been arrested and at least 3 killed
7 month ago
SDF prepping for a large search operation in Al Hol camp after nearly dozens of murders and attempted murders this year
7 month ago
Syria says rationing fuel as shipments delayed by Suez canal blockage
Syria: 5 Rebels were killed tonight after they were hit by an ATGM fired by pro-Assad forces in San, near Saraqeb (SE. Idlib)
Prominent rebel commander says that clashes between Faylaq al Sham and Firqat al Hamza in Basouta are because of internal splits and admissions of behind behind bombings in Afrin
Very heavy clashes in Basouta and at least 3 dead so far as Faylaq al Sham attempts to expel Firqat al Hamza from the town
7 month ago
Members of the Fourth Division of the Syrian government forces withdrew from the western Hama countryside towards the Badia regions in the center of the country
Syrian state media says the explosion that was heard in the capital Damascus was the result of detonating explosives left behind by insurgents in the suburb of Ein Tarma Syria
7 month ago
Russian warplanes launched several air strikes targeting the sites of ISIS cells in the vicinity of Ithria Road, west of Raqqa
The death of a civilian and the injury of another due to the collapse of the roof of one of the buildings in Al-Wahla camp near the town of Deir Hassan, north of Idlib
The Russians mediated a body swap around Ayn Issa. In return for the SDF getting the bodies of dead killed in a raid on Debs, the TFSA were able to collect the dead they left behind on the Ayn Issa front. This video is from Mu'alaq
A group of government forces was killed as a result of being targeted by a missile directed by the opposition factions on the Jadraya front in the western countryside of Aleppo
Homs:An explosion in the "Baba Amr" neighborhood causes civilian casualties
Pro-Assad forces target with heavy artillery the vicinity of the town of Al-Bara in Jabal Al-Zawiya in the southern countryside of Idlib
A group of government forces members were killed as a result of being targeted by a missile directed by the opposition factions on the Jadraya side in the southern Idlib countryside
YPG carried out a raid on the Turkish groups in the Azaz Kafr Khashir line. Many casualties. There is UAV and fighter jet movement around Til Rifat
7 month ago
Clashes ongoing between the SDF and TFSA around Dardara village near Tel Tamr right now with mutual shelling and machine gun fire being exchanged
7 month ago
Khamenei: The Americans are mistaken on all the region's issues. They're mistaken in their unjust support of the Zionist government, in their usurping presence in Syria, in assisting the Saudi government in bombarding the people of Yemen & in their policy regarding Palestine
The general command of the Women's Protection Units (YPJ) said that the ruling against its fighter Cicek Kobani is "a gross violation of international humanitarian law
Three arrested in Spain for terrorist financing: "suspects are believed to have used humanitarian aid for Syrian orphans as a cover for channeling funds to terrorist groups"
7 month ago
Homs:"ISIS" is active in the desert and inflicting human losses on the government forces
Two members were killed and another from the Northern Hawks faction was wounded in an armed attack targeting a vehicle carrying them in the Bulbul sub-district in the countryside of Afrin, north of Aleppo
Deir Ezzor Al-Shuhail: Intense flight of helicopters at low altitude over the city of Al-Shuhail with the entry of a military convoy of the Coalition Forces and the SDF in the main street heading to the city of Al-Busayrah
7 month ago
The explosion of an explosive device targeting a military vehicle of the Asayish forces of the SDF in the village of Saad near the city of Al Suwar, killing two and wounding three
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