Map. History of Syria conflict

26 September 2018
S. Damascus: another video dated 24th April showing destruction by HTS of a BREM-1 along with T-72 on 30th Street W. of Yarmouk Camp.
Southern Damascus: ISIS Launched attacks on the areas of the so called FSA Ababil Horan Brigade / Jaysh al-Ababil and took full control of Al-Yabani (Japanese) hospital between Yarmouk Camp and Yalda, and killed many fighters from Al-Abalil.
5 month ago
Turkey-Syria: Turkish police detained 14 people with suspected links to IS in Gaziantep near the border with Syria. They found weapons and IS propaganda material.
SecDef Mattis testified yday about Feb 7 attack that killed hundreds of Russian fighters in Syria: "The Russian high command in Syria assured us it was not their people, and my direction to the Chairman was for the force, then, to be destroyed. And it was."
Artillery shelling targeting the town of Kafr Zita
Delegation of Red Crescent entered Yilda in South Damascus to transport wounded to North Syria
Car bomb exploded in Jarabulus city, no casualties
Turkey will take steps together with US in Syria's Manbij region, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Friday, following his meeting with new US Secretary State Mike Pompeo in Brussels
General Hassan Yusuf Mohamed is the first high ranking officer to be killed on S. Damascus front. Was from Jadida Hazur, a hamlet in Tartus province.
Hamamiyat (NW. Hama) under government control this morning
Video of the protest of the city of Maarat al-Nu'man in the southern countryside of Idlib
A source in the Damascus police headquarters: 1 killed and 4 wounded by a shell fired by militants from Al Hajar Al Aswad on Bayader Nader of Damascus
N. Hama: town of KafrZita still bombed today by RuAF.
N. Hama: town of KafrZita still bombed today by RuAF.
SAA advance on several axis in al-Joura, al-'Asali and 30th street in Hajar al-Aswad and reach edge of al-al-Sotari street between Oroubah and Yalda in the direction of al-Zein neighbourhood. S Damascus
Northern Hama Video Allegedly showing the Syrian Armed Forces targeting / destroying several vehicles and a Rebels Ammunition Depot near the city of Morek
South Damascus: 7 Straight Hours of constant bombardment on ISIS held Hajar al-Aswad and Yarmouk Camp and Qadam
NE. Latakia: Jaish Ahrar downed this Russian drone over Jebal Akrad.5 month ago
NE. Latakia: Jaish Ahrar downed this Russian drone over Jebal Akrad.
S. Damascus front this morning as intense bombardment resumed after yesterday's heavy rainfall.
Artillery bombardment on South Damascus
Aviation bombards Al Hajar Al Aswad and Al Qadam district in South Damascus
US Department of State: NATO more relevant than any time since Cold War. Today, we focused on Russia's continued aggression and ability to threaten, coerce, undermine, and invade its neighbors. Plays destabilizing role in Ukraine, Georgia, and Syria. NATO is a defensive alliance in face of threat.
5 month ago
Russian aviation targeting Al Sakhr village in North Hama
Factory seized from ISIS is geolocated in SW. outskirts of Hajr Aswad
Photos of the Syrian Su-22 during raid
HTS claimed their captured Al Hamamiyat village in North Hama
5 month ago
Aviation Week's @laraseligman Q to Mattis: Do you have concerns that Russia is thinking about providing the S-300 missile system to the Syrian government? MATTIS: "I think anything that's done to continue this fighting in Syria is actually a tragedy."
Warplanes carried out incendiary airstrikes targeting Kafr_Zeita town now. North Hama countryside
Over 20 airstrikes carried out today by Russian airplanes on Kafr Zita area
Over 20 airstrikes carried out today by Russian airplanes on Kafr Zita area
5 month ago
ABC's @Elizabeth_McLau asked Mattis top of meeting with Israeli counterpart: Do you agree with Israel's assessment weapons shipments from Iran to Syria are for the purpose of striking Israel? MATTIS: "I can't think of any other purpose for them right now."
Azaz police graduation ceremony
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