Map. History of Syria conflict

19 September 2018
UN Secretary-General 'once again reaffirms that any use of chemical weapons is totally unacceptable,' adds he is 'deeply concerned' about growing risks in Idlib
SAA and allied militia deployed in Tal Malah village targeted Hasarayiah village with tank. North Hama
The Coalition and Maghawir al-Thowra conducted a successful night test fire at Al Tanf today
President Erdoğan hosts Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif in Ankara for talks on bilateral, regional issues including developments in Syria2 week ago
President Erdoğan hosts Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif in Ankara for talks on bilateral, regional issues including developments in Syria
The US State Department denies reports of an U.S. intelligence delegation visiting Damascus and their meeting with the Syrian intelligence chief
2 dead and 18 injuries in explosion in Afrin
Many civilians reportedly injured by an explosion in Afrin
Footage showing live fire exercises of HIMARS system at Al-Tanf. These exercises help ensure the Maghawir al-Thowra and Coalition are ready for any threat.
Explosion rocks city of Afrin, wounding 4 according to initial reports
ISIS media Amaq claims - in a statement - that many US soldiers on a military column got wounded by IEDs attack, while moving from Hasakah to Tal Tamer yesterday.
Iran FM Zarif arrives in Ankara3 week ago
Iran FM Zarif arrives in Ankara
Deir al-Azur Eastern countryside: Al-Assad forces launched a large-scale arrest campaign on Wednesday for a number of young people to the city of Mayadeen for forced conscription.
Idlib: A civilian was shot dead by unidentified gunmen near the village of Al-Jib in the area of ​​Salqin in the north-western countryside
3 week ago
Erdoğan meets Iranian FM Zarif amid Idlib worries
Kurdish Asayish forces fire live bullets to disperse a protest in Raqqa
3 week ago
Lavrov: Moscow is ready to work with Washington to resolve all problems in Syria, Libya and countries in the region, but Washington is evading talk
3 week ago
Lavrov: The aim of accusing Syria of chemical weapons is to prevent the liquidation of terrorists in Idlib.
3 week ago
Lavrov: European Troika banned sending chemical weapons experts to Khan Sheikun in the past
Opposition sources say they spotted a shipment of chemical weapons transferred by the army to the countryside of Hama.
3 week ago
Lavrov said he discussed with Saudi Arabia the appropriate conditions that would lead to Syrian refugees returning home
Syria: large underground ammo cache uncovered in S. Hama, including 7 TOW s and their launchers
Syria: large underground ammo cache uncovered in S. Hama, including 7 TOW s and their launchers
SOHR: ISIS attacks al-Azraq field east of Euphrates River and clashes against SDF within its renewed targeting of their sites
Graduation of the first batch of civil defence forces in Raqqa, consisting of 33 people who received 4 months of training. Their duty is to provide emergency services and protect civilians 24/7.
Syria: reports (pro-)Assad forces tried to shot down a Turkish reconnaissance drone with AA guns near Tell Rifaat (N. Aleppo).
US military officials arrive at the crossing point at Aid ad Dairat, Manbij, accompanied by SDF fighters
Heavy clashes between SAA and Daesh in the vicinity of the Safa area in the eastern Swaida countryside in conjunction with heavy bombing of the area
Unidentified gunmen kill a civilian near the village of Jiba in the western suburb of Idlib.
Cached of ammunition including missiles was founded in Tulul al-Humra in Hama
SAA shot down an bomb-laden UAV north to Hama
Pentagon: Manbij residents to govern Manbij
Syria: a Turkish column of 15 armored vehicles arrived early this morning in the Morek Observation Post (N. Hama), most forward TSK position in Greater Idlib.3 week ago
Syria: a Turkish column of 15 armored vehicles arrived early this morning in the Morek Observation Post (N. Hama), most forward TSK position in Greater Idlib.
Syria: ex-Jaish Alababil fighters who surrendered ao last May S. Damascus districts and joined 4th Division will also be involved in upcoming Idlib Offensive.
Syrian JTS rebels arrested 30 people in Idlib this morning which wanted their towns to "reconcile" with the Assad government.
The Syria nArmy's 1st ad 3rd divisions broke through ISIL front-lines in the Safa region this morning at the Hawi Awad area in the northern part of the desert in Suweida. The SAA managed to capture the strategic water dam.
Syria: remains of another weaponized drone, this time in Suqaylbiyah (N. Hama). A Rebel DJI UAV was also downed nearby yesterday.
William Roebuck The chief adviser of the Coalition Forces to fight IS in Syria, visited al-Basira area and met with elders' tribesmen of DeirEzzor and stated we are concerned and want to insure of the withdrawal of Iranian/ proxies and committed to Geneva proses
Reuters is confirming parts of yesterday's al-Akhbar report about US officials travelling to Syria for talks with security chief. Also says communication ongoing regading fate of Austin Tice, ISIS remnants and gov's chemical weapons stockpile
Syrian state media reports that thousands of people have returned to their homes in Darayya for the first time since government forces clawed it back from rebels two years ago
3 week ago
Russian strategic aviation is active
UN says Syria's Idlib offensive could spark 'worst humanitarian emergency'
3 week ago
Turkish military reinforcements arrive at Turkish observation post near Morak town, north of Hama.
Heavy artillery shelling by the Syrian government forces targeted the village of Hasraya, North countryside of Hama, Syria.
National Liberation Front: casualties among government forces in ambush on the axis of Al-Rashidin in West Aleppo
SAA Artillery shelling reported on Kafrzita in north Hama
3 week ago
RuAF RA78776 Il-76 from Mozdok to Latakia, Syria
SAA Artillery shelling is targeting Al Ziyara, West Hama
According to Syrian state media, a delegation of the Polish ministry of foreign affairs visited Damascus to explore opportunities for refugee return, promising to fund a pilot settlement for 100 families "in a place picked by the Syrian state",
US Special Envoy for Iran: Our military presence in Syria will help us protect our national security
U.S army convoy heading from Hasakah towards its new base in al-Shadadi town.
Damascus has no plans to use chemical weapons in Syria - Russian envoy to UN
SDF security forces shooting at Christen protesters outside of Mary Church in Qamishili. SDF closed several Christen schools over the last weeks.
SDF security forces shooting at Christen protesters outside of Mary Church in Qamishili. SDF closed several Christen schools over the last weeks.
US Secretary of Defense: Our goal to let Syrian people to choose a new government, not the government selected by Assad
NATO confirms Russian naval build up off Syria, calls for restraint
SAR envoy at UN Al-Jaafari: Any aggression against Syria will be an aggression on regional and international peace and security and support for terrorism and targeting the efforts of Syria and its allies to fight it
British envoy at U.N.: We have reports that the Syrian government is preparing for military action in Idlib
U.K. envoy at UN: We call on Russia to convince the Syrian government not to attack Idlib and not to use banned weapons
"There's very few YPG left in Manbij, if any." - Dunford
"We have to destroy ISIS" before US troops can leave Syria, Mattis says. Two other 'musts' are the training of local troops and for the UN process "to start making traction" to end the war.
Mattis says US "might be reducing our troops" in Syria if local partners prove capable. America has 2,200 troops in Syria by the current estimate.
Mattis says ISIS is down to two percent of the land it once controlled in the Middle East.
Dunford outlines two priorities with 77 nation coalition anti-ISIS campaign. Syria: Enable 50,000 SDF to retake the Euphrates River Valley. Iraq: Support military missions against ISIS
"We're still planning with the Turks for combined patrols" in Manbij, Dunford says. One thing needed is an agreement for rules of engagement. He says both are satisfied with the pace of the planning.
Mattis says the @StateDept has been in "recent, active communication" with Russia to prevent the use of chemical weapons in Syria.
U.S. is watching to see if Assad and Russia move chemical weapons into Idlib
More Turkish reinforcements arrive in Syria
US Department of Defense: Concerned about the possible Syrian government's use of chemical weapons
Government forces arrested at least 50 students after protesting in Umayyad Square in Damascus calling for another exam course to avoid going to military service, young men who fail 2 years forced to go to military conscription or leave the country for 4-5years
3 week ago
Merkel to Trump: Russia needed to restrain Syria's Assad from attacking Idlib
Turkish Army start to send new military reinforcements to Tall Refaat and Manbij region in Syria
Syria situation Aug 2018
3 week ago
Russia Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu : Russian military in talks with leaders of armed groups in Syria's rebel-held Idlib province to reach a peace settlement. He said the aim of the talks was to reach peaceful resolution similar to the settlements in Eastern Ghouta and Deraa
The Syrian Arab Army controls the Damietta dam south of Talul al-Dars in the south-eastern Syrian countryside after clashes with ISIS remnants in the region.
Syria: another Turkish convoy (2nd in 36 hrs) bringing concrete slabs arrived today to reinforce TSK observation post near Morek in N. Hama CS.
Pentagon: "Russian reports of a US military buildup in the Eastern Med are nothing more than propaganda. It's not true. That does not mean, however, that we are unprepared to respond should the President direct such an action"
Few more Russian planes and helicopters were visible at the eastern part of the airbase
RuAF at Hmeymim airbase in Latakia on 13 Aug 2018 with 10 Su-24, 6 Su-34 and 3 Su-35. Tu-154M RA-85041 on the apron made an escort flight back to Astrakhan the next day after a brief stopover in Damascus
The satellite image reveals the US builds its military base near Hajin town of Deir Ezzor province
3 week ago
Russia Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls on Berlin and Washington to influence armed militias in Idlib, northern Syria.
Turkish army sends 224 SOF soldiers to Syria.
3 week ago
Moscow calls for consultations today in the UN Security Council to discuss the situation in Idlib
One Russian newspaper today claims Moscow is assembling an unprecedented naval force in the Mediterranean: 10 ships (and more on their way), most with cruise missiles, reportedly to support an assault by the Syrian army on Idlib.3 week ago
One Russian newspaper today claims Moscow is assembling an "unprecedented" naval force in the Mediterranean: "10 ships (and more on their way), most with cruise missiles", reportedly "to support an assault by the Syrian army on Idlib."
3 week ago
Russian Defense Ministry: The Hmeymim Center for Reconciliation is holding talks with armed militia leaders in Idlib to reach a peaceful settlement in the province.
Syria: Police and 3rd Corps of National Army uncovered and disabled a car bomb in Anab on its way to Afrin. Driver arrested.
Artillery shelling by SAA on Al Zyarah in Western Hama
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