17 June 2021
PM Mahdi orders ISOF supported by Armored and Mechanized forces to secure the border with Syria opposite from Baghuz
3 unidentified persons were killed by gunfire from a military security patrol on a car were driving near the new post office in Al-Jura neighborhood in Deir Al-Zour city.
A civilian was killed and another wounded from the village of Kulia Fokani countryside in the city of Afrin after a landmine explosion
ISIS attacking Al Bukamal city in Syria that is on the border with Iraq Anbar province
2 year ago
It's propaganda
White Helmets started filming fake chemical weapons attack in Idlib - @mod_russia
E. Syria: for the 2nd time this year pro-Assad forces led by Al-Quds Brigade and 11th Armored Division are preparing to launch sweeping operations to clear SE. Homs desert from ISIS presence (T-3 - T-2 - Iraqi border).
Baghuz/Albukamal: First unconfirmed reports are coming in and claiming that IS has used an ATGM missile against an Iraqi Army pickup stationed at the Iraqi-Syrian border which resulted in the killing of 4 Iraqi soldiers. Official IS sources did not confirm this report yet.
YPG Commander Jiya Kobani has arrived to the ISIS-Hajin Pocket to oversee the incoming SDF offensive on it
2 year ago
Daesh Moata reports about IED attack on SDF patrol SW of Hasakah
Daesh Moata: commander Abdulrahman Muaskarat killed in IED attack near Al Bab in NE Aleppo province
French envoy at UNSC: conditions for the safe return of Syrian refugees have not yet been achieved
2 year ago
French envoy at Security Council: Efforts should be mobilized to protect civilians and humanitarian and medical workers in Syria
The rebels of the city of Kafr Hamra in the countryside of Aleppo prevent Hayat Tahrir al-Sham from opening their office in the city, there was a clash between them led to the death of two of HTS and wounding 5 others, and wounding two of the rebels from Kafr Hamra
The Security Council begins a session to discuss developments of the situation in Syria
Ahrar al-Sham leader @JaberAliBasha reportedly survived artillery strikes targeting his delegation's position during a visit to Jaish al-Izzeh near Latamineh in northern Hama, Syria.
1 civilian killed and other wounded as result of mortar shelling by SAA on Hayan in Northern Aleppo
Artillery shelling and missile attacks were carried out by the government forces on residential neighborhoods of Murk city, Northern Hama
2 year ago
@MaghaweirThowra commander statement concerning: Rukban humanitarian aid
@MaghaweirThowra commander statement concerning: Rukban humanitarian aid
Ankara's role in North Syria is expanding: From Turkish-language classes for Syrian children to the state-owned Turk Telekom company erecting its first cell towers on Syrian soil. Turkey is also paving roads, renovating mosques and setting up electricity grid.
2 year ago
Putin names Efimov ambassador to Syria
Syrian army artillery is shelling Hayan North Aleppo
Syrian forces found large quantities of weapons, ammunition and some vehicles in the villages of Al-Bariqah, Bir Ajam and other places alongside the border line with the Israeli-controlled Golan. Quneitra
Aleppo: Two people were killed and another injured by a landmine explosion west of Bab city
Syria: government keeps bombing N. Hama countryside with MLRS from Lataminah to W. outskirts of Atshan. A rocket also fell in vicinity of TSK Observation Post near Morek. Russia n drone flying over area.
SOHR: SDF Special forces continue their preparations to start a new military operation against ISIS east of Euphrates River
Daraa: government forces launched an arrest campaign in the city of Sheikh Miskin, arresting 32 people, including former FSA leaders
Syria: government artillery bombed town of Morek (N. Hama) which was so far spared due to proximity of TSK Observation Post. SE. Idlib countryside also shelled.
SDF Spokeswoman:Our offensive will continue until the end of ISIS
Baghuz/Albukamal: Picture shows the raised IS flag on the Syriatel mast tower at Jabal Al-Baghuz (Baghuz Mountain).
Popular forces(Hashd) announces state of alert on the Iraqi-Syrian border
Unknown gunmen kidnap a member of the Hama Free Council in the city of Morek
Baghuz/Albukamal: Iraqi helicopters are dumping leaflets close to Baghuz Al-Tahtani village in which they demand the militant IS fighters to give up and turn themselves over. Same eyewitness who filmed this said that IS has raised their flags in Baghuz Tahtani.
Deir ez-Zur: The Iraqi army is throwing paper leaflets over the Baghuz and Sousse in the countryside of Boukamal calling Daesh members to surrender.
US Air Force RC135V Rivet Joint 64-14841 SILEX21 - Tracking around the eastern Mediterranean Sea
2 year ago
Britain is refusing the return of an NHS doctor detained in Syria by SDF for alleged links to ISIS, amid fears it would be too hard to successfully prosecute him in the UK
SDF special forces have arrived to Hajin in Deir ez-Zur
SDF sends YPG forces to replace DMC in the fight against ISIS in Hajin.
In the Turkish shelling, Mohammed Kobani, a conscript from the Self-Defense Forces died, two others were injured
[email protected] spokesperson @shervanderwish says Turkey violates US-Turkish agreement on Manbij
Photos: ISIS assault on SDF positions under cover of sandstorm
ISIS images of clashes at Hajin pocket under cover of sandstorm
Clashes between the forces of the Syrian government and the armed factions north of Aleppo.
2 year ago
Kremlin spokesman: Moscow will brief the Syrian authorities on the outcome of the Istanbul Quartet summit.
Syriac Military Council, MFS also is sending special forces as reinforcements with the SDF amid ongoing hard battle against ISIS in the various fronts in the Deir ez Zor region for the total liberation of the area and safety of the population with @coalition and @CENTCOM.
Reconnaissance UAV is flying over Ghab Plains, west of Syria's Hama
US Secretary Mattis: Hard fighting casualties down there on both sides, but we'll continue to go after ISIS in Hajin
2 year ago
Talks on Syria will be held in Astana in late November - early December - Russian deputy MFA Bogdanov
Artillery shelling targeting agricultural land in the vicinity of the city of Morek in North Hama
Iranian militias must leave Syria, US anti-ISIS envoy tells The National
2 year ago
The International Coalition is bringing Tanks and Heavy Weaponry for the first time in Deir Ez Zor's Countryside ever ,since YPG entry into the area in 2017
2 year ago
IS claimed 2 more attacks in Deir ez-Zur (outside of SE battlefield). One in Al Hissan yesterday and the other in Suwar today
Syria: Rebel drone Skywalker X8 downed in N. Hama countryside.2 year ago
Syria: Rebel drone Skywalker X8 downed in N. Hama countryside.
RuAF Il-76 from Hmeymim Latakia to Khartum Sudan
South Syria: Safa front witnessed heavy clashes and bombardment including airstrikes as ISIS resumed its attacks, also claiming 2 vehicles were taken out by ATGMs.2 year ago
South Syria: Safa front witnessed heavy clashes and bombardment including airstrikes as ISIS resumed its attacks, also claiming 2 vehicles were taken out by ATGMs.
Aerial footage of the area pounded by the Turkish Armed Forces on the east of the Euphrates
Aerial footage of the area pounded by the Turkish Armed Forces on the east of the Euphrates
N. Syria: targets bombed today by TSK artillery are SDF-YPG trenches and fortifications overlooking Euphrates (area of Zur Maghar, NE. Aleppo) as below.
The arrival of a Turkish convoy to the observation post at Sher Maghar, west of Hama.
The destruction of mud houses by the sandstorm that swept through Al Rukban Camp yesterday
International Coalition is sending Reinforcements to SDF in Hasakah
Reports that ISIS took over Baghuz Faqani town and raised their flag at the SyriaTel tower
All news about co-head of Deir Ez-Zor Civil Council DCC, Leyla al-Hasan, killed during ISIS attack are untrue.
The Syrian government has cancelled another shipment of aid to the people of Rukban2 year ago
The Syrian government has cancelled another shipment of aid to the people of Rukban
Turkish Armed Forces shell YPG positions in Zourmaghar, Ashma and Carikhli villages of Ayn al Arab (Kobane) to prevent YPG from building trenches on hills which overlook Turkish territory.
The Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) bombed the YPG positions in Zawr Maghar
Deir el-Zur: reportedly Laila al-Hassan, the joint chairman of the Deir al-Zour civil council of the SDF was killed in the explosion that targeted the militia line near the Omar oil field
2 year ago
SOHR: Marea countryside north of Aleppo witnesses violent clashes between forces loyal to the government and Turkish -backed factions after previous rounds of clashes between them
SAA shelled with heavy artillery the villages of Um Jalal and Sukayat southeast of Idlib, Syria
2 year ago
Third Legion claims clashing with SAA and YPG at Tuhhinah
Artillery shelling Zawr Maghar
Artillery shelling from the Russian camp east of Tel Bezam targeting agricultural land west of Atshan village in the northern countryside of Hama
SAA rocket launchers from the town of Ma'an in the countryside of Hama, targeting the town of Sukayk in the southern countryside of Idlib
Hama: A reconnaissance aircraft of the Assad forces is flying in the northern countryside
Idlib: Assad forces target the town of Umm Jalal in the south-eastern countryside with rocket attackers
Assad government forces stationed in Masasanah village continue their artillery attacks on Latamanah town in the north of Hama.
Assad government continues shelling with artillery on Morek and Tamania, located within the Disarmament zone (under the control of oppositions) in the north of Hama.
N. Syria: Turkish artillery shelled this morning area of Zur Maghar, E. of Jarabulus (SDF-YPG-held territory). NE. Aleppo.
A Turkish military convoy of 20 heavy and armored vehicles enters Idlib, northern Syria, to the Turkish military base in Morek, north of Hama.
SAA artillery from the village of Tal Bzam targeting farmland near the village of Lahaya and Morek
Al Boubakal countryside: Daesh regains control of the Sousse and SDF withdraws to the outskirts of the Al Baghuz
A reconnaissance aircraft of the International Coalition flying in the skies of the town of Dhiban east of Deir Ez-Zor
Baghdad: PMU(Hashd) intends to send reinforcements to the border, specifically Albuqmal this evening
Deir-ez-Zur: casualties among International Coalition forces and SDF after being targeted by a car bomb near the Omar oil field yesterday.
International coalition aviation targeted al Susah town with several air raids
Rukban camp: another child died due to lack of health care and the lack of medical supplies needed in the camp
New mechanisms of distribution space for the Southern Hasaka countryside Al-Hasaka City Council, in coordination with the Municipalities Committee, submitted a number of mechanisms to Al-Shadadi Municipality
At least 15 shells targeted the YPG-held Zormagar east of Jarablus.
2 year ago
Airborne from Latakia AB, Syria Russia Russian Air Force Tu154 RA85155 CHD9009
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