11 April 2021
The SDF, backed by the coalition, carried out a campaign of arrests and raids this morning, against dozens of former Daesh elements in AlHawayej town east of Deir ez-Zur
There are now clashes in Kafr Kashir. Next to Kafr Kalbin
The Afrin Liberation forces (HRE) and TFSA are currently clashing aroudn Kafr Kalbin. Near Azaz. There are reports that the HRE has launched a raid in the area
Three children and a woman were injured in artillery shelling by pro-Assad forces, targeting the houses of civilians in Ain Jarara town west of Aleppo on Friday evening
1 year ago
Clashes are taking place between Turkish forces and SDF/SAA on the axis of Um al-Kayf village on northern Tal Tamr contact line
Pro-Assad forces shell Hayesh town in the southern countryside of Idlib with rocket launchers
1 year ago
Turkish artillery targeting areas west of Tel Abiad
A bomb attack on the Turkish base in Jarabulus, there are casualties
Police forces and public security in "Jarablus" east of Aleppo able to capture a booby-trapped motorcycle before reaching its target near the village of "al-Jamil" east of Aleppo
Turkish-backed SNA announces the repulsion of an attempt to advance of SDF and SAA on the village of Yalashli on the Manbij axis east of Aleppo
Civilians wounded by pro-Assad forces' artillery shelling on Aynjara town of Aleppo western countryside
Raids from Russian warplanes on the city of Maaret al-Nu'man in the southern countryside of Idlib
UN Envoy to Syria: The Syrian government and the opposition have been unable to agree on the agenda for constitutional talks
Second week-long round of Syrian talks ends without meeting of group meant to be negotiating on constitution - UN envoy
Civilians are injured in a car bomb explosion near Nayrouz roundabout in Afrin
An unknown explosion rocks the city of Afrin north of Aleppo
1 year ago
The German government says the leaders of Turkey, Britain, Germany and France will meet to discuss the situation in Syria before a NATO summit in London opens next week
1 year ago
Fierce clashes between the opposition factions and the pro-Assad forces on the Kabana front at the Al Akrad mountain north of Lattakia
Displacement witnessed in the cities and towns of southern Idlib countryside as a result of shelling by pro-Assad forces
Thousands of demonstrators march in the funeral of two brothers who were killed yesterday by unknown persons in Daraa al-Balad, and demonstrators raise slogans against the government and Iran
A demonstration takes place in the city of Azaz, north of Aleppo, demanding a halt to the shelling in Idlib and Aleppo and capture the villages, controlled by Kurdish units
1 year ago
Artillery shelling from pro-Assad forces checkpoints targets Sheikh Idris village in the eastern countryside of Idlib
Artillery shelling targets Badama town west of Idlib
Pro-Assad forces target Ras al-Ain village of eastern Idlib countryside with rockets
Artillery and drone attacks on Ain Issa and its vicinity resumed in the last two days.
Sporadic clashes between SDF, SAA and Turkish forces in the vicinity of Ain Issa area north of Raqqa
Unknown Iranian aircraft IRI00061 C/S mode S 730000 heading Syria1 year ago
Unknown Iranian aircraft IRI00061 C/S mode S 730000 heading Syria
1 year ago
HTS killed a number of pro-Assad forces fighters as they attempt to advance on the Kabina axis north of Lattakia
1 year ago
Fighter jets bombarded the town of Sarmaniya in Hama countryside with rockets
1 year ago
Warplanes have bombarded Al Kabana axis at Jabal Al Akrad in Northern Latakia countryside with rockets
Pro-Assad forces target the towns of Hish, Jarjnaz, Deir al-Gharbi and Qatra villages in the southeastern countryside of Idlib with heavy artillery shells and rocket launchers
Turkish artillery targeting Saida village near Ain Issa
Turkish military & affiliated armed groups bombarding with mortars & rockets Ein-Issa, on M4 highway. In conjunction with Turkish drones overflights.
Artillery and rocket shelling by pro-Assad forces targets the town of Hish and the villages of Deir al-Gharbi and Qatra in the southern countryside of Idlib.
1 year ago
The TFSA have fired heavy machine guns at Manbij Military Council positions in Arab Hassan village. North of Manbij
24 air strikes by Russian warplanes targeted the Nahr Al Abyad area north of Jisr al-Shughour city west of Idlib
For the past hour there have been sporadic clashes between the Manbij Military Council and TFSA at Umm Jalud, north of Manbij. No casualties reported on either side
Clashes between the Turkish-backed SNA and SDF occur near the village of Um Jaloud, north of Manbij city.
Russian warplanes target areas around Jisr al-Shughur city in western Idlib countryside with missiles
1 year ago
Russian warplanes target with high-explosive missiles the axis of the Kabanah in the northern countryside of Latakia.
Deir Ezzor eastern countryside: unknown persons riding a motorcycle opened fire on Khaled Saifi Al-Bashir Al-Majeed in Dhiban town, killing him
Earlier today, a car bomb was dismantled in Ayn Issa. This would be the first time in a long time that a car bombing has taken place in this area.
1 year ago
HTS announces repelling attempt of infiltration of pro-Assad forces on the Kabana front in Lattakia countryside
An explosion in the town of Sajoo of Azaz area in the north of Aleppo province
Picture released by SANA of drone dropped near Qamishli1 year ago
Picture released by SANA of drone dropped near Qamishli
Rocket launchers are targeting Hayish towin in southern Idlib
1 year ago
The Russian and Turkish chiefs of staff have discussed the situation in Syria and the escalation in Idlib
Fierce artillery and rocket shelling targets Hayesh town and the outskirts of Tahtaya village in the southern countryside of Idlib
1 year ago
Syrian Army drops an unknown drone in southeast Qamishli countryside
1 year ago
UAV downed in Himu village near Qamishli
Warplanes renewed airstrikes on Kafranbel city of southern Idlib countryside and cause extensive destruction in the western neighborhood of the city
1 year ago
Turkish military & affiliated armed groups bombarding with mortars & rockets the villages of Dibis & Hoshan, west of Ein-Issa, on M4 highway. In conjunction with Turkish drones overflights.
Russian fighter jets bombard the city of Kafr Nabl south of Idlib
Reports coming out that the Syrian Lira has collapsed further and that One Dollar is equivalent to 800 Syrian Liras
In Afrin, a vehicle of Faylaq al Sham was destroyed with an IED
Deir Ezzor: A unit of British forces exits Kasserk base north of Tal Tamr in Hasakah countryside to move towards the base of Omar oil field in Deir Ezzor countryside
A unit of British forces leaves a US military base in al Hasakah to Omar oil field in Deir Ezzour1 year ago
A unit of British forces leaves a US military base in al Hasakah to Omar oil field in Deir Ezzour
Coalition Forces and SDF launch raids in Al-Hawi area of Theban town east of Deir Ezzor
U.S. accuses Russia of helping Syria hide chemical weapons
Russian warplanes have targeted Kafr Nabl with missiles
Russian warplanes target Kafranbel city south of Idlib with missiles
SDF has sent large military reinforcements towards the frontline in Tel Abiad and Ain Issa countryside
Russian Navy auxiliary cargo vessel Dvinitsa-50 transited Bosphorus towards Mediterranean en route to the Tartus Syria.1 year ago
Russian Navy auxiliary cargo vessel Dvinitsa-50 transited Bosphorus towards Mediterranean en route to the Tartus Syria.
Turkish forces, shortly after the visit of the Russian Foreign Ministry delegation to the Eyn Issa district began to bomb the district and Dibis village with artillery. As of now, violent clashes continue on the M-4 highway
Turkish military convoy with heavy vehicles enter Kafr Lousin border crossing north of Idlib
French President Macron: "Turkey cannot conduct such operations in Syria and expect support from NATO"
1 year ago
SDF has captured the village "Al-Kafifa", Girê Sipî (Tall Abyad) countryside
1 year ago
SDF military source: "In this moment, our forces started heavy shelling of Turkish forces in Ain Issa countryside"
1 year ago
SDF has captured the area "Sadaa", southwest of Girê Sipî (Tall Abyad) from Turkish forces, after heavy clashes
Mass demonstration in the city of Tafas, west of Daraa, during the funeral of former FSA commander Waseem Abdullah al-Rawashdeh demanding the downfall of the Assad government
Pro-Assad forces stationed in al-Zahra Society target Hayan town with artillery and rocket-propelled grenades north of Aleppo
1 year ago
Meeting in Astana format on Syria will be held in Nur-Sultan on December 10-11th - Russian Foreign Ministry
Pro-Assad forces shell Khalsa in Aleppo countryside, with elephant rockets
An explosion occurred in a vehicle in the Al Bab. 3 killed
Several civilians were injured as a result of an explosive device exploded in the center of Al-Bab city, east of Aleppo
An explosion occurred in Afrin
1 year ago
Turkey Defense Ministry: Two soldiers killed near the border with Syria after a mortar attack near a military base and we have responded
An explosive device planted in a car explodes near a school in Jisr al Shughour
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