Map. History of Syria conflict

26 September 2018
HTS raided an ISIS hideout in Sarmin. Among a few 14.5mm guns and ATGMs is the flag of Liwa Dawoud (لواء داوود). The group was based in Sarmin until they joined ISIS in early July 2014.
Pro-ISIS hacking group United Cyber Caliphate UCC issued a statement indicating that being inactive recently is merely "the calm before the storm," adding that there are current divisiveness among the pro-ISIS cyber community and that it seeks to (re)unite these voices.
A baby girl was killed and another 4 civilians were injured due to the targeting of Assad forces on a car in Hayyan town Northern Aleppo by a thermal missile. White Helmets volunteers pulled out the body of the girl, helped the injured and extinguished the fire in the car.
FSA resumed its military operations after the failure of the negotiation with Russia.
At least 7 civilians were killed, one of them a volunteer in the White Helmets, Adnan Mohammad, following barrel bomb attacks on Ghisim town in Eastern Daraa countryside. Many others were injured. The toll of casualties is still coming in.
The U.S. has published a new set of photos of "independent, coordinated" patrols (coordinated with the Turkish military) near Manbij, Syria, along the demarcation line separating SDF- and Syrian government-held territory.
Russian forces entering the city of Dael. Daraa
Iranian intelligence delegation and leadership of Iraqi PMF (Hashd) visit Albukamal in Syria near Iraqi border and establish HQ on outskirts of city. PMF leader Abu Mahdi Muhandis present.
The FSA commanders withdraw from the negotiations in Jordan after the Russian rejection of the FSA conditions, Russia asking the FSA for unconditional surrender.
FSA Southern Front Central Operations Room report an ATGM strike destroying a 3rd tank on the Air Base front W Daraa during the attempted advance of Assad government militias
YPG killed an FSA with a pistol (with silencer) in Jinderes on the 24th of June.
YPG killed an FSA with a pistol (with silencer) in Jinderes on the 24th of June.
Daraa: 15 dead since morning as a result of Russian air raids on the cities and towns of the province of Daraa, including 10 victims in the town of Ghassm, and the raids targeted the cities of Nawa and Tafas and Bosra al-Sham
South Syria: Naimah in outskirts of Daraa-city currently carpet-bombed. Fate of towns which didn't surrender to Assad.
South Syria: tour inside abandoned HQ of Muhajireen Wal Ansar Brig. (part of Southern Front) near Sawrah (NE. Daraa) with heavy equipment (BMPs, tanks and heavy artillery).
South Syria: video showing battle for Air Defense Base (and Jordan|ian border). Front is so far the less successful despite imp. firepower (hvy arty, Golan rockets, T-72s Adra etc.).
Russian MP enters ancient city of Busrā Al-Shām as part of agreement between Syrian State and rebels
South Syria: Rebels targeted a group of Assad forces on hill near Daraa with a TOW.
Al Jizah and Kahil are under the control of the pro-Assad militias.
SAA has captured Kahil village
Reports of an agreement to transfer the opposition fighters from the south of Syria to Idlib.
Al-Sahwah and air defense battalion west of al-Sahwah is under Syrian army
South Syria: clashes continue for control of Air Defense Base South-West of Daraa. Bunian Marsous Operation Room destroyed a government vehicle/position with a TOW.
SAA has taken control of al-Mseifra in East Daraa after fierce clashes with opposition fighters
Syrian army has entered Sahwat village in Eastern Daraa
Celebrations in Dael after army units enter the town
South Syria: Assad artillery damaged best preserved Roman Theatre in Middle East, located in Bosra and part of UNESCO World Heritage. Airstrikes currently hitting the town.
Bosra hit by airstrikes this morning.
Civilian was killed as result of artillery strike on Kafr Hamra in Aleppo
Yesterday evening, ISIS launched a series of attacks on the positions of the Assad forces in the districts of Subeikhan and al-Duweir in the eastern countryside of Deir-ez-Zur
A woman was killed as result of Russian airstrike on Nawa in Western Daraa
Airstrikes on Al Nassib
Tahrir Al Sham announced control over all ISIS sites in Sarmin city in Idlib
10:03: Hama Military Airport - a helicopter carrying barrel bombs flying north-east
An IS tunnel was found in Dashisha, southern Heseke countryside
Syrian TV: Gharieh ash Sharqiyah in the rural East Daraa joins the "local reconciliation"
The Syrian Army has entered Al Karak, Al Sharqi from Al Rakham road without resistance.
SAA Inside Al Karak
Su-22 from Shayrat airbase took off to the south(Daraa)
Dead and wounded civilians as result of bombardment with explosive barrels on Ghasm city in Eastern Daraa
Daraa: Air raids targeting the border crossing with Jordan
Reuters: Syrian opposition factions begin new round of talks with Russia on Daraa
Airstrike on Nawa city in Western Daraa
A Tiger Forces Field Commander: Ghariya Al Charqiya, Ghariya Al Gharbiya, Al Karak, Al Charki Are captured by SAA, they have been cleared
2 month ago
Italy provided a private jet for Ali Mamluk to visit Rome in February. Mamluk oversees Asad's intelligence agencies, and is under an EU travel ban.
SAA Tiger Forces captured Ghariyah Al Sharqiyah.
Daraa: heavy battles led by the SAA on the South East corner fronts of Daraa and surroundings
Vehicles handed over by the rebels from Oumm Oualad to the SAA
Aleppo: Heavy artillery fire west of Aleppo targeting the positions of the rebels in Zahra and its surroundings, with continued sporadic shelling.
Leader of the Syrian armed opposition: the truce will allow the start of negotiations with Russia to stop the escalation
Civilian killed by artillery shelling of the government on Kafrzita in north of Hama
Leader of a Syrian armed opposition: A new truce was reached for 12 hours with the Russian side
Clashes between the ISIS and the government forces on the outskirts of the AlDoir and Sabikhan east Deir Ez-zur
South Syria: Russian forces (MP) with GAZ Tigr and BTR-82 in Daraa province.
UN Secretary-General calls for immediate cessation of military operations in southern Syria
South Syria: Rebels targeted today a government-held building with a Fagot ATGM in W. Daraa.
DeirEzzor: ISIS attacked Lebanese Hezbollah headquarters in alSayaal town in eastern countryside
Yesterday the SAA launched 2 SS-21 missiles from the T4 AB against ISIS in Homs pocket
SAA Tiger Forces secured reconciliation in Mushayrifa and Krak. Army units are in towns. Daara
South Syria: Ahmed Bitar, a commander from Qerdaha part of Baath Brigades (5th Corps), was killed today on Daraa front.2 month ago
South Syria: Ahmed Bitar, a commander from Qerdaha part of Baath Brigades (5th Corps), was killed today on Daraa front.
Violent shelling on towns of Jizah and eastern Ghariyah in Daraa countryside
Daraa: FSA recaptured Jbeib from SAA.
South Syria: Shabab Sunnah took out a tank with a TOW tonight on Jbeib front.2 month ago
South Syria: Shabab Sunnah took out a tank with a TOW tonight on Jbeib front.
Group of Assad forces which probably expected same welcome than in other towns were ambushed in Jbeib. Fierce aerial and artillery bombardment tonight. South Syria.2 month ago
Group of Assad forces which probably expected same welcome than in other towns were ambushed in Jbeib. Fierce aerial and artillery bombardment tonight. South Syria.
South Syria: Jizah (video) as well as other locations in E. Daraa countryside are also heavily bombed tonight.
SDF and mine clearance organizations are clearing up leftover ISIS IEDs in the newly captured Dishisha town. So far hundreds of IEDs have been dug out.
South Syria: spoils captured frrom Rebels in Alma/Sawarah.
South Syria: while many towns raised government flag, Shabab Sunnah burns it in Jbeib (hence ongoing assault). 2nd tank taken out there few ago with another TOW ATGM.
SAA in Umm Walad city in Daraa
South Syria: Bunian Marsous Operation Room released 1st video of a TOW strike. Missile killed group of Assad forces during battle to reach Air Defense Base South-West of Daraa.
16 Palestinian families from al-A'aidin Camp in Hama received yesterday IDs and death certificates of detained relatives in Assad government prisons
Myanmar has joined China, Syria and South Sudan as being among the countries doing least to tackle human trafficking
Images from eastern Daraa countryside after taking control of the following towns Harak, Alma, east Maliha west Maliha, Brigade 52 headquarters
Report: Jordanian Officials claim cease fire reached in South Syria
South Syria: commander of "Abu Fadel Abbas" Iraqi Brigade pictured in Lajat and in front of map showing Ibta front (NW. Daraa).
Liwa Abu al-Fadl al-Abbas of the Republican Guard is participating in the Deraa campaign
Syrian Army is claiming they control Al-Ja'ylah, which is west of the 'Ibta Dam.
Ibtaa town handed over its weapons to the Russian Forces, and the Russian Military Police have been deployed within the town.
Shelling on Karak village in Eastern Daraa
Talks on Daraa: Syrian rebels in Southern Syria agreed to Moscow's demands to hand over their heavy weapons and the Nisib border crossing with Jordan to the Russian forces
Asayish arrested two drug dealers in Ein Issa with huge amount of tablets/pills.
Rally in Al-Jieza, Daraa after reconciliation with SAA
FSA Southern Front Central Operations Room report a 3rd TOW ATGM strike by al-Binyan al-Marsus on an Assad government and Iranian militia tank during their attempt to advance toward the Air Base front West Daraa
No reconciliation deal yet at Nassib. Next deal in place is Al-Karak. A source says most rebels have left and local administration has agreed to terms. Gov't still hasn't entered.
Apparent terms of the reconciliations agreed in Ibta' and Da'el in Deraa
Two US military patrols have arrived to the western and northern areas of the city of Manbij in rural Aleppo
SAA advancing in outskirts of Karak town Daara
Situation changed quickly. Gatherings in support of SAA (Assad) in many towns of Daraa province after days of unprecedented bombardment. Video from Dael. South Syria.
Reports that SAA is in full control of Al- Shiekh Saad in Daraa
Image from Abtah In Daraa after surrender of town to SAA reconciliation
SANA: Towns lining the Nasib road agree to "reconcile," surrender weapons.
Anna news report with the Tiger Forces, Lajat area2 month ago
Anna news report with the Tiger Forces, Lajat area
Anna news report with the Tiger Forces, Lajat area
SAA in control of the hills overlooking air defense base West of Mnshiyeh in Daraa.
Government media and also some opposition media said that 7 cities in Darra choose to surrender to the government forces, one of them is border town of Nasib
Rebels in Taybeh, Sayda, Nasib and Umm Al-Mayadin in Eastern Daraa reportedly agreed to hand over their weapons to the Syrian army
Live stream from inside Ibta, former FSA fighters handing over their weapons
Live stream from inside Ibta, former FSA fighters handing over their weapons
FSA withdrew from Ibta and Da'il, officials of the Syrian government and intelligence entered both towns. security forces and Russian military police will likely enter the towns in the upcoming hours.
Trump believes he can strike a deal with Putin on Syria that will allow US to "get out ASAP."
South Syria (update 1PM): number of airstrikes was in sharp decrease this morning. Several towns are negotiating for surrender reconciliation (among them Ibta and Karak). Bombardment expected to resume on other locations. Clashes in Daraa.
FSA destroyed 2 Tanks killed several SAA/pro-Assad militias during repelling the advancing attempt at Zamal fronts, West Daraa countryside
Turkey army convoy entered northern Syria at Khirbat al-Jawz and on way to Jisr al-Shughour town in western Idlib
2 month ago
Kremlin says presidents Putin and Trump to have detailed discussion about Syria when they meet in July
Iraq'i Shiite militia leader Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis (close to Iran's IRGC) visit AbuKamal border town in eastern Syria
UN estimate resident population of rebel-held southern Syria at 725,767 individuals - the by far largest opposition "de-escalation zone" yet to come under Syrian government assault. Already, tens of thousands fleeing for Israeli and Jordanian border, both declined accepting refugees.
South Syria: Assad forces entered town of Herak (NE. Daraa) this morning following withdrawal by Rebels.
Syria: sat imagery suggests Israel destroyed 2 days ago a cargo plane in Damascus Intl Airport. Probably a Il-76.
South Syria: airstrikes destroyed Hospital in Musayfirah in NE. Daraa countryside.
South Syria: airstrikes destroyed Hospital in Musayfirah in NE. Daraa countryside.
2 month ago
UN rights office says has real concern that people in Syria's Daraa province "will be unable to escape bombardment, shelling and air strikes" in siege situation similar to Eastern Ghouta
Several air strikes targeted Al-Kehel town in Daraa countryside.
South Syria: Daraa battle witnessing most violent clashes since S. Offensive started 10 days ago. government launched overnight assault to reach Air Defense Base and border with Jordan. Bunian Marsous destroyed so far 2 tanks firing ATGM|s.
South Syria: moment when Bunian Marsous Operation Room targeted government bases in Daraa with a rocket "Omar-2".
IDF:As part of the operation, which took place over several hours, 300 tents were transferred along with 13 tons of food, 15 tons of baby food, three pallets of medical equipment and medicine, and 30 tons of clothing and footwear
IDF:Last night, during a special operation, humanitarian aid was transferred to Syrians fleeing hostilities who are living in tent camps throughout the Syrian Golan Heights
Israeli army will not allow the entry of Syrians fleeing a government offensive into Israel but will continue providing aid for those in tent camps in the Syrian Golan Heights
SAA has captured Al-Sawarah and al-Hirak in Daraa
Syrian Observatory: 120 thousands civilians have been displaced from Daraa since the beginning of the government attack
DeirEzZor Western Countryside: Today a prisoners exchange took place between the SDF and Syrian Armed Forces in the passage of Al-Hissan Town brokered by the Russian Army - 3 SDF Prisoners exchanged for 2 Syrian Armed Forces Prisoners.
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