15 June 2021
The 3rd Legion of the Syrian National Army announces that it has repelled an attempt to infiltrate the YPG on the Kaljibrin axis.
Tonight, SAA Forces bomb the town's of Al-Tah and Jarjanaz in Idlib's southern countryside with high explosive missiles.
A civilian killed by unknown gunmen in Al - Hassakeh
Syria: more photos showing 4th Division deployed this morning on Kinsabba-Kabana axis.
Idlib: Assad forces targeted the perimeter of the Al Tamanah and Sukayk in the southern countryside with heavy machine guns
SDF captures Bagdadi's assisstent in a specail operation, forces had captured Ossama Abu Ewyad who is considered a senior leader from ISIS, was captured on 22/11/2018. Ossama is one of Bagdadi's assisstent, he participate directly arranging 40 terrorist attacks in Deirezzor
Demonstrations in Hayyan north of Aleppo demanding the overthrow of the government
An artillery shelling targeting the villages of Zarzur and al-Khwein south of Idlib.
Hama: Pro-Assad forces in the town of Al-Masasna target the town of Latamna in the northern countryside with mortars
Al Thewar army, one of the factions of the Syrian Democratic Forces SDF , opens safe corridors and humanitarian crossings for the population in areas controlled by ISIS in AL Susa area, east of Deir Al-Zour, Syria.
Over 100 civilians rescued by SDF in Hajin
Syria: ex-Rebel from Daraa and currently a 5th Corps' leader pictured in Russia n Airbase (Khmeimim). He was previously a commander of FSA "Huriya Shuhada Brigade" part of Southern Front.
The body of an unidentified young man with signs of torture was found on the edge of the town of Al-Shuhail in the eastern suburb of Deir Ez-Azur
About 35 TSK armored vehicles from the state of Hatay head towards the border crossing of Bab al-Hawa in Idlib
Weapons and military vehicles from the international coalition against ISIS to the Syrian Democratic Forces
Two senior regional intelligence sources to Reuters: The area where the attacks in Syria occurred is where Hezbollah has its communications and logistics hub for southern Syria near Israel border
2 year ago
Israeli army confirms that fragments of a Syria(n) anti-aircraft missile was found in an open area in Golan Heights
Syria: remains of missiles fired yesterday night during Israeli attack on Damascus province.
Syria: the part of 4th Division sent to fight ISIS on Safa front and led by Colonel G. Dallah arrived on Greater Idlib front.
Turkish military reinforcement has arrived to Morek and Sheyr Maghar in Hama
2 year ago
KCNA: "The DPRK government delegation led by Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho left here Thursday to visit the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and the Syrian Arab Republic."
UN: nearly 600,000 Syrians received food aid this month delivered through two crossings from Turkey. Some 4.3 million in need live in areas outside govt control, almost 3 million in areas reached exclusively through cross border deliveries
Israeli army says all reports of an Israeli plane being hit by Syrian air defense are false. Confirms that one projectile has fallen in open territory in the GolanHeights, still unclear if it fell on the Syrian or Israeli side
Israel army says Syria launched missiles to Israel, unclear if any landed in its territory. There is no casualties or damage. In its statement, the army did not acknowledge that it has attacked in Syria before
Syrian Air Force IL76 YK-ATD out from Damascus2 year ago
Syrian Air Force IL76 YK-ATD out from Damascus
Iranian Fars Air Qeshm B747 from Beirut transiting Syrian airspace on its flight back to Tehran right now2 year ago
Iranian Fars Air Qeshm B747 from Beirut transiting Syrian airspace on its flight back to Tehran right now
2 year ago
Israeli army checking reports of a projectile falling in Golan Heights.
2 explosions heard from the direction of Al Dimass. Damascus
Syria air defenses firing into Quneitra skies
Dashcam video of air defense engagement in South Damascus
2 year ago
Syrian air defenses target unknown objects over Khanakir, South-West Damascus
Syrian Air Defense Force are still engaging targets over southern Damascus, between Knakir, Kiswah and Khan al-Shih.
"We support the Caesar Act." Ambassador Jeffrey confirms Trump Administration position at @HouseForeign hearing.
Syrian TV: Syrian air defenses shotdown a number of hostile targets over the area of ​​Al Kiswah south of the Damascus
IS targeted with SPG's SAA fortifications in the vicinity of Al Bokamal SE Deir ez-Zur
Air defenses activated in S. Damascus (area of Kiswah). Multiple explosions. Syria.
2 year ago
Syrian television: Syrian air defense address hostile targets in the south of the country
2 year ago
Syrian air defense systems launch missiles and intercept enemy targets over South Syria
It's propaganda
Russia claims that HTS with help of "European specialists" moved 60 cylinders with very toxic substances from Jisr Al-Shughur, Kafr-Zita and Seraqib to "demilitarized zone". Targets are Abu Dhuhur and Muhardah
2 year ago
Rebels shelled pro-Assad forces positions in Muraywid village in East Hama with GRAD missiles
Syria: video shot earlier today showing 5th Corps (assault groups) heading to Greater Idlib.
2 year ago
Syria govt Astana Bashar Jaafari: lifting sanctions imposed on Syria would be "real test" for west if it wants to help us and the countries hosting refugees, they must start by lifting the economic sanctions so people can return to their jobs, resume normal life and find work
US Department of State: Latest "Astana group" meeting on Syria did not yield agreed list of members for Constitutional Committee and no progress toward advancing political process. Russia and Iran cont. to use Astana to mask Assad government's refusal to engage. US remains committed to UNSCR 2254 and peace in Syria.
Brett McGurk: Over 20 key @coalition partners in Washington this week to discuss next phase of the global campaign against ISIS militants. Please to address the meetings yesterday together with Special Representative for Syria Ambassador Jim Jeffrey.
UAV attack on Hmeymim base in Latakia reported
SAA artillery shelling Umm Jalal village in South-Eastern Idlib
"Just as we must constrain Iran ian expansion in Syria, the GolanHeights and in Iraq, we must also prevent Iran from entrenching itself in Yemen," per @StateDept's Brian Hook
Syrian Army's 4th Division heads to northern Latakia for new operation
Brian Hook: Iran funds about 10,000 elements of Shiite militias in Syria
Syria: tensions keep rising in SE. Idlib countryside. Drones are roaring, violent explosions and some civilians started to leave area due to government bombardment.
The government forces shell several villages southeast of Idlib with artillery and rocket launchers
IS claimed 2 attacks on SDF targets in Deir ez-Zur province which happened yesterday
Eastern Deir ez-Zur: countryside An explosion on the al-Omar Oilfield Road, just around the city of al-Shahil water station.
Artillery and missile shelling from the positions of the government forces targeting the town of Al Tamanah and the villages of Al-Farajah and Khayn and Umm Al-Khalakhil in South Idlib
SAA foiled a HTS infiltration attempt at Kernaz in North Hama.
Syria: Iraqi fighters ("Force 313"/Imam Hussein Brigade affiliated with 4th Division) heading this morning to N. Hama front.
2 year ago
US-led coalition fighting ISIS assesses "at least 1124 civilians have been unintentionally killed by Coalition strikes" since August 2014
2 year ago
Centcom: "The Coalition conducted a total of 30,738 strikes between August 2014 and end of October 2018. During this period CJTF-OIR assesses at least 1124 civilians have been unintentionally killed by Coalition strikes since the start of Operation Inherent Resolve."
Syria: Russian-backed 5th Corps heading this morning to "a new mission" (N. Aleppo - Greater Idlib).
UN says Astana meeting on Syria a missed opportunity, no progress
8 pro-Assad government militia were killed by FSA and TSK forces in a failed attack on Baslihaya village, the government was unable to withdraw the bodies as Turkish artillery responded by targeting the villages of Kushtaear and Aaqbiyeh, North Aleppo
Video showing the displacement people from Hajin from Al Bahrah camp
3 civilians injured by artillery shelling on the Al Tah, Southern Idlib
The Assad forces shelled the town of Jergnaz in the countryside of Idlib
2 year ago
Russia has said it was prepared to resume its bombing campaign against an enclave held by an Islamist-led insurgency in Syria as militant groups have not yet withdrawn.
Syria: government artillery is again carrying out heavy bombardment on SE. Idlib countryside. Video shot moments ago in village of Al-Tah. Casualties reported.
Dead and wounded among civilians as result of missile attack of pro-Assad forces on Jarjanaz village in Eastern Idlib
Pro-Assad forces artillery shelling Al Tah village in Southern Idlib
2 year ago
Hayat Tahrir al-Sham killed a civilian in Babikah, Western Aleppo
AstanaProcess: Joint Statement by Iran, Russia and Turkey on the 11th International meeting on Syria in Astana2 year ago
#AstanaProcess: Joint Statement by Iran, Russia and Turkey on the 11th International meeting on Syria in Astana
2 year ago
Astana joint statement - Reaffirm determination to launch UN constitutional committee and intensify consultations on all levels (no deal on committee creation)
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