24 De septiembre de 2021
An explosive device planted in a car explodes next to Fatima Al-Zahraa Mosque in Al-Bab city, northeast of Aleppo, and preliminary reports indicate several injuries
An explosive device planted in a car explodes next to Fatima Al-Zahraa Mosque in Al-Bab city, north of Aleppo. Initial reports indicate several injuries.
US Secretary of State: America agrees with OPCW findings and assessments that the Assad regime retains enough chemicals and expertise to develop new chemical weapons
1 año atrás
The Secretary-General of the United Nations stresses the need to hold those involved in chemical attacks against civilians in Syria accountable
OPCW Releases First Report by Investigation and Identification Team — IIT concludes units of the Syrian Arab Air Force used chemical weapons in Ltamenah, Syria in March 2017
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A car bomb has exploded in Kafr Naseh, west of Aleppo, and the initial result is the death of a civilian and the injury of two others
Deir Al-Zour: The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Militia is mobilizing its fighters and deploying military vehicles and heavy weapons in the area of Al-Hizam and Sikka in the vicinity of the city of Al Bukamal
The 3rd Turkish-Russian United Land Patrol was carried out with the participation of land and aerial elements on M4 highway in Idlib
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Turkish Defense Minister confirms that the cease-fire in Idlib, Syria, has continued since its entry into force despite the existence of some violations
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10 Russian warplanes take off in less than half an hour from the Hmeimim military base
Today, a joint Russian-Turkish patrol walked on the international road in Aleppo, Latakia, starting from the village of Al-Tarnbah, but the protesters on the international road near the town of Neirab obstructed the conduct of the patrol and prevented it from completing its path, which led to its retreat and return
A joint Russian- Turkish patrol was conducted on the international road M4 from the village of Al-Tarnaba, to the town of Al-Nairab in the eastern countryside of Idlib, where the protesters struck the patrol with stones, which led to its return and failure to complete the road
The explosion in the city of Afrin, north of Aleppo, was caused by an explosion of an explosive device placed under a vehicle to transport fuel. No human injuries have been reported so far.
An unknown explosion rocks the city of Afrin, north of Aleppo
An UAV was detected and photographed in the sky of Idlib, southeast of the city
Maghaweir Thowra with support of International coalition seized big cargo of drugs at Al Tanf 55 kms zone1 año atrás
Maghaweir Thowra with support of International coalition seized big cargo of drugs at Al Tanf 55 kms zone
1 año atrás
Clashes erupted between a Russian-backed sheer forces with the NDF and Quds bridgades in Maadan, Deir Ez-Zor
Syrian MFA accuses the European Union and the United States of their responsibility in blockading the Assad regime, and reiterates its demands for an immediate and unconditional lifting of the sanctions imposed with the aim of preventing the spread of the Coronavirus in the country
Syrian Opposition factions have reinforced their positions and increased their preparedness in anticipation of any possible breach of the ceasefire agreement
Dr. "Bassam Zioni" announces his resignation from the presidency of the General Shura Council in the Salvation Government in Idlib
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Military reinforcements of pro-Assad forces arrive in the "Jabal Shahshabo" area in the northern Hama and southern Idlib countryside
Deir Al-Zour Al-Shuhail: The body of an unidentified person was found in the Al-Shuhail Badia near the cemetery, and ISIS claimed responsibility for the terrorist act, claiming that the killed person was a member of the SDF. The body is in the Al-Rawda mosque
Deir ez-Zor, several vehicles from the National Defense Militia, the Quds Brigade militia, the Fatimiyun militia, and a number of the al-Busaraya clans went to Jabal al-Bishri to hunt down armed groups that killed a shepherd and stole 2,000 sheep, and also killed a number of militia members in the past days.
The funeral of four members of the Quds brigade militia in the city of Deir Al-Zour, who were killed yesterday by a landmine explosion in the area of Al-Jolla
SAA has sent hundreds of military reinforcements to Saraqib and Hama countryside, during the past few hours
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Lattakia: 4 Russian warplanes take off from Hmeimim base after intense reconnaissance flights in the airspace of Idlib and Aleppo earlier
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Deir Al-Zour: A convoy of Iranian militias from Iraq entered the city of Albukamal despite the alleged quarantine imposed by the Assad and Kurdish forces
Al-Hasakah: U.S. forces conduct a military patrol in the vicinity of the city of Ramlan in the northeastern countryside
Russian reconnaissance aircraft flies over the Idlib countryside and the western countryside of Aleppo
South Syria: Baath Party Secretary of town of Nawa (NW. Daraa) was shot dead this morning by gunmen. He was killed in front of his office on the 73rd anniversary of Baath Party in Syria
1 año atrás
OIR Spokesman: No incident occurred with Coalition troops in northeastern Syria. Tweet from @AlHadath is false. Please do not spread rumors
1 año atrás
Turkish army claims that 1 YPG/PKK fighter was killed at Euphrates Shield area and 8 other in Peace Spring operation area in Syria
Deir Ezzor Al-Bukamal: Iranian militia convoy from the Iraqi-Syrian border entered the Syrian territories at night heading to the city of Albukamal
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