16 Junio 2021
Missle bombardment on Has town in Southern Idlib
SAA shelled the town of Kafr Zita, north of Hama, Syria
SDF is attempting to storm the ISIS-Held part of Al-Baghuz Fawqani,after Surrender talks between SDF and ISIS have failed
SAA shelled the town of Jarjanaz in Southern Idlib with artillery
The European Union is imposing economic sanctions on 11 businessmen and five companies who said they support the Assad regime
The Syrian Foreign Ministry addressed two letters to the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the President of the Security Council on the latest Israeli aggression on the city of Damascus and its suburbs at dawn today
Coalition spokesman denies casualties among coalition forces in the explosion in Hasaka. countryside
SAA bombard the town of Al Zirayah with artillery. Western Hama
2 año atrás
Erdogan: We will not ask anyone before we conduct a military operation
2 año atrás
Erdogan: I will discuss with Putin the areas cleared of terrorism in Syria
Netanyahu warns Iran: Those who threaten with our destruction will bear the full consequences
Netanyahu: The Israeli air strike on Syria targeted both Iran and the Syrian forces that help it
2 año atrás
AFP: Five dead in a bombing targeting an American convoy in northeastern Syria
Activists: A car bomb exploded at a checkpoint belonging to the Syrian Democratic Forces in the 47th checkpoint west of al-Shaddadi in al-Hasakah
Israeli army spokesperson says Israeli strikes focused on an Iranian weapons depot Damascus International Airport
Pro-opposition sources also claim targets within or near Sahnaya in southern Damascus, and al-Dimass, north of it, were targeted during the Israeli strikes
SDF has captured Mozan and is advancing in Al-Safafinah
Muzan has been captured by the SDF overnight. And they control a large amount of Safafinah. Constant presence of aircraft has been observed.
SSNP released additional footage of purported activation of Syria's air defenses last night
2 año atrás
Russian Defense Ministry: Syrian air defenses destroyed more than 30 rockets and bombs during its response to Israeli raids
2 año atrás
Russian Defense Ministry: The infrastructure of the Damascus International Airport was partially damaged by Israeli air strikes
IDF: Sana reports that all missiles were destroyed, but they should add this video to inform Syrians
Four Syrian soldiers killed in latest Israeli raids on multiple targets across Syria - Russia Military
Meanwhile, a Hezbollah-tied media released these pictures claiming to show air defenses systems being activated over Damascus Syria However, at least two of them (first two) are old
IDF: By firing towards Israeli civilians, Iran once again proved that it is attempting to entrench itself in Syria, endangering the State of Israel and regional stability. We will continue operating determinedly to thwart these attempts.
IDF: These are the Iranian Quds military sites in Syria that we targeted in response of missile towards Israel: Munition storage sites; Military site located in the Damascus International Airport; Iranian intelligence site; Iranian military training camp
IDF: We hold the Syrian government responsible for everything taking place within Syria and warn them against targeting Israel or permitting others to target Israel from their soil. We are prepared for all scenarios and will continue operating as needed to defend Israeli civilians.
IDF: During the strike, dozens of Syrian surface-to-air missiles were launched, despite clear warnings to avoid such fire. In response, several of the Syrian Armed Forces' aerial defense batteries were targeted
Multiple launches by Syrian Air Defense earlier tonight against Israel Air Force attempts to strike Iranian Quds targets.
Syrians cheering as missiles take flight over Damascus in attempt to defend against Israeli targeting of Iranian al-Quds sites.
Multiple explosions over Damascus this evening as Syrian air defense attempts to respond against Israeli Air Force attacks on Iranian al-Quds sites.
More video of explosions and missiles over the skies of Damascus tonight in response to Israeli targeting of Iranian al-Quds sites.
Multiple anti-air missiles fired by tonight by Syria against IAF attacks.
2 año atrás
Syrian State Media: Our air defenses meet hostile targets in the skies of Damascus and drop a number of them
Drone aircraft flying in the vicinity of the towns of Nabatiyah in southern Lebanon
Footage from today's incident. Israeli anti-missile systems launch interceptors toward a Syrian anti-aircraft missile over skiers in the Hermon Mount resort.  Video by Elad Ben Moshe2 año atrás
Footage from today's incident. Israeli anti-missile systems launch interceptors toward a Syrian anti-aircraft missile over skiers in the Hermon Mount resort. Video by Elad Ben Moshe
2 año atrás
Erdogan to Trump: Turkey is ready to control and supervise the security situation in Manbij.
SDF is advancing at Mozan
Another American citizen is being held by the Assad government in Syria. @AliABCNews talks to the family of Majd Kamalmaz: "I think we've reached the point where we absolutely are very desperate," his daughter said.
Israel has confirmed that the rocket fired earlier today from Syria was a surface-to-surface missile.
Video: shelling of Kafr Zita with missiles and artillery. North Hama
Video: shelling of Kafr Zita with missiles and artillery. North Hama
White Helmets firefighter teams extinguish a fire in a residential house after it was bombed by Russian warplanes this morning in Beksarya town west of the city of Idlib. 2 civilians were killed 9 injured. Syria
Iraqi PMU targets the town of Al-Baguz in the eastern countryside of Deir Al-Azur with heavy artillery
2 año atrás
Erdogan: Turkish army and FSA will continue to work in Afrin
2 año atrás
Russian Defense Ministry: Four Israeli F-16s launched raids on Syria from the Mediterranean
2 año atrás
Russian Ministry of Defense:The air strike was performed by four Israeli F16 aircraft on January 20, 2019, at 1.32 pm. The aircraft-guided missiles were launched towards the territory of Syria from the direction of the Mediterranean Sea
2 año atrás
President Erdoğan: The struggle in Afrin will have an unforgettable place in our memories.
The Russian Defense Ministry says that Israeli F-16 planes targeted the Damascus International Airport and the air defenses dropped 7 rockets
Video footage from Israel's Mount Hermon showing launch of two Iron Dome missiles against a Syrian projectile.2 año atrás
Video footage from Israel's Mount Hermon showing launch of two Iron Dome missiles against a Syrian projectile.
2 año atrás
Israel army intercepted a rocket from Syria
Pro-Assad militia bombards the Al Tah town with rocket launchers
Syrian Observatory: the Israeli attack was in Al-Kiswa, south of Damascus, an area that was attacked by Israel many times
SAA closed the roads leading to the Southern Precinct and prevents journalists from going to the Damascus bombing site
Two civilians killed and others injured in Russian air strike on Baksariya village in West Idlib
Dead and wounded in an explosion near a security branch in Damascus
2 año atrás
Unidentified explosion hit a military barrack inside Damascus as authorities foiled 2nd bombing attempt near the southern bypass.
Civilian killed, and others wounded following the airstrikes by the Russian air force in the villages of Bakasria and al-Janoudiya west of Idlib at the dawn today
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