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21 سپتامبر 2018

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UN infographic showing internal displacement patterns in Syria during 2017.7 month ago
UN infographic showing internal displacement patterns in Syria during 2017.
White House official says US thinks it is 'extremely unlikely' Turkey used chemical weapons against Kurds
Mattis on Russian contractors killed in Syria strikes: "They took direction from someone, was it local direction? Was it from external sources? Don't ask me, I don't know. But I doubt that 250-300 people all just decided on their individual own selves to suddenly cross the river"
Turkish artillery is pounding Jandares city
165 Arab fighters graduated from training and joined the ranks of SDF in Deir-Ez-Zor.7 month ago
165 Arab fighters graduated from training and joined the ranks of SDF in Deir-Ez-Zor.
7 month ago
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov complained that for the past three years the US-led coalition has been in Syria, they have been there "illegally, without any invitation from Damascus, or without any mandate of the UN Security Council."
7 month ago
Mcmaster says Iran network of proxies is becoming more powerful, 'time is to act' against it #MunichSecurityConference
Turkish soldiers abserve the Barsaya mountain, tunnels and castle-like buildings that were captured from the YPG with DJI Mavic Pro drone
Assad forces bringing to Damascus large amounts of equipment than can only be compared to previous offensives on E. Aleppo (2016) and vs ISIS in E. Syria (2017).
7 month ago
US National Security Advisor: Assad is still using chemical weapons and must stop it
3 YPJ Members were killed during clashes in Afrin: Rûken Hebeş, Hêvîn Îbiş, Gulbihar Ebdulrehman
Russian warplanes launch several intensive airstrikes on al-Lataminah town in northern rural Hama.
240mm M240 heavy mortar also spotted.
An Iranian Tondar communications vehicle seen as part of a Tiger Forces convoy, presumably heading to Eastern Ghouta.
2 children were killed, and many others injured after warplane airstrikes targeted residential areas in Hazano village in Idlib countryside. CivilDefense teams rushed to help the wounded and continue the rescue operation
Video: SAA Tiger Forces convoy on the way to Damascus
SAA's Tiger Forces are moving towards Damascus: a 4 Km long military convoy is on the way.
7 month ago
Three rockets fired from Syria hit empty land in Kilis
Tiger forces sent military reinforcement to Eastern Ghouta
Aleppo24 reporter: no pro-Assad forces have entered Afrin or its villages and the region is still fully under the control of YPG
7 month ago
Turkish army: 674 targets were destroyed in Afrin so far
TAF, Blew Up Ammo Depot belonging to YPG in Afrin.
FSA Sham Legion's video footage show the operation in Mahmudiyah village
FSA Sham Legion's video footage show the operation in Mahmudiyah village
Clashes still ongoing for the 3rd day between pro-Assad forces/militias and SDF around Husainiya town at the northern entrance of DeirEzzor city. D24
7 month ago
Turkish Military claims 1595 militants were killed during Olive Branch operation
Additional Turkish military reinforcements sent to Afrin as part of Turkey's OliveBranch operation7 month ago
Additional Turkish military reinforcements sent to Afrin as part of Turkey's #OliveBranch operation
Tonight's flight from Damascus to Rostov-on-Don by Cham Wings A320 aborted at the Armenian border
7 month ago
Moscow expects US to close its unilaterally established zone of de-escalation in northern Syria, Russian FM Lavrov said From the very beginning of US presence in Syria, the Americans have relied on the PKK group he said.
Turkish artillery shelling targets the village of Juwaiq in the countryside of Afrin
ISIS by reporting on the killings of HTS elements and reclaiming of al-Milyun and al-Mashru neighborhoods in the Yarmoukh Camp south of Damascus.
Turkish warplanes carried out airstrikes in the outskirts of Afrin moments ago.
YPG at Deir-ez-Zur front
Video: Turkmen Hamza Division operations today in Rajo area
6 people suffered and were hospitalized after inhalation of toxic substances at Arinde village of Afrin amid clashes
A demonstration today in Rastan town in Homs demanded HTS (Jabhat Al-Nusra) fighters to withdraw from all Homs's countryside.
Pro-Assad sources report a "SAA reconnaissance force" reached Afrin.
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Reports by Syrian Reporters including Hussien Mortada that SAA Forces have entered Afrin Afrin
Turkish military send special sniper units to OliveBranch Op. in Syria's Afrin against YPG
E. Syria: large ISIS tunnel uncovered near Mayadin, leading to a weapons cache.
Raids of anti-Daesh coalition on locations of Daesh in Sha'afa Town East DeirEzzor
7 month ago
Lavrov: The US is trying to build a quasi-state in Syria with the support of the Kurds
7 month ago
Nasrallah: Those commandeering the air-defence systems are the officers and soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army
7 month ago
Nasrallah: For years there has been distortion for news coming from Syria. The decision was not Iranian or Russian, it was Syria leadership
7 month ago
Nasrallah: It has set a precedent. Syrian leadership had already taken decision to shoot down any plane or missile
7 month ago
Nasrallah: Syria defends itself. What happened last weak was a unique military accomplishment. For Israelis they are no longer comfortable
7 month ago
Nasrallah: In the east, after IS defeat, (US) presence is still there spending millions $ for what? Democracy in Syria? Protecting Kurds?
7 month ago
Nasrallah: This is one of their main reasons for their role in Syria, beyond Hezb/SAA, it will be a bigger issue in time
Joint Statement on Turkey-U.S. Strategic Partnership just got released7 month ago
Joint Statement on Turkey-U.S. Strategic Partnership just got released
7 month ago
27-year-old Aidan James who has spoken publicly about fighting with the Kurdish People's Protection Units against Islamic State in Syria has been charged with three terror offences
7 undefined bodies were pulled from under rubbles in Raqqa city last Monday.
Amaq: US fighters accidentally hit SDF near Al Bukamal
2 civilians were killed, and 5 injured after artillery shelling targeted Jisr Al Shoghor city in the Idlib countryside, Civil Defense teams rushed in to help the wounded, and continue their rescue operations.
Between Feb. 9 and Feb. 15, the US-led Coalition conducted 39 strikes targeting in Syria and 4 in Iraq
16 YPG fighters were buried today in Efrin
7 month ago
Turkey and US will show a firm stance on the attempts to change the demographic in Syria - US/Turkey joint statement
TSK/FSA took control of villages "Hassan Kalkawi and Jalma" near Raju in the western countryside of Afrin
#AfrinOp: OLiveBranch Operation Room announce control over 2 villages SW. of Rajo (Hamza Division front): Hassan Kalkawi and Jalmah.
7 month ago
Mayadin: Syrian SAMs fired last Saturday (which resulted in downing an F16) passed over Tel Aviv and Haifa before falling in the Mediterranean sea
7 month ago
U.S Secretary of State Tillerson says Department of Defense budget includes only sufficient funds to continue to supply SDF primarily with ammunition in the fight against DAESH, Manbij is going to be tackled first, it is strategcally important city
7 month ago
Tillerson: Manbij should remain under our control.
7 month ago
Tillerson says people will roll their sleeves and get to business quickly, we still have a serious situation in Syria. We are going to address that together
7 month ago
FM Cavusoglu: US-Turkey coordination will start with Manbij. The US has promised the YPG will leave the Manbij region. Once the YPG leave, based on trust we can take steps forward with the USA
7 month ago
Turkish FM says U.S promises to Turkey in 2016 have not been fulfilled, we have to be sure that YPG will withdraw to the East of Euphrates, YPG has to leave Manbij first. This is a U.S promise to Turkey
7 month ago
US Secretary Rex Tillerson says in joint presser that they will first address issue of Manbij.
7 month ago
Tillerson says "There is no daylight between Turkey and U.S on Syria, we share same objectives. We are going to address Manbij first, will continue to work on Northern Syria"
7 month ago
Tillerson says weapons provided to SDF would be limited, mission specific and provided on incremental basis to achieve military objectives only
7 month ago
Tillerson says US recognizes legitimate right of Turkey to secure its borders
7 month ago
U.S Secretary of State Tillerson says relations with Turkey are not an alliance of convenience but a time-tested alliance, we share the same objectives in Syria
7 month ago
Tillerson: We call on Turkey for self-restraint in Afrin.
7 month ago
Tillerson: Turkey is a strong ally in defeating of ISIS
7 month ago
Çavuşoğlu: From now on, we will not care about promises, but about the steps that are being taken on the ground
7 month ago
Turkish Foreign Minister: We agreed with the American side to form a mechanism to confront terrorism in northern Syria
7 month ago
The Kremlin denies knowing any new information about Russian military casualties in Syria
YPG to welcome Syrian army to protect the city against Turkish comperhensive attack - YPG official
7 month ago
Turkish official tells Reuters Turkey proposed to U.S that YPG withdraw to east of Euphrates and Turkish, U.S troops station together in Syria's Manbij. Official says U.S considering Turkish proposal
7 month ago
Turkish army says 1551 militants were killed in Olive Branch operation
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