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15 اوت 2018

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White House condemns Russia's veto of renewing UN group that investigates chemical weapons attacks in Syria
Syrian Alikhbaria Syria News TV Reporter inside Deir Ez Zor City said all reports about Kati Island being “Surrendered by ISIS is completely false and as of 15 Minutes Ago he hears clashes on the island North of the city.
East Ghouta: Harasta. Battle today around Armored Vehicle Base.
Coalition and partner forces were able to kill 9 ISIS fighters and capture 1 fighter alive in the tri- border region of Syria
Daesh is holding onto Albukamal's eastern suburbs. No retreat from them.
Artillery of Syrian and alllies forces near Abu Kamal. D-30, Msta-B, Grad and M101
Madyara - One civilian was killed, 6 injured after 5 airstrikes and 10 shells by Assad government targeted the town
Harasta - 3 civilians killed, including a woman and a child, 16 injured after 33 airstrikes and 113 shells targeted the city
Brett McGurk: We have called on our @coalition partners to increase and accelerate stabilization support given scale of challenge in areas like Raqqa now emerging from ISIS
Turkish UAV over Aleppo, Syria
SOHR: 82 were killed yesterday including 16 members of the government forces and loyalists and 40 other persons
Brett McGurk: Spent the day in Raqqa with our heroic U.S. military personnel who advised the SDF over a 4-month street-by-street campaign to defeat ISIS here, once the locus for major terror plotting around the world
SDF in Tayyani village in Deir ez-Zur
Devasting RuAF airstrike flattening building in NE. Hama countryside in support of government offensive.
Syrian Army captured Khirbat al-Rahjan north of Sarha
Syrian Army recaptured some points in the vicinity of vehicle base, Harasta
@FerasKilaniBBC: Just returned from Albukamal, it’s one of the most dificult battles against IS, all foreigners fighters gathered there, all Shia forces from around the region+Syria|n army+Russia|n forces trying to advance, but couldn’t yet.
Between Nov. 13 and Nov. 16, 2017, Coalition @CJTFOIR military forces conducted 34 strikes consisting of 56 engagements against ISIS militants in Syria and Iraq
Footage showing plenty of artillery positions used by Iran|ian-led forces (Hezbollah, IRGC Fatemiyoun Brigade and Iraqi PMU) to pound ISIS-held AbuKemal.
ISIS launched violent attacks on the SDF positions south-east of the Tanak oil field, 10 km near the Iraqi border. SDF fighters destroyed the IS car bomb
ISIS detonated a car bomb at 1.30 pm today in Faraj village between Al Jafra and Koniko, killing at least 20 civilians and wounding 30 others9 month ago
ISIS detonated a car bomb at 1.30 pm today in Faraj village between Al Jafra and Koniko, killing at least 20 civilians and wounding 30 others
Daesh car bomb kills 20 people, injures 30 others at a site where displaced families are located in eastern Syria near the city of Deir el-Zour
Warplanes back now, an airstrike on Douma city
Russian Ministry of Defense: long-range bombers Tu-22M3 bombers struck targets in Syria
Helicopter dropping bombs over Zakat village in Northern Hama
Helicopter dropping bombs over Zakat village in Northern Hama
Panic among children, aftermarket warplanes carried out airstrikes Harasta town Eastern Damascus countryside
Russian Tu-22M3 bombers hit targets in Syria
250 IS soldiers were captured by the ISIS Hunter forces SAA on Hawijah Kate Island at DeirEzzor
ATGM stocks proving crucial to Islamic State's defense efforts against the government campaign in Albukamal's environs
ISIS Hunters captured 250 ISIS militia on Hawijah Kate Island
East Ghouta: Many government airstrikes targeting Ein Tarma and Jobar neighbourhood in Damascus
3 @SyriaCivilDef volunteers were killed this afternoon after an air strike targeted their center in Douma eastern Ghouta
East Ghouta: intense airstrikes continue on area of Harasta for 4rd day in a row by SyAF (Su-22s and Su-24s).
Turkish drone circles over Aleppo and Idlib this morning
Video: another airstrike on Eastern Ghouta
Video: another airstrike on Eastern Ghouta
Video: Airplanes hit Irbin in Damascus countryside
Colored balloons used in the Eastern Ghouta to disperse the warplanes
9 month ago
Video: FSA hit T-72 with TOW ATGM in Northern Hama
Video: FSA hit T-72 with TOW ATGM in Northern Hama
Images: FSA of Idlib destroyed pro-Assad forces T-72 tank on Arafa front with TOW ATGM9 month ago
Images: FSA of Idlib destroyed pro-Assad forces T-72 tank on Arafa front with TOW ATGM
Government forces are attempting to storm Al-Bukamal again
FSA took out government T-72 tank in eastern Hama with TOW9 month ago
FSA took out government T-72 tank in eastern Hama with TOW
@SyriaCivilDef center in Douma was attacked this afternoon, 10 at least were injured
Damascus: Footage from inside SAA Armored Vehicle Base
Damascus: Footage from inside SAA Armored Vehicle Base
It's propaganda
Islamic State Releases Pictures Showing Attack Against SAA On The Outskirts Of Albukamal
8 dead and dozens injured by air and artillery bombardment on the Eastern Ghouta
Warplanes carried out airstrikes targeting Khan Sheykhoun town in Southern Idlib countryside
9 month ago
Bassil: PM Hariri does know that Lebanon has no interest in cutting off ties with Syria
ATGM strike on pro-Assad forces tank in Arfah in Hama
5 dead, (4 children, 1 man) after artillery shells hit residential neighborhoods in Douma city in the countryside of Damascus
Images show more than 20 continuous airstrikes on all of Harasta, Erbeen and Zamalka cities in Eastern Ghouta
An airstrike on civilian neighborhoods in Hammuria city
Multiple airstrikes on Irbin town in Eastern Ghouta
An airstrike on civilian neighborhoods on Zamalka city in Eastern Ghouta
Civilians injured in Madiara city in Eastern Ghouta
East Ghouta: Smoke rises from airstrike on Harasta city
11 missiles in 15 seconds by 2 airstrikes by warplanes on Harasta city with shelling by cannons on Douma city, 2 warplanes in the sky now. Photo was taken now by our team in GhoutaGMC
9 month ago
Erdogan: Afrin is a strategic place for Turkey.
9 month ago
Erdogan: Turkey is aware of Washington's scenario by blocking our operations against ISIS organization and Kurdish units
9 month ago
Erdogan: US has not kept it's promises in Syria.
9 month ago
Turkish president Erdogan says Syria's Afrin region must be cleansed of Kurdish YPG militia
9 month ago
Turkish president Erdogan says Idlib operation in Syria continuing as planned, serious progress achieved in joint stance with Russia and Iran
Russian warplanes targeting the outskirts of Ramlah village in Aleppo
UN Ambassador Haley condemns Russian veto of resolution continuing UN investigation of chemical weapons in Syria, saying in statement, "Assad and ISIS will no longer be on notice for the use of chemical weapons by Russia’s actions today."
This is what has been agreed between Nur al-Din Zanki and HTS: 1.) Removing checkpoints. 2.) Opening roads. 3.) Release prisoners from both sides. 4.) Withdraw from positions. 5.) Form a joint military operations room.
The Rulivian draft on Syria failed, having failed to get support from a majority. Vote breakdown as follows: Four votes in favor (Russia, Bolivia, China, Kazakhstan). Seven against (USA, UK, France, Sweden, Italy, Ukraine, Japan). Four abstained (Egypt, Ethiopia, Senegal, Uruguay).
The Security Council now reconvened to vote on the Russian draft on Syria, rebranded as a Bolivian draft.
The Ninth Brigade arrests a member of armed group shown in Video dragging a guy north of Aleppo.
The central force in the Sham Front arrested a member of the Abu Walid Battalion, one of those involved in the recent video of torture.
Nur al-Din al-Zanki agrees with Hayat Tahrir al-Sham to stop clashes, dismantling of the state of alert and release the detainees of both sides.
Russia's draft has not been voted on yet. Russia first withdrew its draft—then, after the main vote, Bolivia demanded it be brought back.
[email protected] comment on Russia's 10th veto on Syria since 2011, this time to prevent continuation of UN [email protected] investigation into Syria chemical attacks. Inquiry has found that the Syrian gov't and IS have both used CWs.
After 10th Russia veto on Syria, Uruguay cites ACT code of conduct, says P5 shldn't use veto in cases of mass atrocities. Calls for renewal of UN [email protected] inquiry into Syrian chemical attacks.
Ambassador @YelchenkoUN on @RussiaUN veto against Syria draft resolution: It’s not the issue of different approaches on the subject. It is an issue of a single minded pursuit to destroy an international system built around respect for norms and principles of international law.
Russia cast veto at UN Security Council to block extension of investigation to determine who is behind chemical weapons attacks in Syria
Just now: 11 out of 15 Security Council members voted in favor of continuing Syria's chemical weapons investigations, but Russia vetoed it. The result is that the UN will no longer investigate who uses chemical weapons in Syria.
In the UN Security Council debate over Syria's chemical attack investigations, Russia just tried to change the voting procedure to have their draft voted on last (so it would seem as if the US is vetoing *their* proposal). Was promptly voted down 7 to 3, then withdrew the draft.
Russia vetoes US draft resolution to renew Syria CW inquiry.
9 month ago
The movement of Ahrar al-Sham announces the killing of 7 members of the Syrian government forces at a checkpoint in the front line of Zara village in the northern countryside of Homs.
Reportedly 16 airstrikes hit Arbin, Damascus countryside today
Reportedly 16 airstrikes hit Arbin, Damascus countryside today
Doma - A woman killed, Many injured, including children and women, after heavy bombing by two cluster rockets targeted the city
Moments after rocket targeted the residential neighborhoods in Saqba, Eastern Ghouta
Leaked video of a person being tortured by members of the 9th division in northern Aleppo (Euphrates Shield area). They claim he stole 7000 SY pounds (15$).
Douma Local Council: Relief warehouse, 50% of the Food Aid, distribution centres and place of meeting with the UN delegation were targeted by airstrikes... 48 hours after the meeting with the international delegation took place.
9 month ago
[email protected]: Need all on the UN Security Council to vote to renew the Joint Investigative Mechanism for Syria to ensure that Assad government does not commit mass murder with chemical weapons ever again.
NYT visits 150 US airstrike sites in Iraq, finds civilian death rate 31 times higher than US coalition says, civilians repeatedly clasified as IS.
Coincidence that the first airstrikes vs ISIS in Somalia come after Raqqa fell? "We strike targets as they become available. Some of those targets, we've been working them for a long time" per LtGen McKenzie "I'm not prepared to say it's linked to the fall of Raqqa"
"We see the end game in Syria ultimately has to be a political endgame" per LtGen McKenzie
"We are there to defeat ISIS. The government of Syria has proven to be unable o accomplish that goal by themselves" per LtGen McKenzie
SAA crossed the river at Hawijat Kati Island in DeirEzZor. TOS-1A with russian crew also visible/crossing
Visual confirmation Rebels took control of section "446" in heart of Armored Vehicle Base near Harasta.
SDF has captured Dhiban from IS.
ISIS has lost 95 per cent of its 'caliphate', says US-led coalition
Video: strike on Irbin, Eastern Damascus
Video: strike on Irbin, Eastern Damascus
US diplomat says 7.5 million people have now been freed from ISIS
Photo from Anbar today, PMUs on the border are shelling ISIS on Syria's side as the fight for Bukamal continues
East Syria: T-90 knocked out as ISIS claims it repelled a government attack West of Hashma
IS claims over 50 dead pro-Assad soldiers after attack on convoy west of Mayadin Syria
Eastern Syria: New batch of Hezbollah fighters were killed by IS on al-Bukamal front.
SDF confirms Talal Silo defection and suggests was the result of a 'special operation of Turkish intelligence in cooperation with some of his family members'
East Ghouta: 5 civilians were killed and others wounded by government airstrikes on Arbin city
East Ghouta: 3rd day of non-stop bombardment by government artillery and SyAF (Su-24 pictured) on area of Harasta.
President of Syria Bashar al-Assad: "Anyone who has a minimum understanding of military facts knows that the front with the Israeli enemy in Syria and Lebanon has become one."
President of Syria Bashar al-Assad: After the elimination of Daesh in Deir ez-Zour and the completion of the ongoing battles in Hama the next battle will be towards Idlib.
President of Syria Bashar al-Assad: The withdrawal of US forces from Syria will be through "political understanding" and if this path fails, they will be "resisted" on the ground.
Eastern Damascus: Government jets struck their own positions by accident during clashes inside the vehicle management area, Harasta.
Israeli army chief: Iran creating two Shia Cresent, one extend from Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon and the second from Bahrain, Yemen to the Red Sea
Syrian Army recaptured Sarha al-Shamali south of Al-Rahjan
Syrian Army reached Euphrates in Al Bukamal city, Deir Ez-Zor
Syrian Army continue to advance in East Hama and captured Qasr Ali north of Arfa
French MFA Le Drian: Any political solution in Syria should respect the unity of the country and its diversity
Al-Jubair: The Syrian opposition meeting was scheduled for next Wednesday
Major presidential summit between Putin, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Hassan Rouhani to be held in Russia on November 22nd.
105th Brigade has been redeployed from Qaboun to Harasta.
Turkey, Russia, Iran will hold summit on Syria in Russia's Sochi on Nov. 22
Abu Kamal still under ISIS as also confirmed to @vvanwilgenburg by @SyriacMFS
More evidence showing Ahrar al-Sham inside Armored Vehicle Base, an ammo depot destroyed and spoils.
More evidence showing Ahrar al-Sham inside Armored Vehicle Base, an ammo depot destroyed and spoils.
Pro-Assad forces shell rocket on Damascus' Kafr Batna
9 month ago
MFA Russia Zakharova: US troops are operating in Syria against the will of its legitimate government. Basically, the US is acting as an occupying force
Syrian Army and allies advance in Abu Kamal
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