18 Septembre 2021
Geolocation of the Russian base which was attacked with a SVBIED last night.
Large anti-terror moves by the SDF over right before the New Year in Deir ez Zor. 14 arrested and 3 foreigners from Iraq killed in operations
South Syria: a soldier from Tartus province is the first victim of the year of Southern insurgents. He was shot dead today in Quneitra countryside
Deir Ezzor, an intense night deployment of the SDF and Asayish forces, and special missions on the Basrah Bridge area, the bridge roundabout and the market in the city of Al-Busirah On the other hand, the correspondent of Sada Al-Sharqiya reported that a military convoy of the SDF forces entered the city of Shuhail on Saturday evening, and was stationed in Al-Shabaka School near the Euphrates River
8 mois il y a
A member of the government's militia was killed in a landmine explosion in the vicinity of Ma'an village, east of Hama, Syria
United States Military and Syrian Democratic Forces are conducting Military Exercises at Al-Omar Base in Deir Ez Zor
List of names of SAA personnel killed in ISIS ambush8 mois il y a
List of names of SAA personnel killed in ISIS ambush
An explosion inside a commercial goods transport vehicle in the city of Al-Bab in the countryside of Aleppo
An explosive device planted in a freight vehicle exploded near the old Al-Hal Market in the city of Al-Bab, east of Aleppo
8 mois il y a
Turkish Armed Forces hit targets of YPG groups in the vicinity of Ayn Isa town and Saida village with artillery shots.
A violent explosion shakes the city of Al-Bab
An explosive device just went off in a vehicle in al Bab. Starting a fire which has destroyed the vehicle
SANA: 19 people were injured in several governorates as a result of indiscriminate firing on the occasion of the New Year 2021 SANA Agency: 12 people were injured in Lattakia, 4 in Aleppo, 2 were injured in As-Suwayda, and one person in Daraa
8 mois il y a
UK: We are committed to holding those responsible for crimes in Syria accountable. From today the UK will transition EU sanctions against the Assad government and its associates into the UK Autonomous Syria Sanctions government
Hurras al-Din claim responsibility for a suicide attack against a Russian base in the Raqqa countryside last night8 mois il y a
Hurras al-Din claim responsibility for a suicide attack against a Russian base in the Raqqa countryside last night
Lebanese Foreign Minister: We are keen to protect the rights of Syrian refugees. Lebanese Foreign Minister: We asked the competent judicial and security authorities to take all measures and investigate the circumstances of the tents burning incident and prosecute those responsible and punish them according to the laws
The US special envoy to Syria: The brutal war waged by the Assad regime against the Syrian people is the cause of the economic and humanitarian crises in the country. The United States uses sanctions against the Assad regime to promote human rights and not to violate them
8 mois il y a
ISIS claims attack against Syrian government bus killed 40 soldiers in Deir_ez_Zor
8 mois il y a
An explosive device exploded near Al-Adhan Roundabout in the city of Tabqa, west of Raqqa
South Syria: the commander of 641st Battalion (4th Division) Lt. Colonel Mahfud was killed this morning by insurgents in NW. Daraa CS. He was from Latakia province. Car riddled with bullets, leaving no chance for his escort of 5 soldiers (reconcilied Rebels), all killed
8 mois il y a
Russian media: 5 members of the Syrian government were killed by gunmen in Daraa
8 mois il y a
Unidentified persons target with an explosive device the headquarters of the Syrian Democratic Forces in the village of Sabaa Sakur, south of Hasaka
8 mois il y a
Two kids died, another injured due to IED explosion eastern Tabqa, north Syria
Lebanese Hezbollah (green uniforms), Pakistani Liwa Zainabiyoun and Afghani Liwa Fatemiyoun militants gathering in Al-Bukamal city in eastern Syria near the Iraq border today to commemorate the killing of IRGC Quds Force leader Qassem Soleimani
3 children were injured due to the explosion of a cluster bomb remnants in Sarmin town in the northern countryside of Idlib
IRGC militants and Hezbollah have begun to increase their presense in Al-Mayadeen and Albukamal, along with many road closures, Today they have gathered in Albukamal for the first anniversary of Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis
8 mois il y a
Pro-Assad forces bombard the villages of Qalidin and Al-Zaqqum in the western Hama countryside
Deir Ezzor: Iranian militias start commemorating the first anniversary of the murder of the Qassem Soleimani in the public square in the city of Albu Kamal in the eastern countryside
South Syria: gunmen ambushed this morning a high-ranking officer (4th Division) on road near Tasil (NW. Daraa). He's killed as per reports, as well as his escort of 5 soldiers
8 mois il y a
A field source said that government forces bombed the armed groups in the villages and towns of Qalidin and al-Zaqum in the western countryside of Hama with artillery shells and missiles
Russian military police conducted a joint patrol with Turkey in the eastern countryside of Syria's Kobani this morning, the 38th of its kind since the patrols began in early November 20198 mois il y a
Russian military police conducted a joint patrol with Turkey in the eastern countryside of Syria's Kobani this morning, the 38th of its kind since the patrols began in early November 2019
8 mois il y a
Turkey announces the killing of 10 members of the SDF in northern Syria
8 mois il y a
Turkish forces and their affiliated armed groups targeted the countryside of Syria's Tel Tamr for the second consecutive day on Wednesday night
8 mois il y a
The Observatory: Intense raids by Russian warplanes against ISIS in the Syrian desert
Israeli army in 2020 by numbers: 2,227 West Bank arrests, 1,400 fighter jet sorties, 176 Gaza rockets, 50 targets hit in Syria.
Turkish TB2 active west of Idlib this morning
End of year statistics published by the Israeli army says it attacked about 50 targets in Syria and Lebanon over the past year. Additionally, the Israeli army carried out 20 unique operational activities as a part of its effort against Iran and Hezbollah in the northern arena
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