Map. History of Syria conflict

23 Rujan 2018
US condemns the Syrian government's growing admissions over the deaths of thousands of political prisoners in its custody.
SAA have launched flares over Latamna in conjunction with continuous artillery shelling targeting the town in north of Hama.
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Swaida: The units of the Syrian Arab Army stormed Tallul al-Asafa east of the village of Al-Sakia in the north-eastern Swaida countryside by 70 km and engaged in violent clashes with Daesh
The SDF watch as a @coalition airstrike hits its target on a known ISIS location near the Iraqi-Syrian border. The strike was in support of #OperationRoundup, the offensive to DefeatDaesh
Tonight a new shipment by @Coalition consisting of over 200 trucks arrived to Northern Syria, carrying support to the Kurdish-led Syrian-Democratic Forces.
SAA shelling Military Research center West to Aleppo with artillery
Kudish forces claims murder of 'Akash Haji Ahmed' in Afrin yesterday.
DeirEzzor: Coalition targeted al-Baghooz and al-Sousah towns by many airstrikes and wounded many civilians
FSA National Liberation Front leader Hussam Salama: "We expect the Syrian government and Russia to break the de-escalation agreement in Idlib province, we have an integrated plan in order to repel such violations militarily"
SAA and ex-FSA started an offensive against ISIS in Suweida. Syria
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Assad security forces launched a campaign of arrests in Al Shayyah village of Lajah area of Eastern Daraa, despite reconciliation agreements
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ISIS claimed attack on Artawaziya village in Northern Raqqa with 5 YPG killed
Turkish authorities in Afrin change the names of Nawrouz roundabout has been changed to Salah al-Din roundabout Al Watani Roundabout to the Olive Branch roundabout
The Syrian army units operating on the axis of Shannan Al-Asfar in the northeastern countryside of Suwayda, advance 11 kilometers deep into the desert and establish military points.
After Marouta city, the government announces Basilia city: a new project of 4000 properties in Mezzeh, Kafr Sousa, Qanawat Basteen, Daraya and Qadam
Deir ez-Azur Eastern countryside: A number of civilians were injured after a military air strikes believed to be by coalition, targeted the town of Sousse early today.
Probably same scenario (demarcation line) happening today as an explosion rocked Tell Mamo in S. Aleppo countryside.
South-West Idlib: 9 different areas burnt in East outskirts of Bidama following repeated incendiary bombardment. Syria.
NW. Hama: few photos showing Horas Al-Deen's Inghimasi operation in Fawru.1 mjesec pre
NW. Hama: few photos showing Horas Al-Deen's "Inghimasi operation" in Fawru.
North Hama: aftermath of incendiary bombardment on Kafr Zita last night. Syria.
South Syria: government launched its Offensive vs ISIS 12 days after latter's assault on E. Suweida. Preceded by intense aerial and artillery bombardment, 1st advances made from several axes with o encountering IS resistance.
Syrian Army shelling Qarqur village in Hama
Pro-Assad forces targeted the town of Khan Sheikhan in the southern Idlib with artillery after midnight.
Kadyrov of Chechnya: It's time to finish militants in Syria, clear the Idlib
SAA forces advanced 7 KM deep in Suweida desert and captured Maghr Mesaleh, Tal Razin and Ghbshe, and made a fire control on Maghr Malha besides the advance of the forces operating on the Eastern countryside axis for 3 KM east of Shibki village.
South Syria: around 200 reconciled Rebels reportedly reached E. Suweida for upcoming Offensive vs ISIS. They are/were part of Shabab Sunnah (E. Daraa) and Desert Commando Brigade (E. Qalamoun).
Captured "Khalid ibn al-Walid Army" "BTR-152" on Land Cruiser chassis, Yarmouk Basin. Aleksandr Kharchenko / Anna News.
YPG Commander Sipan Hamo: "I do not think there is a clear plan for any military action in Idlib". "The military operations are continuing from the units in Afrin and the attacks will escalate over time".
Graduation of two SDF teams 21 specialized in dismantling mines and 33 snipers in Ain Issa1 mjesec pre
Graduation of two SDF teams 21 specialized in dismantling mines and 33 snipers in Ain Issa
Sipan Hemo: YPG Ready to Take Part in Operations to Expel ISIS from Syria's Sweida1 mjesec pre
Sipan Hemo: YPG Ready to Take Part in Operations to Expel ISIS from Syria's Sweida
3 civilians injured by an explosive device in the Jisr al-Shughu
Aziz Azbar, the head of Masyaf's Scientific Research and Studies Center (CERS) involved in Syria's ballistic and chemical program was killed yesterday night in an IED attack
The attack was claimed by the Abu Amara Special Force, a group that has carried out several attacks against the government in Aleppo. The group says its operational area is not limited to Aleppo Syria
Deir ez-Zur Eastern countryside: The pro-Assad forces found an ISIS weapons depot in the vicinity of Al-Mayadeen.
Hasakah: The arrival of a new shipment from the International Alliance to Semalka crossing with the Kurdistan region of Iraq, the shipment consists of about 150 military vehicles carrying weapons and military equipment arrived in the city of Qamishli.
Reports: The head of Maysaf research center in Syria, which was struck several time by Israel, 'was killed in an explosion in his car'; The site is repotedly developing Chemical weapons and long range missiles
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