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21 9月 2018

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Negotiations took place in Qamishlo between PYD and government under Russian supervision. Ali Mamlouk, Mikhail Bogdanov and Shahoz Hesen were present
FSA Central Division TOW ATGM hit on government T-72 (?) in Hama
FSA Central Division TOW ATGM hit on government T-72 (?) in Hama
SDF has captured Jadidat Baqarah from ISIS
Sky News Arab: 4 Israeli raids targeted an ammunition manufacturing plant in the industrial area of ​​Hissia, Homs
SAA shelled heavy artillery targeting Kafr Zeita and al Latamenah towns in North Hama countryside
[email protected]: Syrian air defenses fired back. Baalbek correspondent reported hearing explosions from Beqaa's Al-'Ayn, Al-Jdayda, Laboueh
Israeli warplanes targeted a factory in Hassiyah industrial city in Homs
Reports of Israel airstrikes on Syrian army positions west of Homs and near al-Qusayr
Hezbollah affiliated media: Israel planes struck a weapons storage on Lebanon/Syria border. Huge explosions reported
US SoF on the ground have said mutually understood with Syria Kurds that overlap of interests largely limited to counter-ISIL campaign.
In May 2011, bin Laden had seemingly low hopes a full-fledged uprising would take place in Syria but he was confident it’d get there gradually down the line, especially when other uprisings would succeed. “The flood is coming”
SDF fighters captured the Baqarah village and killed 3 IS members
Syrian Army also captured housing, park, and Al-Tarabia between Hamidiyah and Jubailah
6 Russian strategic Tu-22M3 bombers carried out airstrikes on ISIS positions in Syria’s Boukamal in DeirEzzor
Syrian Army captured Jubailah district in Deir Ez-Zor
Video:Tu-22M3 bombers carried out an air strike on ISIS targets near Abu Kamal
RuAF Tu-22M3 hit objects near Albu Kamal
SAA T-55 with mine rollers in DeirEzzor city.
SDF captured Badiyah Al-Hurayji , Bir Maza'al, Bir Sayad and Suwaylem in DeirEzzor Syria
MLRS bombardment by 10th Division on Mazrat BeitJin front to pave way for government assault.
Tu-22M3 strike in Syria
Democratic civilian administration declared in Tabqa
Russian strategic bombers launch strike on Daesh targets in Syria's DeirEzzor
ANHA Says: Turkish Army Build a Military Airport in North Idlib/Darat Izza/Şeyh Bereket Mountain
@obretix: Russian military base established at the police academy in Deir Ezzor in October 2017
Russia using Aleppo airport terminal as a command post for units in Syria (BTR-82A, Tigr, Leer-3, R-330Zh etc)
Unmanned aircraft dropped 20 bombs on Jobar suburb of Damascus
ISIS claims ATGM strike against Syria army tank southeast of al-Mayadin city, DeirEzZor
New advance by Syrian army and allies toward Abu Kamal
6 children killed yesterday in shelling of school in Jisreen
Pro-Assad-forces lost T-72 tank near Sarha in eastern Hama after TOW strike
Heavy Russia'n airstrikes on lots of villages in south eastern Idlib and north eastern Hama to depopulate whole tracts of land
10 月 前
Turkish presidency: It is unacceptable to invite Kurdish factions to participate in talks
10 月 前
"US forces recently relocated a minor from Syria safely to Iraq," per Pentagon spox, directing further questions to @StateDept
Syria: as per top US General Raqqa alone represents ~36% of overall SDF casualties sustained in battle against ISIS
Government footage shows BMP (which seemed wrecked) and T-72 hit by yesterday's HTS SVBIED were removed.
Unknown location
SDF fighters captured the Harqa village, killed 13 IS members and seized weapons/ammunition
New armaments belonging to the Turkish army entered Idlib. Syria
"As we move forward in Raqqa, our efforts are geared toward stabilization." -Maj. Gen. Jarrard, SOJTF-OIR Cmdr.
10 月 前
Moscow: We could not finish documents on the exchange of prisoners in Astana
10 月 前
Moscow: boycott of the Syrian People's Congress will increase risk of marginalization
Head US special ops task force Iraq/Syria: ISIS leaders hiding in "basements or holes in the ground or caves," says Maj. Gen James Jarrard
FSA Central Division TOW ATGM strike on an Assad government forces tank killing its crew Mreijib al-Jamlan front Eastern Hama10 月 前
FSA Central Division TOW ATGM strike on an Assad government forces tank killing its crew Mreijib al-Jamlan front Eastern Hama
Russia's Sochi to host Syrian peoples congress on November 18: RIA cites source
Russia lobbed a few more cruise missiles into Syria — Deir ez-Zor, according to MoD
OIR names ISIS brass killed in the past 60 days
E. Damascus: updated map of government gains as Jobar Offensive kicked off 20 weeks ago (longer than Raqqa Battle). Map maker @HamptonStall.
Rebels regain Mrayjeb al-Jumalan in north eastern Hama and destroyed 3 tanks
Al-Kenamat bridge - Ghassan Abboud Roundabout also under Syrian army control
Syrian Army captured al-Kenamat - Old Airport district and Rusafah in Deir ez-zor city
Ongoing army advance in axis of Khassarat neighborhood in Deir Ez-Zor city
E. Hama: Abu Amara Brigade claims it killed 4 NDF fighters detonating an IED near Hardanah in 2nd operation in Hama prov
N. Syria: government reinforcements keep arriving from its W. strongholds for upcoming Idlib Offensive.
10 月 前
US delegation: We don't support any Kurdish body northern Syria and we see a united Syria [delegation sources in Astana]
Police in Schwerin, Germany arrest a 19 year-old Syrian who was in the final stages of preparing to carry out a terror attack
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