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21 8月 2018

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Video allegedly showing Syrian Anti Air Defense intercepting one of the Israeli Missiles launched towards the countryside of Damascus
SDF/DMC controlled Dranj town East DeirEzzor and clashes against Daesh around Abu Hamam, Keshkiya and Abu Swedan. D24
SW. Damascus: Mount Hermon Forces were able to prevent government advances in East foothills of Marzat BeitJin after whole day of battle.
British YPG volunteer Oliver Hall, known as Canser Zargros killed clearing mine in Raqqa
Deir ez-Zur Eastern countryside: Video shows the tragic situation of the displaced people of Deir al-Zour at the river crossings in the countryside of Albukaml escape the aerial bombardment and continuous artillery around the clock
Deir ez-Zur Eastern countryside: Video shows the tragic situation of the displaced people of Deir al-Zour at the river crossings in the countryside of Albukaml escape the aerial bombardment and continuous artillery around the clock
Report: Syrian rebels repelled today another attack by pro-Assad forces around the vehicle management complex in Harasta, Damascus, Syria. 10 reported to be injured or killed during the clashes.
A source in Jabal al-Sheikh Forces Union told Syrian News Panorama‏ that government helicopter was shot today in Beit Jin in west Damascus with 9K38 Igla MANPADS
DeirEzZor: SRG Soldier on the situation in the Euphrates river front (Suheil is not fighting alone there are also SRG and 17th Division - 250 dead unfortunately
Damascus denounces local elections of "Rojava" as 'unilateral action'
US Department of State: The situation in east Ghouta Syria is critical. Russia must push the Assad government to allow life-saving medicine, food, and evacuations. Don't play politics with starving families- prove a ceasefire exists, end the violence, and allow unfettered @UN access now.
Tu-22M3 bombers hit ISIS targets in Syria
Despite fall of main ISIS strongholds in E. Syria, reinforcements still heading to DeirEzzor prov. shows high-intensity battle still ongoing there, esp. in Euphrates Valley. Daily fatalities highest since May.
At least 3 fighters of #SDF killed due landmine explosion near of Sugar factory in North #Raqqa
Al-Jaafari: Syria is not a shop, but a state
Geneva: Jaafari: Any unilateral action without coordination with Damascus is unacceptable
Jaafari: We reject any direct dialogue in Geneva with the opposition delegation
Third meeting between Syria's delegation and Du Mistura in Geneva ends: Syrian media
SW. Damascus: Mount Hermon Forces released footage of SyAF helicopter (Mi-25) shot down with MANPADS and later exploding, killing its crew.
OIR Spokesman: Raqqa Internal Security Forces learn to clear explosives left by ISIS. Daesh SPECIFICALLY planted booby traps, mines, and explosives to harm/kill returning civilians: in ovens, dresser drawers, kitchen cabinets, in children's toys
Recent airstrike by @CJTFOIR in October against oil well near Tanak refinery in Deir Ezzor Syria, lead to visible oils spills
Syria: RuAF strike Ramlah frontline in southern Aleppo
Video of moment helicopter was reportedly downed
The helicopter targeted by Etihad Qwat Jabal alSheikh fighters crashed in the outskirts of Beit Jan village at Kanaker area, there's no info about the pilots
DeirEzZor: SDF continues advance and enter Sh'eitat Tribal Region - took over Abu Hamam area
United Nations says the blockade on Yemen has been partially lifted but must be lifted permanently
Clashes between ISIS and Pro-Assad- forces in the vicinity of T-2 station in desert of Deir Ez-Zor
The rebels announce the fall of a helicopter of government force at Beit Jinn
Rebels shot down government helicopter in west Ghouta, rural Damascus with anti-aircraft missile
Rebels announced the shotdown of SyAF helicopter in the countryside of West Damascus
Geneva: Syria talks (8th round) ongoing.
Syrian (FSA Northern Brigade) rebels state they repelled a (PKK-linked) YPG infiltration attempt today near the village of Jat close the Sajur river
The Pentagon says it has "shared lists of major military equipment provided to the YPG with Turkey"
Afghan Fatemiyoun fighter, deployed to Syria by IRGC, brags about taking BMP infantry fighting vehicle training in *Russia* before deployment to Deir Ezzor.
Stratfor: The Islamic State may be down in Syria, but it is not out, as evidenced by the damage its operatives, disguised as Russian soldiers, did to a loyalist air base.
8 月 前
ISIS leader Baghdadi hiding near Iraq-Syria border, alive but injured, Iraqi military says
Suweida CS: few days ago local protesters set fire to a mini-bus used by military personel, killing 6 (including 3 fighters). 2 civilians also died in 2nd incident.
SDF has resumed military operations against ISIS,and have began shelling Abu Hamam and Al-Kushkiyeh,in preparations to storm the villages of Shaitat clan region
2 civilians were killed and 8 more injured in SAA artillery attacks on East Ghouta today
Jaish Al-Nasr destroyed a Shilka with a TOW on Abisan front.
180 Turkish Soldiers Heading To Al Bab.8 月 前
180 Turkish Soldiers Heading To Al Bab.
SDF allowed people to return to their homes in the Al Tayyar neighborhood, west of Raqqa, after remove all the mines. It's the 2nd neighborhood of Raqqa where residents are allowed to return home. Residents appealed to organizations to open a medical center and a school
42nd Brigade just informed that they have captured all of Taloul Barda'yah
Liwa al-Quds video reportedly shows ATGM shot on group of HTS fighters in western Aleppo, Kafr Hamra
Syrian Army source denied Chinese troops deploying to Syria.
NE. Hama: first documented case of ISIS sleeper cell based in Idlib prov. which tried to reach ISIS pocket in NE. Hama. But group was killed in ambush, vehicles seized and one captured.
Brett McGurk: Four hundred Artillery Marines returning home from Syria after helping secure the defeat of ISIS militants in their former capital of Raqqa
UN: We are waiting for the green light from the Syrian government to begin the evacuation process, which includes 167 children
UN Syria humanitarian adviser Egeland says 500 people need urgent medical evacuation from besieged EasternGhouta, not a single one has been evacuated so far, nine have died
Russian MP Vodolatsky: 6 ISIS POWs, among them Zabolotniy and Tsurkan(Wagner PMC), are alive. Now talks ongoing in Iran to release them
Russian National Security Council: Russia is ready for a conditional military withdrawal from Syria
NE. Hama: fierce battle since dawn for control of Tell Shutayb (E. of AbuDali) between Rebels and government.
The International coalition against Daesh: We investigate 695 reports of civilian deaths in Syria and Iraq
A group of SAA officers was killed yesterday in a Abo Amara Special Task IED operation on Tartous-Homs highway
Helicopter dropped barrel bombs over Beit Jan town in west Damascus countryside
Pro-Assad forces shelled Kafr Batna town with heavy artillery
Heavy shelling on Ein Terma and Jobar districts of Eastern Damascus
8 月 前
Minister of Foreign Affairs Cavusoglu: "If we will be threatened from Afrin, we will respond without hesitation."
8 月 前
Turkish Army Reinforcements Arrive To The Syrian Borders Northern Syria's Aleppo
8 月 前
Turkey Deputy Prime Minister: We have informed all concerned parties in the Syrian affairs that Turkey will not allow developments against it in Afrin area
Russian Navy Auxiliary Fleet cargo vessel Kyzyl-60 returned from Tartus Syria after 17 days and transited Black Sea-bound Bosphorus8 月 前
Russian Navy Auxiliary Fleet cargo vessel Kyzyl-60 returned from Tartus Syria after 17 days and transited Black Sea-bound Bosphorus
Flames of War II Analysis (ISIS): Dramatic images where the tank inside the camp fails its shot against a VBIED that a few minutes later explodes inside the camp.
A meeting was held in the city of AlBab, in the northern countryside of Aleppo of Syria, to establish an unified media body to provide a more institutional framework for all the media professionals in the region
Deir ez Zur Eastern countryside: Airstrikes targeted the town of Salhiya in the countryside of Albukamal
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