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15 8月 2018

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Pro-Assad forces fire anti-aircraft missiles toward Israeli jets after striking struck Jamraya Research and Information Center near Damascus. Hezbollah's @almanarnews claim that Syria's government forces intercepted 3 of the 6 missiles fired by Israel
Pro-Assad forces fire anti-aircraft missiles toward Israeli jets after striking struck Jamraya Research and Information Center near Damascus. Hezbollah's @almanarnews claim that Syria's government forces intercepted 3 of the 6 missiles fired by Israel
The Israeli air-strike destroyed a Syrian Scientific Research plant(the unit in charge of chemical and bacteriological development) and also a Russian made S200 medium-to-high altitude surface-to-air missile.
The military aircraft launched several air raids targeting the city of Al-Jalaa today afternoon.
Deir-ez-Zur Eastern countryside: Military aircraft launched several raids in addition to artillery and missile attacks targeting a Hajin city, and there were no casualties among civilians.
Assad's air defenses fired missiles during suspected Israeli strikes on Jamraya's Scientific Research Complex. Damascus - Syria.
@obretix: Russian air defense site near Masyaf (2017-11-17)8 月 前
@obretix: Russian air defense site near Masyaf (2017-11-17)
Syrian State TV: Syrian air defenses intercept three Israeli missiles in Damascus countryside
Video of the explosion capture by "Damascus Now" Moment of the explosion that happened in Jamraya in Damascus countryside as a result of Israel Air Strike
Syrian State television: Israeli missiles hit military site in the countryside of Damascus
Israel targeted Yafour, Deiraj and Jamariya military bases in Damascus.
4 explosions heard in Damascus in what appears to be Israel airstrikes on government bases in Jemraya west Damascus, photo showing explosions
Israeli Jets launches several missiles on the scientific researches building in Jamraya and the Syrian air defences are working on repelling the Israeli missiles
Heavy explosions at Jomrayah, Damascus
Loud Explosions Heard at the Damascus Countryside Tonight. Believed to be Once Again Israeli Israel Jets missiles and Its said Syrian Anti Air Defence Units are trying to repel. Inside the capital Damascus there are no explosions
Multiple blasts heard in Damascus few ago. First reports say explosions coming from Jamraya's military complex.
So far unnoticed turns out Israeli strikes on Kiswah base also blasted several buildings SW of suspected Iranian base
Putin discussed the situation in Syria with the Patriarch of Antioch and all the East
Syrian Army reached outskirts of al-Jalaa after captured al-Qataa and hills - East Deir ez-zor
FSA Jaish Nasr wiped out today a BMP with a TOW on Rabda front (NE. Hama).
NE. Hama: enormous fireball on Rabda front after Jaish Nasr blew up a BMP with a TOW.8 月 前
NE. Hama: enormous fireball on Rabda front after Jaish Nasr blew up a BMP with a TOW.
YPG informs about death of 7 their fighters on different fronts in Syria
Russian DM: Russian air force supports the attack of Kurdish forces east of the Euphrates River in Syria.
Russian Defense Ministry: Kurdish factions in Syria are ready to ensure the safety of our troops on the east coast of the Euphrates River.
SAMS: Despite a ceasefire deal, airstrikes have targeted several cities and towns in Damascus province. At least six people were killed in Arbeen, while two others died in Haresta
Houthi leader now, standing by claim to have targeted Abu Dhabi nuclear plant, says UAE not safe for business; investors should look to Iraq and Syria instead
Indonesia's leading ISIS militant Bahrun Naim, is believed to be killed in Syria according to chatter on social media. He was behind 2016 Jakarta terror attack
Newly released Satellite images show damage to Iranian base after a (Reportedly) Israeli airstrike
ISIS Hunters found and eliminated leader of ISIS group, which earlier captured and executed two Russian fighters. Special operation conducted north to AbuKamal
Warplanes carried out airstrikes targeting Tel Khanazir village, no casualties among civilians reported
ISIS still has "some small pockets that are able to provide some resistance" in Iraq, Syria, per coalition official, citing 200-person ISIS counterattack several days ago
Radar installation in/near Dumeir Airbase burning after targeted today. Sources from nearby besieged town of Dumeir confirm strike carried out by a warplane.
Black smoke seen after the warplanes (believe to be Israeli) carried out airstrikes targeting government military airbase nearby Dhumair city. Northeast Damascus countryside
Russian Hmeymem airbase in Syria: Assad's army lost ~350 fixed wing and ~100 helicopters since 2011.
Unidentified warplanes bombard the Syrian Government positions in Radar brigade located in Dumair airbase in Rif Dimashq province
Noor al-Din Zenkey shelling mortars targeting SAA militias positions at Alasharafiyeh fronts North Homs countryside
East Syria: ISIS carried out a twin SVBIED attack blowing up gatherings of pro-Assad forces West of Salhiyah.
Many airstrikes by warplanes targeted town of Al-Megaodah in the countryside of Al Bukamal
28 towns and villages in southern and Eastern Homs joined the deescalation and national reconciliation program by the sponsorship of the reconciliation center in Humeymim base and the security branches in Homs from them : Palmyra - Al Ameriya - Al Daba'a and Others
Clashes between Pro-Assad-forces and Turkey backed FSA south of Al Bab town in eastern Aleppo
Israeli army: Rocket sirens in northern Israel were false alarm
Drones hovering over Afrin Meanwhile, anonymous drones are hovering over Afrin area villages
8 月 前
Sirens heard in the Golan Heights
Turkish UAV still flying over N-W Syria
A New Group Of Female Fighters Have Graduated Şehîd Şîlan Academy, From Aleppo's Afrin, And Joined The YPJ
Now ISIS is claiming it shot down a Syrian warplane around al-Bukamal
Deir ez-Zur Eastern countryside: The ISIS targets the forces of the government and its militias with a car bomb on the outskirts of the village of Salhiya in the countryside of Bu Kamal in the battles
IED planted under the Abu Zaed's car, he is the director of Khan Sheykhoun Electricity Department. No casualties among civilians
US delivers 100+ Humvees to Kurdish forces to SDF, YPG
IDPs from Deir Al Zour who were rescued by SDF and settled in the Sedê Camp in Shaddadi, are returning to their villages that have been cleared of mines The 1st group left for Abu Khasab, Kasra, Suwar, Birsera, Jawhar, Jazrat, Shihel and Diban today and the 2d group in a few days
East Syria: another Iranian commander (Mansour Hafshajani, IRGC) killed on Abu Kemal front.
HTS has recaptured All lost positions in and near Al-Rahjan
Aircraft reportedly crashed near Al Buqamal, 2 pilots were captured by ISIS near Al Baqan village
Seventeen civilians killed in Hamouriyah town in Eastern Ghouta
Russia further expands North Caucasian military police units for Syria: 150 North Ossetian soldiers to be sent to Syria in coming days
Clashes reported in Jabal Zawiya between HTS and Jund al-Mallahem (which has some former Jund al-Aqsa in its ranks)
Moments after the air raid which targeted the residential neighborhoods in Mesraba town in Eastern Ghouta, Syria.
Mesraba: One civilian was killed, others injured after heavy bombing by air forces and artillery shells targeted the town in Eastern Ghouta.
East Syria: aftermath of ISIS SVBIED which blew up a checkpoint on road to Sukhnah outskirts.
Aleppo: pics showing today's bombardment on several locations and Colonel Ali Sumeilan killed yesterday on Rashidiyah front.
HTS took back village of Rahjan from government and stopped an advance towards nearby Shakushiyah (E. outskirts).
YPG Spox Nuri Mahmud talking about the liberation of northern Deir Al Zour
Turkish Air Force drone UAV tracking west of Aleppo Syria
SOHR: About 35 casualties and wounded in a new massacre by the warplanes in Hamuriya city controlled by Al-Rahman Corps in the Eastern Ghouta
FSA 1st Coastal Division -Fagot ATGM strike kills group of 3 government forces in response to daily artillery bombardment Jabal al-Turkmen Latakia:
FSA 1st Coastal Division -Fagot ATGM strike kills group of 3 government forces in response to daily artillery bombardment Jabal al-Turkmen Latakia:
IDF:A short while ago, a projectile was fired from Syria at the S Golan Heights. The projectile is most likely stray fire from internal fighting in Syria. No injuries reported. Israeli army troops are searching the area
8 月 前
Rocket fired from Syria exploded in Ramat Hagolan in Northern Israel moments ago.
Another group TOWed in Latakia mountains
Pictures of SyAF/RuAF raids on Salehiya village East DeirEzzor
6 Russian Tu-22M3 bombers hit ISIS targets in Deir-ez-Zur
YPG announce defeat of ISIS east of Euphrates
8 月 前
Minibus carrying illegal migrants from Syria collides with truck in southern Turkey's Hatay, 10 dead, 6 injured
Rural Hama: FSA forces target government's operations room with TOW missile in Rabda axis, rural east Hama8 月 前
Rural Hama: FSA forces target government's operations room with TOW missile in Rabda axis, rural east Hama
Several civilians killed by warplanes airstrikes targeting a popular market in Hamouriyah town, more than 13 dead so far
Destroyed ISIS Toyota Land Cruiser / ZPU-2
Destroyed ISIS Toyota Land Cruiser / ZPU-2
Abu Kemal. Destroyed MT-LB inside the town.
YPG claims capturing all Deir Azzur countryside from ISIS, with support from both US coalition and Russia
The skies of besieged Eastern Ghouta now aftermath several airstrikes by government
Russian and YPG military officials held a joint press briefing regarding the fight against IS
IED explosion nearby al-Mehrab roundabout resulting in casualties among civilians in Idlib city
Death toll of strikes on Eastern Ghouta rise to 10 civilians, including two children
The Arabic text for statement today by Russian military officials and SDF officials in Deir Ez-Zor
At least 8 people, mostly children, killed by government air strikes on Hamoriya and Irbin, towns in Eastern Ghouta. Dozens of others have been injured
Syrian Army reached near al-Qataa after significant advance from al-Salihiyah Deir Ez-zor
SAA Tiger forces advance to Al-Bukamal city from Al-Salhiha village , captured 8 villages
A new massacre in Hamouriah city this morning, 6 dead and many wounded so far, after an air raid on the residential neighborhoods in the city
Pro-Hezbollah al-Mayadeen claims Russian-made Pantsir anti-aircraft system under the supervision of Russian experts shot down the Israeli missiles
Also hit another part of Iranian base about 5000 ft away
Pro-Assad forces renewed the bombardment on Beit Jan village now
Strange vehicle seen in Harasta. Tank or BMP chassis with spaced armor and a turret armed with what appears to be a ZU-23-2.
Destruction aftermath warplanes airstrikes targeted al-Salihiyah village in Abu-al-Kamal countryside
SDF has captured Suwaydan Jazira from ISIS
A photo showing several American soldiers standing next to Maghawir Al Thawra (Revolutionary Commando Army) one of the FSA Groups supported by the coalition near Tanf Area
CIA Director: 'Great risk' in ISIS migrating to Africa including Niger, Libya and Somalia after fall of caliphate in Iraq and Syria
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