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23 9月 2018

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More US military reinforcements to Omar field
More US military reinforcements to Omar field
Turkish artillery shelling targets the positions of YPG troops in the vicinity of the Afrin city
DeirEzzor: Coalition targeted government forces crossed into SDF militia areas in north of Euphrates River in the eastern countryside
Russian Ruptly tv whole 6 hours from Hamouriyah Ghouta
Russian Ruptly tv whole 6 hours from Hamouriyah Ghouta
Thousands of inhabitants of Afrin city continue to move towards areas under Syrian Gov't / SAA control
Turkey and Euphrates Shield factions prevent a convoy of displaced civilians from Al-Qadam neighborhood (in Damascus) from entering Al-Bab city
SAA captured Hamouriyah and Al-Rayhan in Eastern Ghouta
NW. Hama: the first Panthera F9 taken out (Kernaz front) since FSA got them 2 months ago.
Local health authorities tell Kurdistan 24 TV journalist Hawar Ali that due to Turkish attacks they are forced to empty Afrin main hospital and moved all the equipment and injured people to saver place
Eastern Damascus: Russia|n Su-34 in East Ghouta and airstrike on Harasta-Duma front.
RuAF A-50 AEW aircraft near Al-Lataminah
RuAF A-50 AEW aircraft near Al-Lataminah
Al-Wafedeen camp: for the third consecutive day, @SYRedCrescent teams support sick people and their accompanies with needed services and transport them to Damascus hospitals and makeshift shelters
Eastern Damascus: an aid convoy was allowed to reach Duma today. The way it was unloaded is telling (last convoy was forced to leave partially loaded due to bombardment).
US National Security Adviser: Russia and Iran hamper US efforts in Syria
HR McMaster notes that since the passage of UNSC2401 Russia has conducted at least 20 airstrikes a day in Eastern Ghouta.
NSA HR McMaster addressing Syria at Holocaust museum: We can not stop at remembrance we must also act
"Our interest in Syria is to defeat ISIS" repeats @DeptofDefense's White, re US position on Assad
The European Union announces new sanctions against Syria for chemical attacks
Asked if it is still US policy that Syria's Assad must go, @ChiefPentSpox says only "Our mission in Syria is to defeat ISIS. It is not our intention to be part of a civil warwe are pushing toward the Geneva process"
"It would be ill-advised for the Assad government to use any gas [chemical weapons]" says DoD's Dana White when asked if US prepared to go beyond rhetoric in Syria "This administration has been quite clear"
"We are going to be consistent in that message and we are going to continue to urge them to do that" says @ChiefPentSpox "We will use the @UN. We will use our partners."
"We urge Russia to compel the Assad government to stop killing innocent Syrians and allow much need aid to reach the people of East Ghouta", says Pentagon's Dana White, calling for resumption of Geneva talks
US @DeptofDefense expressing more unhappiness with Russia in Syria "Russia enables the Assad government" says @ChiefPentSpox, adding when it comes to East Ghouta "Their double-dealing is exacerbating the loss of innocent lives Russia is morally complicit and responsible"
Eastern Damascus: biggest forced displacement of civilians by Assad government started. E. Ghouta beginning to be evacuated following unprecedented bombardment campaign (5 weeks) and ground offensive.
AfrinOp: OliveBranch forces announce capture of key village of Maydanki, meaning whole Reservoir is under their control.
RU AF (presumed) bombed Hubayt in Idlib Rif
The Free Syrian Army forces control the village of Maidanki in the Sharan axis of rural Afrin
FSA National Army 3rd Legion forces in the village of Ali Jara [علي جارو] on the axis of Shaykh al-Hadid after village was seized
Panthera F9 APC captured from Rebels in Northern Hama by SAA
Syria government controls 70 percent of Ghouta enclave: monitor
SAA Tiger Forces captured Hamouriyah in Damascus
Rebels are withdrawing from Hammouriyeh and Saqba.
Intense Turkish warplanes attack on Afrin. Civilian casualties
Casualties among civilians in Jisr Al-Shoughor city after renewed artillery shelling in the residential neighborhoods in the city.
Syrian TV says up to 10k civilians have crossed or are crossing Hamouriyah corridor leaving East Ghouta towards Syrian Government areas.
TASS: Lavrov says that Russia will try to get the West to implement the UNSC resolution on Syria.
The Free Syrian Army forces control the villages of Qutan and Berkshli in the Bulbul area of ​​the Afrin
The Free Syrian Army forces control the villages of Maska Faqani, Tahtani and the surrounding hills in the Jenderes district of the countryside of Afrin
Turkish airstrikes and shellings on the city Afrin still continuing. In the surrounding of Afrin city's westside, YPG destroyed a military vehicle
Observatory: More than 3,000 Syrians left Hamouriyeh in al-Ghouta and headed to the government controlled areas
Shelling on Al Tamenah, North Hama
Shelling on Al Tamenah, North Hama
Miske Fawqani has been captured.
Pictures: Afrin's city center after heavy Turkish bombardments today. The bombardments by the Turkish army is still ongoing
The Free Syrian Army forces control the village of Ali Jaro in the axis of Sheikh El-Hadid in the countryside of Afrin
The Syrian Free Army forces control the villages of Baraka, Gumazanli and Hamorajo in the Shaikh al-Hadid axis
Turkish warplanes carried out airstrike in Afrin moments ago.
E. Ghouta: footage showing government assault on Rayhan front with UR-77, seizing some Jaish Islam's positions in outskirts. Battle ongoing there for 2nd week.
Miske Tahtani has been captured.
100s of Hammouriyeh residents streaming out of town towards SAA points in town, around 1 mile from centre. Loads more opted to go further in towards Irbin and Zamalka. Less than 100 fighters remaining in town, currently mulling withdrawal "after all civilians leave".
Miske Tahtani village was captured by "Al Sharqiya army"
FSA National Army , the Al-Hamzah Brigade captured Julaki village in Bulbul area
Olive Branch forces captured Alicara, Birka, Humuraju in the Hadid area.
The Free Syrian Army forces control the villages of Jalaki and Kurseli in the Bulbul area
Russian military claims they extend 'humanitarian pause' for 2 days in part of Syria's embattled eastern Ghouta enclave.
Naz Usagi/Mahabiyah has been captured west of the dam.
Zarka, Galor, Barkasha mountain, hill 1102 were captured by Olive Branch forces in the Raco/Bulbul axis.
The Syrian Free Army forces control the village of Mahabiya in Bulbul axis
The Free Syrian Army forces control the villages of Zarqa, Galor, Jabal Berkesh and Hill 1102 in the Admanli area of ​​the village of Afrin
Raqqa external affairs official Omar Aloush assassinated in his home in Tal Abyad. I interviewed him short time ago in Ain al Issa on situation in Raqqa. Asayis investigating it
6 月 前
President Erdoğan's spox says new U.S Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is not well informed about the issue, will cost 1-2 weeks to Manbij plan
6 月 前
President Erdoğan's spox İbrahim Kalın says U.S-Turkey agreement on Syria's Manbij is binding, deal will not change due to Tillerson's departure
2 NDF fighters from the Christian city of Suqaylabiyah killed while repelling rebel attack in northern Hama
6 月 前
Turkey: Road map agreed with Washington on Manbij on establishment of a safe area there
Clashes in Meydankay at eastern bank of dam in northern Afrin
Syrian Arab Army regained control of Kernaz and al-Hamamiyat in northern Hama countryside after repelling large attack by rebel groups yesterday
Eastern Damascus: non-stop bombardment by government and Russia on East Ghouta towns with all kinds of weapons. Video shows several airstrikes with incendiary ammunition.
ICRC Syria:On our way to Douma Eastern Ghouta to deliver more aid with @SYRedCrescent and @UN. 25 trucks waiting at Wafedin camp to enter. This is just a little of what these families need.
VIDEO of Tonights Russia Russian Air Strikes targeting East Ghouta.
Heavy Bombardment on Hazeh tonight
Syria army storms key rebel-held town of Hammuriyeh in Eastern Ghouta after deadly air strikes there today, monitor and @AFP correspondent there say
Syrian army and allies targeting Al Lataminah with incendiary ammunition
Syria army enters key rebel-held town of Ghouta: monitor
20 Suffocation cases amongst civilians were reported in Hammorya town, Eastern Ghouta
Turkish airforce Tal Rifat entrance
Turkish warplanes carried out airstrikes around Dair Jamal.
SDF has amassed forces near the Khasham pocket and is preparing to launch an offensive against government Forces on the Eastern Bank of the Euphrates River
According to local sources Turkish jets are still conducting airstrikes on Afrin's city center in these minutes while the death toll has risen to 5
Warplanes bombard the town of Hobait, North Hama-Idlib
Warplanes bombard the town of Hobait, North Hama-Idlib
Brawl between civilians and YPG members trying to block them from leaving SW of Afrin city by digging ditches
Such rare footage is important because it provides clear evidence SyAF Mi-17s dropped crude and unguided bombs over highly populated towns in E. Ghouta/Damascus. First 2 pics show improvised barrel bomb. Syria
FSA captured Jolakan village from YPG
NDF mahardeh recaptured Hamamiyat after recapture Kernaz
Eastern Damascus: footage clearly showing some SyAF warplanes and choppers dropping bombs all over East Ghouta towns. Also a RuAF warplane filmed.
Smoke rises in Afrin after Turkish forces reportedly shell city centre
Unknown location
American YPG fighter Jake Klipsch was killed
Jake Klipsch, a YPG volunteer from the United States who has been missing for several weeks, has   been confirmed deceased says IPV   Unclear how he died. But not confirmed yet by YPG6 月 前
Unknown location
Jake Klipsch, a YPG volunteer from the United States who has been missing for several weeks, has been confirmed deceased says IPV Unclear how he died. But not confirmed yet by YPG
The Free Syrian Army forces control the villages of Huliu, Kafr Dali Fokani, and Fulkan in the Afrin region
FSA captured 2 YPG militias alive in Kafr Shil W. outskirts (~900 m) of Afrin-city.
The Free Syrian Army forces control the village of Kafrshil in the Afrin axis
The Free Syrian Army forces control the village of Al-Nira and hill 717 in the Jenderes region of rural Afrin
The second part, consists of 24 patients, exited Douma city in Eastern Ghouta towards Damascus city to receive treatment, according to agreement between Russian forces and Islam Army sponsored by UN, on Mar 14 Syria
Turkish army start pounding Afrin with artillery.
2 dead and many civilians injured as a result of the warplanes targeting on residential neighborhoods in the city of Erbin
NW. Hama: pre-emptive shelling by FSA Jaish Izza with heavy weaponry in battle launched this morning to support E. Ghouta.
The YPG announced the deaths of 14 more fighters in fighting with Olive Branch forces and the Turkish Army in Afrin region
Clashes still ongoing in Hammamat and Kernaz Hama
NW. Hama: JTS lost a field commander (Abu Esria "Kernaz"), while trying to take back his village (Kernaz) from government.
Turkish Army renews airstrikes on Afrin targeting the YPG.
Pro-Syrian government forces fired a dozen artillery rounds that landed ~2km from a joint patrol that included coalition advisers near At Tanf, Syria on Tuesday, according to @CJTFOIR. The indirect fire landed within the pre-negotiated 55km de-confliction zone.
YPG ATGM attack at Meydanke Dam
Turkish army is shelling Afrin's city Center
Eastern Damascus: bombardment ongoing on E. Ghouta towns for the 6th week now. Today 10s civilians killed, among them 2 young brothers from Hamouriyah.
Al Hamzah brigade inside the village of Kaziyya, west to Afrin
The Syrian Free Army forces control the village of Kazziziyah on the Jenderes axis
YPG ATGM hit a Turkish of FSA military vehicle
NW. Hama: Kernaz bombed by government in attempt to regain the location seized by Rebels.
1st Infantry Div. and Jaysh al-Shaeb announce the capture of a BMP after street fighting in Karnaz Hama
White Helmets: Having worked for 18 hours sifting through the massive destruction left by intensive Russian air raids on Idlib city Tuesday, WhiteHelmets teams ended their rescue operation. The confirmed civilian toll was 3 rescued alive and 9 dead.
Syrian Army captured Hawsh Mubarakat East of Rayham and reached mosque in center of Rayhan Damascus
U.S SOF in Raqqa.
NW. Hama: first government fatalities acknowledged on Kernaz front. Most of them from NDF.
Jaysh al-Ahrar in partnership with other Revolutionary factions announce control over Karnaz and al-Hamamiyat from the Assad government NW Hama
NW. Hama: less known, but also part of current operation on Kernaz front along with Jaish Izza: FSA 111st governmentnt, Salvation Front and First Infantry Division.
Fighting in Battle "Anger for Ghouta" focuses on Karnaz, al-Hamamiyat, and al-Mughayyir Hama
Ahmad Hamdan, East Ghouta actor, activist and chemical attack survivor, was killed by an airstrike today in Hamouriya.
Jabhat al-Inqaz al-Mouqatela shelling government positions in al-Mugheer village with 107 mm rockets
Jabhat al-Inqaz al-Mouqatela shelling government positions in Kernaz NW. Hama countryside with 23mm gun
Jabhat al-Inqaz al-Mouqatela shelling government positions in Kernaz NW. Hama countryside with 23mm gun
Battle "Anger For Ghouta" begins in Northern and Western Hama:, JTS, 111st governmentnt, Liwa Shuhada al-Tremseh, Jaysh al-Ahrar, 1st Infantry Div., Tajammu Ahl al-Sham, Jaysh al-Ezzah , Jabhat al-Inqadh al-Muqatilah, Jaysh al-Shaab, Liwa al-Hamza, Second Army
AfrinOp: Hezbollah flags during funeral ceremony of pro-Assad fighters killed by Turkish airstrikes. They were part of Syrian Hezbollah from Nubul-Zahraa.
Syrian Red Crescent says convoy to enter Ghouta city
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
SAA regular units from the 5th Corps. Will began deploying in Afrin. And YPG militias will leave the region.
Afrin administration distributes bread to locals round-the-clock in 11 areas. Some bakeries in Afrin are unable to operate after being hit in Turkish airstrikes last month.
NW. Hama: Rebels inside Kernaz following takeover from government in battle to support E. Ghouta.
Damascus countryside: The number of air raids targeting residential areas in the town of Kafr Batna increased to 10
FSA fighters inside the town of Kernaz, which was seized from Assad government. Hama
Syrian army entered Jisreen and controlled almost half of city, clashes ongoing
Pics from NDF checkpoint near Nubl-Zahraa targeted by Turkish bombing this morning
Rebels captured Kernaz village in North Hama
Part of pre-emptive shelling and Rebels heading to front in NW. Hama. Among vehicles used a Panthera F9 and one T-62M. Hamamiyat and Kernaz seized from government.
The Syrian Free Army forces control the village of Maarata in the Jinderes axis
Several squads of the Free Syrian Army FSA (including Jaysh Al-Izza), Jaysh Al-Ahrar and Jabhat Tahrir Souriya #JTS launched an offensive named "Anger for Ghouta" against the #SAA Syrian Army and its allies north-west of #Hama, taking #Kernaz and #Hamamiyat #Syria
Turkish police special forces in Afrin.
Olive Branch forces captured the strategic village of Maarrata near Afrin.
Al Hamzah brigade captured Ma'arata village West to Afrin
Eastern Ghouta: The troops continue advancing and seize multiple buildings inside Jisreen
FSA backed by TSK announced the control of Shadir, Gazawiyah villages, a military camp and surrounding hills from YPG.
The Free Syrian Army forces control the villages of Kuran Sheikh Al-Deir and its hills and the Al Ghazzawiyah and its camp in the axis of Jinderes rural Afrin after fighting with the YPG
FSA took Al-Ghazzawiyah, Shader, training camp and several hills from YPG in SW Afrin
3 civilians were killed, and many others injured after renewed aerial and artillery bombardment of the civilian neighborhoods in Qalat Almadeek city in the western countryside of Hama. @SyriaCivilDefe search and rescue operations continue.
Olive Branch forces captured Kuran/Kural in northern Jinderes.
Pro government militias claim that they are shelling the military positions of Turkish army and FSA in Marea.
8 NDF fighters from Nubl-Zahraa were killed in an air raid by Turkish warplanes on a checkpoint
Ertugrul B. published a video from Tal Rifat. No military presence of Russia or Saa. But the government flag is visible. And no civilians in the eastern part of the railway
The moment of the arrival of the displaced from the neighborhood of al-Kadam to the north of Syria6 月 前
The moment of the arrival of the displaced from the neighborhood of al-Kadam to the north of Syria
Death toll has risen to 8 pro-Government fighters following Turkish air strike on road to Afrin – report
Five pro-Government fighters were killed after Turkish air strikes hit checkpoint on road to Afrin
The Syrian Free Army forces control the village of Al Yabisa on Bulbul axis
NW. Hama: heavy clashes on Kernaz front as N. Hama Rebels launched an operation in support of E. Ghouta following pre-emptive shelling.
Moscow: More than 300 people have left the eastern Ghouta for Damascus since the opening of the humanitarian corridor
6 月 前
At least 3,444 militants have been "neutralized" in Operation Olive Branch in Syria's Afrin, Turkish military says
Hama now: artillery shelling targeting the towns of Kafr Zeita, Altamneh and Zakat village north of Hama.
Operation Olive Branch video clip
Operation Olive Branch video clip
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