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25 9月 2018

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1:37: Hameimim Airport - Now a Russian warplane is flying towards the southeast
2 月 前
Russia's Defence Ministry said to have expressed "gratitude" to Israel for striking ISIS postion during retaliatory strike on Syria's Quneitra
Daraa: Isis claims to have killed 2 SAA's intelligence soldiers in Jassim.
Isis claims to have destroyed 2 SAA tanks with a SVBIED in Ain Dhakr.
Anna News report. Sayda Al-Golan, Quneitra. Abandoned / captured UNDOF RG-31 Nyala MRAPs
Anna News report. Sayda Al-Golan, Quneitra. Abandoned / captured UNDOF RG-31 Nyala MRAPs
Reports claiming that Turkish warplanes flying over the region.
Pompeo just confirmed that Trump and Putin discussed Israeli security in relation to Syria.
Netanyahu consulted on developing situation in Gaza, north
Big explosion reported at Turkish Observation point near Jisr Shughur, Western Idlib
Government Axis Forces are de-mining the front-lines in Latakia and West Idlib.
Pompeo names 3 Understandings with Russia in Helsinki : 1-Business to business leadership exchange; 2-Reestablishing Counter Terror council 3-Working to see Possibilities in Syria: Displaced to return, pol. solution. (No change on Magnitsky act, no change on Ukraine)
Defense Secretary Mattis: "The only reason that the murderer Assad is still in power, the primary reason is because Iran has stuck by him, reinforced him, funded him."
N. Syria: Jebal Turkman hit by incendiary bombardment (NE. Latakia).
2 月 前
Russia protested to Israel after the Israeli military shot down a Syrian plane
Vehicles captured by SAA today during advance in Daesh pocket western daraa countryside
"Syria's horrific use of chemical weapons, including attacks against innocent women and children, remains deeply embedded in our minds," says Sigal Mandelker, @USTreasury undersecretary for terrorism.
Over 150 people are dead after deadly suicide bomb and gun attacks in Syria's Sweida province claimed by Daesh
Israel Army: Following reports regarding sirens in the Golan Regional Council, a projectile launch was identified from Syria at Israeli territory. It appears to have been errant fire from the internal fighting in Syria
U.S. Treasury sanctions people linked to Syria chemical weapons
2 月 前
Two missiles launched from Syria landed in the Sea of Galilee. Summer revelers enjoying the water saw two projectiles fall out of the sky.
[email protected] and France sanction 5 entities, 8 individuals charges with being "key components of a vast network procuring electronics on behalf" of Syria's chemical weapons program
FSA's Third Legion carried out an operation against YPG in Afrin mountains.
US sanctions five entities, eight people with ties to #Syria's chemical weapons program: statement. The sanctions were imposed in coordination with France.
2 月 前
Code Red Alert - Golan: Appears to be unintentional mortar fire resulting from the Syrian war, one impact reported.
2 月 前
A warning sirens sounded in the Golan Heights
South Syria: very low-flying SyAF warplanes bombing outskirts of Shbeki following ISIS attack (E. Suweida).
FSA's Third Legion dismantled a VBIED in Kafr Jannah, near Afrin.
More than 150 dead in IS attacks on Syria's Sweida, monitor says
Syrian Army capture Ayn Dhakar and Abu Hartayn villages west of Tasil Daraa
Airstikes and detailed info from @CJTFOIR on IS targets and threat to Europe and Saudi Arabia from Syria
Syrian Observatory: More than 100 people killed by ISIS attacks in the Suweida
New official death toll of ISIS attacks in Suweida is in sharp increase: 180 casualties (including 100 killed)
A official IS claim appeared confirming their involvement in this massive attack in Swayda.2 月 前
A official IS claim appeared confirming their involvement in this massive attack in Swayda.
2 月 前
Turkey's Erdogan says will discuss Idlib, Deraa with Russia's Putin
After Merkel, Netanyahu Russian FM Lavrov and Head of general staff Gerasimov met with Macron, discussed Syria and Ukraine
List with names of injured in attack on Suweida today
South Syria: wreckage of SyAF Su-22 shot down by Patriot missile yesterday over Yarmouk Basin.
Explosion in Shadadi costed the life of one civilians and one injured.
Death_toll in Syria's Sweida rises to 50 as multiple explosions and attacks reported
Government launched an Offensive vs ISIS in E. Suweida desert 7 weeks ago but withdrew many troops for Daraa Offensive. Today IS was able to infiltrate prov. capital and take control of villages. Airstrikes and reinforcements were needed to take them back after 6+ hrs. Syria.
Syrian Army takes control of Jilin, Libyan company in Yarmouk basin in Daraa northwestern countryside
Footage of the newly captured 35 kilometres of area from ISIS in DeirEzzor.
Suweida: Syrian Army and locals secured Shbeiki - Shureihi - Rami and Duma , eastern sweida countryside locations :
Swaida: Syria 2 explosions so far inside the neighborhoods of Swaida city 41 dead and dozens wounded ISIS controls villages Shabki, Shurahi and Tal Basir, in northeast 22 killed Assad forces and 15 ISIS. Intensive air raids
32 dead in string of south Syria suicide attacks: monitor
Nassib border crossing in Daraa between Syria and Jordan will officially open in one weeks time on August 1st.
South Syria: Al-Quds Brigade destroyed an ISIS 23 mounted gun with an ATGM on Jalin front. Tonight large assault is renewed on several fronts, sparking very intense clashes and bombardment.
Co-president of Syria Democratic Council ; First we intend to negotiate with Syrian government about services related issues, test level of mutual trust and then might extend it for full negotiation for a political solution towards a decentralized and democratic Syria."
@netanyahu on downed Syrian fighter jet: This was a gross violation of the 1974 separation agreement - we will not accept it
South Syria: aftermath of crash of SyAF warplane shot down by Patriot missile in Yarmouk Basin, close to border with Israel.
UN envoy warns of increasing confrontations between Syria, Israel after the fight jet incident
Israel ambassador to UN says Syria was warned not to breach 1974 separation of forces agreement.
Sputnik: Syrian pilot killed and the other MIA after Su plane was hit by an Israeli missile over the Golan
2 月 前
Colonel Omran Marii The pilot of the downed SyAAF Su-22M4 killed
2 月 前
The Israeli Embassy in Moscow: the results of Lavrov's visit to Israel are positive and relations with Russia are practical and good
Russian delegation to arrive in Beirut Thursday to follow up on Syrian refugee return plan: source
Israel's military says warnings were given in a number of languages and several different channels before the Syrian jet was shot down.
Israel military says the jet crashed in Syria Golan, no sign of parachutes.
Israel says it issued multiple general warnings to Syria Russia that it would not tolerate government aircraft coming over the Golan. Those warnings were made in recent days
2 月 前
Merkel and Lavrov discussed Syria and Ukraine
Syrian state media report the jet was conducting a raid inside Syria when it was targeted by Israel
SDF Rawdah and Hasakah Axises have met
2 月 前
SDF is heading towards SDF-Held Al-Baghuz Tahtani from its lately advanced areas in the Northeast Deir Ez Zor Desert,and both Axises of SDF advance have met
2 Israeli Air Force Airborne Early Warning G550s watching the skies over Israel
Israeli military spokes says the Syrian warplane, an Su-22 or 24, took off from the T4 airbase
Israeli Defense Forces say they're on "high alert" due to heightened internal clashes in Syria today and increased activity by Syria jet fighters.
Syrian military has confirmed the jet was shot down along the border. The pilot mistakenly crossed over the border after bombing Daesh in the northwestern corridor of the Yarmouk Basin.
Syrian government admits the fall of an aircraft by Israeli fire
South Syria: ISIS released 1st photos since government started Offensive on Yarmouk Basin. Destroyed T-72 Adra, mounted artillery and pair of RuAF Su-30s pictured.
Syria: Israeli shot down our warplane that was targeting terrorist groups
Local NDF in Al-Quneitra said that the pilot ejected in the ISIS-held part of the Yarmouk Basin region.
Russian Air Force 223rd Flight Squadron Tupolev Tu-154M is flying from Hmeimim air base in Latakia Syria to Moscow Chkalovsky It will enter Turkish airspace near Kilis.
Israel Army: Two Patriot missiles were launched at a Syrian Sukhoi fighter jet that infiltrated about 1 mile into Israeli airspace. The Israeli army monitored the fighter jet, which was then intercepted by the Patriot missiles.2 月 前
Israel Army: Two Patriot missiles were launched at a Syrian Sukhoi fighter jet that infiltrated about 1 mile into Israeli airspace. The Israeli army monitored the fighter jet, which was then intercepted by the Patriot missiles.
Sky News correspondent: The plane landed in the Yarmouk basin area inside Syrian territory
2 月 前
Israel says its air defenses intercepted Sukhoi plane after penetrating the Golan Heights
2 月 前
Israeli army says 2 Patriot missiles were launched at a Syrian Sukhoi fighter jet which penetrated 2km into northern Israel
SAA shelling Daesh at Tasil
Traces after missiles were launched on unknown target over Golan Heights
Red Alert Sirens in the Golan Heights. Reports of at least one missile fired at unknown target. More to follow.
Photos have been taken from the closest captured point to the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights of Tall Al-Rafeed in southern Al-Quneitra.2 月 前
Photos have been taken from the closest captured point to the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights of "Tall Al-Rafeed" in southern Al-Quneitra.
2 月 前
Sirens sound in northern Israel, in the city of Katzrin and in the Golan Heights and Jordan Valley regions, the army says. The military says it is investigating what set off the system.
Golan Heights: residents report of missile launches2 月 前
Golan Heights: residents report of missile launches
Red alert at Golan Heights2 月 前
Red alert at Golan Heights
Israeli army blown up 350 mines at Golan Heights in controlled explosion2 月 前
Israeli army blown up 350 mines at Golan Heights in controlled explosion
Isis released a new photo set from Daraa where we can see clashes with SAA soldiers; 2 Russian warplanes were spotted too
Syria's government appears to have quietly updated its records to mark hundreds of people detained in its notorious prisons as dead - without informing their families
While ISIS withdrew from most villages taken from Rebels, all attacks on Tell Jumou-Jalin were repelled, despite close air support and heavy bombing. IS says 3 tanks destroyed with ATGM s and SVBIED set off in Ain Zabda. Rising fatalities confirms fierce clashes. South Syria
Assad receives Anatoly Bibilov so-called "President of South Ossetia" who is in Syria for 3 day visit. President Bibilov thanks Syria for recognizing South Ossetia and his support and solidarity for Syria. Treaty of friendship and cooperation was signed between the countries.
Unknown group attacked a checkpoint of Sham Legion in Kafar Takharim city W Idlib
Cement concrete reached the Turkish observation post in the hill of El Iss south of Aleppo (to create a wall)
The death of Malek Khashroum, from Darayya city in Damascus suburbs, DueToTorture in a Syriangovernment forces detention center, Jul 23 Syria
SAA shelling Kafr Nabudah in Northern Hama
Unknown gunmen throw two bombs at the headquarters of the Kurdish militias in the neighborhood of Al Nashwa in Hasaka city
Explosive device blasted in Al Atarib city in Western Aleppo
Photos: Syrian army attacks Daesh in South-Western Syria with incendiary ammunition
Jaysh al-Ahrar dismantle mines planted by Assad government militias in Fu'ah Idlib
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