Map. History of Syria conflict

24 Îlon 2018
Airstrike on Abbas town, North-west to Al Bukamal, Deir ez-Zur this morning
Airstrike on Abbas town, North-west to Al Bukamal, Deir ez-Zur this morning
Intense RuAF airstrikes tonight on NE. Hama/SE. Idlib locations and in several cases incendiary bombs were dropped
SAA advanced into desert from Mayadin
An agreement was reached between NoureddineZanki and Tahrir Sham. Deal will take effect tomorrow morning. Tahrir Sham ordered to all troops stop conflicts.
10 month ago
Turkish border guards tortured to death 17-year-old Muhammad Haj Hussein from A'moud, Idlib, who attempted to sneak into Turkey. His corpse was tossed across the border.
East Damascus: Faylaq Al-Rahman announces over a dozen government casualties after Rebels set up a new ambush in Jobar.
Deir Ez Zor: Tiger_Forces Media Claims 30 KMs advance SE of Mayadin, but commander on the ground says 18
The Democratic Self-Government in northern Syria hands13 women and 29 children from ISIS families to the Russian government in the city of Qamishli
Video of press conference today with Russian army officials and YPG. Russia taking back isis families
Syriac Military Council, MFS/SDF unit patrolling inside newly captured of Al Busayrah in Deir ez Zor region
Al-Dukhul,Bir Al-Dukhul,Al-Haba,Bir Akhdarmay is under government Control,south of Kabajeb and Al-Shulah
At least one civilian killed today in Daret Ezza West Aleppo due clashes between HTS and Zenky Movement
Artillery shelling by pro-Assad forces on Zerba town South Aleppo.
Footage of the SDF fighters in the Al Busayrah village, freed today
DeirEzZor. Tiger Forces Field Commander: Allied Forces Lost many areas around Bukamal due to not having enough experience with ISIS and VBIEDS. Tiger Forces Advanced 14 KM towards Ashara from Mayadin Axis - then had to retreat 7 KM due to Unprotected Flanks.
Syria Tiger Forces Field Commander "No truth to ever OF Allied Forces and SAA captured Bukamal and truth is Only a Small part of South East of the city was captured" "Tiger Forces have been asked to increase frequency of attacks from Mayadin to Bukamal but its a very large distance"
Syrian Democratic Forces, SDF captured Al Busayrah in Deir ez Zor region which is at the right side of the Khabour river.
Demonstration for peace and justice in Syria in the center of Berlin today10 month ago
Demonstration for peace and justice in Syria in the center of Berlin today
Qalamoun Shield in Abu Ghar Hama10 month ago
Qalamoun Shield in Abu Ghar Hama
10 month ago
Qalamoun shield captured Abu al-Ghar, north-east Hama.
Hazem Al Barghash was been killed in an airstrike yesterday in Abu Kamal. AlBarghash was a member of the Islamic State Shura Concil
Video showing SyAF airstrikes on Jobar.
Israel signals free hand in Syria as U.S., Russia expand truce
Ajnad al-Sham released a statement saying that they've joined Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham.
Eastern Damascus: Several SyAF airstrikes hit Jobar this morning.
Images from the Syriac Military Council, MFS unit in the ongoing Deir ez Zor battle with SDF forces and @coalition @CENTCOM support.
Syria Islamic State Claims Killing 15 Kurdish Fighters In Suicide Bombing Near The Kharafi Road NE Of DeirEzzor.
10 month ago
[email protected]: When will all the haters and fools out there realize that having a good relationship with Russia is a good thing, not a bad thing. There always playing politics - bad for our country. I want to solve North Korea, Syria, Ukraine, terrorism, and Russia can greatly help!
10 month ago
[email protected]: Met with President Putin of Russia who was at APEC meetings. Good discussions on Syria. Hope for his help to solve, along with China the dangerous North Korea crisis. Progress being made.
IS Amaq propaganda reports relating to al-Bukamal today: Two SAA tanks destroyed with guided missiles near the grain silos in the village of al-Hamdan west of the city of al-Bukamal; three SAA soldiers were killed and others wounded after targeting their gathering in the village of al-Hari east of the city of al-Bukamal with a guided missile (proves SAA now controls the village). Other Amaq reports from today which proves the SAA control of al-Hari village: Three cars carrying heavy machine guns were destroyed by three guided missiles in the village by IS.
Reports that the SDF forces cleared al-Busayrah pocket
Al-Bukamal: clashes inside the city
President Putin and President Trump agreed to 'free and fair elections' in Syria, supervised by the UN, with refugees and diaspora Syrians eligible to participate in
SDF has captured the strategic and important town of Al-Busayrah from IS.
The forces of the government bombarded the town of Qalaat al-Madiq from its positions in the city of Sakalibiya (claims activists)
10 month ago
Qalamoun Shield forces reportedly captured al-Hasnawi village, north east Hama
Zenki has failed to take Darat Izza, however "Abu Mujahid", a judge in Darat Izza courthouse was killed
Idlib: Footage shows exact moment when a ammo basket got struck and exploded in the air after SAA airdropped several baskets over the besieged towns of Fu'ah and Kafriya.
IS regains full control of Syria border town Albu Kamal: monitor.
Footage: Clashes between Zinki and HTS at Darat Izza
Zinki launched an offensive on HTS-held Darat Izza. Also attacked via social media & accused Faylaq al-Sham fighters of helping HTS against Zenki, something which Faylaq denies who claim they are neutral in the conflict and want to resolve it
The forces of the government bombarded al-Zeyarah from its positions in Gorren (claims activists)
Idlib: SAA dropped baskets with ammo and weapons over Fuah and Kafriya, Rebels targeted it and one basket was destroyed.
Footage showing government blowing up areas in Jobar with UR-77's mine-clearing line charge. Seems second one quickly launched after first charge didn't explode.
Eastern Syria: Aleppo-based Al-Quds Brigade also involved in Abu Kamal battle, releasing list of 5 killed and 7 wounded. Group recently recruited fighters from Deir ez-Zor province.
Beit Jinn: Rebels announce the destruction of a SAA tank near Harafa.
Picture showing a mine-clearing line charge launched by government's UR-77 in Jobar followed by enormous blast.
Four SyAAF L-39 operating from Deir Ezzor air base (27 Oct 2017).
Eastern Damascus: Very intense clashes resumed in Jobar in conjunction with fall of 10s of IRAM rockets and government using UR-77 Meteorit trying to clear a way.
10 month ago
Turkish army establishing military points on its border with the Rajo Region and deployed heavy guns
SW. Damascus: After several failed assaults, government keeps bombarding Mt Hermon pocket and especially area around Mazrat BeitJin.
SE. Syria: More IS fighters reportedly arrested by FSA Maghaweer Thawra near al-Tanf area.
10 month ago
Turkish Army crossed Karasu River. Afrin, Raju. And builds a bridge on it
Turkey reconnaissance drone is flying over Afrin
SDF advance from north on Al-Busayrah town in eastern DeirEzZor -last ISIS stronghold at Khabur river
Video: Patriot shot down Russian-made UAV over Golan Heights
10 month ago
Israel announces that the drone that it shot down over the Golan is Russian-made
Israeli Patriot shot down UAV over Golan Heights10 month ago
Israeli Patriot shot down UAV over Golan Heights
10 month ago
Israeli military confirms Patriot missile intercepted drone near Syrian border
SDF has captured Burayha from IS
10 month ago
Russian foreign ministry's statement on Lavrov-Tillerson is stating just that the two 'discussed resolution of the Syrian crisis'
Ussian Air Force IL76 Heavy lift - Unusual route out from Syria10 month ago
Ussian Air Force IL76 Heavy lift - Unusual route out from Syria
Video shows the city of Markada south of Hasaka , after being controlled by the SDF after the expulsion of ISIS
US President Donald Trump and Russian leader Putin agree there is "no military solution" for the war in Syria in a joint statement approved on the sidelines of Asia-Pacific summit
10 month ago
BBC: Iran establishes a permanent airbase in Syria
Happening in Deir ez Zor operation: MFS and YPG alsmost cleaned all the Markada area from ISIS and all the landmines and and continuous gains in direction south the river. On other front, MFS fighters storming Baghdadi village north of Al Busayrah
Footage show Hezbollah at AbuKamal outskirts
Footage show Hezbollah at AbuKamal outskirts
According to local media, Alexey Cherkasov from Ussuriysk in the Russian Far East has been killed in Syria. Friends on social media confirm his death. It is currently unknown whether Cherkasov was an active Russian soldier or a "Wagner PMC" mercenary when he went to Syria.
10 month ago
APEC summit over. Trump on his way to board AF1 for flight to Hanoi. Still no WH comment on Putin meeting/Syria. And @PressSec tells pool she'll address the news blackout during the in-flight gaggle.
10 month ago
[email protected]_russia denies attacks on Russia's servicemen in Syria's Latakia: "There were no attacks on Russian servicemen or transport convoys in the Syrian province of Latakia and the Russian air base in Hmeymim operates in regular mode,"
Russian Govenment chartered, Russia flag RoRo Alexandr Tkachenko transits Bosphorus en route to Tartus Syria carrying Zil, KamAZ and Ural trucks10 month ago
Russian Govenment chartered, Russia flag RoRo Alexandr Tkachenko transits Bosphorus en route to Tartus Syria carrying Zil, KamAZ and Ural trucks
10 month ago
Kremlin says Trump and Putin during their brief chats in Vietnam agreed on a statement on Syria.
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