Map. History of Syria conflict

24 Îlon 2018
Eastern Damascus: residents from Harasta arriving in N. Hama after their forced displacement from E. Ghouta. One injured died during transport in ambulance.
US-led coalition bombed convoy of pro-Assad forces in vicinity of Hisham and Marat in Syria's Deir ez-Zor province with many casualties and a lot of destroyed military equipment reported. Possibly another instance of Russian PMCs killed.
Syria: it is believed the mass grave of FSA fighters whose bodies were paraded by YPG-SDF following failed attack has been found near Afrin Dam (Maydanki).
Syrian army controls the entire town of Ein Tarma in the southern sector of the Eastern Ghouta and raises the Syrian flag in the middle of the town.
Most of Faylaq al-Rhaman fighters withdrew from Jobar district, few left behind they are burning their positions and ammo depots there
FSA forces captured Fefitin, Berceke and Kushin villages in the south of Afrin
Large demonstrations in Tal Rifaat city near Al-Bab.
Large demonstrations in Tal Rifaat city near Al-Bab.
Syrian army captured Ain Terma town in Damascus
Large-scale demonstrations in northern Syria continue, demanding Turkey and "OliveBranch" forces to capture Tal Rifaat
6 month ago
Erdogan: Afrin will be joined with Euphrates Shield region.
Syrian TV: A new settlement agreement has been reached to evacuate 7,000 people from Zamalka, Irbin and Ein Tarma in the eastern Ghouta
@obretix: PT Turkish military digging in at their most recent (observation) base on a hill west of Anadan
Eastern Damascus: what's left of town of Irbeen after 45 days of government-Russia bombarmdent.
E. Ghouta: imposing anti-tank ditch seized by government near AinTerma. 3 m deep and 5 m wide.
Syrian News: Agreement with the opposition includes the delivery of heavy and medium weapons
Eastern Damascus: surreal scenes from incendiary bombardment last night on town of Duma.
Syria state media announces evacuation deal for second Eastern Ghouta pocket - southern area controlled by Faylaq al-Rahman group @AFP
6 month ago
According to Hurriyet, Erdogan said "Turkey won't stop in Afrin and will head to Manbij and Idlib"
Spokesperson of National Army (FSA): Operation Olive Branch will not be limited to only Afrin. It will include every villages that occupied by PKK
JTS destroy HTS BMP carrying a group of fighters on the axis of Blanta [بلنتا] village rural West Aleppo
The @SyriaCivilDefe teams in Hama doing their humanitarian duties and received the first batch of civilians forcibly displaced from Harasta city in Eastern Ghouta. Teams are helping with critical cases, providing services, and transporting civilians to temporary shelters.
6 month ago
"Our air and ground operations, whether Operation Olive Branch, Euphrates Shield and from time to time northern Iraq are continuing to take place," Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim says
Turkish army unit in Deir Ballout in Afrin countryside arrested 4 media activists Ahmad Zarzour, Ahmad Khouja, Mostafa Mohamad Ali and Mohamad Abdullah claiming they didn't have permission for recording videos
Russian strikes kill 37 civilians in Ghouta's Arbin: monitor
Yesterday night, many local media agencies claimed that the Global Coalition attacked the government and Allies in DeirEzZor province with several airstrikes. Hammurabi News sources in the Coalition denied these allegations.
Eastern Damascus: aftermath of incendiary bombardment on town of Duma.
TAF: Afrin is being cleaned. 4 GRAD missiles were found yesterday
Continuous air raids on Douma city
18 air raid on the city of Duma in the Eastern Ghouta laden with incendiary materials This city has more than 220,000 civilians
Pro-Assad forces bombard Duma city in Eastern Ghouta with incendiary ammunition
Russian warplanes target the town of Duma with a third air strike with missiles carrying incendiary ammunition
Eastern Damascus: Irbeen hit tonight by incendiary ordnance. Raids increased on nearby towns to force a surrender.
Residents of Tel Rifat burning tires
Demonstrations and burning tyres by Tal Refat after the announcing that the Olive Branch Operation will not include Tal Reffat district.
Eastern Damascus: video showing in which conditions rescuers are working in town of Duma, submitted to relentless bombardment since 44 days. 3 were killed in those strikes.
Trump, Erdoğan phone call readout.  Two leaders committed to continue effort to intensify cooperation on shared strategic challenges   Meaning, Turkish-American dialogue to resolve difference will continue6 month ago
Trump, Erdoğan phone call readout. "Two leaders committed to continue effort to intensify cooperation on shared strategic challenges" Meaning, Turkish-American dialogue to resolve difference will continue
Death toll rises to 30 civilians killed so far aftermath airstrikes targeted popular market in Harem city. West Idlib cs. Syria Mar 22
Activists from Tal Rifaat and its countryside launched a campaign calling for Turkey's Olive Branch Op. to include in their areas which were captured by YPG more than 2 years ago
In Afrin,civilians coming back to their houses and villages they previously fled.Some civilians saying they retook properties which were stolen during their displacement
More than 1800 people, including 319 rebels, left Harasta town in Eastern Ghouta, after reached agreement with Assad government
Eastern Damascus: Russian MP pictured with a brother of overall commander of Iraq|i militia Imam Hussein Brigade in Damascus who took part in Harasta Battle.
4 small battalions joined JTS today6 month ago
4 small battalions joined JTS today
Burj Haydar village is under FSA control.
Faylaq Sham spearheaded push to control Semaan Heights and seized one pick-up.
Al-Sham Legion Photos: fighters in the villages captured today from YPG
AfrinOp: Burj Haydar (NW. Aleppo) is also under control of Olive Branch forces.
6 month ago
Wounded civilians after SAA artillery hit the town of Jazraya countryside in Southern Aleppo. #Syria
Free Syrian Army forces control the villages of Ba'i in the southern suburbs of Afrin after fighting with the YPG militia
AfrinOp: OliveBranch forces announce takover of last locations until Deir Saaman (Baay and Basufan) and also Kafr Nabu.
NW. Idlib: RuAF keeps bombing N. de-escalation zone on daily basis. Video shows moment when a 2nd airstrike hit Harem mosque, located 2 km from Turkish border.
Today, the @StateDept designated Joe Asperman as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist (SDGT) under E.O. 13224. French national Asperman is a senior chemical weapons expert for ISIS; he oversaw chemical operations production within Syria for ISIS.
6 month ago
Turkish army is removing part of the wall near Ras al-Ayn border.
Turkey PM Yildirim announced 3 soldiers died in Afrin with no more information on when, where and how6 month ago
Turkey PM Yildirim announced 3 soldiers died in Afrin with no more information on when, where and how
Damascus: center of capital hit by a Russian (made) incendiary bomb in what looks like a failed airstrike.
Eastern Damascus: RuAF bombing town of Duma
Eastern Damascus: 1st batch of 1,500 ppl (most of them in need of medical treatment) leaving the rubble of Harasta (town besieged since 2012) and heading to N. Syria.
A high-ranking US military and diplomatic delegation are touring the city of Manbij to reassure the people and confirm protecting them from Turkish attacks. Afrin
Strikes on Douma
The destruction caused by artillery shelling on the city of Douma just before
First evacuation of rebels from Eastern Ghouta has started, according to @AFP correspondent Syria
Syria rebels begin Eastern Ghouta evacuation: government media
Total's expected/Estimated to leave towards Idlib from Harasta is 1,500 fighters and 6,000 civilians
Hakan Fidan the head of MIT is currently at Afrin
ISIS media circulating 'wanted poster' for French SDF fighter
Syrian Army takes full control of Ain Terma Wadi/valley in East Ghouta
Turkish 2nd Army Commander Lieutenant General İsmail Metin Temel's visit to Afrin city center after capturing it from YPG.
Three @SyriaCivilDefe volunteers were hit and killed while rescuing people injured by brutal air raids on Douma city ın Eastern Ghouta yesterday.
Russia is supervising the entire operation and exchange between the Syrian Army and Ahrar al-Sham. SAA will take control of Harasta this week by military force if other militants (Faylaq al-Rahman) won't leave to the Idlib.
Air strikes in Syria's Ghouta kill 19 civilians: monitor
Eastern Damascus: Ain Terma is pummeled since midnight by airstrikes and rockets with large use of incendiary weapons, as government-Russia trying to speed up takeover of last Rebel-held towns in E. Ghouta. Syria
Turkey has deported newly-arrived Syrians in their hundreds and sometimes thousands since December 2017, @HRW research finds6 month ago
Turkey has deported newly-arrived Syrians in their hundreds and sometimes thousands since December 2017, @HRW research finds
Agreements between Ahrar Al-Shaam rebels in Harasta and Assad government with Russian delegates: 1 - The exit of fighters with their weapons and civilians who wanna leave Harasta towards North Syria;
Hezbollah said 13 Syrian soldiers were released in return for 5 opposition fighters under deal over Harasta town
6 month ago
Turkey says will drive Kurdish YPG from Syrian border area if no deal with U.S.
The Turkish army and the Syria/n army exchange fire artillery all night around the city of Nub'bul where the Turkish Army and its allies advanced and captured 3 villages in rural Aleppo previously under SAA control.
Green buses this morning in Harasta
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