Map. History of Syria conflict

23 Îlon 2018
3 month ago
Artillery shelling reported on Thermal station near Jisr ash-Shughur
Satellite imagery timelapse of Ishtabraq mountain southwest of Jisr Shughour, Syria. Turkish military observation post construction began between May 17 and 20.
Airstrike at Qusayr (Dab'a) Air Base seems to have destroyed three aircraft shelters last Thursday
SW. Idlib: MRLS and incendiary bombardment on Bidama (1.5 km from Turkish border).
Daraa: SAA's Tiger Forces are waiting in Daraa.4 month ago
Daraa: SAA's Tiger Forces are waiting in Daraa.
South Damascus: Assad forces arrested by Russian MP while looting Babbila.4 month ago
South Damascus: Assad forces arrested by Russian MP while looting Babbila.
Syria: aftermath of Israel|i airstrikes (9-10th May) on Bases NW. of Damascus (1) and NW. of Kiswah (2-3).
4 dead including two children, and more than 50 wounded, mostly women and children, are the total victims that the WhiteHelmets teams rescued and retrieved after an unknown explosion on the Thirteenth Street center of Idlib noon today
In Jarabulus city, a bomb-laden motorcycle targeting a gathering of Turkish-backed rebels exploded. There are dead and wounded among them.
Syria Daraa: Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous targeted a SAA outpost in Daraa.: at least 3 soldiers killed.
US government says it will take "firm and appropriate measures" to protect a cease-fire in southern Syria if President Bashar Assad's forces attack rebels there:
US Department of State: The U.S. is concerned by reports of an impending Assad government operation in southwest Syria within the boundaries of the de-escalation zone negotiated between the U.S., Jordan, and Russia last year and reaffirmed between Presidents Trump and Putin
4 Killed Of "White Helmets" And By An Attack Carried Out By Unidentified Gunmen On Their Center In Tallhedia South Of Aleppo
This is what the US Embassy in Ankara today said on the same Turkish - American working group meeting to resolve differences between two allies4 month ago
This is what the US Embassy in Ankara today said on the same Turkish - American working group meeting to resolve differences between two allies
E. Syria: pro-Assad and IRGC forces took over ISIS positions in desert W. of Mayadin.
4 month ago
Nasrallah: Hezbollah takes this issue very seriously and strategically amid danger conditions as it was victorious in 2000. Syria and Palestine remain the top issues to talk about soon
4 month ago
Nasrallah: I have said previously, Syrian leadership and its allies will not allow the fall of Syria. On this day, we congratulate the Syrian Arab Army on the complete liberation of Damascus as it achieves victory after victory
4 month ago
Nasrallah: Those who supported the resistance through financial means and housing those displaced. And not to forget the help from Syria and Iran.
4 month ago
Nasrallah: Not to forget the people of the villages and those on the border region and throughout all Lebanon. Lebanese Army and other factions also played a role, as well as the Syrian Arab Army who sacrificed dead.
Inherent Resolve: Between May 18 and May 24, Coalition military forces conducted 52 strikes consisting of 70 engagements in Iraq and Syria.
4 month ago
Turkish and US officials are meeting in Ankara for talks on the strategic town of Manbij.
NY Times: Mattis told Dunford to "annihilate" the approaching Russian mercenaries and he did.
Russian airstrike on Kafr Zita in Northern Hama
Russian airstrike on Kafr Zita in Northern Hama
White Helmets firefighter teams managed to extinguish massive fires, that broke out after surface to surface missile carrying cluster bombs hit civilians farms south of town of KhanShaykhun in Idlib countryside, and were controlled without casualties.
S. Syria: leafet dropped over NW. Daraa countryside calling on Rebels to lay down weapons and leaving them 2 options: death or surrender (reconciliation). Signed: men of SAA who are arriving.
Photo from one of the sites in E. Syria desert hit yesterday by airstrikes. Pro-government accused US-led Coalition which denied involvement.
Iraq says its warplanes have struck two sites belonging to ISIS in eastern Syria
Iraqi airforce F-16 carried out strikes against ISIS inside Syria
FSA Southern_Front Youth of Sunnah Division in Bosra al-Sham Daraa target the sources of Assad government and Shi'ite militia artillery shelling originating from positions in al-Suwayda
Six members of the Sham Corps were killed by an unknown assailant south of the Zakat village north of Hama.
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