Map. History of Syria conflict

31 Może 2020
As sweeping operations continue in Hajin, the SDF found a cache of rockets.
Pro-Assad forces targeted the outskirts of the city of Khan Sheikhan in the southern countryside of Idlib, with heavy artillery.
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Russia and Turkey agree to coordinate efforts in Syria, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says
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Peskov: Russia and Turkey discuss the situation in Syria in the format of 3x3
The Chairman of the Executive Council of the Deir al-Azur Civil Council of the YPG militia was killed by unidentified gunfire north of the city
Video: U.S troops in Manbij
2 U.S. helicopter spotted on patrol today near Manbij
A Turkish government aircraft carrying the Turkish delegation consisting of Turkish Defense, Foreign Ministers, Intelligence Chief and Presidency aide heading to Moscow for talks with the Russians over Syria issue.
Syrian and Russian flags in al-Erima area, western Manbij.
U.S. commanders recommend letting Kurdish fighters in Syria keep weapons
Suleyman Shah Brigade is heading to Manbij
Aleppo: US forces fired flares, this time at TFSA-controlled Tukhar, to prevent a possible advance.
Graffiti in the city of Manbij: "FSA Ahrar al-Sharqiya is coming"
Blackout of electricity in most areas of Hama without information about its causes
Photo: FSA elements this night on the Manbij frontline
Jordan set to raise its diplomatic representation in Syria and increase embassy staff over the next week.
NLF spokesman denies HTS accusations on the killing of 4 HTS members in Darat Izza.
FSA Liwa Sultan Suleiman Shah of National Army 1st Legion convoy on the way to the Manbij area
FSA-led National Army 3rd Legion troops at the gates of the city of Manbij in preparation for the upcoming battle against the YPG/SDF
Syria Idlib: Funeral in Western Aleppo for 4 HTS members allegedly killed today in Darat Izza area by Nour al-Din al-Zenkey
IS also claimed IED, ambushes and grenade attacks in northern Raqqa countryside and SE Deir ez-Zur area today and yesterday
It's propaganda
IS claims its presence inside Manbij NE Aleppo
The local SDF office in Tal Abyad has received some 500 volunteers since Trump's withdrawal announcement, this commander told
Reports the Trump Administration plans to cede a bigger role to Turkey in Syria
Demonstrations in Manbij against the entry of the Syrian government forces into the city and denounced all the false news about Manbij. Photo taken during the demonstration in Manbij today
Correspondent of "Aleppo Today": pro-Assad force withdraw its forces from the villages and the town of Arima in the western countryside of Manbij towards the crossing of Taheeh south of the city
Syrian Democratic Forces control the town of Bajuz Tahtani east of Deir al-Azur after the withdrawal of the ISIS
Trump's national security adviser @AmbJohnBolton will arrive in Israel late next week to discuss the U.S. pull out from Syria
@SYRedCrescent resumes its response to 6 villages (Al-Musayfirah, El Karak, Umm Walad, Al-Sahwah, Kiheel and as-Sura) in daraa syria with a new convoy (36 trucks) loaded with 9450 food parcels supported by @WFP
Video from Manbij Syria tonight
American troops remain in Manbij, Syria despite Syrian forces being outside the city. No immediate plans to pull them out, U.S. officials say. Today, U.S.-backed Kurdish militia says it wants to give Manbij back to Syrian forces, not Turkish forces who would be seen as invaders
Inherent Resolve: Despite incorrect information about changes to military forces in the city of Manbij, Syria, CJTFOIR has seen no indication that these claims are true. We call on everyone to respect the integrity of Manbij and the safety of its citizens.
An explosion reported in the city of Manbij in eastern Aleppo
Ahrar al Sharqiya also confirmed its readiness to fight in Manbij
Artillery shelling on Kafr Naja and Marand west to Jisr Ash Shughur in Western Idlib countryside
Demonstration in Jarabulus in support of the upcoming military operation for Manbij
Ejército Sirio continua enviando blindados a Manbij1 rok temu
Ejército Sirio continua enviando blindados a Manbij
Putin discussed with Russian security council situation in Syria, supported the deployment of Syrian military in Manbij1 rok temu
Putin discussed with Russian security council situation in Syria, supported the deployment of Syrian military in Manbij
A video showing that more Syrian army reinforcement arriving and positioning near Manbij1 rok temu
A video showing that more Syrian army reinforcement arriving and positioning near Manbij
FSA moves towards Manbij contact line with a large convoy
SDF has captured parts of Al-Kishmah from ISIS,amid ISIS collapse
FSA National Army announces its full readiness on the borders of the city of Manbij east of Aleppo to start military operations.
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Tahrir Al Sham announces the death of 5 of its members after being shot by the fire from of Jabal Azza west of Aleppo
Iraqi PMU targeting town of Al-Baguz in the eastern countryside of Deir Al-Azur with heavy artillery
Turkish Ministry of Defense on Manbij: We warn all parties to stay away from provocative actions and rhetoric to make the region more unstable1 rok temu
Turkish Ministry of Defense on Manbij: We warn all parties to stay away from provocative actions and rhetoric to make the region more unstable
TSK continues to ship armored vehicles and military personnel to the Euphrates region
Military reinforcements of the Turkish army enter the Syrian territory through the gate of Jarabulus in rural Aleppo Eastern
Two rocket-propelled grenades landed near the tents of the displaced persons in El-Janoudeya in the countryside of Idlib
A civilian has died, after wounds by a previous artillery bombardment on Morek, north of Hama
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YPG has no right to ask for Damascus's help instead of the people of that "Manbij" region - Turkish Defense Minister
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Turkish President Erdogan says a Turkish delegation will visit Russia on Saturday to discuss Manbij
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Erdogan: When the "terrorist organizations" leave the region there will be nothing left to do
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Turkey's Erdogan says Assad forces trying to run a psychological operation in Manbij, nothing certain yet according to Russian officials
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Turkey has no confirmation over Syrian army entry to Manbij - Erdogan
RUAF Tu-154 85041 Latakia-Mozdok northern shortcut route. Possible fighters in trail
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President Erdogan: "Our whole goal in Syria is to take the required course over YPG. Our determination is ready."
US patrols and helicopters are now over #Manbij
IS raid NE of Shafah which was conducted yesterday SE Deir ez-Zur
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Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov: Turkey operation in Syria is approaching in terms of restoration of territorial integrity.
The Bahraini Foreign Minister: Syria is a major Arab country in the region
Pro-Assad forces targeted heavy artillery near the town of al-Janoudiya and the Nahr al Abyad in the northern suburbs of Jisr al-Shugur.
International Coalition aircraft launches several raids on the town of Al-Kashma in the eastern suburb of Deir Ez-Zor
The @CJTFOIR Air Force flying over Manbij
International coalition warplanes and two US helicopters over the eastern region of Manbij Aleppo.
Syrian army raised Syrian Arab Republic flag over Al Arimah, western Manbij as YPG withdraw
Ministry of Defense: Statement issued by the General Command of the Army and Armed Forces on Manbij
SDF and Syrian army are members of one family - SDF Spox
SDF: The agreement between the Kurds and Damascus includes eastern Euphrates areas.
Syrian army announces that the Syrian army enter the city of Manbij after Kurdish forces which was allied with US forces asked the Syrian army to take over the city to avoid Turkish attack
Syrian government military says it has entered Manbij
A spokesman for the FSA National Army of the Syrian opposition denies the entry of Syrian government forces into Manbij
Spokesperson for Syria's Democratic forces: al-Assad supports entry of Syrian Army to Manbij and SDF works with Damascus to block the road to Turkey
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Kremlin: Talks of Turkish ministers in Moscow tomorrow will also discuss the Turkish military operation in the region
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Kremlin: Talks with Turkish defense and foreign ministers in Moscow will deal with Syrian army control of Manbij
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Russia welcomes return of the Syrian government to Manbij
Syrian government forces enter key area of Manbij: spokesman
SDF advancing in village inside Al Kishma
Syrian govt didn't enter Manbij city nor along Sajur. So far, only few points near Arima.
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Jordanian Foreign Minister: We are working with Moscow to resolve the crisis of the displaced Syrians in the camp of Rukban south of Syria
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Jordanian Foreign Minister: Our goal is to reach a political solution to end the crisis in Syria and this requires coordination and cooperation with Moscow
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Jordanian Foreign Minister: Our goal is to reach a political solution to end the crisis in Syria
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SAA to deploy to north and west of Manbij, won't take full control of the city for now.
Coalition helicopters are patrolling Manbij.
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Lavrov: We stressed the importance of the resumption of contacts between a number of Arab countries and Syria
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Russian Foreign Minister: I discussed with the Jordanian Foreign Minister the issue of Syrian refugees in Jordan
YPG: We invite the Syrian government forces to assert control over the areas our forces have withdrawn from, in particularly Manbij, and to protect these areas against a Turkish invasion.
YPG asks Syrian army to protect Manbij from imminent Turkish offensive - Statement
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