Cumhurbaşkanı Erdoğan:Suriye Milli Ordusundan 98 kardeşimiz şehit oldu

Map. History of Syria conflict

17 Şubat 2020
3 ay önce
The MMC has just announced the repulsion of an infiltration attack at the village of Arab Hassan. They report the killing of two attackers, causing the rest of the group to flee
IS militants in Qamishli today claimed responsibility for a car bomb targeting, it said, a SDF militia HQ and said an unspecified number of casualties were inflicted
3 ay önce
Resulayn GD.sundaki Jehfe ve Derdara köylerinde Türkiye destekli SMO ve PKK/YPG örgütü arasında aralıklı çatışmalar yaşanıyor.
Türkiye destekli SMO ve PKK/YPG örgütü arasında Azez batı temas hattındaki Marenez ekseninde çatışmalar yaşanıyor.
Suriye hükümetine ait askerler ve askeri araçlar, bir süre önce Ayn el-Arab'a,(Kobani) SDG ile Suriye hükümeti arasındaki anlaşmaya uygun olarak geldiler
Commanderr of al-Mu'tasim Brigade "Daher Mohammad al-Daher" was killed by an explosive device in his car in Aziziyah village Near Akhtrin
3 ay önce
Cumhurbaşkanı Erdoğan: "(Türkiye-Rusya-İran) Üçlü dayanışmamız olmamış olsaydı, İdlib adeta kan gölüne dönerdi"
3 ay önce
YPG heavy weaponry should be handed over to NATO-member Turkey – Erdogan
3 ay önce
Turkey President @RTErdogan says US should handover SDF Commander @MazloumAbdi to Ankara
Dead and wounded civilians in the artillery shelling of pro-Assad firces on the village of Janodia in the countryside of Jisr Ash Shughur, west of Idlib
3 ay önce
Menacir güneyindeki Ahras köyü alındı
3 ay önce
Turkish Defense: 5 soldiers wounded in the area of Ras al-Ain in an attack by Kurdish fighters
The first Russian military patrol launched from Qamishli and heading towards the city of Amûdê
3 ay önce
Cumhurbaşkanı Erdoğan:Suriye Milli Ordusundan 98 kardeşimiz şehit oldu
3 ay önce
Erdogan: If the YPG does not withdraw as agreed with Russia, Turkey will implement its military plans
Russian warplanes bombard the area around Kafranbel and Hazarin town in the southern countryside of Idlib
Gates to Europe for Syrian refugees will be opened when the time comes – Turkish President Erdogan3 ay önce
Gates to Europe for Syrian refugees will be opened when the time comes – Turkish President Erdogan
3 ay önce
Erdogan: Syrian territory will remain Syria and we are trying to resolve the crisis and secure the return of refugees
The SDF is under fire from Turkish proxies just north of Tal Tamir in northern Syria, where David Eubank and the Free Burma Rangers were starting a food distribution for IDPs, he tells @laraseligman3 ay önce
The SDF is under fire from Turkish proxies just north of Tal Tamir in northern Syria, where David Eubank and the Free Burma Rangers were starting a food distribution for IDPs, he tells @laraseligman
A Russian military patrol heading from Qamishli to the city of Amude, on the Syrian-Turkish borders
SDF official: We have withdrawn 32 kilometers from the Turkish border
Officials of the SDF: SDF are ready to consider joining the Syrian army once the Syrian crisis is settled politically
3 ay önce
Mustafa Bali: Turkish army have been attacking villages of Assadiya, Mishrafa and Manajer with a large number of mercenaries and all kinds of heavy weapons despite the truce. SDF will exercise its right to legitimate self defense and we are not responsible for the violation of the agreement
3 ay önce
HTS say they are responding to an attempt by pro-Assad forces to advance on the Kabina axis in the northern countryside of Lattakia
3 ay önce
Turkish-backed SNA have attacked Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces in 3 villages including Manajir, south of Sari Kani (Ras al-Ain) in northeast Syria- SDF official to Rudaw
3 ay önce
Tel Temir kuzeyi, Menacir siloları alındı
3 ay önce
Sporadic clashes between SDF and Turkish-backed armed opposition groups on axes near Um Ashya area in Abu Rasin countryside, southeast Ras al-Ain / Sere-Kaniye
Clashes between SDF and Turkish forces in the southern countryside of Ras al-Ain
3 ay önce
Russian Foreign Ministry: Kurdish fighters began to withdraw their troops from the border areas with Turkey
Another 276 Russian military police and 33 units of military equipment will be transferred to Syria - Russian Ministry of Defense
Pro-Assad forces target Maaret Harma town in Idlib countryside, in conjunction with reconnaissance flights flying over the area
Syrian Observatory: SDF withdraws from positions between Darbasiyah and Amuda in Hasaka countryside
3 ay önce
Intensive airstrikes by Russian warplanes on the village of Al-Kabina in Lattakia countryside, Syria
Russia could send another battalion of military police and light armored vehicles to Syria to support Erdogan-Putin deal
A car bomb explodes near the main market in Tal Abyad city of Raqqa northern countryside
Russian Military police convoy on the way to Kobane3 ay önce
Russian Military police convoy on the way to Kobane
Russian warplanes target Termla town of southern Idlib countryside with missiles
3 ay önce
"There are no changes in plans if the U.S. or Russia do not hold their promises as per the agreements" — Turkish President Erdogan on northern Syria
3 ay önce
SAA forces patrol the international road M4, linking the towns of Jalabiya and Ain Issa to ensure security regarding Turkey-backed armed groups
Turkish military outpost (observation base 9b) near Maar Hatat (23 Sep 2019)
3 ay önce
The Russian Defense Minister discussed with the commander of the SDF the implementation of the Russian-Turkish agreement on Syria
Turkish army targets the positions of YPG in the town of Marnaz north of Aleppo with heavy artillery shells
President Trump says getting drawn into war against Turkey "would have required deploying tens of thousands of American troops against Turkey-a NATO ally-and a country the United States has developed a very good relationship with."
"A major breakthrough for Syria & the MiddleEast" says @POTUS "A cease fire that we established along Syria's border has held & held very well.Turkey informed my administration that they would be stopping combat & their offensive in Syria"
@USTreasury Removes sanctions imposed on Turkish Ministries and senior officials following pause of Turkish operations in Northeast Syria
3 ay önce
President Trump on the US military withdrawal of northern Syria: "Let someone else fight over this long blood-stained sand."
"On the war crimes we're looking into those allegations," Jeffrey tells @RepTedDeutch. "We've sent a high-level demarche to Ankara demanding an explanation and we'll look at the various options."
Special Representative on Syria James Jeffrey on the Turkey-Russia deal in NE Syria: "I have to be pretty cynical about this agreement . They're not going to accomplish anything good with that agreement."
3 ay önce
Russian Deputy Foreign Minister: The Russian-Turkish agreement followed an understanding reached in a secret communication between Russia, Damascus and the Kurds
3 ay önce
Russian Deputy Foreign Minister: Kurdish rights must be preserved in Syria's new constitution
Assad's forces from Tabqa to Ain Issa. The people are cursing them
The large-scale destruction of civilian houses due to raids by Russian warplanes that targeted the town of Hazarin in the southern countryside of Idlib
Top US envoy for Syria Amb. Jeffrey: "the Turkish incursion into northeast Syria is a tragedy, it was long standing US government policy in two Administrations to keep that from happening and we were clearly not successful"
Amb. Jeffrey: "Many people fled because they're very concerned about these Turkish supported Syrian opposition forces as are we. We've seen several incidents which we consider war crimes"
More than 100 ISIS prisoners have escaped in Syria, U.S. envoy says
The moment of the raid by Russian warplanes on the town of Hazarin in the southern countryside of Idlib
Turkish-backed SNA in the city of Ras Al-Ain
Iraqi Prime Minister confirms that there is no authorization for US troops withdrawn from Syria to stay in Iraq
HRE posts footage of a raid occurring yesterday, seems it was Kafr Kalbin (A'zaz) front, several killed
3 ay önce
The whole territory of Syria should be under the control of Damascus - Russian Foreign Ministry
TSK destekli Milli Ordu'ya bağlı Feylak'ul Mecd Rasulayn kırsalında vurduğu istlere ait Hummer aracının görüntüsünü yayınladı
Statement: Turkish-backed SNA is in full control of Ras Al Ain city in Northern Hasakah countryside
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