17 Haziran 2021
Two children were injured when an explosive device exploded near Al-Quds hospital in the city of Dana in northern countryside Idlib.
2 yıl önce
Artillery and missile bombardment targeting the villages of Ma'harbeh and Lahaya in northern Hama.
2 yıl önce
FSA Jaysh al-Ezzah repel an attempt to advance by Assad government forces on the axis of the village of al-Masasneh in Northern Hama after the discovery of an infiltration attempt
2 yıl önce
Clashes between the rebels and the pro-Assad forces on the axis of Masasinah, North Hama
Mosque in SDF video geolocated N. of Hajin2 yıl önce
Mosque in SDF video geolocated N. of Hajin
Video by SDF fighter,near the Hawamah mosque inside of Hajin town
More than three hundred civilians were freed from ISIS in Deir al-Zour
IS claims targeted attack in Qamishli. This time on SAA forces stationed there, northern Hasakah province
Nurse from the Directorate of Health injured after a bomb explosion in the city of Atareb in Aleppo, Syria
2 yıl önce
Russian Il 20 surveillance plane spotted flying over south Idlib countryside since early morning
2 yıl önce
SDF arrests 2 people in Hunidah town - south Raqqa countryside accused of cooperating with the Syrian army in the area
4 civilians were injured after artillery shelling with more than 30 shells by the government forces targeted the residential areas of Khan-Shikhun city southern Idlib countryside yesterday after midnight
Russian reconnaissance aircraft flying in the sky of the town of Al Tamanah in the Idlib southern countryside
Syria: 31 bodies of unidentified fighters and soldiers were buried today in Al-Zahraa district (Homs-city).
Hama: The Assad forces stationed in Tel Bazam target the agricultural land of Morak with mortars
2 yıl önce
KCNA: "The Syrian president said that the favorable situation recently created on the Korean peninsula is entirely thanks to HE Kim Jong Un's wise politics, principled stand and flexible foreign policy."
2 yıl önce
KCNA: "Foreign Minister of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea Ri Yong Ho, who is leading a DPRK government delegation on a visit to Syria, had a talk with Bashar Al-Assad, president of the Syrian Arab Republic, at the presidential palace on Tuesday."
2 yıl önce
Senior Syrian Kurdish official calls on US to implement no-fly zone to protect Kurds from Turkey
2 yıl önce
The men of Liwa al Quds are fully mobilized and on the Idlib front.
2 yıl önce
Village of Sakhr in North-Western Hama was shelled with mortars
Heavy artillery shelling targeted the town of Al-Khawain and Umm Jalal village, southeast of Idlib.
4 civilians injured by a missile attack by SAA on Khan Shaykhun
2 yıl önce
SAA artillery from Tal Alloush targeted the towns of Zammar and Jazaria, amid sporadic clashes between the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and the pro-Assad forces on the front of Tel Mamu in southern Aleppo countryside.
Civilians were wounded in the town of Khan Sheikhan in the southern countryside of Idlib, as more than 40 rockets and artillery shells hit the city
Civilian casualties after SAA shelling on Khan Shaykhun, Al Tamanah towns, and Sukayk village in Southern Idlib
3 SDF fighters killed by a landmine explosion in the Hawamah district of Hajin, Eastern Deir Ez-Zor Governorate
Unidentified gunmen shoot at the building of the Syrian Democratic Forces in downtown Manbij.
2 yıl önce
SAA shelled the villages of Abu Raida and Hasraia, north of Hama
2 yıl önce
SAA artillery shelling Al Jazraya and Zummar in Southern Aleppo
Iraqi PMU artillery shelling Daesh positions in Al Baghuz town in Eastern Deir-ez-Zur
SAA rocket launchers pounding Khan Shaykhun, Umm Jalal and Sukayk in Eastern Idlib
SAA artillery bombards areas at Turkman mount in Northern Latakia
Pro-Assad forces shelling Khan Sheykhun in Idlib with rocket launchers
Blast of an explosive device in the town of Jinderes in the countryside of Afrin near the headquarters of the Syrian Corps wounded a civilian
Casualties reported during clashes between SDF and FSA near Kaljibrin
2 yıl önce
Blast of an explosive device on the international highway near the city of Maarat al-Nu'man in the southern countryside of Idlib
2 yıl önce
The fighters of "Ansar al-Tawhid" and HTS are responding to pro-Assad forces infiltration attempt in Tal Tuqan area, southeastern Idlib
Ministry of Health confirmed 2 cases of Swine flu(H1N1) after one case was discovered in a hospital in Aleppo, the ministry "assured citizens that the treatment is available and for free"
Clashes between SDF and FSA at Kafr Kalbin in North Aleppo
A civilian injured by an explosive device planted by the YPG militia in Jinderes village in Aftin countryside
2 yıl önce
HTS claimed that number of pro-Assad fighters were killed in attempt to advance at Lahaya axis in North Hama
2 yıl önce
3 Syrian army soldiers were killed in Bo Kamal city last night by ISIS fighters infiltration attack who came from Baghuz town across the Euphrates river
FSA NLF Spox calls on fighters to be ready after receiving info about government and Iranian reinforcements, while the FSA Jaysh al-Ezzah Spox says government reinforcements on frontlines are evidence they will not abide by the Turkish-Russian agreement
2 yıl önce
Explosion of a bicycle in the village of Bzaa east of Aleppo
Jaish Al-Izza: we expect pro-Assad forces to launch a military operation on Idlib
2 yıl önce
Artillery shelling by the pro-government forces on the outskirts of Morek in north Hama
SDF fighters opened a security corridor in Hajin last night and rescued 700 civilians, mostly women and children, from ISIS. The civilians, who walked 15 km to reach SDF-held points, were then transferred to safe areas.
2 yıl önce
Russian Foreign Ministry: The illegal presence of the United States in Syria aims to divide it
2 yıl önce
Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova at a press conference: The suspicious actions and activities of the US-led International Alliance in Syria are increasingly worrying Moscow
Deir al-Azur: Coalition air raids on a Hajin city in conjunction with artillery and missile shelling by the Assad forces
SOHR: Security forces in Manbij arrest a "Turkish-affiliated" cell active in assassinations and bombings within area of presence of the International Coalition
2 yıl önce
A car bomb explodes in the village of Miznaz west of Aleppo
2 yıl önce
Aleppo: FSA clashed with YPG attempt to infiltrate the village of Abla in the eastern countryside
FSA's Third Legion reports heavy clashes in Eastern Aleppo between YPG and FSA.2 yıl önce
FSA's Third Legion reports heavy clashes in Eastern Aleppo between YPG and FSA.
Bombardment of the government on the Al Tamenah in Northern Hama
2 yıl önce
KCNA: "The DPRK government delegation led by Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho arrived in Damascus on Dec. 3 to visit the Syrian Arab Republic."
2 yıl önce
Syrian army kills 23 ISIS fighters tonight in an ambush in the area between Bir Helbeh and Bir Safwanyah in the desert of East Homs countryside
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