23 Eylül 2021
Earlier today, Turkish military convoy entered the town of Kansafra in the southern Idlib, reportedly to establish a new base in the area.
Azez'in güneybatısındaki Meranaz hattında Milli Ordu Kuvvetleri ile YPG'lı istler arasında çatışma çıktı
Looks like Iraq's Harakat Hizballah al-Nujaba's (HHN) TV network's (Nujaba TV) website was seized. The group emerged in 2013 as an Akram Ka'abi-led faction off of AAH. It was one of the major recruiters for Shia militiamen to fight in Syria
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Turkish Forces and its affiliated opposition armed groups shelling the villages of Ain Daqnah and Bayloniyah southern Afrin, in the countryside of Syria's Aleppo
Turkish-backed groups are targeting Maranaz and Kafr Khashir villages in Northern Aleppo
United States Military has sent a Military Convoy to Al-Conico Base
The Syrian foreign ministry condemns Pompeo's visit to the Golan and considers it a provocation
Official source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Syria condemns in the strongest terms the visit of the US Secretary of State to the Israeli settlements in the occupied Syrian Golan
TSK destekli UKC, İdlip güneyindeki Kafr Ruma'da Esed rejimine ait bir mevziyi ATGM atışı ile hedef aldığını açıkladı
10 ay önce
Gen McKenzie of @CENTCOM adds, "there's an alQaida element out in NW Syria in the pocket around Idlib that also maintains an aspirational desire to generate external attacks" & violent extremist pockets in the Arabian peninsula who want to inspire action against US & allies
Pro-Assad forces target with heavy artillery shells the outskirts of the village of Deir Sunbul in the southern countryside of Idlib.
10 ay önce
Pompeo is in the Golan as the first US Secretary of State to visit the plateau
10 ay önce
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visits the Golan Heights
Security checkpoints were established in the center of the city of Afrin in Northern Aleppo
Pro-Assad forces target with heavy artillery shells the town of Binin and the road connecting Al-Bara and Ahsim in the southern countryside of Idlib
10 ay önce
Greek media: the arrest of a Syrian refugee belonging to ISIS who participated in the killing
10 ay önce
Greek media: a Syrian refugee arrested on charges of belonging to ISIS
The Sada Al-Sharqiya correspondent from the city of Al-Bukamal said that the Iranian militias mobilized all their members yesterday, Wednesday, in the city of Al-Bukamal amid An Iranian delegation visiting Al-Bukamal
SDF arrest the journalist "Muhammad Hajj Al-Rahim" after they raided his home in the city of Al-Raqqa
Conducting a Russian-Turkish joint patrol in Syrian territory west of Kobani10 ay önce
Conducting a Russian-Turkish joint patrol in Syrian territory west of Kobani
Syrian Minister of Health: We are recording an increase in the number of Coronavirus infections, and we have not entered the peak stage
10 ay önce
Hama: pro-Assad forces target with artillery the village of Al-Ankawi in the western Hama countryside
With voluntary support and with the help of the civil defense, preparations in Afrin camps to face the winter season
Israel Defense Forces: Iran, we're watching you. Israeli army intel can confirm that the Iranian Quds Force Unit 840, which is part of Iran's global network of terror, was responsible for the IED attacks on the Israel-Syria border this week & in August 2020.
10 ay önce
Türk devletine bağlı keşif uçağı Eyn İsa, Çelebi kasabası ve köylerinin semalarında hareket halinde
The Israeli Army: The Iranian unit responsible for planting IEDs on the Syrian border in the Golan Heights, directed by the Quds Force
10 ay önce
Turkish army: 8 Kurdish fighters killed in "Peace Spring" operation area
10 ay önce
Pompeo: I will visit the Golan Heights
US @SecPompeo just announced that he will visit the Golan Heights later today. He'll be the first senior US official to visit the Golan since the US recognized it as Israeli territory
Israeli army: Aerial photographs of the Iranian and Syrian military targets that were struck overnight
ISIS has claimed two attacks in Aleppo today, after nothing over the weekend. They claimed the killing of an FSP officer in al-Bab in broad daylight, and another attack on an SNA patrol on the road between Amarna village and Jarablus
Ongoing clashes between the Afrin Liberation Forces and TFSA at the Hawzan - Tal 'Unayb front with heavy machine guns and small arms fire
The Syrian National Army, the Second Corps, the Second Division, the Hamza Division, special forces, clashes with heavy and medium weapons against the YPG militia on the Hazwan front, west of the city of al-Bab
Turkish-backed forces arrested 4 people from the village of Badina in Afrin.
Video of the Israeli army strikes in Syria last night10 ay önce
Video of the Israeli army strikes in Syria last night
A joint US-SDF raid in Tel Hamis last night resulted in two Daesh militants getting arrested with their equipment being seized
PM Netanyahu following the Israeli army strike in Syria: "We will not allow Iranian military formation against us in Syria, nor will we allow any attempted attack against us from Syrian territory. Whoever tries to attack us, and whoever does attack us - bears the responsibility
Airwars: Following several years of patient engagement with the US-led Coalition @CJTFOIR in Iraq and Syria, Airwars has obtained the close locations of 99% of all officially confirmed or 'Credible' civilian harm events. It's a major transparency breakthrough
Pro-Assad forces bombed with the heavy artillery of the town of Kansafra in Idlib countryside
10 ay önce
Shelling with heavy artillery from the pro-Assad forces on the desert of Deir Ezzor
East Syria: today ISIS killed Brig. General Bashir Ismail during an ambush near Mayadin in the Deir ez-Zur province. Commander of 137th regimenthe was from Tartus province10 ay önce
East Syria: today ISIS killed Brig. General Bashir Ismail during an ambush near Mayadin in the Deir ez-Zur province. Commander of 137th regimenthe was from Tartus province
10 ay önce
Rakka'nın güneybatısındaki Rusafa kasabası yakınlarında Suriye rejim güçlerine ait bir askeri araçta mayın patladı
10 ay önce
Turkish drone is operating in Ain Issa area
Syrian opposition forces target with heavy artillery the sites of the pro-Assad forces in the city of Maarat al-Numan, south of Idlib
The Internal Security forces (Asayish) in northeast Syria's Euphrates region tightened coronavirus lockdown procedures on Wednesday after some residents violated the lockdown
The Israeli Defense Minister warns his country's enemies not to breach any front after the raids in Syria
DM Gantz following the Israeli army strike last night: "I repeat to our enemies - Israel will not tolerate violations of sovereignty in any region, and will not allow dangerous formation on any border. The Syrian government is responsible for everything that emanates from its territory
Shelling with heavy artillery and rocket launchers from the pro-Assd forces on the village of Binin, south of Idlib
Al Bab: police officer Hüseyin El Cabali, was shot by unidentified people near the Fatima Zahra Mosque. The shooters drove off the scene on a motorcycle
Pro-Assad forces stationed in Kafr Bateikh bomb with heavy artillery the village of Binin in Jabal Al-Zawiya in the southern countryside of Idlib
A civilian was killed and another wounded when the roof of a cracked house fell as a result of previous shelling on them in Sarjah village, south of Idlib
Turkish forces target the village of Kalotiyeh in Sharan sub-district in Aleppo countryside with heavy weapons
Pro-Assad forces bombard the vicinity of the village of Binin in the southern countryside of Idlib
Successive artillery shelling by pro-Assad forces targets the village of Binin in the southern countryside of Idlib
A child was killed when a landmine exploded from the remnants of war in the village of Al-Oshryeh in Manbij countryside, east of Aleppo
Israeli army assess the IEDs planted on the Syrian border are at least a few weeks old, possibly even planted by the same squad in August (before they were struck)
The Syrian Observatory: 10 deaths, of Syrian, Arab and Iranian nationalities, as a result of the Israeli bombing of Damascus and its countryside
Israeli army Northern Command and Israeli Air Force at high readiness following strikes on Syria
Israeli army confirms its fighter jets struck IRGC-Quds Force targets in Syria following IED planting on Golan Heights border
Syria confirms 3 soldiers killed, 1 wounded and material losses after Israeli airstrikes on southern Syria
Air defense over Damascus have been activated according to reports from Syria
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