Map. History of Syria conflict

18 Şubat 2020
3 ay önce
SAA forces patrol the international road M4, linking the towns of Jalabiya and Ain Issa to ensure security regarding Turkey-backed armed groups
Turkish military outpost (observation base 9b) near Maar Hatat (23 Sep 2019)
3 ay önce
The Russian Defense Minister discussed with the commander of the SDF the implementation of the Russian-Turkish agreement on Syria
Turkish army targets the positions of YPG in the town of Marnaz north of Aleppo with heavy artillery shells
President Trump says getting drawn into war against Turkey "would have required deploying tens of thousands of American troops against Turkey-a NATO ally-and a country the United States has developed a very good relationship with."
"A major breakthrough for Syria & the MiddleEast" says @POTUS "A cease fire that we established along Syria's border has held & held very well.Turkey informed my administration that they would be stopping combat & their offensive in Syria"
@USTreasury Removes sanctions imposed on Turkish Ministries and senior officials following pause of Turkish operations in Northeast Syria
3 ay önce
President Trump on the US military withdrawal of northern Syria: "Let someone else fight over this long blood-stained sand."
"On the war crimes we're looking into those allegations," Jeffrey tells @RepTedDeutch. "We've sent a high-level demarche to Ankara demanding an explanation and we'll look at the various options."
Special Representative on Syria James Jeffrey on the Turkey-Russia deal in NE Syria: "I have to be pretty cynical about this agreement . They're not going to accomplish anything good with that agreement."
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Russian Deputy Foreign Minister: The Russian-Turkish agreement followed an understanding reached in a secret communication between Russia, Damascus and the Kurds
3 ay önce
Russian Deputy Foreign Minister: Kurdish rights must be preserved in Syria's new constitution
Assad's forces from Tabqa to Ain Issa. The people are cursing them
The large-scale destruction of civilian houses due to raids by Russian warplanes that targeted the town of Hazarin in the southern countryside of Idlib
Top US envoy for Syria Amb. Jeffrey: "the Turkish incursion into northeast Syria is a tragedy, it was long standing US government policy in two Administrations to keep that from happening and we were clearly not successful"
Amb. Jeffrey: "Many people fled because they're very concerned about these Turkish supported Syrian opposition forces as are we. We've seen several incidents which we consider war crimes"
More than 100 ISIS prisoners have escaped in Syria, U.S. envoy says
The moment of the raid by Russian warplanes on the town of Hazarin in the southern countryside of Idlib
Turkish-backed SNA in the city of Ras Al-Ain
Iraqi Prime Minister confirms that there is no authorization for US troops withdrawn from Syria to stay in Iraq
HRE posts footage of a raid occurring yesterday, seems it was Kafr Kalbin (A'zaz) front, several killed
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The whole territory of Syria should be under the control of Damascus - Russian Foreign Ministry
TSK destekli Milli Ordu'ya bağlı Feylak'ul Mecd Rasulayn kırsalında vurduğu istlere ait Hummer aracının görüntüsünü yayınladı
Statement: Turkish-backed SNA is in full control of Ras Al Ain city in Northern Hasakah countryside
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Russian Foreign Ministry: Turkish troops will have access to Kobani and Manbij in accordance with the Sochi Agreement
3 ay önce
Raqqa: A military commander of the SNA was killed by a landmine explosion near Ain Issa town in the northern countryside
3 ay önce
Secretary of State for Defence of the United Kingdom Ben Wallace says US did not inform Britain in advance that it would pull out from border areas
3 ay önce
Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu on NE Syria: "We received a written assurance from the US that the YPG pulled out and looked at the information in field and decided to stop the operation. It doesn't mean we are pulling out of the area.We will remain in the field."
Sputnik released a map of northeastern Syria, including:  15 observation posts the Syrian government will man; Turkey's safe zone between Tal Abiad & Ras al-Ain; 10 km deep patrol border (outside Turkish-controlled area) - 32 km deep YPG exclusion zone3 ay önce
Sputnik released a map of northeastern Syria, including: 15 observation posts the Syrian government will man; Turkey's safe zone between Tal Abiad & Ras al-Ain; 10 km deep patrol border (outside Turkish-controlled area) - 32 km deep YPG exclusion zone
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[email protected]: Big success on the Turkey/Syria Border. Safe Zone created. Ceasefire has held and combat missions have ended. Kurds are safe and have worked very nicely with us. Captured ISIS prisoners secured. I will be making a statement at 11:00 A.M. from the White House. Thank you
Motorcycle bomb exploded opposite the Great Mosque in the city of Shadadi south of Hasaka, reports of casualties
SDF says that "Turkish reconnaissance drones and fighter jets have patrolled over several spots in the city [of Derik] throughout the daytime. Turkish army officials have been spotted moving in civilian vehicles across the border."
Russian forcer Entering Kobani
Turkish-backed Ahrar al-Sharqiya reports a car-bomb attack in Suluk3 ay önce
Turkish-backed Ahrar al-Sharqiya reports a car-bomb attack in Suluk
An international coalition convoy patrols the streets of the city of Al-Busayrah accompanied by intensive overflights of the coalition air force in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside
3 ay önce
Russian Defense Ministry: Syria will establish 15 points along its border with Turkey
More than one landing operation were carried out by the coalition, targeting Daesh sleeper cells, one of which was carried out in Al-Hawayej village in the eastern Deir ez-Zur countryside.
3 ay önce
Cumhurbaşkanı Erdoğan: PKK/YPG'li rejim elbiseleri giymek suretiyle sahada kalmasına müsaade etmeyiz
Russian warplanes target with missiles the village of Sheikh Mustafa in the southern countryside of Idlib.
Pentagon chief visits Iraq as U.S. troops withdraw from Syria
3 ay önce
Turkish backed forces try to enter Shergirat 10km NE of Ayn Issa in northern Raqqa located at M4 highway
Attack with car bomb in Qamishlo
A suicide car bomb exploded today in the city of Qamishli in NE Syria, Rudaw's Hunar Ahmed reported from the city. Witnesses on the scene have said there are no casualties
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SDF reports 8 pro-Turkish fighters killed and a tank hit in failed offensive attempt at Kafe village between Ras Al-Ain and Dirbesiye
3 ay önce
Turkish bombardment reported on the village of Sharakrak, in the southeastern countryside of Tal-Abyad, on M4, linking Ein-Issa to Kantari
Patrol of Russian military police in Kobane
Air strikes target the vicinity of Jabala village in southern Idlib countryside
Russian warplanes target the vicinity of Kafranbel city in the southern countryside of Idlib with vacuum missiles
HTS confronts Russian special forces attempt to infiltrate the Umm Jalal axis in southern Idlib countryside
3 ay önce
A convoy of Russian military police crosses the Euphrates River in Syria en route to the town of Kobani
3 ay önce
SecGen: @NATO will continue to play an important role in the fight against terrorism. At this DefMin, Allies will discuss our training mission in Iraq and stress our commitment to @ResoluteSupport mission in Afghanistan. Allies will also address the situation in Syria
3 ay önce
The Russian Foreign Ministry confirms that the oil-rich areas in northern Syria should be under the control of Damascus
3 ay önce
Dışişleri Bakanı Çavuşoğlu: Fransa'nın Suriye'de bir PKK/YPG devleti kurmak için çok çaba sarf ettiğini ve harekatımızla birlikte büyük bir hüsrana uğradıklarını biliyoruz. — AA
3 ay önce
Turkish Foreign Ministry: Putin told us that if the Kurds do not respond to the warning than we will do what is necessary
3 ay önce
Iran praised the agreement between Putin and Erdogan
Pro-Assad forces shell villages and towns of Khalsa, Zaitan, Al-Humeira and Khan Toman in Aleppo southern countryside with heavy artillery
Syrian Observatory: SDF kills 4 members of pro-Turkish factions on the front of northern Aleppo countryside
Pro-Assad forces target the villages of Khalsa and Khan Touman in the southern Aleppo countryside with artillery and rockets
3 ay önce
Turkish Foreign Ministry: The Assad government is unable to implement the Adana agreement even if it wants to.
3 ay önce
Turkish Foreign Minister: We kept the city of Qamishli outside the process to avoid clashes with the government forces
Dışişleri Bakanı Çavuşoğlu: Suriye'de uzun zamandır Rusya bir aktör. Dolayısıyla göçmenlerin dönmesi konusunda da birlikte çalışacağız3 ay önce
Dışişleri Bakanı Çavuşoğlu: Suriye'de uzun zamandır Rusya bir aktör. Dolayısıyla göçmenlerin dönmesi konusunda da birlikte çalışacağız
Russian warplanes are targeting Ma'rat Harmah and Tal al-Nar in the southern countryside of Idlib with missiles
3 ay önce
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has pledged his full support for the Turkish-Syrian agreement on northern Syria — Kremlin
3 ay önce
Kremlin: Turkish army will hit Kurds if they do not withdraw from the border with Turkey
3 ay önce
Kremlin accuses America of "encouraging" Kurds to stay near border and fight with Turkey
3 ay önce
Kremelin sözcüsü Peskov,PYD'yi kastederek "ABD kürtlere ihanet etti ve onları Türklerle savaşmaya zorladı"
3 ay önce
Turkey says "no need" to restart Syria offensive after deadline expires
3 ay önce
[email protected]: Good news seems to be happening with respect to Turkey, Syria and the Middle East. Further reports to come later
Lavrov: Turkish operation "The Peace Spring" is over
It is very important that we managed to agree on the deployment of Syrian border guards on the border with Turkey: Lavrov and Shoigu talk about the results of negotiations between Putin and Erdogan
Complete text of Turkish, Russian agreement on Northern Syria(in English), that pushed YPG 30km from Turkish, Syria border
Putin-Erdogan agreement on Syria
Trump authorized $4.5 million aid to Syria's White Helmets group, White House says
Lavrov: Russian military police units will enter northern Syria to secure the withdrawal of Kurdish forces
Lavrov: A deadline of 150 hours starting Wednesday evening for the withdrawal of Kurdish forces more than 30 kilometers deep inside Syrian territory
Russia FM Lavrov: As per Adana Agreement, Russia will participate in the safe zone agreement, alongside Turkey; YPG will leave all positions 30km from Turkey's border within 150hrs (except Qamishli, Tel Rifat & Manbij); After that, joint RU-Turkish army patrols will begin
Erdogan: Turkish operation in northern Syria is not intended to violate Syria's territorial integrity
Negotiations between Putin and Erdogan ended: The talks between the presidents of Russia and Turkey lasted six and a half hours
Syria must be freed from foreign military presence, the country's integrity must be maintained, Turkey shares this approach - Putin
We managed to reach decisions that will be published by the ministers of the Russian Federation and Turkey later - Putin
SDF commander Mazloum Abdi says that they have fully consented with the US/Turkey agreement
US official: Kurdish militias told us to evacuate the "safe zone" in northern Syria
3 ay önce
Armed opposition forces have targeted pro-Assad forces positions at Al Huwaiz village in western Hama with artillery, reports of casualties
3 ay önce
Artillery shelling from Pro-Assad forces positions targets the villages of Sarmaniya and Dweir al-Akrad in Hama western countryside
2 HRE ATGMs targeted the TFSA military facility located at the al-Ahlam mountain resort, while the rest were fired at locations in the town itself
HRE footage published today showing them fire multiple ATGMs from within TFSA territory in Afrin at targets around the town of Bassouta
@MaghaweirThowra after investigation and confirmation, arrested a smuggler facilitating the transit of weapons through the 55kms Al Tanf area to Daesh
Kurdish station Dengê Welat is on the same frequency of counter broadcast from Turkey's state radio TRT on 11520 khz.
Cumhurbaşkanı Erdoğan ile Putin'nin sadece tercümenlerin olduğu görüşmede Erdoğan'ın dosyasında bir Harita olduğu gözüküyor
Photo: talks between Erdogan and Putin in Sochi on the fate of Syria
Manbij military council warning ISIS cells are becoming more active, accuses Turkey-backed forces of trying to smuggle ISIS families out of IDP camps
Artillery shelling by pro-Assad forces targets the town of Ma'rat Hermah in the southern countryside of Idlib
3 ay önce
German Foreign Minister: We reject the establishment of a safe area to concrete Turkey's progress in Syria
3 ay önce
HTS targets pro-Assad forces positions on the Kabana fronts in the northern countryside of Latakia with artillery shells
Esper told reporters that US troops will reposition out of northeast Syria into western Iraq and make preparations to go home from there and that he would discuss this with the Iraqi Defense minister tomorrow. He wouldn't say how long US troops would stay in Iraq. (pool report)
Standing in front of a Patriot missile battery in Saudi Arabi, US Defense Secretary Esper says aim is not to keep troops withdrawing from Syria in Iraq "interminably"
Putin's Press Secretary Peskov: "Only the legitimate government of Syria can allow Turkish armed forces to remain or not remain on the territory of Syria,"
3 ay önce
Russian Foreign Ministry: We hope that the Putin-Erdogan meeting will clarify who will control the oil-rich areas in northeastern Syria
3 ay önce
Russian Foreign Ministry: Turkish military operation violates the sovereignty of Syria
Pro-Assad forces target the perimeter of the Urem Al Kubra town in the western Aleppo countryside with heavy artillery
Soçi'de bir araya gelen Türkiye Cumhurbaşkanı Erdoğan ile Rusya Devlet Başkanı Putin'in görüşmesi başladı
3 ay önce
Turkish-backed SNA takes control of the villages of Kaif Khallabah, Abdi Koui and Tabash, west of Tel-Abyad
3 ay önce
UNHCR numbers: Refugee arrivals to Iraq surpassed 7,100 this morning (22 Oct). More than 7,000 are at Bardarash refugee camp
Opposition forces target locations of pro-Assad forces in Khan Sheikhoun city south of Idlib with Grad rockets and artillery shells
Pro-Assad forces shell Jabala town of Southern Idlib countryside with heavy artillery
3 ay önce
The Kremlin: We will study the German proposal to establish a safe area in the north of Syria, subject to international supervision and with the participation of Russia and Turkey
Every inch of Syria would be reclaimed, Assad said, every inch. Here he is in Idlib today (first time in 7+ years) as his troops position themselves along the once Kurdish-held border with Turkey (first time in 7+ years)
Iraq: "All U.S. forces that withdrew from Syria received approval to enter the Kurdistan Region so that they may be transported outside Iraq. There is no permission granted for these forces to stay inside Iraq."
European Council President Donald Tusk calls on Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to withdraw his troops from northern Syria
Assad: The battle of Idlib is the "basis" for resolving the war in Syria
SAA continue deploy in M4 until al-Nawfaliyah (including al-Nawfaliyah) west of Tell Tamr
Bashar Al Assad met with SAA soldiers at Al Habit frontline town in Southern Idlib
3 ay önce
Erdogan express concern on Iranian position on Turkish intervention in northern Syria
3 ay önce
Erdogan: I will discuss with Putin the ceasefire in Idlib
3 ay önce
Erdogan threatens to resume attack on Syria if Kurds do not complete their withdrawal
Pro-Assad forces target with heavy artillery the villages of Tal Dam and Abu Sharaji in the eastern countryside of Idlib
An explosive device explodes in Azaz city of Aleppo northern countryside
3 ay önce
Helicopters drop several barrel bombs on Al-Kabana axis in Lattakia northern countryside in conjunction with artillery shelling targeting the area
Missile shelling by pro-Assad forces targets Kafranbel city, Maarat al-Seen, Hazarin, Ma'rzita and Hayesh in the southern Idlib countryside
SAA units enter the village of Al-Kozleya west of Tal Tamr in the north-western Hasaka countryside
Turkish Warplanes fly in the sky of Kobane/Ain al-Arab in Aleppo northeast countryside
EU: Turkish attack in Syria supports IS and threatens our security
3 ay önce
Russian air force helicopters land at Tabqa air base, northern Syria, after US forces left the area
SAA has begun entering Dirbêsiyê (Al-Darbasiyah) city
SANA: Syrian Army units complete their deployment in the northern countryside of al-Hasakah province
Cumhurbaşkanı Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, bugün Rusya'nın Soçi kentinde Devlet Başkanı Putin ile görüşecek. Görüşmede Kobani, Menbiç ve Kamışlo gündeme gelecek
Casualties among civilians after Pro-Assad forces targeted Ma'aret Hurmah town, rural Idlib with artillery shelling
3 ay önce
German ISIS member Fatih K. was able to escape from a prison in Northern Syria following the Turkish army's shelling and attacks on the region. His lawyer Mahmut Erdem has already confirmed it
SDF has captured the villages "Bi'r Qadim", Misêrfa and Al-'Aliyah, Khirbat Al-Naimah from SNA. SDF are controlling the International M4 road to Deir ez-zor, west of Tall Tamr
A child was injured in Ma'rat Harmah town due to shelling with rocket launchers and heavy artillery by pro-Assad forces
3 ay önce
Pro-Assad forces shell villages of Sarmaniya and Khirbet Al-Naqous in Hama western countryside with heavy artillery
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