Map. History of Syria conflict

19 Ekim 2019
1 ay önce
A explosion rocks the town of Salma in the northern countryside of Latakia
Warplanes shell with missiles Jarjanaz town of southern Idlib countryside
1 ay önce
Pro-Assad media: ISIS militants repeatedly ambushed Syrian Army positions earlier today in remote desert areas of Deir al-Zour in eastern Syria, inflicting multiple casualties
A young man was killed by unknown gunfire in Theban town of Deir Ezzor eastern countryside
Civil Defense: warplanes launched 4 missiles at once on civilian houses in Talmans town of Idlib countryside
Erdoğan: "Münbiç'teki terör örgütünün, Kobani ve doğuya doğru bölgeyi terk etmesini, güvenli bölge sözünün yerine getirilmesini istiyoruz."
Turkey has right to self-defence along its borders and will take necessary measures when needed, Turkish President Erdogan
Turkey is ready to cooperate within Astana format to ensure "tranquility" in Syria's Idlib, Turkish President Erdogan
Syrian Opposition Forces have withdrawn from the areas that they have captured this morning
Putin: I agreed with President Erdogan to take the necessary measures to remove the nests of militants in Idlib
Aircrafts are dropping barrel bombs on Maar Shurin
YPG forces with their heavy weapons have withdraw from Syrian-Turkish border after destroying the trenches.
Coming from Novorossiysk, heavily laden Russia flag RoRo Sparta II transits Mediterranean-bound Bosphorus en route to Tartus Syria carrying military cargo for Oboronlogistika.1 ay önce
Coming from Novorossiysk, heavily laden Russia flag RoRo Sparta II transits Mediterranean-bound Bosphorus en route to Tartus Syria carrying military cargo for Oboronlogistika.
Syrian Opposition Forces have captured Sham Al-Hawa,Al-Jaduiyah,Al-Salloumiyah from government Axis Forces
The National Liberation Front announces the start of new military operation and targeting several points and positions of the pro-Assad forces
Unidentified aircraft targeted the Iranian militia positions near al- Bukamal city east of Deir ez-Zur
Confirmed that there was at least one airstrike in Bukamal. Iranian-backed militias then fired back with 23mm cannons. Nothing was shot down
Deir ez-Zur : Unidentified aircraft targeted the Iranian militia positions near al-Bukamal city east of Deir ez-Zur
1 ay önce
SDF has arrested members of the Syrian Hezbollah in Al-Muayzilah on the East Bank of the Euphrates River
Three dead and many wounded in airstrikes in warplanes strike on the town of Kafr Uwaid southwest of Idlib
A car bomb is reported in Palestine neighborhood in Tabqa city, west of Raqqa
YPG fired 4 mortar shells near the Azaz hospital and Turkish army point at the western exit of Azaz district
Artillery shelling targets the "National Hospital" and the outskirts of the Turkish base on the outskirts of the city of Azaz north of Aleppo, the source of shells were military sites belonging to the YPG units stationed near the Minagh airport
New Iron Dome missile defense system deployed near the Israeli border with Syria and Lebanon
The National Liberation Front publishes a picture of the wreckage of the Russian reconnaissance aircraft it shot down in the western countryside of Hama
Free Syrian Army announces the downing of a Russian reconnaissance drone in the skies of Jabal Shahshabo in the western countryside of Hama
Three dead and wounded by warplanes shelling on the town of Ibdita in the southern countryside of Idlib
Airstrike on Kafr Nabl, Idlib
1 ay önce
Tahrir al-Sham announces damaged tank of pro-Assad forces on Kabana front north of Lattakia
Warplanes bombard the village of Ebdita in Jabal Al-Zawia area of southern Idlib countryside
Strong air strikes on Kafrnabel city south of Idlib
The National Liberation Front announces the targeting of government forces and Russian positions in Al-Nimr hill near Khan-Shekhoun city south of Idlib
1 ay önce
SDF's Mustafa Bali on the U.S.-Turkey deal, stressing its limited, Manbij-like character: Turkish outposts will be built but in Turkey, with any patrols into the "safe zone" taking place under U.S. supervision
SAA tank convoy heads to northeast Latakia to participate in Kabani battle
PFLP leader Zahar Al Shashati demands that the Joint Gaza factions operations room to retaliate to the recent Israeli strikes in Lebanon, Syria and Gaza
High-ranking Turkish military delegation to visit Turkish forces stationed in Maar Hitat area south of Idlib
1 ay önce
Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov: Syrian army operations does not violate any understandings, including Astana and Sochi
1 ay önce
Erdoğan: "(Fırat'ın doğusu) Çok yakında kara birliklerimizin de bölgeye giriş yapmasını bekliyoruz."
1 ay önce
Erdogan, just now, "we have problems in Idlib because Assad government is violating the ceasefire. We will resolve it together with Putin"
Israeli army Spokesman in Arabic Lieutenant Colonel Avichay Adraee on his Twitter page: "Quds Force Shiite militants killed yesterday in Syria were trained in Iran alongside other militia operatives operating against Saudi Arabia, UAE, Yemen and other regions in the Middle East"
1 ay önce
Kremlin: Putin and Erdogan will discuss the situation in Idlib during talks on Tuesday
1 ay önce
Helicopters have dropped barrel bombs at Al-Kabana village of Lattakia countryside
Two dead and a number of wounded as result of bombarded by warplanes on Kafr Sajna town of southern Idlib countryside
USAF (OF 38th RS55th WG) , Boeing RC-135U Combat Sent, (64-14847, AE01D4) as flight JDJLC, (MAMIE21) is designed to collect technical intelligence on adversary radar emitter systems. Spotted near the Lebanese and Syrian coasts
Several wounded were reported due to shelling by Russian warplanes in the town of Biskla in the southern Idlib countryside
FSA National Army announces the launch of a security campaign to pursue wanted persons in the Northern Aleppo countryside
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