20 September 2021
UN Secretary-General António Guterres decides to appoint Bahrain's Khawla Matar as Deputy Special Envoy to Syria, replacing Egypt's Azzedine Ramzi
Pro-Assad forces targeting Al Mansoura area, west to Aleppo
The coordinator of public relations with Russia in Swaida "Imad al-Qabbani" has been subjected to an assassination attempt by an unknown person who shot and wounded him
SOHR: Remains of about 300 persons killed when ISIS used to control al- Raqqah were found in a mass grave
Another video from the Daesh camp in Baghuz. Daesh women are directly engaging in firefights with the SDF. Both men and women are fighting.
Pro-Assad forces targets opposition at Zammar in Southern Aleppo
State Dept: The U.S. views with grave concern escalating violence in Idlib and neighboring areas by Russian and Assad government strikes. This violence threatens to destabilize the region and worsen Syria's humanitarian catastrophe. We call on all parties to de-escalate violence in the area.
IS claimed 4 attacks up on the Euphrates-Darnaj, Tayyanah, Jamah and Suwaydan Jazirah in Deir ez-Zur
Syria: final death toll due to Russian airstrikes on 2 residential buildings in heart of Idlib-city climbed to 15, 8 of them children. Several people extracted alive, 50+ wounded.
[email protected]: At the direction of the President, subject to congressional approval, the U.S. intends to provide $5 million for the continuation of life-saving ops of WhiteHelmets in Syria and in support of the UN's International, Impartial and Independent Mechanism (IIIM).
Continued clashes at the IS camp at Huwayjat ad-Dandal neighborhood of Baghuz between SDF and IS remnants, accompanied by coalition air strikes.
Pro-Assad forces bombarded with the heavy artillery town of the Al-Zeyarah west of Hama
[email protected] on #SyriaConf2019
The raids raged in the area of Al-Kaseeh in Idlib's center, causing extensive damage to civilian facilities and residential buildings
2 year ago
An artillery attack from the positions of pro-Assad forces targeted the village of Jabriya in the norther Hama
"A large number of ISIS fighters and their families started to surrender to the SDF since this morning" confirms Syria n Democratic Force's @mustefabali, describing overnight clashes on multiple fronts as "intense"
US patrol on Sajur line, Ain Dadat, North of Manbij today
2 year ago
Akar and Shanahan discussed issues related to the recent developments in Syria and bilateral relations in the field of defence.
Artillery shelling from the positions of the pro-Assad forces in the mountain of Threda near the city of Deir Alzur towards the Badia southeast of the city
Idlib: pro-Assad forces target artillery and rockets on the city of Khan Sheikhan and the town of Tel Mans in the southern countryside
Pro-Assad forces shelling Sarmin town in Idlib with rockets with cluster ammunition
SDF has advanced deep into the ISIS Redoubt at Al-Baghuz Farms,with some ISIS militants surrendering
VOA exclusive video: SDF Intensifies Nighttime Offensives Against ISIS in Baghuz
Pro-Assad forces bombard the city of Khan Sheikhan in the southern countryside of Idlib with heavy artillery
EU High Representative Mogherini: we will transfer 1.5 billion euros for Syrians in Turkey
Two civilians were injured when a motorcycle exploded near the Halal market in the city of Al Bab, in the eastern Aleppo
Strong fighting continues in Baghouz. Daesh using as usual suicide bombers, VBIEDS and mines to attack SDF and halt progress. Launches counter attacks in a desperate battle. And 100s of Daesh fighters and women surrendered to SDF today
A bomb-laden motorcycle exploded in front of the primary school in Vaddah Shehabi in Al Bab.
The EU will allocate more than 1 billion euros of humanitarian aid to Syria for 2019-2020 - Mogherini
Hariri: There will be no additional funding in the 2019 budget or subsequent budgets to secure new aid for Syria
Hariri from Brussels: Allies of the Syrian government must pressure it into facilitating the return of refugees
Pro-Assad forces shelled the agricultural lands near city of Morek and village of Lahaya in Northern Hama
Deir Ez-Zor: Renewed clashes between ISIS and the Syrian Democratic Forces in the town of Al-Bagouz in the eastern countryside
At least 9 of the prisoners held at the Idlib Prison were killed by the Russian airstrike on the compound that allowed dozens of prisoners to escape. Most still have not been caught. Some escaped ISIS members were caught in Darkoush and Ariha.
Death toll from Russian raids on Idlib yesterday rises to 15 civilians
11:17: Tel Toukan - Russian warplane flying west
Hayʼat Tahrir al-Sham closes all roads from Idlib governorate towards the city of Afrin
A member of the Hayʼat Tahrir al-Sham was killed and another wounded when a bomb exploded in their car in the city of Dana, north of Idlib.
2 year ago
Akar: We are working on a joint coordination center with the Russian Defense Minister Shoygu
Mogherini: We emphasize the need to reach a political solution in Syria that supports the Geneva process
Syria's Democratic forces: 15 ISIS fighters killed, tried to attack area in Baghuz
Explosion of a bomb in a car in the city of Dana, North Idlib
Pro-Assad forces targeting the outskirts of Kafr Nabl town in Idlib with rockets with cluster ammunition
[email protected] calls out @TulsiGabbard: "A modern Holocaust denier who doubts Assad used chemical weapons." Calls her "someone nobody should be taking seriously."
Today, @RepEliotEngel reintroduced the No Assistance for Assad Act, which would prohibit any US aid to go to regime held areas in Syria
[email protected]: "Chairman Engel and I stand here not as Republicans or Democrats, it as Americans in support of the people of Syria."
White Helmets: 12 people including seven children and a woman were killed, and 44 others including 17 women and four children were injured, so far, after four airstrikes by the Russian warplanes targeted the residential neighborhoods in Idlib city this afternoon
A pedestrian walks past a 3D drawing by a Syrian girl, showing scenes of conflict, ahead of an international peace and donor conference for Syria in Brussels, Belgium. Reuters Pictures: Francois Lenoir
The National Front for Liberation(NLF) repelled an attempted infiltration of the pro-Assad forces on the Ayn Issa axis in Mount Turkman
Clashes between pro-Assad and opposition forces at Turkmen mount
IS claims fired RPG towards SDF CP in Tayyanah. SE Deir ez-Zur countryside
Caesar Syria event starting in the Rayburn building with @omarAlshogre @RepKinzinger @RepFrenchHill @RepMcCaul @RepEliotEngel @CPG_USHMM @SoccerMouaz
Clashes between the FSA and the YPG on the fronts of Mara and Kaljabrin in the northern countryside of Aleppo.
Several of the prisoners who escaped the central Idlib prison following a Russian strike on the compound have been caught in Ariha and Sarmada. Local Jihadist WhatsApp groups are spreading photos of some of the ISIS escapees and asking participants to help capture the prisoners.
Israel filed a formal complaint against Hezbollah in the Security Council
Pro-Assad forces shelling Zaytan town and the vicinity of al-Zerba village in southern Aleppo
"You are Syria. I am proud that you are in Brussels, that the Brussels Conference makes your voice heard" @FedericaMog at the closing session of the Days of Dialogue #SyriaConf2019
Pro-Assad forces shelling Khan Shaykhun, Maarat Hurmah and Umm Nir in Idlib with artillery
[email protected] presented yesterday a letter to the President of the UN Security Council called to condemn the attemps to build a Hezbollah force in Syria
Syria: RuAF Su-34 pictured today during bombardment on Idlib-city.
Artillery and missile shelling targeting the city of Qaalat Al-Madiq and Ziyarah in Western Hama
10 civilians killed (including 5 children) and 40 civilians injured in Idlib by the Russian attacks.
Syria: remains of rockets used in last night's incendiary bombardment on Tamanah (SE. Idlib).
Pro-Assad militia in the village of Al-Masasneh shelled the outskirts of the city of Latamna in the northern suburbs of Hama with tanks
Daesh media person "Abu Amer Al-Zer" was killed by an airstrike near Al-Baghuz
Pro-Assad forces shelling armed opposition position in north of Lattakia near Turkish border.
The people of the city of Mare north of Aleppo are demonstrating in solidarity with the people of Idlib city
University of Idlib on Thursday will suspend all colleges and institutes in the city due to heavy shelling.
The moment when Russian warplanes targeted rockets at Idlib, northern Syria, which killed three people and injured dozens. Photo: Mustafa Al Sarwat
SDF says it's taken control of several more positions in Baghuz, per spokesman @mustefabali, who says ISIS fighters - using 8 suicide bombers - failed to retake ground
Three hangars and a water tower: Iranian missile production site documented in Syria • (Photo: ISI)2 year ago
Three hangars and a water tower: "Iranian missile production site documented in Syria" • (Photo: ISI)
Possible missile launcher activity near Safita, Syria: On a dirt area 500 meters west of the compound, ISI has detected massive and extensive trails.2 year ago
Possible missile launcher activity near Safita, Syria: On a dirt area 500 meters west of the compound, ISI has detected massive and extensive trails.
Russian warplanes bombard residential neighborhoods in Idlib province.
The first moments of the civilian ambulance in the city of Idlib after the Russian air raids
The Northern Democratic Brigade has disabled several mines in Baghuz
2 year ago
Russian Defense Ministry: Our strikes targeted an arms depot and ammunition for the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and was launched in coordination with Turkey
US state department official says no change in policy on status of Palestinian territories, word "occupied" not used because report focused on human rights and not legal issues
Two civilians were wounded in a missile attack on the city of Khan Sheikhan
Pro-Assad forces shelling Tall Manis and Khan Shaykhun in Idlib with rocket launchers
Russian war planes have bombed the city of Idlib in the last minutes with 4 rockets up until now.
Escape of prisoners from "Idlib Central Prison" after being targeted by several raids from the Russian warplanes
Air raids targeting the center of Idlib, Syria
A violent attack on Idlib now
Reuters: Washington drops reference to Golan Heights as occupied by Israel
From Feb. 24 - March 9, the US-led military coalition conducted 97 air and artillery strikes against ISIS targets including ISIS tactical units, 71 vehicles, 35 VBIEDs, 10 weapons caches, 2 tunnels, 2 heavy machine guns, 1 anti-aircraft gun, a fuel tanker and a boat
Earlier today, @FamiliesSyria, the Caesar Families Association and Ta'afi held an event outside the European Parliament in Brussels to call for justice for Syria's 100,000 missing people and their families.
Russian warplanes targeted several air strikes at Central prison west of the city of Idlib
Intensive shelling was carried out on the town of Khan al-Asbil, resulting in large-scale destruction in the area and the displacement of civilians
Intensive shelling was carried out on the town of Khan al-Asbil, resulting in large-scale destruction in the area and the displacement of civilians
Daesh claimed a 2nd attack on Manbij, in just a few days apart from last.
Idlib: Russian aircraft launched eight raids on the central prison area west of Idlib
More than 10 air raids by Russian warplanes targeted the western points of the city of Idlib
Russian bombardment hits the city of Idlib, targeting the outskirts of the western city of Idlib with high-explosive missiles
SDF sources report 2 ISIS counterattacks today in the morning and afternoon. The second one was reportedly stronger since ISIS took advantage of smoke and dust over Baghouz
3 Russian warplanes attack the settlements in the western countryside of Idlib.
Russian Air Force air strikes targeting the prison area around the western city of Idlib.
Idlib: Russian warplanes bombard the outskirts of the village of Arshani west of the city of Idlib
Rocket shelling from the positions of the pro-Assad forces in Abu Dali targeting the villages of Al-Khawain and Um Jalal in the south-eastern Idlib countryside
A bomb exploded in a car in the city of Sarmada in the northern Idlib without causing injuries
Turkish warplane is now also flying over Idlib
Pro-Assad militants in Raqqa claimed the road side bomb attack on a U.S/SDF military convoy on Tuesday night.
IS claims bomb attack on SDF HQ in Abu Hardub yesterday
Warplanes are flying now in the countryside of western Aleppo
Nearly 500 IS militants, mostly foreigners, have surrendered themselves to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Baghouz
A rocket landed in the neighborhood of "Qunanis" in the city of Latakia
Lattakia: A rocket landed on the house of Ali Jamal in Lattakia, a house was empty of residents and causing material damage.
Lattakia: A rocket landed in Qinis district and preliminary information indicates only material damage
Pro-Assad forces bombard the town of Khulsa and the surrounding area of Al-Hamira village in the southern Aleppo countryside
Turkish convoy reached Northeastern Hama
Baghouz camp
2 year ago
The opposition forces targeted the positions of the pro-Assad forces and the Kurdish militias stationed in the villages of Sheikh Issa, Harbul, Umm Hawash and Al-Husayya in the northern Aleppo.
Turkish military convoy consisting of several vehicles entered the Turkish observation point in the village of Sher Maghar in the western Hama.
Clashes between the Daesh and SDF on several fronts in the Al-Bagouz camp in the eastern suburb of Deir Ez-Zur amid aerial bombardment by the International Coalition.
Morning battles and airstrikes on the Baghouz camp
Al-Raqqa: Two members of the Kurdish militia were killed when a roadside bomb targeted a military patrol in the city
Hama: Civilian casualties caused by the bombing of pro-Assad forces on the Qalaat Al Madiq and the villages of Sharia and Hawiz in the western countryside with artillery
Aleppo: artillery shelling by pro-Assad forces on the town of Hayan in the northern countryside
Two civilians were wounded by Russian air strikes on the town of Khan al-Sabeel, south of Idlib
Iranian cargo Poya Air IL-76TD EP-PUS heading towards Iraq/Syria from Tehran2 year ago
Iranian cargo Poya Air IL-76TD EP-PUS heading towards Iraq/Syria from Tehran
The impact of the air strikes on a camp in rural Idlib left behind dozens of wounded, mostly children and women. Photography: Ezzedine Al-Adlabi2 year ago
The impact of the air strikes on a camp in rural Idlib left behind dozens of wounded, mostly children and women. Photography: Ezzedine Al-Adlabi
2 year ago
Two civilians were killed and 19 others were injured when Russian warplanes targeted a refugee camp near the village of Kafr Amim, east of Idlib.
Other senior Hezbollah operatives involved in the Golan Projec have been identified by the Israeli army as Bashar and Ismail Mustafa, Talal Hassoun and Fahim Abu Qais.
Israeli army says Hezbollah's Golan Project is led by Ali Mussa Daqduq who was behind a 2007 attack in Iraq that killed 5 American troops. Project is currently in its initial stages of establishment and recruitment and is not yet operational.
Israeli army says Hezbollah is building a terror network on Syria's Golan Heights that is so secret that Assad is unaware of it.
2 year ago
The continued Russian air strikes on the villages of southeast Idlib and no information on the size of the casualties yet.
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