Map. History of Syria conflict

19 March 2018
Ismail Saleh Ibrahim was killed in the town of Bahra by IED planted by ISIS
One person was killed and others injured as a result of a car bomb explosion in the village of Al Hulunji in the countryside of the city of Jarabulus
Macron calls Putin, doesn't congratulate him on election but wishes Russia and its people "success in political modernisation." Rest of the call on Syria, Ukraine and Salisbury chemical attack.
54 minute ago
Turkey's Erdogan says will continue operations in Syria until Manbij, Qamislo, Ayn al Arab, Rasulayn completely cleared of militants
President Erdoğan: Turkey will ask EU to keep promises over 3 billion euro aid for Syrian refugees at the summit in Varna, Bulgaria next week57 minute ago
President Erdoğan: Turkey will ask EU to keep promises over 3 billion euro aid for Syrian refugees at the summit in Varna, Bulgaria next week
Turkish news channel @tvahaber says Turkish-backed rebels have begun an operation to capture Tal Rifaat. Opposition sources on social media seem to be confirming this allegation
Live video stream of forced displacement in Eastern Ghouta camera set up at this spot at Al Wafidin refugee camp
1 hour ago
President Erdogan: 3,622 militants have been 'neutralized' in Syria's Afrin since launch of Operation Olive Branch
The European Union imposes sanctions on 4 personals of Syrian government due to chemical atacks
E. Ghouta: bombardment destroyed a building belonging to local council of Duma where UN and @SYRedCrescent aid was stockpiled.
EU slaps sanctions on a senior Syrian officer and 3 scientists accused of links to the development and use of chemical weapons against civilians
4 hour ago
Turkey's Deputy PM Bekir Bozdağ says Turkish forces will not stay in Afrin. Syria
ICRC President Maurer says that "the credibility of a Turkish Red Crescent working in Afrin with the Kurdish population is close to zero"
ICRC needs regular access to Syria's Afrin, where impartial aid is needed for civilian population - Maurer
Another tank was seized from YPG today. Location is unknown. But the fighter said that the meeting approached for Arfad(Tal Rifat)
Since yesterday, tens of Russian airstrikes on Douma city.
FSA captured the village of Shaala, northeast of Aleppo.
Eastern Damascus: footage showing attack carried out by FSA Jaish Tahrir Sham vs a government position in E. Qalamoun, burning it down and seizing a T-72.
E. Syria: ISIS released pics showing 2 Konkurs strikes vs couple of 130 mm field guns N. of AbuKemal.
After hours of work last night, @SyriaCivilDefe teams manged to pull a women and her baby girl who were buried under the rubble of their house after renewed aerial bombardments and artillery in the civilian neighborhoods in Douma city in besieged Eastern Ghouta.
Explosion in Afrine, 7 civilians and 4 FSA soldiers killed according to Anadolu
Syria's FSA names ande xpels guilty fighters in looting in Afrin city and also called its fighters for respect of civilians.
British woman Anna Campbell killed fighting Turkish forces in Afrin alongside YPJ
Fires in Duma city of Eastern Ghouta aftermath Russian bombing
Shot of shelling Ghouta now.
Reports about yet another chlorine gas attack on Douma, besieged eastern Ghouta.
Rocket bombardment of Hut in Idlib
Attack on Irbin, Eastern Ghouta
Attack on Irbin, Eastern Ghouta
AfrinOp: the first ATGM (Konkurs) fired by YPG after fall of Afrin destroyed a vehicle in Bulbul district and inflicted casualties.
Turkish Army Forces inside Afrin city today After Capturing it
Asked where the next target is after taking over Afrin, Turkish soldier vows to march towards Mosul, Aleppo, Kirkuk, Manbij, Qandil as he makes nationalist "Gray-wolf" sign.
Bashar al-Assad near the frontlines of Eastern Ghouta today, photographed by his wife, Asma.
Photos from Saqba today
Photo showing Douma under heavy bombardment today.
Eastern Damascus: full video showing moment when FSA Jaish Tahrir Sham shot down a warplane (reportedly a Su-24) over E. Qalamoun.
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