Map. History of Syria conflict

23 February 2019
5 civilians were killed and others wounded in a rocket attack on Khan Shaykhun, Idlib
SAA continues to shell Khan Shaykhun, Northern Hama.
Hundreds of civilians were transported out of the Syrian town of Baghuz on Saturday and taken to the Al Hawl displaced persons camp. Among them are women with membership in ISIS and their children. They will be kept in a separate section of the IDP camp.
3 hour ago
A group of Russian soldiers were kidnapped in the desert of the Mayadin and a state of confusion in the ranks of the SAA and the Russians after losing contact with the group.
Two killed and 1 wounded as a preliminary result of a missile attack on the city of Khan Sheikhan in southern Idlib
Heavy shelling targeted the town of Sarqeb east of Idlib.
A woman was killed in a attack on the town of Khan Shaikhun in the southern countryside of Idlib
Pro-Assad forces bombard the cities of Sarqib and Khan Sheikhan with heavy artillery.
A rocket attack from the positions of pro-Assad forces targeting the village of Arbain in the northern Hama
Pro-Assad forces shelled the town of Kfar Zeita, north of Hama, Syria
Opposition forces shelling pro-Assad militia positions in the village of Shaylot in the countryside of Hama
The Turkish President: we are determined to establish a safe zone in Syria even without allies support
Turkish President: The only areas to which Syrian refugees have returned are those made by Turkey safe areas such as Afrin, Jarabulus and Idlib
Erdogan: When we secure the eastern Euphrates, millions of Syrians will return to their homes.
Five shells fell on the village of Shazar west of Hama.
5 hour ago
Turksih President Erdogan on Manbij: At least half a million Syrians are waiting Turkey to secure the area to return
The Turkish President: We call for making the Idlib region completely safe and talking with Russia and Iran on this matter and we have come a long way
FSA Police Forces in Marea stopped a car loaded with weapons coming from Manbij
Turkish trucks carrying prefabricated structures are heading to Idlib region.
Idlib: A woman was injured by a missile bombardment of the pro-Assad forces on the town of Habit in the southern countryside
Hama: rebel factions targeted fortifications of the pro-Assad forces in the village of Safsafiya in West Hama with rockets
Syria: heavy artillery bombardment continues this morning on N. Hama and SE. Idlib. Rebels retaliating targeting SAA and NDF positions in N. and NW Hama. Pics from Khan Sheikhoun and Kafr Zita outskirts.
Iran has achieved 90 percent of its goals in Syria, a senior Iranian official said
Many ISIS militants surrendering to Kurdish-led SDF in Baghouz. Among them are foreign fighters too.
IED exploded during a passing of a National Army vehicle in the village of Burj Haydar in Afrin's Jinderes, two FSA soldiers were wounded.
One woman was killed and others wounded in a rocket attack on the city of Khan Sheikhun in the southern Idlib
Opposition forces targeted Pro-Assad forces positions at Al Muhradah station with several rockets
The shelling on the towns of Kafr Zeita and Ltamenah in the northern Hama
Artillery shelling of the pro-Assad forces targeting the city of Khan Shaykhun south of Idlib and the villages of Zakat and Arbain north of Hama
Pro-Assad forces targeted residential areas in Khan Sheikhan with heavy artillery.
Mortar shelling on "Beit al-Ras" bridge village in western Hama at Ghab Plains
Turkish Defense Minister: The Americans agreed to prevent the delay in the road map of Manbij and complete it as soon as possible, and said they would study it. (Anatolia)
Turkish Defense Minister on his talks at the Pentagon: We stressed the issue of not leaving a vacuum in power during the withdrawal from Syria
Pentagon: "U.S. Armed Forces numbering a couple hundred will remain in northeast Syria as part of a multinational force. Separately, the U.S. will maintain a presence at the At Tanf Garrison in southern Syria."
Q: "On troops in Syria, why are you reversing course". Trump: "I'm not reversing course."
A senior administration official says the U.S. is working with NATO allies to assemble an observer force of between 800 and 1,500 troops in northeast Syria.
President Trump says he is "not reversing course" in Syria despite keeping 400 U.S. troops on the ground after ordering full withdrawal in December causing resignation of his defense secretary, Jim Mattis
Turkish warplanes spotted over Jisr Al-Shughur tonight. Both Russia and Turkey have been monitoring the situation around western Idlib
In Idlib: A bombardment of the pro-Assad forces targeting the villages of Al-Khawain, Al-Tamanah, Al-Sukayk, and the road linking Al-Tamanah 'and Al-Khuwayn in the southern countryside of Idlib.
IS claims IED attack on SDF vehicle in al-Amassy district of Raqqa city
400 U.S. troops will stay behind in Syria- not 200 as the White House said last night a statement: U.S. official. Friday morning, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders called the 200 number a "rough estimate."
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