Map. History of Syria conflict

18 February 2020
Russia brought Su-24 bombers to Hmeimim airbase
Clashes with heavy and medium weapons between the Syrian opposition forces and the SDF on the Mayasa front in the vicinity of Afrin city in the northern countryside of Aleppo
Deir Ezzor: Flight of helicopters of the International Coalition at low altitude over the city of Shuhail
A helicopter flight over the town of Shuhail, east of Deir Ezzor.
A helicopter flight over the town of Shuhail, east of Deir Ezzor.
3 hour ago
The Russian Minister of Defense says that the government forces control 90 percent of Syria
Civilian dead and others wounded in artillery shelling of the pro-Assad forces targeting the city of Darat Azza, in the western countryside of Aleppo
3 hour ago
Russian aviation targets areas around the town of Termanin near the Turkish observation point in the northern Idlib countryside
Artillery targets the city of Dana in the northern countryside of Idlib, near the Turkish-Syrian border
Artillery shelling by the Pro-Assad forces targets the city of Darat Azza in the western countryside of Aleppo
4 hour ago
Khamenei: The US wanted to eliminate Hajj Qasem so that they could dominate over the region. It turned out the other way. The massive rally by the Iraqi ppl, the move by the Syrian people, the case of Aleppo and other matters were the opposite of what the US wanted
SyAF warplanes target the outskirts of Basnqoul in the southern countryside of Idlib
5 hour ago
The end of meetings between the Turkish and Russian delegations in Moscow regarding the situation in Idlib
The Syrian Observatory: Turkish forces deployed in the town of Sarmin, east of Idlib
6 hour ago
Rebels target with heavy artillery the pro-Assad forces sites on the outskirts of the Hamirat and Qirata villages in the northwestern Hama countryside
6 hour ago
A civilian was killed in Maarat Al-Naasan in the northeastern countryside of Idlib, due to an air strike by warplanes
The United Nations: The recent bombing of two hospitals in Idlib is unacceptable and is considered a war crime
UNICEF: More than 500,000 children have been displaced by intense violence in northwest Syria since 1 December 2019, with tens of thousands of children and their families living in tents and in the open air amid very cold weather and rains Idlib
7 hour ago
Warplanes target area around the town of Sahara in the western Aleppo countryside
The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights expresses its shock at the scale of the tragedy in northern Syria
7 hour ago
Aleppo: The rebels destroy a position of pro-Assad forces and kill a number of them on the Sheikh Suleiman axis in the western countryside after targeting them with ATGM
Russian air strikes targeting the city of Sarmin in the eastern countryside of Idlib
Artillery shelling from the pro-Assad forces locations targets the town of Marand in the countryside of Jisr Al-Shughour, west of Idlib
Russian Air Force Tupolev Tu-154M RFF7515 en route to #Syria through the Caspian Sea route with weird route to Khmeimim Air Base(avoiding Idlib)
Idlib: Russian warplanes target the town of Sarmin in the eastern countryside with high-explosive missiles
The Swedish foreign minister calls on the European Union to put pressure on the Assad government for a cease-fire in Idlib
. @CJTFOIR conducted a live-fire base defense exercise with just some of our capabilities, at an outpost in northeast Syria. Mortars and vehicle-mounted rockets rapidly destroyed the targets.
16 hour ago
Pro-Assad forces shelled Qumainas and Al-Mastouma towns in Idlib countryside
Pro-Assad forces target the town of Maarat Misrin in Idlib countryside with heavy artillery
Artillery shelling by the pro-Assad forces targeting the city of Idlib
Russian warplanes target with missiles the outskirts of Atarib, west of Aleppo
Artillery shelling by pro-Assad forces targets each of Quminas, Sermeen, Binnish, Al-Fouah, and Kafraya, east of Idlib
Another video of destroying graves by Assad militias northern Aleppo in Hayan town
Turkish shelling on Aqiba and Bene in Tel Rifat countryside
Russian warplanes target residential neighborhoods in the city of Dara-Azza in the western countryside of Aleppo
Two civilians dead due to a Russian air strike on the village of Al-Abzmo in the western countryside of Aleppo
Atarib, Aleppo being bombed tonight
21 hour ago
Civilian killed in rocket shelling on Ad Dana town in Northern Idlib
An element of pro-Assad forces was killed by unidentified gunmen in Tabiya Jazeera village east of Deir ez-Zur
A heavy artillery shelling by pro-Assad forces hits Dana in northern Idlib. TSK military posts reportedly responded and shelled sources of fire
The Turkish army is establishing a new military post in the village of Mu'tarm, near the city of Jericho, south of Idlib
Pro-Assad forces targeting Ad Dana town 5 kms to Turkey-Syria border crossing, there are injures among civilians
Damage in villages north-west to Manbij after shelling by Turkish-backed forces
Damage in villages north-west to Manbij after shelling by Turkish-backed forces
Images and report from @ImageSatIntl ISI Preliminary Damage Assessment:Syria, Damascus International Airport: Iranian Quds Force's attacked facilities (13 February 2020)
Turkish military & affiliated armed groups are shelling villages of Seyda, Masheifa, Ein-Issa camp & vicinity of M4 highway, northern Raqqa
Warplanes targeted the town of Al-Abzmo in the western countryside of Aleppo
Intense artillery shelling by pro-Assad forces on the city of Atareb in the western countryside of Aleppo
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