Map. History of Syria conflict

19 November 2018
Tensions and Clashes inside Al-Shaddadi
Assad met with Jordan ian delegation in Damascus, as the neighbors try to cement their strained ties
South Syria: 61st Brigade on top of Safa Volcano (secondary crater), following its capture from ISIS after 104 days of battle.
4 hour ago
Tartous: The General Director of the governments Grain Foundation Yousef Qasim, announced that 4 ships loaded with 80 thousand tons of Russian wheat began to arrive to the ports of Tartous and Lattakia since the beginning of this week.
SAA artillery shelling Al-Habit in the southern countryside of Idlib.
SAA Artillery shelling the outskirts of Latamna in north Hama
7 hour ago
Russian Ambassador Alexander Shulgin at OPCW referencing Douma chemical attack "I support my Syrian colleagues. This (alleged use of Sarin by Syrian govt. forces) is out and out lies."
"As regards this notorious Novichok, in the US 140+ patents granted for chemical warfare agents of this kind US friends pristine and pure as the air, paragons of morality. They rained down missiles on Syria under pretext of Sarin used." - Russia Ambo at @OPCW
Unknown explosion at Koniko gas field in Eastern Deir-ez-Zur
7 hour ago
"You oblige us to use undiplomatic language. US used white phosphorous against city of Raqqa, 90% destroyed. And you dare to say you can only use conventional weapons. Using media to mislead public opinion" - Syrian Ambassador at @OPCW
"You taught the world to use chemical weapons, Syria never used chemical weapons, it's the militants. And you dare to talk about ethics and morality. World will pay high price from destructive polices by UK and US" - Syrian Ambassador at @OPCW
Russian Ministry of defense footage of the Su-57 5th generation perspective aviation complexes' usage during the combat operation in Syrian Arab Republic
Syria several people were injured in explosion in front of the Military Police HQ in Afrin
8 hour ago
Netanyahu: Our intelligence tells us that the amount of Iranian arms smuggling through Syria to Hezbollah in Lebanon has substantially decreased since the downing of the Russian plane
Netanyahu at the Knesset hearing: Israel has engaged in military operations in Syria since the downing of the Russian plane. Our intelligence planes are gathering information and I don't want to talk about other operations in this setting
PM Netanyahu tells the Knesset foreign affairs and security committee that Russia alone does not have enough leverage to push Iranian and pro-Iranian forces out of Syria
An agreement reached to end the fighting between the National Army and the Ahrar Sharqiya in Afrin.
Prime Minister @netanyahu at the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee: "From the information we have – the amount of Iranian weapons transfers through Syria to Hezbollah in Lebanon has diminished significantly since the drop of the Russian plane, so there is less need for Air force attacks."
Children injured in a bomb explosion in the Al Hutah school in south-west Aleppo, Syria
The National Army in Afrin announces the continuation of the campaign against the "corrupt groups" in the area
Turkish army and allied FSA forces detained yesterday several fighters from Shuheda al-Sharqiya militia after heavy clashes in Afrin town.
11 hour ago
Foreign Minister of Kazakhstan: the next meeting of Astana on Syria on 28-29 November.
A meeting between the Free Syrian Lawyers Association and the Maaret al-Nu'man Advisory Council and the Preparatory Committee of the Local Council to discuss the mechanisms for the formation of the new local council for the city of Maaret al-Nu'man
Syria: Assad's gov. has opened a consulate in the city of al-Hasakah (SDF-held, Hasakah). SANA says the institution will release official documents like birth/death certificates or travel papers and more.
Syria: Assad's gov. has opened a consulate in the city of al-Hasakah (SDF-held, Hasakah). SANA says the institution will release official documents like birth/death certificates or travel papers and more.
US Navy P-8A 168859 callsign PS183 was operating over the Eastern Mediterranean earlier around 0800z near Syria and Lebanon
Clashes in Afrin intensified in recent hours
Clashes ongoing in Afrin, casualties reported
Video: clashes in Afrin
Clashes in Afrin have worsened as heavy weapons are reportedly in play. The Turkey-backed National Army and Hamzat Military Police vowed to 'eradicate corruption' of Al-Sharqiya Martyrs, mainly of Deir ez-Zur.
Engineers dismantled a remote control mine, 200 meters from the electricity emergency center and near a primary school, in the town of Al-Mahaimida, Western Deir ez-Zur
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