11 December 2023
11 month ago
Aleppo: Assad's forces shelled the vicinity of Kafr Amma, in the western countryside, with artillery
Turkish forces bombard SDF positions with rocket barrages in the areas of Saida, Maalaq, the vicinity of Ain Issa, and the M4 international road north of Raqqa
An IED explodes with a car belonging to the Turkish-backed SNA factions in al-Bab city in the eastern countryside of Aleppo
Idlib Civil Defense: A child and her mother were injured by burns as a result of a fire that broke out inside their home in Al-Ikhaa Camp, in the vicinity of the city of Sarmada, in the northern countryside
Daraa: A member of pro-Assad forces was killed as a result of being targeted by unknown gunmen in the city of Al-Sanamayn in the northern countryside
SDF announces the arrest of 100 ISIS members in northern Syria
11 month ago
Putin and Erdogan discussed Ukraine and Syria in a phone call
Iranian militias mobilized in Al-Mayadin, left their HQs for fear of being targeted by warplanes.
Hafez Al-Khabil, a former leader of the terrorist organization ISIS, was arrested after his house was raided in the city of Al-Basira, east of Deir Ezzor, by the SDF forces and the International Coalition. Hafez al-Khabil, a relative of Ahmed al-Khabil, the commander of the Deir Ezzor Military Council of the SDF.
A number of As-Suwayda residents gathered in Al-Karama Square in the city center in response to the continuation of the sit-in every Monday to demand the improvement of living and service conditions, the release of detainees, and the implementation of Security Council Resolution 2254
Israel's military has fired missiles on the international airport of Syria's capital, putting it out of service and killing two soldiers and wounding two others, the Syrian army said
Damascus International Airport is out of service according to local reports, following the attack
Syrian air defences engaging targets over Damascus
11 month ago
Khamenei: Palestinians have made progress against the Zionists, & the Resistance has attained results in Iraq, Syria & Yemen. Using his experience in the Sacred Defense & the advice of people, General Soleimani relied on domestic resources to strengthen the Resistance in these countries
11 month ago
Homs: Assad forces were killed and wounded in an attack targeting their points in the Palmyra desert in the eastern countryside
Pro-Assad forces shelled with heavy artillery the vicinity of the village of Kafr Nouran, west of Aleppo
The Turkish army targets with heavy artillery sites of the "SDF" in the vicinity of the city of Tal-Rifaat, north of Aleppo
11 month ago
ISIS attack the SAA garrison at Beer al-Sadran, Raqqa tonight
11 month ago
Deir ez-Zur: US helicopters activities in the northern Deir ez-zor countryside, and there are reports of airdrop operation in the region
Another ISIS attack in E. Syria killed at least six 18th Armored Division soldiers in ambush in N. Palmyra mounts. IS suddendly boosted its attacks past 48 hours with at least 16 confirmed dead so far11 month ago
Another ISIS attack in E. Syria killed at least six 18th Armored Division soldiers in ambush in N. Palmyra mounts. IS suddendly boosted its attacks past 48 hours with at least 16 confirmed dead so far
Pro-Assad forces media: The meeting with Turkey in Moscow confirmed the danger of the PKK
Pro-Assad forces media: Turkey has agreed to its complete withdrawal from northern Syria
The demonstrators called on the leaders of the military factions to open fronts against the Assad government
Protest in Tell Abyad, north of Raqqa
11 month ago
Turkish Minister of Defense: After the positive developments through the recent talks, it is possible to hold a meeting between Erdogan and Assad, if the circumstances are appropriate.
A mass demonstration took place in the city of Jarabulus, east of Aleppo, calling for the overthrow of the Pro-Assad forces and rejecting normalization with it
Demonstrations spread across the regions of northern Syria under the slogan "We will die and we will not reconcile" and "We will perish and al-Assad will not rule us."
A demonstration in the city of Jasim in the countryside of Daraa, rejecting reconciliation and rapprochement with the Assad government
Protest in Al Bab against reconciliation with Assad
The Kurdish administration in northern Syria: We call for confronting the Pro-Assad forces's alliance with Turkey and bringing it down