19 July 2024
2 month ago
Artillery and missile shelling by government forces targeting the town of Kafr Taal in the western countryside of Aleppo
2 month ago
Pro-Assad forces bombard with heavy artillery the villages of Al-Qasr and Kafr Amma, west of Aleppo
3 month ago
Assad forces bombard with artillery the vicinity of the village of "Kadoura" in the southern countryside of Idlib
Initial reports of an UAV impact in Metula
3 month ago
Clashes erupt between the National Army and the SDF on the Jat Front in the northern countryside of Manbij
Two tents burned in the "Al-Tawhid" camp in the Killi area, north of Idlib, as a result of a fire of unknown cause
3 month ago
Suspected Turkish drone strike targets an oil field in the countryside of Qamishli in NE_Syria
Russian aircraft flying over the skies of Idlib
Marco Rubio: Israel has the ability to conduct strikes against targets inside Iran without entering Iranian air space from aircraft over Syrian and Iraqi airspace
Explosions and overflights of fighter jets being heard in As-Suwayda in southern Syria as well as in several locations throughout Iraq, including the Baghdad area. Background is unclear as of yet
Pro-Assad forces bombard with heavy artillery the village of Al-Fatira in the Idlib countryside, Syria
Assad forces bombard with heavy artillery the vicinity of the city of Sarmin in the eastern countryside of Idlib
Pro-Assad artillery shelling targets the village of Maarat Aliya, east of Idlib
3 month ago
The Turkish Ministry of Defense announces the neutralization of four YPG members in the Euphrates Shield area in northern Syria
Pro-Assad forces bombard the city of Darat Azza, west of Aleppo, with heavy artillery
3 month ago
Daesh (ISIS) seizes 9M113 Konkurs missiles from one of Assad government's military bases in eastern Syria
FPV drone strikes wrecking havoc in Darat Izza today (W. Aleppo). Civilians & market area struck. 5 wounded documented so far including children. At least 8 strikes reported
3 month ago
Pro-Assad forces target with a drone the vicinity of the village of Kafr Amma, west of Aleppo
Israeli army: Overnight, IAF fighter jets successfully intercepted a UAV that approached Israel from the east. The UAV was monitored by Israeli army soldiers, did not pose a threat and no sirens were sounded according to protocol. No injuries were reported and no damage was caused
Assad forces target with heavy artillery the city of Sarmin, east of Idlib
Syrian media: Syrian air defenses shot down some "missiles" near Damascus International Airport
3 month ago
Airstrikes on the countryside of Latakia on the Syrian coast
Explosions in the Syrian capital, Damascus
3 month ago
Explosions over South Syria from Daraa to Damascus
3 month ago
Residents of several communities in the Golan Heights have been ordered to remain close to bomb shelters until further notice, local authorities say
3 month ago
Israeli planes fly intensely over the western countryside of Daraa and Quneitra
Red alerts issued, northern Israel3 month ago
Red alerts issued, northern Israel
Syrian TV: Intense flight of warplanes likely belonging to the International Coalition on the Syrian-Iraqi border
3 month ago
Interception of Iranian Drones now ongoing in Syria and Jordan
Syria: video showing multiple Russian-made FPV drone strikes against Rebel positions (mostly in the NW. Hama province - Ghab Plain axis)