21 June 2024
10 month ago
Turkish Ministry of Defense: 5 Kurdish militants were killed in northern Syria
10 month ago
Deir-ez-Zor, the northern countryside: A number of "SDF" members were wounded, after their car was targeted by an unknown vehicle, as they were riding a motorcycle on the outskirts of the village of Al-Hussain this morning
10 month ago
ISIS claims responsibility for three operations against the SDF in Deir_ez_Zor Governorate, eastern Syria, and the Iraqi Army in Saladin Governorate in Iraq. The attacks resulted in casualties
Fadi Adnan Mukhlaf was killed by unknown gunmen riding a motorbike in Dahlah town in the east of Deir ez-Zur, ane he is from the Sabha village
Iranian and Syrian foreign ministers met in Tehran today on Monday, July 31
UAV MQ-9 of the U.S. anti-terrorist coalition on the morning of July 30 dangerously approached the Su-34 aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces at a distance of less than 100 meters - representative of the Russian Federation
10 month ago
Assad's forces target with heavy artillery the villages of Kafr Awaid and Al-Fatira, south of Idlib
Assad discussed with the Russian President’s special envoy Alexander Lavrentiev file of the return of Syrian refugees and The two sides discussed the Turkish stubbornness regarding withdrawal from the Syrian territories
Russian fighter jets 'severely damaged' a US Air Force MQ-9 Reaper drone that was conducting counter-ISIS operations over Syria. -CENTCOM
Aleppo Today correspondent: A child and a man were injured when Assad forces shelled the town of Kafr Amma in the western countryside of Aleppo11 month ago
Aleppo Today correspondent: A child and a man were injured when Assad forces shelled the town of "Kafr Amma" in the western countryside of Aleppo
11 month ago
Pro-Assad forces, present in the 46th regiment, target with rocket launchers the axis of the village of Kafr Amma in the western countryside of Aleppo
Syrian media citing a military source say the IAF airstrikes on Damascus wounded two soldiers and caused material damage to the targeted sites.
11 month ago
Erdogan says he is not closed to the meeting with Assad, and can meet, but what is important is how Damascus approaches Turkish positions. Erdogan: Unfortunately, Assad is calling for Turkey to leave northern Syria. Such a thing cannot happen because we are fighting terrorism there
Turkish artillery units hit points belonging to the YPG in the Tel Rifat region
11 month ago
The Secretary-General of the United Nations expresses his "disappointment" at not extending the mechanism for entering aid to Syria across the borders due to the Russian veto
11 month ago
Russia objects by using the right of veto to the renewal of the United Nations relief operation in Syria from Turkey for 9 months, while 13 countries agreed
Deir ez-Zur: Local Source: Two civilians were killed and injured as a result of a landmine explosion near the town of Al-Asharah, eastern countryside of Deir ez-zor
A woman was injured by artillery and missile shelling by the pro-Assad forces on the outskirts of the city of Atarib, in the western countryside of Aleppo
11 month ago
An unknown drone targeted a motorcycle near the town of Bza'a in the Al-Bab area, east of Aleppo, with initial news of the killing of a Syrian person on board
Diplomatic source: France has stopped repatriating families of ISIS fighters from Syria, due to lack of voluntary turnout
11 month ago
Russian Su-35S fighters intercepted three American MQ-9 Reaper reconnaissance UAVs over northeast Syria
11 month ago
The @UN hopes the Security Council to vote for the renewal of the cross-border aid mechanism between Syria and Turkey in the coming days
11 month ago
Turkish Minister of Health on the employment of Syrians in health centers for immigrants: We train employees, select them from among Syrian citizens, employ them on a temporary contract, and pay their wages from the funds of the European Union and not from the resources of the Republic of Turkey
Civil Defense: 4 children were injured, some of them seriously, in artillery shelling of the government forces on the city of Darat-Azza, west of Aleppo
A civilian was killed in artillery shelling by the government forces on the town of Kafr Nuran, west of Aleppo
2 blasts in Damascus in Qudsiya and Dimas
Syrian media reporting air defenses active over Homs, likely amid an Israeli airstrike.
Pro-Assad forces brought reinforcement to the south of Al Bab
The U.S. State Department announced that it was forming a new global coalition to address the threat from synthetic drugs, including the threat from Captagon
Reports that some commanders of PMC Wagner in Syria were detained by Russian military and Syrian special services